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China’s J-16 Multi-Role Strike Fighter (Infographics)

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China's J-16 Multi-Role Strike Fighter (Infographics)

Click to see full-size image

The J-16 fighter jet, is a Chinese tandem-seat, twinjet, all-weather, multirole strike fighter, designed and manufactured by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, and operated by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

In 2019 it was covered by a coating that can provide near stealth capability and the jet was confirmed to be able to carry all types of air-to-surface weapons in precision strikes.

This means the J-16 can use a wide collection of air-to-ground missiles, bombs and anti-ship missiles.

The multi-role fighter jet can carry several tons of munitions and launch multiple waves of attack before it runs out of ammunition.

Although the J-20 is China’s more advanced fighter jet, the PLA Air Force still needs the J-16 as the two types of fighter jets can complement each other, analysts noted.

China's J-16 Multi-Role Strike Fighter (Infographics)

Click to see full-size image

The J-20 can use its stealth capability to destroy hostile anti-air installations and win aerial superiority first but it cannot carry as many weapons as the J-16, because the J-20 hides its weapons in smaller weapon bays to ensure stealth capability, Fu said.

The J-16 can follow up a J-20 attack and clean away surface targets with its missiles and bombs, Fu said.

The J-16 is a twin-engine, twin-seat multi-role fighter jet that is also capable of air-to-air combat. It made its debut during the Army Day parade on July 30, 2017 at the Zhurihe military training base in North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

The J-16 was first unveiled in mid-2012 and is primarily intended for the strike-fighter role which allows its crew to engage ground targets as well as air threats.

The J-16 is considered to be in the same general class as the American Boeing F/A-18 “Super Hornet”, European Eurofighter Typhoon and French Dassault Rafale multi-role aircraft and adds a new multi-faceted participant to growing Chinese military authority in the tumultuous Asia-Pacific region.

When it comes to what’s on-board, as mentioned earlier it has limited stealth capability.

Internally, the aircraft is given an indigenously-designed and developed, all-modern AESA (Active, Electronically-Scanned Array) radar system.

The engines (WS-10) are also of a local design (though based on the General Electric GE F101 turbofan) and the same that powers the Chengdu J-10, Shenyang J-11 and Shenyang J-15 fighters.

The twin powerplants are aspirated through two under-fuselage rectangular intakes under the wingroots, an identifying feature of all Sukhoi Flanker aircraft.

Composites are used throughout the overall construction of the aircraft to promote strength with weight-saving measures.

Its armament consists of:

  • 1 × 30 mm GSh-30-1 cannon with 150 rounds
  • Munitions on twelve external hardpoints, including:
  • 8 × PL-12, and 4 × PL-9 air-to-air missiles
  • Various bombs and rockets including BeiDou satellite-guided bombs and laser-guided bombs
  • Anti-ship and anti-radiation missiles
  • Electronic countermeasure (ECM) pods.

As mentioned, it can carry all sorts of air-to-ground missiles, bombs and anti-ship missiles, different from these, but the listed above are the typical armament.


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Lone Ranger

Nice Su-30 copy…


If Russia hadn’t given China a military industry, the US would’ve. Today, the Russians would have a 5000km border with a 10x oversized version of occupied Japan.


it’s probably more akin to a twin-seat version of the Su-35, but with the Su-30SM’s multi-role capabilities.

Ivan Freely

But the million dollar, or yuan, question is: do they know how to use it? It’s one thing to have shiny new toys, it’s another when fighting with it. See Saudi Arabia for details.


“China’s J-16 Multi-Role Strike Fighter” just another non licensed copy like J-15, J-11.
Hope that Russia has resolved that problem with China

J-15 keeps crushing because reverse engineered from early prototype of Su-33 bought from Ukraine
So it will be replaced with J-31 (2 engine copy of F-35 design)

Ivan Freely

I disagree with the statement of the J-15 keeps crashing. They’ve only lost two IIRC.



Well that’s at least what I was reading in one article (and it was not the only article about “problems” with J-15). But I do accept your suggestion and I stand corrected.
OK airframe was changed since it is 2 engine but it still looks like copy to me.
Obviously avionics and sensors are Chinese just like in copies of Sukhois


Why go through all the effort if inventing your own intellectual property when you can steal someone else’s.

Basically Chinese entrepreneurship in a nutshell. Of course a Dutch proverb also has it that its better to steal something well then design something original poorly.


Welcome back :)


Instead of insisting on trading and partnership with global Ziocorporate terrorists from the Opium wars, China should be doing what Russia did with China and start helping Iran and Venezuela develop their own military industries, it’s not like either doesn’t have the natural resources to pay for it.


They should give enough support to fix Venezuela and then establish a strong base there, providing “freedom of navigation” in the Caribbean, enforced by a bunch of submarines packing modern high supersonic/hypersonic ASM missiles.


It would need Caracas’s commitment to giving China access to its natural resources and China’s commitment to give Venezuela full intelligence, military, educational/techonological, industrial, etc. support to ensure the continuity of the Chavista project.

But right now, China’s far more interested in maintaining their $500 bln trade with the US Ziocorporate terrorists and getting EU onboard with the Silk Road. Russia is more or less the same as China and Caracas has to resort to selling gold to the likes of Erdogan to stay afloat.


Yeah, partially a joke, since it would be a very hard proposition. China and/or Russia doesn’t have the post WW2 network of vassals, or control of their politics which they would be able to utilize. Nor the resources/will to build up one country for a sole military outpost purpose. The best they can hope is bang some sense into neighboring countries around China/Philippine seas into not becoming a springboard for US attack. Empires don’t last forever.

To me accelerating militarism is speeding up failure and a rather poor attempt to cover up disintegration back home. The militarism is a sign of impotency against foes with, in reality, far more advanced weaponry, and home turf advantage in a potential fight.

Ivan Freely

China have helped Pakistan develop their aerospace industry. Currently the SAC is jointly working with PAC on the JF-17 Thunder. IIRC, Block 3 is about to be rolled out. As for Iran, we’ll find out with the upcoming Security-Trade deal. I’m not sure about Venezuela however. I believe China sees that part of the World as America’s backyard; like how China sees the South China Sea.


Communist party killed more Chinese in Cultural Revolution than colonial powers in Opium Wars. And btw in that war Russia was on the Europeans side.


Junk-16 that’s the full form lol

Assad must stay

nice china keep it up and keep perfecting the machines

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