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China Warns Of Possible Armed Conflict With US Over Coronavirus Backlash

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

An internal report presented to Chinese President Xi Jinping and other top leaders concludes that global anti-China sentiment is at a level not seen since the 1989 Tiananmen Square crackdown, and recommends preparing for a worst-case scenario of armed conflict with the United States, according to Reuters, citing people familiar with the content of the document.

China Warns Of Possible Armed Conflict With US Over Coronavirus Backlash

The report, created by the China Institutes of Contemporary Internal Relations (CICIR) – which is affiliated with the Ministry of State Security – suggests that the wave of anti-China sentiment is led by the United States, which sees China’s rise as a global superpower as a threat to Western democracies.

One of those with knowledge of the report said it was regarded by some in the Chinese intelligence community as China’s version of the “Novikov Telegram”, a 1946 dispatch by the Soviet ambassador to Washington, Nikolai Novikov, that stressed the dangers of U.S. economic and military ambition in the wake of World War Two.

Novikov’s missive was a response to U.S. diplomat George Kennan’s “Long Telegram” from Moscow that said the Soviet Union did not see the possibility for peaceful coexistence with the West, and that containment was the best long-term strategy. –Reuters

Reuters, which hasn’t seen the paper, couldn’t determine to what extent the report’s grim outlook reflects positions held by China’s state leaders, nor how much it might influence policy. That said, it suggests Beijing is taking the threat of global backlash over the coronavirus pandemic – which Western intelligence agencies suspect originated at a Wuhan biolab which was experimenting with bat coronavirus, and had previous concerns raised over the pandemic potential of such research.

China’s early coverup of the outbreak – including silencing and/or disappearing whistleblowing doctors and journalists, lying about the transmissibility of the virus while hoarding personal protective equipment (PPE), quarantining Wuhan domestically while allowing international travel, and using the World Health Organization to run cover – has drawn global scorn as COVID has infected over 3.5 million and killed nearly 250,000 in five months.

China Warns Of Possible Armed Conflict With US Over Coronavirus Backlash

Chinese officials had a “special responsibility” to inform their people and the world of the threat posed by the coronavirus “since they were the first to learn of it,” U.S. State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said in response to questions from Reuters.

Without directly addressing the assessment made in the Chinese report, Ortagus added: “Beijing’s efforts to silence scientists, journalists, and citizens and spread disinformation exacerbated the dangers of this health crisis.” –Reuters

President Trump in recent days has been ratcheting up criticism of Beijing, while threatening new tariffs on China. His administration has been considering retaliatory measures over the outbreak, according to the report – which warns that anti-China sentiment could also threaten their Belt and Road infrastructure initiatives, and that Washington could take advantage by offering financial and military support for regional allies, which would in turn make the security situation in Asia more volatile.

On Monday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said that President Trump is reviewing options to penalize China, adding that he expects Beijing to meet their obligations under the phase one trade deal.

China Warns Of Possible Armed Conflict With US Over Coronavirus Backlash

“I have every reason to expect that they honor this agreement, and if they don’t, there would be very significant consequences in the relationship and in the global economy as to how people would do business with them,” said Mnuchin.

As Reuters notes, China’s Xi has shaped the country’s military into a fighting force equipped to win modern wars – expanding air and naval capabilities and reach in a challenge to over 70 years of US dominance in Asia.

China Warns Of Possible Armed Conflict With US Over Coronavirus Backlash

China’s foreign ministry is now calling for peace and cooperation, saying “the sound and steady development of China-U.S. relations” are in the best interests of both countries and the international community, and that “any words or actions that engage in political manipulation or stigmatization under the pretext of the pandemic, including taking the opportunity to sow discord between countries, are not conducive to international cooperation against the pandemic.

Trump, meanwhile, announced that he will cut off funding for the World Health Organization (WHO) for being “very China-centric.”

And while the world focuses on China’s response to the virus, Australia – where two scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology conducted coronavirus experiments overseas – has called for an international investigation into the origins and spread of COVID-19, while the so-called ‘five eyes’ Western intelligence agencies explore whether coronavirus escaped from the Wuhan lab – while operating under the assumption that it’s a non-modified virus of natural origin.

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Zionism = EVIL

The Americunt and Zionist agenda is the weakening and enslavement of China per the 18th century colonial model, the arseholes are in time warp as China is no longer hooked on opium from India via Hong Kong and is now a world power and building rapid alliances with many powerful nations and creating economic prosperity with the One Belt initiative. The Pimpeovirus released by the Pentagon stupid cunts to destroy China boomeranged bigtime on the moronic Americunt lardass motherfuckers and now China will fuck them with a death of thousand dicks Confucian style. The deadbeat Americunts will be begging China for money soon anyway as they die in the streets like rabid dogs.

Ashok Varma

Instead of accepting responsibility for its own failures, US has a history of demonizing others. US lack of health care system along with turbo capitalism both failed miserably, so stop blaming others.


They are proving more than ever to be the most pathedic spoilt + utterly useless community
No secret that the true community as in communists can cope capitalism as well as communism
as opposed to these vile nazi/tyrant wannabes whom were simply gone headfkd by their own!

Ashok Varma

Jeff Bezos Amazon scam has pushed his personal wealth over $1 trillion that is more than the GDP of 195 nations. India used to be quite egalitarian under our Congress party, but now with CIA installed Modi’s RSS extremists supported by Bilderberg corporations the income disparity and social cohesion is unraveling. This extreme Rothschild capitalism has been a disaster for humanity, especially Americans.


You may have to resort to the old tried and proven method of getting rid of the likes of Modi; leave it to your imagination of the method.


As ensconced as all the leaders of the west all are, that advice might well be advised for them as well. Voting DOES NOT work.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Certainly could see something like a drone being brought down or a game of dodgems at sea between USN and PLAN destroyers sparking off a pre-U.S. election spat.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Think I read somewhere that the Empire of Chaos was seriously considering using privateers and the letter of the marque to harass China around it’s own seas.

The drugs use problem among U.S. officials is getting very serious.


CHINA LIKE USA ARE TOO LARGE TO GO TOWARDS DESTROYING ONE ANOTHER FOR THE SAKE of their nwo/lgbtq/phaedophile fake bonds/establishments,they are obviously losing on all fronts!
Thank Christ kweers will not get it their way,let the useless sick media fktards die in their own poison!


Very passionate and sensitive speach you made there, Jimi.

Tommy Jensen

UNSC and China should confirm independent scientists and specialists from CIA and MI6 to carry out the investigation into the Corona case.
If China dont confirm this, they have proved they are guilty in trying to take down America.

Only CIA and MI6 have the experience and knowledge into International usury rules and MIC biological global warfare matters.

In case China doesnt obey order, new sanctions and freezing of assets will be carried out until we have got to the bottom of Chinas secret activities into the global spread of killer viruses with the aim to gain full spectrum global dominance of Confucius social engineering and regime change operations in other countries with freedom.


See cia + mi6 are mealy factions of the nwos’thus too easy disposables compared to the gains via practical trading where ir absolute dwarfs the minion usa military arms sales (period)

Bottom line,nowadays you gotta use your head,nit the kweers,because that is plain too dumb!
By the way china,like usa have immunity or did your updeassed fake mate tell it all,fk off nazi!

cechas vodobenikov

tammy—now run along to mommy–your banality is tiresome

Concrete Mike

Hehe nice satire dude.


The next nonsense coming from the US could be to appoint the OPCW to investigate the origins and circumstances of the pandemic :)

Jim Bim

I read this as a satire.


The only Full Spectrum Dominance the US has these days is the dominance of their own obese navels.

Its not a pretty sight. :)


The scary part is that should the US ‘gov’ suggest such, the sheeple would fall for it hook, line and sinker. I mean…we elect actors, conmen, village idiots, war criminals and every other useless POS that they come up with, so why not? Self-righteous exceptionalism, you gotta love it.


Will you make that as a promise? LOL
You know that the USSA funded the Wuhan lab (and a handful more BSL4s), right?
NOT??? Look up the NIH.gov Funding pages …Peace:)

cechas vodobenikov

Amerika is a paper tiger as Mao observed—incompetent, cowardly—the stupefied amerikans infected with covid and HIV, obese and drugged cannot even challenge North Korea…the US is a cultural desert populated by stupefied automatons—-these lemmings will jump off any cliff they r told to, but they cannot fight….their ruling class is not foolish enough to challenge China

Blas de Lezo

Chinitos cochinitos. comen pelo, gato, lata, mulcielago y otlas cochinalas.
All Kung-flu need to go bat to China.


To be blunt, the situation for the US seems beyond repair. If the noise from the US stays at this level or worsens, possibly coupled with actions which could initiate kinetic outcomes, that is not going to help anybody, especially the US. As it lives and dies on a set of reputations which it cannot afford to have otherwise perceived. The ‘wizard’ has been exposed, has been caught in the act and Kansas doesn’t have a two way train ride to Oz.

More or less, leadership in the US is out of their minds. I saw a ‘recovery tracker’ link come up on Bloomberg yesterday. Are you kidding me? This pandemic is nowhere near over. Oh, …. and the vaccine this year, you can forget that too. I have watched doctor after doctor, researcher after researcher put it like this ….. vaccine maybe in a year, more likely sometime after 2021, if you are going to follow all established research and ethical standards. Sounds like some people are very willing to play with those limitations, like they did in internment camps in WWII.

So in short, I am observing behavior indicating we have a group of true madmen pulling levers of power in the US. The problem for them is, it is the last set of tricks they have loaded onto their pony.This is a long haul event that is dismantling Globalism and Neo-liberalism, like a giant hand smashing the top of an ants nest. Next comes the rain fellas. I expect the real situation, not the second class imitation of Monty Python, to get very nasty. My take. I wish the best for all.

Assad must stay

Yes the wizard has been exposed mister john


Very well said, John.

Jim Bim

This is exactly what the United Corporation of America strives for.
This is the only way the sinking USS empire can prolong it`s hegemony and destructive behavior.
The US stands for a Unipolar world, the BRICS and most countries stand for a Multipolar world.

It is enshrined in the US security/military doctrine, to destroy any who can threaten US hegemony…..even those who may be in the far distance.


China should pull out of the trade agreement which shouldn’t be an issue, just refer to the US JCPOA. The only way to stop the US is to warn them with sever repercussions if they continue with their harassment at the South China seas and then start sponsoring South American entities who are anti American.


Reuters…All the bullshit not fit to print.

Alberto Campos

That’s what happens when you cite Reuters. Lies, desinformation, propaganda, etc. Are you proud, Southfront?

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