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China Successfully Flight-Tests Hypersonic Maneuvering Warhead


China has successfully tested an ultra-high-speed maneuvering glider that is purportedly capable of carrying nuclear weapons at a speed of up to 7,000 miles per hour, US officials said Wednesday.

China Successfully Flight-Tests Hypersonic Maneuvering Warhead

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Originally appeared at Sputniknews

Pentagon officials familiar with reports of China’s military test told the The Washington Free Beacon website that the launch – the seventh since 2014 – took place over China last Friday.

The DF-ZF glide vehicle was detected by satellites after it was launched atop a ballistic missile from a military center in central China, officials told the US news website.

The vehicle allegedly travelled along the edge of the atmosphere before hitting a target in western China.

According to intelligence officials, the glider can be used to deliver nuclear or conventional weapons around the world within an hour.



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  • Zuzana Rehakova

    good morning America!
    Both Russia and China, have the gadgets.
    They have to proliferate it to other BRICS nations.

  • Nexusfast123

    Once you get hyperfast projectiles they become virtually impossible to stop.

  • since america is controlled by corporations, they have wasted many years and lots of money on boondoggles such as the f35, while Russia and China have advanced technologically far beyond them.

  • Lord Lemur

    What’s the Russian equivalent of this?

    • Daniel Rich

      @ Lord Lemur,

      Q; What’s the Russian equivalent of this?

      R; Putin.