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China Tells Taiwan “Independence Means War” As Rival Wargames Ongoing

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China Tells Taiwan "Independence Means War" As Rival Wargames Ongoing

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Days ago amid soaring tensions over Taiwan a US carrier group entered the South China Sea. China’s response was to fly a dozen aircraft in Taiwan’s airspace while further announcing military drills in the Gulf of Tonkin.

And now China is warning Taiwan that “independence means war” in Thursday remarks out of the Defense Ministry. During a monthly press briefing Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian was asked about regional tensions, and he responded by saying that “military activities” in the Taiwan Strait “are necessary actions to address the current security situation”

He then warned in a repeat of past foreign ministry and PLA leadership statements: “Those who play with fire will burn themselves, and ‘Taiwan independence’ means war.”

China Tells Taiwan "Independence Means War" As Rival Wargames Ongoing
Taiwan Air Force Mirage-2000 fighter jets taxi during prior military drills, via Reuters.

On Monday Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian slammed the nearby US military movements, saying “It does no good to regional peace and stability for the United States to frequently send military vessels and aircraft to the South China Sea to show off muscles.”

He announced the Gulf of Tonkin drills would run from Wednesday through Saturday, but there’s little details known in terms of size of the exercise, which is a clear signal to the US naval vessels in the region. Specifically the USS Theodore Roosevelt is now patrolling the South China Sea in an operation dubbed “freedom of operation” movements.

Earlier this week Reuters observers painted a picture of each side flexing its muscles in a dangerous build-up which itself could trigger inadvertent war, given the number of aerial and naval assets potentially crisscrossing:

Armed and ready to go, Taiwan air force jets screamed into the sky on Tuesday in a drill to simulate a war scenario, showing its fleet’s battle readiness after dozens of Chinese warplanes flew into the island’s air defense zone over the weekend.

One Taiwan Air Force colonel overseeing the island republic’s deterrence response, which has involved scrambling jets to warn off frequent Chinese PLA incursions told Reuters “We are ready” while emphasizing, “We will not give up one inch of our territory.”

China Tells Taiwan "Independence Means War" As Rival Wargames Ongoing
USS Theodore Roosevelt, US Navy image

The report described the scene further at one “frontline” base:

In a hardened shelter, flight crew from the First Tactical Fighter Wing rushed to ready two IDFs as an alarm bell rang out, aiming to get them off the ground within five minutes of an emergency call, armed with U.S.-made Sidewinders and domestically-developed Wan Chien air-to-ground cruise missiles.

Colonel Lee Ching-shi told Reuters their jets usually go up armed with guns, Sidewinders and Taiwan-made Sky Sword missiles when reacting to Chinese jets and they can respond “at any time”.

Meanwhile, Biden’s newly confirmed Secretary of State Antony Blinken vowed this week to confront China while saying there’s “no doubt” it’s America’s greatest long term threat.

In a surprising statement during his confirmation hearing before the senate last week, Blinken said, “President Trump was right in taking a tougher approach to China.” He added the caveat, however, that it was “Not the way he went about it in a number of ways, but the basic principle was right.”


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Ivan Freely

Interesting to note. China’s civil war never ended like Korea which at least have an armistice.

Just Me

Taiwan is largely irrelevant and the PLA can over run it in a day, but the Chinese would prefer a peaceful reintegration. US policies are delusional to say the least.

Arch Bungle

Taiwan is ruled by the other half of the elite Han Clan.

The Same Han clan that rules the mainland …

Now, why invade their own kin when they could simply wait for the Taiwanese Han to suck all the wealth from the west for eventual reintegration with Beijing?

This is how Asian strategic calculus works …

Proud Hindu

Lol.Even if China attacks taiwan, its population is in decline.Their population has 60 percent old people.So China will need to open its borders for muslims amd africans and these groups will ultimately destroy thd Chinese weaklings lol.

Heres the link btw and its a 2021 article.Edit so this russian proponga channel is not allowing me to post a link.

Just Me

Then go back to the Indian shithole, why are you here anyway?


Old people you say? bud there are blokes more than twice your age whom would sink you faster than blink (period) You are not even aware they worked far stronger than limp wrists, besides you are in no position to judge the situation because you are talking like a flogged!

You vy for cia/soros/lgbtq,excxuses but in the end,only proved to me too,ccp would win!



Kenny Jones ™

Hindu but China took Aksai from you without firing a shot

Just Me

The Bilderberg Jews instigated the rise of China as they wanted a cheap labor slave workforce, however, they got more than they bargained for as China is the preeminent economic and military power now and not shy about flexing its growing muscles and the poor little Indians in Ladakh found out and Taiwan will soon be on the receiving end of Chinese economic and military firepower.


Taiwan is not worth ww3 (period) Zero hedge wishfull thinking nothing burgers(period)

Trap Is Not Gay

The USA serves the Jews.

The USA has spent over 233 billions for Israel.

China is right to fight against the USA/Jews.

China is free.


Zero hedge,lol!


Taiwan was free and independent ever since the war with Chang Kai Chek. Look what happened to Hong Kong once they slacked off their independence

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Just get on with it China, start disarming the rogue province otherwise the U.S. is going to have a missile base a stones throw away and far more serious troubles in the future as the U.S. bases next generation weapons systems there. (i.e hypersonics, rail-guns and lasers)

Arch Bungle

The Han Kuomintang colonists oppressing the native people of Taiwan should F-off back to mainland China and face the music from their CPC Han cousins in Beijing.

Once Taiwan is cleansed of Han invaders, the native Ami, Atayal, Paiwan, Bunun, Puyuma, Rukai, Tsou, Saisiyat, Tao (Yami), Thao, Kavalan, Taroko and Sakizaya can form their own democratic confessional system on land that rightfully belongs to them.

Fog of War

What about the other non-native groups, like the Indian transplants ?

Arch Bungle

Where? Taiwan? If they’re there, boot those suckers out too!

Fog of War

Now that’s what I call fair. How about countries in Europe, who needs to get out from there ?

Arch Bungle

Wherever there’s a bunch of foreigners keeping a native people down with guns and systems of oppression you have a situation where the foreigners need to get out.

Now, if you’re referring to Europe, I don’t know where that is the case, the natives (Europeans) are in charge, so that rule is not violated.

‘israel’ is a clear cut case: The whites need to F-off back to glownigger land.

Tibet is another example: The Han need to F-off back Han-stan.

Fog of War

” Now, if you’re referring to Europe, I don’t know where that is the case, the natives (Europeans) are in charge, so that rule is not violated. ”

I think you’re wrong about that.

Arch Bungle

Please explain. I can’t remember the last time a European country was run by a non-white elite.

Fog of War

Are Khazars White ?

Arch Bungle

Yes. Unless you have evidence to the contrary?

Trap Is Not Gay

Taiwan is China, simple.

The USA/Globalists are trying to create troubles.


China can tall what wants, but is not enough strong to take over taiwan.

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