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China’s HQ-22 Medium-Long Range Surface-To-Air Missile System



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China's HQ-22 Medium-Long Range Surface-To-Air Missile System

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The HQ-22 Medium-Long Range Surface to Air Missile Battery is a defense system indigenously made by China.

It was first revealed in 2014 in a downgraded form and was known as the FK-3.

The FK-3 is also its export designation. Similarly to the practice of the US and others, an export version is a slightly worse-off version of the main system.

As such, the HQ-22 is seen as an “upgraded version” of the FK-3.

The HQ-22 was first publicly revealed in 2016 and entered service in 2017.

So far it is one of the most capable Chinese air defense missile systems. It replaced the aging HQ-2 air defense system.

The HQ-22 is an all-weather medium-long range air defense weapon system.

The surface-to-air missile weapon system can attack 3rd generation fighters, armed helicopter and medium and high UAV and other aerodynamic targets.

It has sufficient protection against interference, and it can be used in mobile operations.

China's HQ-22 Medium-Long Range Surface-To-Air Missile System

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It is relatively cheaper to produce than the HQ-9 and now forms one of the mainstays of China’s air defense system, replacing the Cold-War era HQ-2.

It features command guidance and semi active radar homing guidance.

The HQ-22 has large kill airspace ranges up to 150-170 km at an altitude from 50 to 27,000m with super adaptive anti-jamming capacity with several anti-jamming measures.

The FK-3 is capable of intercepting various targets like fixed-wing aircraft (including UAV), cruise missiles, tactical air-to-surface missiles, armed helicopters and more.

It’s killing zone sits at a slant range of 5km-100km and an altitude of 0.05km-27km.

In June 2020, the Thailand Navy commissioned a FK-3 defense system, received a few months earlier from China.

The conclusion of a contract for the purchase of the FK-3 air defense system for the Thai Navy was not publicly reported, but it is known that in June 2019, the Thai Navy’s procurement department issued tender documents for the acquisition of a medium-range ground-based air defense system, with a maximum price of 1.97 billion baht ($63.983 million).

It is unclear how many systems were ordered.

A new customer for the FK-3 defense system is Serbia, which announced that it had ordered a battery in August 2020.




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