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China’s YJ-62 Subsonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

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China's YJ-62 Subsonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

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The YJ-62 (eagle strike 62; yingji-62) is a Chinese subsonic anti-ship cruise missile.

The YJ-62 cruise missile is a PLAN analogue to the anti-shipping variants of the RGM-109 Tomahawk/MRASM. The weapon has a similar general configuration to the Tomahawk family, but employs a unique fixed scoop inlet for the air breathing engine.

It is designed to engage surface ships of all classes and types, both single and as part of a group, in conditions of electronic and fire counteraction of the enemy.

The missile can be placed on various carriers and used day and night, in any weather conditions, alone and in a salvo including ground targets.

YJ-62 is developed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (Third Aerospace Academy). It entered service with the Chinese Navy in 2004, and the first carrier was a Project 052C destroyer (Lanzhou).

A coastal complex was later developed based on the YJ-62 missile. The shore-based launcher is mounted on a modified chassis of an all-terrain truck with an 8×8 wheel arrangement and a payload of 22 tons.

The YJ-62 missile has a typical cruise missile, winged design with a cylindrical body with an ogival head-end fairing, a folding wing in the central part of the body and a folding cross-shaped stabilizer in the tail.

The missile is equipped with a small-size turbofan engine WS-500. The engine weighs about 200 kg, thrust is 510 kgf. The trapezoidal air intake is located in the lower part of the hull. In the ship and ground versions, a single-chamber solid propellant launch engine is mounted on the rocket, located in tandem with the march.

The maximum speed of the missile is more than 0.9M, but when flying over rough terrain it is significantly reduced.

The flight height above the ground is up to 30m, above the sea – up to 10m, firing range is 400km. In the homing area, the missile drops to 7m above sea level.

The combat application is provided at sea disturbance up to 6 points, wind speed up to 20m/s and ambient temperature from -30° to +60°С.

The YJ-62 control system includes an active radar homing head (ARGHS), inertial platformless navigation system, radio altimeter and power supply unit. In the marching section of the trajectory, the missile is guided by an inertial system.

Range of detection of a typical target of ARGSN is 40 km, range of capture for escort is 30 km, sector of vision ± 40°.

The missile was authorized for export by the Chinese Government in 2005 under the designation C-602, and the range of the export version was reduced to 280 kilometres in order to comply with international agreements.

The C-602 was first demonstrated in 2006 at the sixth annual air show in Zhuhai and has since been repeatedly presented at international arms exhibitions.

In 2009 the C-602 was demonstrated for the first time at the sixth annual air show in Zhuhai and was repeatedly presented at international arms exhibitions. In 2009, 120 C-602 missiles entered service with Pakistani Navy, which plan to use them as a counterbalance to BrahMos missile of Indian surface ships.

China's YJ-62 Subsonic Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

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Lone Ranger

Range is pretty absymal for a sub-sonic cruise missile of that size.

Vox Populi

It is more of a coastal defence SSM for Taiwan and South China Seas defence. Enough to sink most US ships and cripple aircraft carriers if hit at critical points. The varying heavy warheads point to its versatility.

Vox Populi

Almost guaranteed that Iran will have something similar.


its kinda standard armament so its nothing special


effective range is also similar around 350 km while lower payload and max range is 400km but its obvious that they are not similar missiles it can already be seen with the booster


Kalibr3M -54 far more potent, with supersonic terminal velocity of almost Mach3.


Crap missile !
SHORT range, LOW speed, just like US “Harpoon” (maybe it is some sort of copy)
Best Chinese anti-ship missiles are soviet origin copies , much faster much longer range

Assad must stay

They should improve it

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