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China Warns Taiwan Not To Rely On U.S., Holds Live Fire Maritime Drills

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China Warns Taiwan Not To Rely On U.S., Holds Live Fire Maritime Drills

On August 17th, China held live fire maritime drills near Taiwan in response to “provocations”.

The reason for the “assault drills”, according to Beijin was an “external interference and provocations by Taiwan independence forces”.

According to a statement from Col Shi Yi, the spokesperson of the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Eastern Theatre Command, warships, anti-submarine aircraft and fighter planes were dispatched to the south-west and south-east of Taiwan on August 17th.

In response, Taiwan’s defense ministry said:

“The nation’s military has a full grasp and has made a full assessment of the situation in the Taiwan strait region, as well as related developments at sea and in the air, and is prepared for various responses.”

Taiwanese defence commentator, Wang Zhen Ming, said Taiwan was in some ways becoming numb to the frequent drills and incursions.

“This is good and bad … China’s military drills don’t really have an effect on Taiwan, but from the bad side, and this may also be the purpose of PLA, Taiwan can lower its guard with the frequency.”

The PLA statement said the US and Taiwan had “repeatedly provoked and sent serious wrong signals, severely infringed upon China’s sovereignty, and severely undermined the peace and stability of the Taiwan strait, which has become the biggest source of security risks across the Taiwan strait”.

“This exercise … is a solemn response to external interference and provocations by Taiwan independence forces,” it said.

The state-owned Global Times, said the departure of US forces from Afghanistan was a lesson for Ms Tsai’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

“They must have been nervous and feel an ominous presentiment. They must have known better in secret that the US is not reliable,” the nationalist paper said.

The editorial said the DPP needs “to keep a sober head, and the secessionist forces should reserve the ability to wake up from their dreams”.

It added:

“From what happened in Afghanistan, they should perceive that once a war breaks out in the (Taiwan) Strait, the island’s defense will collapse in hours and the US military won’t come to help.”

In response, Taiwan would not collapse like Afghanistan in the event of an attack, Premier Su Tseng-chang said.

Asked whether the president or premier would flee if “the enemy was at the gates” like in Afghanistan, Su said people had feared neither arrest nor death when Taiwan was a dictatorship under martial law from 1949 to 1987.

“Today, there are powerful countries that want to swallow up Taiwan using force, and likewise we are also not afraid of being killed or imprisoned,” he said.

“We must guard this country and this land, and not be like certain people who always talk up the enemy’s prestige and talk down our resolve,” Su added.

Meanwhile, President Tsai Ing-wen is overseeing an ambitious military modernisation programme to bolster the domestic arms industry and make Taiwan a “porcupine” equipped with advanced, highly mobile weapons to make a Chinese invasion as difficult as possible.


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Would be the right moment to take it…

north K

russia has ukraine to unify, china has taiwan to unify, north korea has south korea to unify and iran has iraq to unify. those are all north american colonies.


Iraq is part of greater syria, not Iran. Syria must unify with Iraq, lebanon, palestine, jordan, kuwait, cyprus and parts of Turkey.


Turkey hahaha and Kuwait. LOL

Ivan Freely

The Norks don’t have a snowball chance in Hell against the South.

north K

seem like lack of knowledge regarding asia. south korea is just a north american colony and can’t even deploy their own troops without north american permission. in other words, all south korean puppet troops are under north american command and control. no different from south vietnam and afghanistan. simply put south korean puppet troops don’t have the ability for independent operational planning and execution. if war broke out in korea, south korean puppet troops would likely collapse in about 3 months. south korea is not even a signatory of the cease fire signed by north korea and north america which temporarily suspended the war. any party can resume the war with a simple notice. north korean nukes are beside the point.

Ivan Freely

No they couldn’t. Quantity may have it’s own quality but it can never replace well fed, trained and equipped South Koreans. This is assuming zero interference from foreign nations such as the US and China.

The Norks trump cards is their artillery pointed against South Korea’s capital city and their nukes. But once their artillery is used, their position becomes known and will be taken out. Using a nuke to attack on their own turf (i.e. Korean peninsula) is self-defeating.

South Korea could have neutralize the Norks artillery if they’d relocate most of Seoul’s population to live elsewhere (i.e. further south), outside of the artillery’s range. But for some reason, they don’t.

north K

possible. south korea is a small country and doesn’t have any war depth. the distance from one end to another end is about 325 km (200 miles), 3-5 hours drive. it didn’t take much time for the successive south korean military dictators to control the whole south.

Just passing through.

Breaking news on Twitter:

US Troops moved to Taiwan under cover

Now, the US and the Taiwan authorities must explain. If it is true that the US has 30,000, or less than that number, soldiers stationed on the Taiwan island, Chinese military forces will immediately launch a war to eliminate and expel the US soldiers. pic.twitter.com/sZMrmIweM6
— Hu Xijin 胡锡进 (@HuXijin_GT) August 17, 2021

Ivan Freely

I wouldn’t be surprised if the US did that. However, 30,000 troops is a lot of people and cannot be hidden from public view.


Or WHAT, stop barking Chinese, there is a saying: “Dog that barks, don’t bite, beware from the quiet one”, you are cowards, you are always saying to the Neocons this or that, but you never dare to act with nothing. Neocons are screwing with you, they are coming from 13.000km away and making drills on your borders and you just talk and talks shit ACT for once, so that they know you are serious, as long as you bark, they will call your bluff.

Ivan Freely

I couldn’t agree more with your comment. IMO, I believe the Chinese government is deeply divided. There are a lot of them that got very wealthy riding on Uncle Scam’s tail and don’t want to lose their gravy train.

Ivan Freely

For heaven’s sake, just end your retarded civil war. It’s pretty clear Mao’s forces won.


china will swallow taiwan non militarily


question should be what does the usa think it does in the south china sea maybe smashing the american prestige infront of taiwan will change something who knows maybe something happens in the koreas and america gets smashed up there the entire situation is liquid today almost vapor when it comes to america since its such a laughable balloon of an entity but what i dont do is take american lackeys serious since they all depend on american capabilities which are lacking at best

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
L du Plessis

Saigon No 3 coming in Taiwan 😂

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