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China’s Foreign Minister Arrived In Damascus Following Reports Of Military Support For Syrian Army

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China’s Foreign Minister Arrived In Damascus Following Reports Of Military Support For Syrian Army

Click to see full-size image. Source: the Syrian Presidential Office.

On July 17, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi arrived in the Syrian capital Damascus on a pre-planned visit. Yi is the most senior Chinese official to visit Syria since the outbreak of the war in the country in 2011.

The Chinese minister was welcomed in Damascus International Airport by his Syrian counterpart Faisal Mekdad and a delegation of senior officials.

China’s Foreign Minister Arrived In Damascus Following Reports Of Military Support For Syrian Army

Click to see full-size image. Source: the Syrian Presidential Office.

During the visit, Yi will meet with Syria’s top officials, including President Bashar al-Assad who was just sworn in for a fourth term in office.

According to a recent report by Sputnik, the Chinese minister will discuss several economic and diplomatic issues with the Syrian side. Yi’s visit is supposed to launch a “new stage of cooperation” between China and Syria.

Six strategic projects, which were pre-agreed upon, will be launched during the visit. The projects are a part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

The landmark visit came following reports of Chinese military support for the Syrian Arab Army. According to some sources, Beijing wants to cooperate with Damascus against Uyghurs terrorists based in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

China appears to be preparing to boost its support for Damascus to address security concerns and secure its interests in the Middle East.


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Lone Ranger

More good news 😌
CIAtrolls will cry and rage…


I feel a strong disturbence in “Dark Side of the Force”.


There is not much to lough, in the past 1 and half years SAA didn’t manage to regain a single inch of land from terrorists

Lone Ranger

Its the other way around Trollstoy…

Ilya G Poimandres

Patience is a virtue!

Peter Wallace

That is because a year and a half ago all sides agreed too a ceasefire and demarcation lines. Because the SAA hasn’t advanced a single inch means they are ABIDIDING with the agreement. Unlike the US who abide by no international laws at all. So take your bulshat and lies elsewhere or are you too stewpid to know anything different.


The ceasefire agreement said that terrorists and their Turkish masters should withdraw from the southern side of the M4, they did it? Of course not and Turkey has about 10 observations points in the area to protect its proxyes. Erdogan is making foul of Putin, you might not like it but it is the truth.


Ignorant statements. The fool erdogan is allowed to act as he pleases. When enough rope has been handed to him the SAA and their allies will act quickly.


This is a later stage of the process, Syria with Russia’s help (now China’s) is biding for time.

The US and Israel don’t even have a decade before the American empire collapses.

J Ramirez

You spelled Americans wrong ;}

The Objective

There’s nothing new here. China has done more than this for Assad at the UN, vetoing UN resolutions alongside Russia. China has always diplomatically supported Assad. But one thing is certain: China will not have any military engagements in Syria. And without military engagement, nothing will change for Assad. In fact, they won’t have any economic ties with Assad as long as European and US sanctions remain. Europe and America are much bigger markets for China than both Russia and Syria combined and they are not about to jeopardize that market for the sake of a dictator.
Most likely China will try to talk Assad into making more efforts to end the war — like being more serious in negotiating with the opposition. Maybe they’ll discuss Uigurs too, but that’s all.

Last edited 15 days ago by The Objective
Ilya G Poimandres

China does play pussy diplomacy – they avoid conflict. But they don’t avoid objectives. China will wait until it needs to act, and given how the west is just accelerating their own machette at their own necks atm, let them be chilled.

The west is imploding – can you deny that?


What opposition you clown? there is no legitimate opposition that carries a gun and hacks peoples heads off,the only negotiation they inderstand is the bullet and cold steel.


China is the only real SUPERPOWER left and it is a peaceful stabilizing force against US and Zionist fanned wars and terrorism. CIA is training Uighur terrorists in Syria and Afghanistan, so China has to support governments like Russia, Iran and Syria that are fighting US terrorism.

Zion LeRoach

China has been the greatest beneficiary of the suicidal and depleting US endless lost wars in the middle east. China would love to have US spend more blood and money for a lost cause while its economy and power grow. The Jews have destroyed America.

Fog of War

A superpower imposes sanctions not tries to avoid them.


Well, looks like China enters the weapons test area to test out their newest inventions. Will see how long US troops can stand it.

The Black Terror

Besides infrastructure projects for the Belt and Road Initiative, the Foreign Minister should offer the Syrians humanitarian assistance – food, medical supplies, tents, power generating equipment, etc.

Dirk Diggler

China operates by soft power and economic development initiatives globally and that is why it is accepted. The Chinese are also hard working and humble people who do not alienate others.

Fog of War

As expected, Russia “bends over ” once again.

– In a rare display of diplomatic cooperation, the US and Russia agreed last week on a one-year extension of the UN Security Council authorization for humanitarian aid supplies to reach northern Syria through the Bab al-Hawa crossing on the border with Turkey –


Last edited 15 days ago by Fog of War
"Israel" is a terrorist European settler colony

Good. China should sell many weapons and tanks and planes to Syria.


No they don’t need to sell them any weapons…no need, enough for two or three wars floating around but they are helping them with much more dangerous support like reconstruction of country infrastructure + economy and the west will be completely left in the cold, bare of any influence but they have REAL friends like Russia China and Iran.

Last edited 15 days ago by Brokenspine66
Arch Bungle

The Jews will be scurrying off to Beijing in outrage.

They’ll have to bend the knee to Xi Jinping if they want to have any say in Syrian affairs.


Good thing is that China doesn’t have any Jews living in their territory. They just don’t understand Jews and their exceptionalism and chosen people and all that sort of stuff. It is a cultural thing. China is engrained with egalitarianism and is founded on it.

Last edited 15 days ago by bangkok

Idiot, China is the next Jew HQ🙂


Not impossible, but unlikely. A billionaire named Ma who owns Alibaba appears to have disappeared from the scene after mouthing off. Sun Tzu is Chinese after all. Not sure Jews can own Sun Tzu. They put up the great wall of China to fend off some undesirable people, mostly nomads from the north.

Last edited 15 days ago by bangkok
Ilya G Poimandres

They have absorbed the Jewish culture before, to my understanding the only nation to do so effectively.. perhaps we should be more scared of the Chinese! :’)

However I have never had that experience – smart people, mostly enjoy other smart people. Act dumb, they treat you like a n………..

Arch Bungle

The Han have no use of the Jews.

Not only are the Han more cunning, smarter, hard working and more plentiful, there is no value to be offered by the jew to the Han.

For what purpose would a superior nation pollute their environment with an inferior one?


From that moment on, Syria won the war.

Peter Jennings

If China really wants to piss washingtub off. What better way than to assist the fight against US and nato terrorism in the middle eastern region.
Maybe the US will need those grunts in Afghanistan and could be the reason why they ‘vacated’.

China’s involvement will mean testing lots of new Chinese weapons and ridding the land of lazy parasites who would rather kill and steal than work at a honest job.

Bring it on asap. Syria needs the oil and their borders restored.


Fake news… China is allies with Turkey never forget this

Arch Bungle

China works with anyone who will work with it.

For some reason people misinterpret this as ‘allegiance’ .


or “Alliance”


China only came for Economical reasons.. They are not fools enough to upset Turkey and her allies which China in return has better relations than weak Syria


These who think China will join in this unwinnable fight will be vastly disappointed…


unwinnable fight are you kidding what is unwinnable about it the only reason the entire turkish assets dont get leveled is that russia wants to bribe turkey out of nato and that happened because the russians are idiots and fearful ones on top of it but still the only reason turkey isnt a collapsed mess by now and owned by the gulen pack is that iran and russia gave turkey one chance after another but i dont believe this will go on for much longer also turkey will soon by palestinians be shunned and that will be a huge blow to turkeys image among muslims

Last edited 14 days ago by farbat

Chance? You are deluding yourself.. Try to move Turkey and get WW3 on you hands nobody wants that.. Give chance my azz


Get off the medicine.. Once this front opens it is WW3 if it was opened.. Iran has no say there they are irrelevant elements. It is Only Russia and they deem it to be irrelevant to start such a major war with Turkey for that area.. KEEP deluding yourself of fake glory or fake narratives for your ego.. TURKEY stands tall and unwavering

Icarus Tanović

We’re back in BUSINESS!

Billy Bob

Good to see a more assertive Chinese foreign policy.


I have heard this before and nothing came of it,but its what is needed to combat the Reich,they should send troops and aircraft and fight alongside Russia,that would send a message to the Reich that their days of diktat are over.

Last edited 14 days ago by Cromwell
L du Plessis

Chinese soldiers and command hasnt been in a war for ages, hope they learn quickly in the Syrian war “swamp”…

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