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JUNE 2021

China Slams US-led Strikes On Syria. Turkey Praises Them

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China Slams US-led Strikes On Syria. Turkey Praises Them

File Image: Damascus during the military strike

On April 14, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that China had “opposed to the use of force” in Syria, in a clear hint to the missile strike on the country that had been carried out by the US, the UK and France. Chunying also expressed that any actions without approval by the UN Security Council would only further complicate the situation in Syria.

“We consistently oppose the use of force in international relations, and advocate respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all countries,” Chunying said in a statement, according to Channel News Asia.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman also called on all sides to solve peacefully the Syrian issue using the international law only.

“China believes that a political solution is the only realistic way out for the Syrian issue … China urges all the relevant parties to return to the framework of international law and to resolve the issue through dialogue and consultation.”

Initially, China had a more neutral stance regarding the alleged chemical attack in the Duma district. However, it changed when the US and its allies decided to take military actions against the Damascus government right before the beginning of the international investigation, without an authorization by the US Security Council.

Turkey on the other side praised the military strike by the US and its allies. Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim described the strike on Syria, on April 15, as “positive” but noted that it was a “late response,” according to the Turkish Anadolu Agency

“It is a late response to the regime and vile murderers, who caused the atrocity in the region … The Syrian regime has been doing the same thing for seven years. The West suddenly remembered the suffering of people when chemical weapon was used,” Anadolu Agency quoted Yildirim as saying at the Sixth Ordinary Congress of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

While Turkey praised the military strike on Syria, observers argue that it didn’t play any role in provoking it, unlike what it did during the Khan Shaykhun incident in 2017. This fact echoes a shift in Turkey’s stand on Syria.

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Michał Hunicz

Just asking: Which role did Turkey play in Khan Shaykhun false flag?

Erdogan today had a phone discussion with Putin, so far it was rather positive as both claimed that Russia and Turkey will continue peaceful efforts in Syria. It shows Turkish flexibility and double bottom once again.

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

Turkey needs regime change, but this time don’t let the West conduct it.

Tudor Miron

I will say it againg: Erdogan is a whore that wants to seat on two… at the same time. We’ll keep trying to have her on our side but no real trust is possible.


and putin sucks erdogns coch, and you suck putins cock.

Daniel Castro

And you’re gangbanged daily at the sinagogue of satan.


And I fuck all your asses so hard that your eyeballs pop out from your skull!

Daniel Castro

We know you are a gay pedo, thank you for the confirmation.


And I fuck your eyeballs- directly into your brain!
You need more “grey cells” anyway :D


You seem to be obsessed with homosexual sex, come out of the closet.


@veloCraptor came out of the (water) closet… someone forgot to flush the toilet…


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Erdogan didn’t make the statement, it was the Turkish PM.
That’s the trouble with democracies, all sorts of opinions are voiced.


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So why are so many people locked up in Turkey. Could it be you have got it wrong?


If the number of people in prison determines the state of a democracy, then the nation with the most people locked up, would be the most undemocratic right?

USA has the largest number of people locked up, over 2 million people. Then there are the people on probation and parole. All up about 46 million people are subject to instant imprisonment without trial in the USA.

paul ( original )

The Turks always present me with a problem. Are the Turks or the
Americans the most loathsome people? Both provide endless
opportunities to despise them.


Cry some more


Never trust a Turk. Or a Turd.


same thing…!


This. Especially, never trust erDogan: he has many faces and all of them are ugly.


Not that having a Turkish ally is an unadulterated delight, but these shifts show the real purpose of the Damascus strike. After playing hard to get for a while with that sourpuss Obama, Turkey is gradually returning to the side which looks the strongest.

javid soltani

turkey is a poppet of isreal nato usa that’s y


Turkey is only in NATO because it controls the Straits of Bosporus and could severely impede Russian warships and submarines to access Syria via the Mediterranean Sea.


well their reluctance to get involved in Syria has many results….one of them is that noone takes them seriously especially US. They are thought to be struggling for their own regional goals and they are not treated as a global power……the bombing of their embassy in Serbia’s capital was a message…..stay silent and mind your own business…..they took the message….went back in their caves.

Ice Icegold

“the bombing of their embassy in Serbia’s capital was a message…..”
When did this happen?


During the Yugoslavia invasion partition and annexation.
Reagan started it in 1984, and Clinton finished it in 1999.

Ice Icegold

Probably he is talking about China’s embassy. I thought Turkey’s… sorry…. My wrong.


IF RUSSIA CAN NOT SEE WHO IS ITS REAL FRIEND, Well maybe they have been brain washed too. However, I do not think Russian are that stupids. They realized really how traitor Turkey could be.


Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.


They know very well what Turkey is, as long as Turkey is in the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and sits on the Bosporus and the Dardanelles straits.

Turkey is not a traitor, because Turkey has never been a friend, much less an ally. Turkey has always been an enemy, and not just for years and decades, but for centuries; in fact, for almost a thousand years—ever since they invaded Asia Minor..

Ice Icegold

Turkey is sailing ,with one foot on a boat and the other foot on another boat . Usually the result of doing something like this is to fall into the sea …

Jaime Galarza

These Turks are even worse than the westerners. At least you know where the latter stand. The Turks, on the other hand, can stab you in the back when you least expect it.


No, not really.

The Russians know quite well where the Turks stand, as long as they are in the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and sit on the Bosporus and the Dardanelles straits.


This is like the 50th or something time people who thought Turkey would be a good player here are getting piss in their face by said Turkey.


Who really though Erdogan/Turkey would be a good player?

Feudalism Victory

Turkey = israel they both occupy syrian territory and need syria to die to keep it as theirs with no other party having better claim to it. They both want more as well.


I notice that praise and condemnation of the strikes follow perfectly along national and personal alliances/affiliations even though the allegations that caused the strike are yet to be proved or refuted. The Chinese have an unrelated beef with the US, the Turks hate Assad more than they do the west, Israel is trying to maintain its alliance with US and has a feud with Iran and the SAA, and Saudi Arabia is in a proxy war with Iran.
Let’s stop the vindictive figure pointing, everyone already knows who doesn’t like who.


I notice that those who praise the strikes have no interest in maintaining international law. As usual they carry out heavy PR programs claiming others/Syria/ Libya are committing war crimes with manufactured evidence and then use that as an excuse to commit war crimes themselves.
Anyone with half a brain can see that if the west and their allies stayed out of Syria there would be no war right now.There is a long bloody track record of Western violent crimes and sufficient documentary evidence and statements by the rare honest politician to show that this is the case.
For instance -:

And of course the US destabilization ground plan-https://globalciviliansforpeace.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/special-forces-uw-tc-18-01.pdf
There is a lot more evidence including a number of statements by Congress member Tulsi Gabbard who gave a number of interviews speaking against the CIA arming and training Al Qaeda.


You just proved my point, Mr. Sycophant. To you anyone who agrees with you can do no wrong, and anyone who disagrees has all the vices.


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Israeli intelligence discovered there was a plot against Erdogan and danced with glee. They didn’t dance because they wanted the plot to succeed though, they danced because they had a plot of their own to embroil him in. They promised him all the things he ever wanted if he helped them, Respect from NATO, EU membership, and a sparkly clean house to rule. The clean house = 10,000+ Turks in jail in less than 12 months and no enthusiasm from the media to cover it, imagine if it had happened in North Korea or Russia, “democracy, human rights”.
The other 2 haven’t happened yet but one of them is half way baked. Erdogan is already chirping about resettling the refugees in Turkey and Europe back to Syria, which would certainly make him a hero in Europe, and I think make it impossible for them to then refuse Turkey EU membership.
Then the last one which is the finale, stab Putin in the back and kill as many Russians as he can in the ensuing free for all, = respect from NATO and more say at the UN.
All the planets were aligning for Erdogan and a miracle was about to occur, all Erdogan had to do to make it work was to play dumb and appear grateful.
Israeli Intelligence also worked their magic on Putin, either by direct involvement, or more likely intentionally leaked info. This gave Putin the wrongful impression that he had invaluable info about the coup, that he could then use to help turn Erdogan his enemy, into an ally. He used this info and believed, at least for a little while, that it had worked out just the way he wanted it to. Just like Erdogan he believed all the planets had aligned just for him and a miracle had happened. Erdogan played along with it and both parties believed they were getting everything they could ever dream of, Putin’s finally realized the truth but Erdogan still hasn’t
If it sounds too good to be true, as the old saying goes, it usually is, I forgot that for just a little while and Putin’s did too, but he’s finally remembered it now and we’re both just waiting for Erdogan to remember too, as he eventually will.
what a coincidence that these 2 guys seemed to get everything they could ever dream of just by random occurrence. The planets would’ve had to really align at just the right time for that to happen, but I didn’t see it happen in the night sky.
Erdogan doesn’t realize it yet but he’s also the failsafe part of the master plan. He’s playing a dual role but only thinks he’s playing the role of the traitor, he doesn’t realize it yet but he also has another possible purpose in this plan. If the US and Israel fail to get what they want and it all backfires, the Russians will wipe out the base at Al-Tanf with those small tactical nukes they have, and at the same time wipe out all the nukes in Turkey as well as a load of their military infrastructure. They wouldn’t attack any one else as this would just be a warning to the US that the next move would mean WW3 and total oblivion for everyone. I don’t think the US would continue after that demonstration, and dammed sure none of it’s allies would either.
If everything I just said was true, and I don’t really know if it is or not, but if it was, the US and Israel would win either way. Either they take over Syria and build their economy destroying pipeline, which is the only reason they’re there in the first place, or Russia uses a few of it’s [tactical] nukes as a last resort, permanently isolating itself from the rest of the world better than any of the US sanctions and media bias ever could. The US and Israel still get their wicked way no matter what happens.
We may find out soon enough what’s really going down, it all seems to be building up to something so big that it can’t be stopped just like a juggernaut. The planets would be aligning for a third time in a row if this happened and I used to think only God could make that happen, now I’m pretty sure some very clever people can make it happen too.


I have a different perspective than you. Erdogan is about his own survival and his statements were just to get NATO off his back. Afer all NATO is moving its military base to Jordan because they don’t trust Erdogan so Erdogan is trying to get back in their good books. NATO provides him with some level of protection from other states in the region but he tries to also maintain some favour from Putin as well. Putin is happy to see Erdogan upset the US plan C to use the Kurds to break up Syria, but Erdogan is concerned that the Kurdish militants on his border are really a threat to him and to Turkey. The Assad Government is also happy as it feels like it has avoided a direct conflict with the Kurds. it will not care that Erdogan has uttered some words of support to NATO.


Turkey is so fickle that if a wider war breaks out both sides will be bombing Turkey just in case.

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