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China’s Anti-Access/Area Denial Capabilities In The East and South China Seas


China's Anti-Access/Area Denial Capabilities In The East and South China Seas

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The report of the Munich Security Conference looks into various potential adversaries of the Western establishment.

One of them is China, in a very quirky way (and not at all in a very biased manner) named the “Meddle Kingdom.”

A main concern is the East and South China Seas, and Beijing’s ability for anti-access/area denial (A2AD) of the region.

China's Anti-Access/Area Denial Capabilities In The East and South China Seas

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The Chinese government released a white paper in July 2019 denouncing “growing hegemonism, power politics, unilateralism” and provocations in China’s neighborhood by the United States, with the clear message: China is prepared to push back. In the same spirit, Beijing is continuously developing capabilities to project its power in the Asia-Pacific.

The report also repeats a very frequent propaganda piece, saying that China is specifically developing capability to strike the US’ military base in Guam.

“It has upgraded outposts in the South China Sea, is constructing a third aircraft carrier, and has developed a “credible” sea-based nuclear deterrent and ballistic missiles that could target the US base on Guam.”

These moves are also the backdrop for military posturing and hardening rhetoric toward Taiwan, with vows to take “all necessary means” to quell “separatist forces.”

At the same time, Taiwan’s harsh rhetoric towards mainland China is unmentioned.

According to the report, of course, China’s conduct in the East and South China Seas isn’t the only worrisome thing.

“A growing list of interventions – from manufacturing international praise for the mass internment of China’s Uighurs, to arbitrarily jailing Canadians in retribution for Canada arresting a Huawei executive, or censuring the US National Basketball Association – has shown countries how far China will go to stifle criticism not only at home but also abroad.”

The US is actively attempting to counter China, but other countries need to pick up the slack, according to the report.

Since, it is quite worrisome that on October 1st, when the People’s Republic of China celebrated its anniversary, President Xi Jinping had the chance to flaunt China’s continuing rise towards normative, economic, and military power on par with the West.

And it is understandable, how dare China develop as a country, both militarily, economically and so on. It is simple unacceptable to attempt and undermine Washington’s hegemony.

The report itself presents the situation in a very biased manner, and entirely misrepresents the attitudes shown during the conference by the European countries. European leaders mostly showed skepticism in following US policy through to the end, since Washington continues to prove itself as a disloyal partner, whose main interest is furthering its own interests at any cost.




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