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China Successfully Launches Its First Mars Mission – Tianwen-1

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China Successfully Launches Its First Mars Mission - Tianwen-1

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On the morning of July 23rd, China launched its fully indigenous Tianwen-1 Mars rover mission.

Tianwen-1 consists of an orbiter and a lander/rover duo, a combination of craft that had never before launched together toward the Red Planet.

The ambition of Tianwen-1 is especially striking given that it’s China’s first attempt at a full-on Mars mission.

“Tianwen-1 is going to orbit, land and release a rover all on the very first try, and coordinate observations with an orbiter,” team members wrote in a recent Nature Astronomy paper outlining the mission’s main objectives. “No planetary missions have ever been implemented in this way. If successful, it would signify a major technical breakthrough.”

If nothing goes wrong, Tianwen-1 will arrive on Mars in February 2021.

The lander/rover pair will land on the planet two or three months later, somewhere within Utopia Planitia, a large plain in the planet’s Northern Hemisphere that also welcomed NASA’s Viking 2 lander in 1976.

The solar-powered rover will then spend about 90 Martian days, or sols, studying its surroundings in detail. It is approximately 40 minutes longer than one Earth day.

It will do so with six different science instruments, which the Nature Astronomy paper identified as the Multispectral Camera, Terrain Camera, Mars-Rover Subsurface Exploration Radar, Mars Surface Composition Detector, Mars Magnetic Field Detector and Mars Meteorology Monitor.

Overall, Tianwen-1 aims to take Mars’ measure in a variety of ways.

“Specifically, the scientific objectives of Tianwen-1 include: (1) to map the morphology and geological structure, (2) to investigate the surface soil characteristics and water-ice distribution, (3) to analyze the surface material composition, (4) to measure the ionosphere and the characteristics of the Martian climate and environment at the surface, and (5) to perceive the physical fields (electromagnetic, gravitational) and internal structure of Mars,” mission team members wrote in the Nature Astronomy paper.

The paper also explained the mission’s name: Tianwen means “questions to heaven,” and it was taken from the title of a poem by Qu Yuan, who lived from about 340 to 278 BCE.

Just days earlier, the UAE’s first Mars mission, and the first by any Arab state, launched on July 19th. The HOPE orbiter was launched to study the Martian atmosphere and climate, streaking into space from Japan atop an H-2A rocket.

Additionally, NASA’s next Mars rover, the 1,040 kg Perseverance, is scheduled to lift off on July 30th.

Perseverance, the centerpiece of the $2.7 billion Mars 2020 mission, will hunt for signs of ancient life inside the 28-mile-wide (45 km) Jezero Crater, which harbored a lake and a river delta billions of years ago.

All three of these missions are scheduled to arrive to Mars in February 2021.


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Potato Man

More good news for China/Iran:

“Iraq to soon begin construction work on railway link to Iran: Iraqi official” PressTV: https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/07/23/630270/Iran-railway-Iraq-Shalamcheh-Basra-construction-beginning

“Iran’s Sidewinder air-to-air missiles can now travel 12 miles: Senior cmdr.” https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/07/23/630251/Iran-Sidewinder-air-to-air-missile-Hamid-Vahedi

“Iran successfully tests 5G in lab in Tehran” https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/07/22/630184/Iran-5G-internet-testing-trial-Tehran

Jens Holm

Its to transport Rials printed in China. Airplanes with Corona is not enough.

Jens Holm

Very good. According knowledge found under my bedblanket with my left hand, the plan is to send Chaiman Mao there. Some also say the Silk Road is made, so they will bury Stalïsme there too as some kind of Marshall plan:)

The prestige coffins are Markatas.

Rick E.

What!? The USA isn’t going to like this! Trump, sanction Mars!

Ryan Glantz

The Chinese version of nasa just hurdled another tecnocracy giant candlestick relic over to Mars, wonder if they’ll announce what the camera feed records. Meanwhile, the Chinese military has been creating improved generation 6 and anti gravitic craft based on the intellectual property theft thanks to clinton’s email servers.


No,degenerate desperate zio/kweers shills ran to china begging them to buy soviet drawings:


Landing on Mars can be a bit tricky, many missions have crash landed in the past. “Even though the surface gravity on Mars is only 3.7 meters/sec (compared to 9.8 meters/sec on Earth), the thin atmosphere means that the average terminal velocity hits a nail-biting 1,000 km/hour or so, compared to about 200 km/hour back home.” The very thin atmosphere also means parachutes are much less effective in slowing down the lander compared to here on Earth. A strong retrograde rocket is required.


Chinese as***les are fucked from the inside.They are facing food shortages,poverty in China is worsening, they don’t have enough young people.I see a decline of China and collapse of Chinese society in 5-10 years .


No,the western (fake) democracys are failing with their decayed generation of liars and invalid misfits whom rely more in lgbtq/gender changers and fake x video scams then heterosexual ccp!

Ivan Freely

Good job for those involved in the program. The LM-5 rocket is looking good; more flawless launches from this rocket the better it becomes. However, the true test of their Mars program will be next year in Feb and April; many sleepless nights ahead.

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