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China’s Growing Naval Ppower: Photos Of Jiangnan Shipyard Show Aircraft Carrier, Multiple Destroyers Under Construction

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China's Growing Naval Ppower: Photos Of Jiangnan Shipyard Show Aircraft Carrier, Multiple Destroyers Under Construction

Click to see the full-size image

Recently appeared aerial photos of China’s Jiangnan Shipyard allow to get a general look at the speed and scale of the People’s Liberation Army Navy efforts to boost its capabilities. The photo above allow to see 15 Type 052D and Type 055 destroyers under construction.

This one shows the supposed consturction site of a new Chinese aircraft carrier – Type 003.

China's Growing Naval Ppower: Photos Of Jiangnan Shipyard Show Aircraft Carrier, Multiple Destroyers Under Construction

Click to see the full-size image

The Type 003 is a planned nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the PLAN. Like the preceding Type 002, it will reportedly eature an integrated electric propulsion system that will allow the operation of electromagnetic launch catapults.

More photos:

China's Growing Naval Ppower: Photos Of Jiangnan Shipyard Show Aircraft Carrier, Multiple Destroyers Under Construction

Click to see the full-size image. Source: weibo.com/bluefoxmd

China's Growing Naval Ppower: Photos Of Jiangnan Shipyard Show Aircraft Carrier, Multiple Destroyers Under Construction

Click to see the full-size image. Source: weibo.com/bluefoxmd

China's Growing Naval Ppower: Photos Of Jiangnan Shipyard Show Aircraft Carrier, Multiple Destroyers Under Construction

Click to see the full-size image. Source: weibo.com/bluefoxmd


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Daniel Martin

Chinas naval shipbuilding infrastructure is really impressive , considering that this country has relatively recently started to produce high tonnage navy ships which could leave even countries with long standing tradition of shipbuilding such as the UK,France, Japan and even the U.S envy. I think that Russia could learn a lot from the Chinese example and even maybe get help to rebuild and expand it’s own shipbuilding capabilities.


Maybe start with fixing economy and manufacturing first? ;)

J Ramirez

You most be talking about the US?


Yeah, they are migrating in Russia for a better life.


yeah, screw China for building up military capacity for no reasons, only because a global military empire wants to dictate what they have and have not to do at their own shores, with bombers on patrol, and “freedom of movement” missions, possible nuclear strikes at their borders, arming up and generating animosity towards her … and so on and on …

Lazy Gamer

But what they dont have is experience and stress testing their equipment. How many of these would prove to be unreliable? How many times will they go back to redesigning equipment? Only way to shortcut the process is to steal military secrets.

Joe Kerr

Even better would be to stress test the U.S. economy by dumping U.S. T-bonds, then watching it sink.


I think you are underestimating China’s ability to design and build ships. Do you know they are the worlds largest ship builder? So many people like to write off China but it leads the way in so many technological advances. They just showed us pictures of the dark side of the moon. Not a bad achievement hey? Letting your bias influence your perception is a bit lazy?

Lazy Gamer

Not quite. Look at Russia, taking the lessons that it learned in Syria and reformulating their equipment and doctrine because of that. For equipment to work well, it must be tested under operating conditions. Somehow their equipment seems to be copies of those from the US or Russia. And when it is a copy, usually, the nuances of the equipment are lost. Id like to see a technological achievement that they originally came up with that Russia or the US copies.

Joe Kerr

The compass and gunpowder, used effectively during the West’s filthy Opium Wars. Whatever China has copied since then is justified payback. More recently, China has led the way with QUESS (hint: google “quantum satellites”… if you can manage it, lazy gamer).


I see your point, though copying isn’t something only China has done. It makes sense to take the best of a design and copy it or improve it. Mankind has always done this. The Russian space shuttle program is a good example. They took the US space shuttle concept and then made it better.


Occident base its building by its experience on making errors. China base is building in testing and Occident experience. They use Occident experience to improve even more their ships.

Daniel Miller

Ummm no the reason why Russia cant manufacture as many ships is that they just do not have enoth shipyards they are currently building new ones but it takes years for them to be compleated.

Daniel Martin

Well if you actually read my post oncy again, you will find out that precisely that was my point …

Daniel Miller

Well yes but they cant “learn” anything from china they are simply stuck with their current infrastructure and even with that they can built alot more large ships its just that they are currently beeing used for modernization of the older fleet.

Daniel Martin

That is simply not true, the Russians can learn a lot from the Chinese shipbuilding infrastructure. Here are just a few links that disapproves your thesis.




Daniel Miller

What exactly dose this disaprooves? China already had prebuilt shipyards…

Daniel Martin

China can help russia with their expirence and know how and advice them how to build new shipyards and modernize existing naval infrastructure so they can produce more ships at a faster pace and increase the efficiency of the shipyards and the logistics required for it. If the Chinese can do this who are relative newcomers in this game, why couldn’t the Russians do the same thing who have far greater experience in naval shipbuilding, they have the technology and the design bureaus to do it they just lack the infrastructure and the efficiency of their Chinese partners.

Daniel Miller

But Russia already has more then enoth experiance building modern shipyards its just that it takes time to build them no matter how advanced the experiance or tech is. Also its faster to build a new ship then to modernize a old one.

Joe Kerr

China knows that its new Silk Road needs protection, and from whom.

Zionism = EVIL

The key nations in the new Silk Road are Iran and Turkey and both have increasingly anti-Americunt populations.

Joe Kerr

Italy will sign up as well when Xi visits it next week, which is why he won’t be going to Mar-a-Lago.

Zionism = EVIL

As I have said before, the real strategic challenge to the Americunt warmongering losers comes from PRC. China dwarfs the lardass Americunts in industrial production and even R&D and innovation now. Wait till China’s one Belt and one Road comes into play. Some EU nations like Italy have seen the light and want to be part of the One Belt initiative or the new Silk Road. Turkey and Iran are the cornerstones of this world changing strategy. China is already manufacturing 60% of the world’s good and consuming about the same amount of concrete and steel. The only “industry” the Americunt losers outstrip China is in crime, lies and drugs consumption.


China = The Zionist Elites Military!

Joe Kerr

You’re confusing China with the U.S., dingbat.


no i am not! Globalists push globalism! Globalists shifted their manufacturing to China for many beneficial reasons (for themselves) Drained the West of its industries!

China’s wealth enables China to build a good military that the Globalists Clinton transfered military tech and commercial tech to!

China now becomes a globalist controlled nation for which no workers unions, manufacturing regulations, environmental regulations, competition exists!

Cheap labour, Communist rule, president for life, legal (as opposed to illegal) spying on its own citizens, social credit system that rewards the people to spy on each other!

the perfect zionist, globalist nation with a military and 1.3 billion in canon fodder!

u know this makes sense!

Zionist did control the usa but they shifted base! Sucked the wealth from the USA, couldnt get the guns, used the USA as a hammer to get the oil, now setting up shop in China!

u know its true, u just cant admit it!

They got their israel, they got their puppets in the USA and they got their dream nation china! And now with the EU and the UN…. they will rule with unelected officials and the sheep spying on each other with the help of 5G digital spy grid.

u know im right! U just wont admit it!

Joe Kerr

Really? So why this: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20170518-chinese-sanctioned-by-us-for-aiding-iran-missile-development/


U are going to find out very soon what Iran and China’s relationship was with the US former administration!

The NEW US administration is doing the opposite to the former administration!

In short, the Obama and Clinton admin leaked, gave access to China to US military (and commercial) secrets! If this is hard for u to believe, then ask urself this question, why would Russia (who sells Uranium to the world) buy 20% of US Uranium stores? How did they accomplish this and who was paid for this to go through!

So if this clinton “pay for play” machine can get away with selling a national security asset in secret without conviction what makes u think Hillary’s Special Access Server she had in her bathroom wasnt OPEN to the Chinese??

Did the Chinese Hack her server or were they GIVEN ACCESS??

THINK about both scenarios very carefully without bias!

Where did the US uranium go? Did it stay in Russia? Did it go to Iran?

Next question, why did obama drop sanctions on Iran after 30 years? What nationality is Obama’s number one advisor? Iranian? Was her family one of the richest in Iran? Clintons 20 year assistant Huma Abedin married a jewish under age texter? Her father and unlce were the heads of the muslim brotherhood?

Do u see where i am going here???

What makes u think for one second that the CIA and the Dirty Obama and Clinton admin werent working WITH China (the globalist nation)?

What trade policies did Bill bring in to help enrich China and push U industries over to China?

My closing statement to u! (this info will become evident and clear very very soon)

The CIA and the Clinton’s not only created isis and al-queida, they also colluded with Iran, Saudi Arabia, China and NK!

So when Trump punishes China and Iran…. he is closing off access to former CIA hold overs!

Let me be very clear…..

The Obama CIA was the globalists intelligence agency! China was the globalists Corporation manufacturing base and private military base!

The CIA controlled China (propped them up from peasants) controlled North Korea (since the fall of the Soviet Union) and worked with Iranian leadership just as they did with Saudi leadership!

its all one big box of hamsters!

if this is too outrageous for u to believe (but acceptable to believe the CIA created Al-quidea, isis, FSA, sdf) then my advice to u is to THINK BIG! EXPAND YOUR THINKING!

DO U SEE THIS LINK??? https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/404192-fbi-denies-trump-claim-that-china-hacked-clintons-private-email

LET ME TELL U…. China didnt hack her server….. they were given access to it! Thats why it was in her bathroom! DO U UNDERSTAND?

Google is the CIA

This picture below explains how North Korea had access to clintons server too! leaking military info for money and the ultimate globalist game plan!

Dont call me crazy…. im just a little further ahead in the info than u are! Soon u will know this too! So dont be too fast to abuse me! open ur mind! The CIA was worse than u could have ever imagined!

Head of Google in North Korea?? WHY??? ACCESS to the Bathroom server??? THINK!!


https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ecb7e9d7b0e695772306e1318693c0c07528cf39c3e04f95bf5799c1f61d569a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c53a1c32943d85f074af614992f99765daa61f9389b8cba5961afd123f623093.jpg

Valerie Jarrett = Valerie June Bowman Daughter of Barbara T Bowman and James E Bowman Find out who they are! What they are worth and their relations were to the city of Shiraz during Imperical Iran! DO U KNOW???



Like most people, u dont have the full picture nor the full scope! But dont worry, this news will start to leak very soon! i am confident u will find this out from other sources very soon!

Joe Kerr

If the CIA controlled China, why this: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2018/11/03/dozens-us-spies-killed-iran-china-uncovered-cia-messaging-service/

You seem very confused.


i’ll translate for u:

“Dozens of US spies killed after Iran and China uncovered CIA messaging service using Google”

The CIA (google) (who control Iran and China) leak the locations of Good US spies to Iran and China!

I said this before: The CIA is google The CIA is Facebook The CIA is Twitter The CIA is Instagram The CIA is CNN Washington post New York times etc etc

Trump removed what the CIA (Obama) did for Iran! The CIA (google) fucks up this plan!

Did u not hear? There is a covert intelligence war happening right now as we speak! Although there are Black hats (deep state bad guys) and White hats (patriots) in both the CIA and the NSA, it is known that the NSA leadership was more white hat oriented and the CIA was more black hat oriented!

CIA is mostly a govt non-military leadership NSA is always lead by the military

CIA offically operates in foreign countires NSA both foreign and domestic

CIA uses mainly and mostly agents NSA uses mainly and mostly signals intelligence!

There has been a war on going between these 2 agencies for a while! The CIA has no jurisdiction within the USA (Globalist/zionist agency) therefore created these social media and msm companies in order to spy and gather intel on the American people!

Facebook used to be called “LifeLog” when it was invented at DARPA! Now its FaceBook!


An example of this war is Edward Snowden! We all believed he was a good guy when in fact he was a bad guy!

He used to work for the CIA He moved to the NSA where he crippled their tools (that they can use legally as long as they were specific) by letting the world know its name and leaking its software!

He helped by China and the CIA: 1. to protect him 2. get him out of China and move to Russia 3. Passport was not revoked by the Obama admin 4. was aided by China

A movie was made, turned into a hero!

There is info on all of this! u can read abut this urself!


Covert war! Facebook and instagram went down due to data dump! Why?


if u hate the USA (like i did) why are u not researching this info? The GOOD USA (this includes Putin who is helping) is fighting the OLD and BAD USA (Deep state) who was controlled by the Zionst globalist cabal!

u should be with me not against me!

I’m on your side, but you’re not!


Ask yourself, why would China allow google to be their national search engine? C.I.A owned!

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c4c83794031dd8c1c7259da4421cc4dd10b8825a37cbc9625a45b0e853c53d20.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2c41af181db92c9a484ee1b2dd9042fd91f8c651a0456372b4407d3f99d2693e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/87c159132355cb193852b4543353612570eee5938e4f527263e7fad83410f062.jpg

They are all DARPA created (fake creators in public) and they are all C.I.A (Globalist, Zionist Intelligence Agency)

The USA was WORSE than u thought!

But now under Trump they are fighting back! forget about Israel….. Israel is being cut off at the knees! (u will see)

u NEED to start reading this http://www.qanon.pub

start at the bottom!

it is NOT conspiracy!


The Chinese did nit hack the clinton server! They were given access!


You need to read between the lines! Including with the link u sent me on China, Iran and Google!

Im not telling u this as if i am some crazy nutjob conspiracy theorist! i hated the USA too but that hatred was mainly towards the CIA and Mossad!

When i saw the intelligence leaks i started reading up! ITS WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT!

So now i read MSM news headlines with a different view!

This news will be coming out very soon when Hillary Clinton begins to be targeted for her paid Dossier on Trump to help her win / have an insurance policy against Trump!

Please dont dismiss this info because u dont want to believe it! just look at it for urself!


Are u starting to understand now????



.Do u see me now??

“Former Defense Intelligence Officer Pleads Guilty to Attempted Espionage Ron Rockwell Hansen, 58, a resident of Syracuse, Utah, and a former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officer, pleaded guilty today in the District of Utah in connection with his attempted transmission of national defense information to the People’s Republic of China. Sentencing is set for Sept. 24, 2019. ” https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-defense-intelligence-officer-pleads-guilty-attempted-espionage

Brother Thomas

Is the “Ppower” a typo, or a nervous stammer?

MeMad Max

Thats not an aircraft carrier, or any kind of ship at all, thats a building of some sort under construction…. Why? Look at the ends, there is no slipway for a ship to go thru into the water, its solid land all the way thru, you need a slipway to launch a ship of some sort, and there is none what so ever in any direction…. its a building…..

You can call me Al

This sems to a 90 degree spin on camera angle….but. How the heck will they move it out ?.


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