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JUNE 2021

China Style Multiculturalism: Communist Party Members Are To Live In Xinjiang’s Muslim Families

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Over than a million Chinese Communist officials are obliged to live with families in the northwest Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region in the framework of government’s campaign to control the region of Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslim minorities, CNN reported on May 14.

According to CNN, these “home stays” live in farmer households in southern Xinjiang as the Chinese government have been holding campaign against “terrorism, separatism and religious extremism.”

Uyghur families are obliged to “provide detailed information on their personal lives and political views” to the “home stays”, CNN reported.

Furthermore, Chinese Communist Party’s members accomplish “political education”. Chinese officials stay at least one week per month in some locations.

The “home stays” program started in early 2018 and was criticized by the international non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch (HRW).

The HRW stated that this program “violates rights to privacy and family life and the cultural rights of ethnic minorities protected under international human rights law.”

CNN issued a request to the Xinjiang provincial government to comment on the situation, but it has not received a response yet.

On February 3, CNN reported about Uyghur Muslims detained in so-called “political education camps”, where they had been undergoing “brainwashing process”.

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Translation: demographic takeover by Han Chinese via internal immigration. Same thing is happening in the West via external immigration. Multiculturalism doesn’t work.

Trut Tella

And in Australasia, the very same group is doing it!


The Chinese would probably be better off using the Chechen model that worked for Russia. Of course that would require granting the Uihgurs regional autonomy and finding a Ramzan Kadyrov figure among the Uihgur population.

Joe Dirt

Authoritarian government at its finest…..

Don't read butthurt replies

Why are they still calling themselves Communist when they’re not any more? or is it to fool the U.S. while acting as Capitalist to take their spot and lager go back to Communism?

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