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China Vows To Hit Back After ‘Illegal’ US Reaper Drone Sale To Taiwan Approved

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The to be expected stern Chinese response to the recently announced MQ-9 Reaper drone sales to Taiwan came a day after the State Department’s formal approval was announced Tuesday. Beijing warned on Wednesday that any and all US arms sales to Taiwan break Chinese law and are a blatant violation of the One China principle as well as prior agreements with Washington.

The US State Department earlier this week said it has approved four armed MQ-9 Reaper drones to Taiwan in a deal worth $600 million.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said at a press briefing Wednesday that the sales “severely violate the one-China principle and the three U.S.-China joint communiqués,” according to UPI.

China Vows To Hit Back After 'Illegal' US Reaper Drone Sale To Taiwan Approved
MQ-9 Reaper drone, via Reuters

He said it “seriously undermines China’s sovereignty and security interests, and sends out wrong signals to ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces.” He further said at a moment that multiple defense systems sales are in progress that “China firmly opposes such acts.”

Wang warned that “legitimate and necessary reactions to firmly safeguard national sovereignty and security interests” will follow, however, it remains uncertain whether Beijing has a big enough card to play (that is, equivalent to something as provocative as the US arming up a breakaway independent island right of China’s mainland).

The Trump administration defended the sales as part of “continuing efforts to modernize [Taiwan’s] armed forces and to maintain a credible defense capability.”

Specifically the maritime monitoring outfitted drones are intended to bring the American and Taiwanese militaries into closer intelligence-sharing, and as part of ‘early warning’ systems intent on deterring any Chinese attack, according to one analyst cited in a regional report Thursday.

China Vows To Hit Back After 'Illegal' US Reaper Drone Sale To Taiwan Approved
MQ-9B drone via GenAtomics_ASI

Meanwhile, it’s expected that the Chinese PLA Army and Navy will continue to ramp up their presence around Taiwan, including in the contested waters of the Taiwan Strait. Over the past two months there’s been an uptick in active PLA military exercises to a degree that’s unprecedented.

PLA drills in the area now seem to be conducted on a near weekly basis, dramatically increasing the likelihood of an armed confrontation with US naval patrols in the region who have also lately traversed the strait in ‘freedom of navigation’ exercises.


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Sell ‘illegal’ weapons to Iran if you’re planning a tilt-for-tat response?!


on the other hand, china can sell any kind of weapons to Iran since the embargo ended on october 18th. and china is the middle man between north korea and iran and what that may entail we can only guess, hopefully full nuke-technology from one survivor to another. the jews in palestine better duck and run for the hills as fast as they can. they will find no support from the world in general. in fact the only support they will find is with the almost bankrupt morons in the white house.

Fog of War

Still waiting for those mythical weapons sales to Iran, and waiting …………………………


read carefully above and you will see that the embargo ended 20 days ago so ithere is time to sell whatever, particularly nuke-technology from north korea brokered by china. might even entail real full blown easy to handle nukes to be fitted to the basic iranian long distance missiles, e.g. iran to haifa easily, and even so, shipments from russia to iran over the Caspian, won’t be seen or adertised. so, bitch, relax.


at least china prevented that hong kong will be the next taiwan. right now, a severe cordon around taiwan and a similar measure of sanctions could starve the island to death in no time.


Lel just try :)


China is awaiting US to help push Taiwan into independent declaration to justify its moral stands of reuniting with force.

All China needs to do is making Taiwan airspace no fly zone with all sea lanes blockade. Taiwan will be brought to knee without PLA firing a bullet.

Chinese knows US won’t risk military intervention, since US isn’t prepare to pay unbearable cost that will collapse its empire quickly, even if it will to win without escalating to MAD.

If US lost the conflict or back off, it risks damaging all its global influence, culminating to a quick collapse of its empire.


Just follow what US did to Iran missiles sale to Venezuela, openly warned all US weapon shipment to Taiwan will be sunk. Any US missile base set up around China will be attacked similar to Cuba missile crisis.

Then counter sale drones, intermediate hypersonic missiles that can hit whole US to Cuba & Venezuela, setup military bases there with anti-missile defense system like Thaad in SK, provide attack submarines, conduct anti-submarines warfare surrounding US, share of precision Beidou data like US-India signed BECA for precision cruise missile attack,…

Spread similar model to Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afgh and everywhere USM has a hostile presence. Since USM has over 800 overseas bases vs China one, with numerous enemies, its exposure cost will be 800x more.

US only understand tit for tat brute force like Russia bear, not Chinese forever endless whining after get fcuk hard.

Fog of War

” Just follow what US did to Iran missiles sale to Venezuela, openly warned all US weapon shipment to Taiwan will be sunk. Any US missile base set up around China will be attacked similar to Cuba missile crisis. ”

You must be kidding, thats exactly what the ZioAmericans would love.

Fog of War

China: The barking poodle. Do something or Just shut up already.


Taiwan is controlled by lgbtq/brussels/neo-liberal germany france etc,used to be usa +china


Didn’t china liberate taiwan from the nazi/japs in ww2?
I see eugeddon + co assume they got their p00fs running the show there,lets see if they got true grit!
These days democratic union not in ones lifetime (period)

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