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Chinese J-11B Fighter Jets Landed On Contested Island In South China Sea


Chinese J-11B Fighter Jets Landed On Contested Island In South China Sea


Chinese J-11B fighter jets have landed on contested Woody Island in the South China Sea during the recent driils in the area, CCTV NEWS has reported.

It is not clear if the jets remained deployed on the island after the drills.

Woody Island is located in 350km from Hainan Dao Island. The length of its airstrip is reportedly 3km. In February 2016, Chinese forces deployed HQ-9 medium- to long-range air defense systems there.

J-11 fighter jets, JH-7 fighter-bombers and YJ-62 anti-ship cruise missiles have been also spotted on the island.

The Chinese military capabilites in the South China Sea are steadily growing. According to military experts, the area may become a de-facto anti-access/area denial zone where the Chinese military will have an advantage over its regional competitors.

This video originally appeared at SouthFront in March 2016. Nonetheless, it still describes well the tensions in the South China Sea region.



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  • Akhtsr Ali

    China’s grand Welcome to Trump was more business like than expected .
    China has bought time for North Korea to produce Super Missile & for taking island in South China Sea .
    Trump is not in a position to fight NK , Russia & China at this stage .
    US is likely to be pushed back of China great Wall.

  • ThomasHobbes

    How dare China protect it’s vital national interests!

    • occupybacon

      Hitler said the same

      • ThomasHobbes

        I strongly oppose distributing history books at the mental asylum. How irresponsible.

  • Barba_Papa

    That’s the difference between sending a carrier battle group into a disputed territorial area and building a permanent base there. The CVBG may carry more striking power but the base will still be there once the CVBG sails back home. In that sense it was smart thinking for the Chinese to build up these artificial islands. In the short term it will piss off a lot of its neighbors, in the long term it hammers down the message to those neighbors that there is little the US can do about it, so they might as well reach an agreement with China while the Chinese are still in a mood to offer them a good deal. Which will probably lessen the longer they wait.

    • You can call me Al

      CVBG ?

      But I totally agree with you.

      • Barba_Papa

        Seems to be the official abbreviation for carrier battle group. As carriers are always abbreviated as CV in military speak.

        • You can call me Al

          Thanks for the info.

  • Rob

    As below comments, the Chinese are smart, they know aircraft carriers are todays battleships of the 1940’s, vulnerable, a lovely huge target and China and Russia already have hypersonic missiles that these carrier groups will be unable to defend themselves against, never mind the fact that they are also way ahead in electronic warfare systems as demonstrated on the USS Donald Duck in the Black Sea awhile back.

    These are permanent, fully unsinkable “carriers” which are highly protected as said in the article. Pentagon knows this.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Its completely against all International laws and show again the terrorist nation no.3 China acting like pirates in International water threatening our values, innocent American lives and peace.
    If we do not act now, it can be too late later.

    • Brother Ma

      You are ignorant. They have always been chinese islands or unoccupied.

      • Garga

        I think he’s being sarcastic.
        Too bad there’s not a tag to use in instances like this.

        • Brother Ma

          Sorry tommy.i did nor get it!

    • Daniel Castro

      China is number 3?

      Then it would be Israel, USA, China… I beg to differ, there are plenty western countries to put on that list before China.

      • Joe

        When it comes to talking about wars China is last . But when threatened, even your 1st two combined cannot even smell China in SCS or on land

    • Joe

      China claims , those litoral states counter claimed. All agreed on peaceful settlements.

      So what is the problem? US has no business to stir up problems. Even Philippines knows and agrees.

      The Islands are needed to keep out trouble makers.