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MAY 2021

China, Russia, Turkey Stand Against US-backed Coup Attempt In Venezuela

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China, Russia, Turkey Stand Against US-backed Coup Attempt In Venezuela

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On January 23rd, the US State Department announced that it would not be withdrawing any diplomats and also vowed to respond if they come under any “threat.

“We welcome interim President Guaido’s directive to all diplomatic missions in Venezuela that Venezuela intends to maintain diplomatic relations with all countries. The United States maintains diplomatic relations with Venezuela and will conduct our relations with Venezuela through the government of interim President Guaido, who has invited our mission to remain in Venezuela. The United States does not recognize the Maduro regime as the government of Venezuela. Accordingly the United States does not consider former president Nicolas Maduro to have the legal authority to break diplomatic relations with the United States or to declare our diplomats persona non grata.”

Self-proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido also asked all embassies to remain in Venezuela in a statement published on Twitter.

“Through the powers that the Constitution grants me, I would like to communicate to all leaders of diplomatic missions and their accredited staff in Venezuela — the state of Venezuela firmly wants you to maintain your diplomatic presence in our country. Any messages to the contrary lack any validity, since they come from people or entities that have been characterized as usurpers. They have no legitimate authority to make any statements on this.”

This came after legitimate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that his cous cutting antry ill diplomatic and political ties with the US and that Washington’s representatives have 72 hours to leave the country.

These developments took place amids protests which saw thousands of Venezuelans taking to the streets expressing their discontent with Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. Precisely then, the President of the Venezuelan Parliament Juan Guaido announced that he had assumed executive powers. At least 4 died during the protests.

The Venezuelan Military also rejected the US-approved Guaido.

“Despair and intolerance threaten the peace of the Nation. The soldiers of the homeland do not accept a president imposed in the shadow of obscure interests or self-proclaimed outside the law,” Vladimir Padrino Lopez said. The Bolivarian National Armed Forces defend the Venezuela’s Constitution “and is the guarantor of national sovereignty,” he added.

On January 23, US President Donald Trump expressed his recognition of Guaido as interim president on Twitter.

Later, while talking to reporters he also said that all options were on the table regarding Venezuela, even sending US military support to the country.

Over Twitter, self-proclaimed Venezuelan President Jaun Guaido expressed his thanks to Donald Trump for the support.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on Maduro to step aside and confirmed the US support to the transitional government.

“The Venezuelan people have suffered long enough under Nicolas Maduro’s disastrous dictatorship”, he said. “We call on Maduro to step aside in favour of a legitimate leader reflecting the will of the Venezuelan people.”

US Vice President Mike Pence also repeated Trump’s recognition of Guaido.

Furthermore, Pence on the previous day posted a video on Twitter, expressing his support for regime change in Venezuela.

Several Latin American countries also expressed their support of the opposition, including Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Brazil. All of whom have a strong US influence within.

On January 20th, there was a military coup attempt that failed, Nicolas Maduro alleged that it was organized by the US and Brazil.

Prior to that, on January 8th, the the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on seven Venezuelan citizens close to Nicolas Maduro, including the owner of the major news network Globovision.

The sharpened attitude towards Maduro may also be a result of Russia’s developing ties with the current government of Venezuela. On December 10, two nuclear-capable ‘Blackjack’ bombers visited Venezuela. The reason was to participate in exercise. Around that time is when the US began sharpening its attitude towards the Venezuelan government and Trump mentioned that a military intervention was also not out of the question.

China, Russia, Turkey Stand Against US-backed Coup Attempt In Venezuela

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China, Russia, Iran and NATO member Turkey are among the nations, which have rejected the attempted coup and supported the legitimate government.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov officially warned the US against trying to topple Maduro by force.

“We believe it would be disastrous and would damage the foundations of the model of development preferred in Latin America,” he said. “As you know, one of the slogans, the conceptual elements of self-identification of the many closely connected nations in Latin America is unity in diversity.”

“As we see how the situation in Venezuela develops, we note the willingness of a certain group of countries, including the United States, to use different platforms such as the Organization of American States, to increase pressure on our ally Venezuela under different pretexts… But we have always supported and will support friendly Venezuela that is our strategic partner”, he stated.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said that “outside sanctions or interference usually make the situation more complicated and are not helpful to resolving the actual problems”.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu called Guaido’s self-appointment “very strange” while President Recep Tayyip Erdogan voiced solidarity with Maduro, saying “Maduro brother, stand tall”.


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  1. jm74 says:

    Surely Maduro would have expected something like this, he has had ample warnings. Why he never disbanded foreign NGOs and had the opposition investigated, charged and imprisoned is beyond comprehension. It may be too late now to crack down on the US puppets.

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      The same thing happened in Ukraine and Syria.
      Law abiding people are no match for America.
      If America comes after you you have to play by their rules and kill everybody.

      1. jm74 says:

        There is a time to be passive but eventually you have to act, unfortunately a majority of decision makers lack that ability and pass the buck and responsibility to someone else. You go after the leader and take them down, the followers will break apart. Maduro should have apprehended the imposter who represents Mendozawho the US really want to be president.

        1. Sinbad2 says:

          The US tried to take over Syria back in the late 70’s, Hafez al Assad was President then, and he didn’t hesitate, he butchered all the American mercenaries and their family’s.
          It so scared people that nobody would fight for America, and Syria had peace, up until this latest attempt by the Americans.

          1. jm74 says:

            You only have to look at history prior to post Roman conquests, they kept what was useful and put the rest to the sword. Worked then and it would work now.

    2. Bob says:

      Manduro needs to act very carefully over US consulate staff – US will take any opportunity to set out a trap on this – as basis to accelerate tensions.

      1. jm74 says:

        They surely will but if they are told to leave and they defy the order then that also shows that US embassies in other states will pull the same stunt and some of those states will turn on the US in the interest of their own sovereignty. If Maduro rounds up the cattle and ships them out by any means then that will show the international community that the US is weak and that would damage the US beyond repair. Worth taking the risk by physically throwing the US out of Venezuela.

        1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

          that is a good idea the question is will they apply it ?

          1. jm74 says:

            That is the question..will they apply it. Hope so but doubts persist.

          2. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            I think is up to Venezuela’s allies how Venezuela will react to my opinion. Up to now the americans in SA always did their dirty work using traitors to their mother land and european settlers to do their dirty work. I wonder if the natives there learn their lesson or will repeat the same mistakes as in the past.

          3. jm74 says:

            Maduro addressing the public and explain to them truthfully what is happening would go a long way towards easing the crisis, he should also publically state that the troublemakers will be apprehended and face court. He needs to make sure that he doesn’t make promises that he can’t keep. The Venezuelans are good people, very loyal once they make that pledge but they need to be fully informed.

          4. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            I think they are fully informed as this is been happening all their lives been under attack by the zionist and their stooges and errant boys. Same as are the people every where on the globe. It is them and it it us and none is ignorant of fact just chose side. It may be hard for you to understand, but the majority in many countries always chose the wrong side.

            Look at the case of SA and who is supporting the americans countries that have millions of dead because of them. Then look around all western countries where western “democracy“ is the rule of the land and all you see is tax slaves that suck the dicks of their masters.

  2. Tommy Jensen says:

    I also rejected the attempted coup on my twitter account, and expressed on twitter that I am concerned and I warn US and its wagging puppets against hostile actions because it could lead to damages in Venezuela and not freedom.
    Hereafter its up to you because I have expressed my feelings about it on twitter, and then its YOUR fault if something goes wrong in YOUR actions. Not my fault!!

  3. jako says:

    If the U.S. really want they can make new Syria out of Venezuela in jiffy.

    1. Bob says:

      US is actively acting to create crisis – they are literally lining up next stage of conflict in their current official statements – next will come allegations of deteriorating or threatening conditions for their consulate staff – which is exactly the sort of public relations spin they are seeking to escalate further against Venezuela.

      1. verner says:

        this is their backyard and they’ve been at the regime change for the last 20 years and the deep shitstate needs a positive result to show, after all the other debacles, too many to count.

  4. Promitheas Apollonious says:

    and the shit is growing near hitting the fan globally. Looking forward to this moment.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Well, we do get many muslims here having no use for at least 50% of them. FAN tasty.

  5. BL says:

    All those south american countries that sided with the the US are puppet nations. The normal people of Brazil and Argentina should especially feel ashamed for allowing literal kike shills to take over their important nations. This is partially due to the growth of the cancerous “Evangelical Christianity” sect that the Jews have been working so tirelessly to spread in these regions for decades. Brazil and Argentina desperately need to develop strong nationalist movements that keep the growth of these cancers in check.

    1. Renato Santos says:

      e verdade ,aqui no BRASIL ta alastrado de evangélicos alienados esses evangelicos sao fanaticos pelos estados unidos

      1. BL says:

        Eles são agentes de Israel

      2. Tommy Jensen says:

        Tudo tem um preço. Stupidez e pior de que maldade, infelizmente. Pagar um criminoso e a vida continua, mais com bobo não tem solução.

    2. John says:

      It is more complicated than that in Brasil. Here, the new president has support but, it will not withstand kinetic aggressiveness with other nations. Venezuela borders Brasil and it has not been easy up there with the refuges coming into Brasil. So, President Bolsanaro has to tread lightly. Remember, the Brasilian security organizations do not trust the US worth 10 cents. That is the truth. Calling Brasil or any of the others puppets, probably does little justice in describing the real situation.

      South American nations know who the US government is and what it has done to them in the past and is trying to do now. They are not dumb folks. My take. Até la!!

      1. Tommy Jensen says:

        But the wealthy class in Brasil goes with US however yes? If not, Temer and Bolsonaro couldnt get to the top.

        1. John says:

          Not really. The Brasilian president himself is on thin ice. Amongst people I know here, who voted for him, it is commonly said that if he does not do what he promised, they will vote against him in the next election and get somebody else. He, in my opinion, does not have tons of room to play around. He got in for much the same reason as Donald Trump; fed up with corruption.

          Besides, with China and Russia coming out against this, it does not have great legs with Brasil. It is very qualified support at best. BRICS and SCO are much more important than anything the US or EU has to offer.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          Thats right. The internal affairs in Brazil isnt nice. Very few seemes tgo have clean hands there too.

          They certainly have classes there themselves. The lowest are not protected by anything incl. indians in the forrest areas.

    3. Neurasth says:

      Im curious what you mean with evangelical chrisstianity. This is a legit question, I want to know as I am ignorant about South America.

      Why do you think the kikes have infiltrated christianity?

      1. Tudor Miron says:

        One should realize that historically established Christianity is nothing other than export version “for goyim” of Jeudaizm. It has little to do with actual Christ teachings and promotes usury and slavery.

        1. Neurasth says:

          I know exactly why you say that, especially if you’re thinking about the fate of Rome, but it could still be argued.

          For one Christianity in the era of colonialism was an important outlet to bring about education to less civilized places. See the pacific worlds for example. Although many ended up rebelling agaisnt colonial rule, those that did ended up much worse than they were before the fact. I dont think kikes would careless about bringing education to the inferior goyim.

          Not only that, but ironically it is imperialism plus a fusion of christian values and renaissance ideas that ended slavery, to which jews had a monopoly equivalent to what mcdonald has to cheeseburgers today.

          1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            if you call western colonization education and civilized you have a lot to learn, before becoming human. As for the religion part it always stink from the head down and evenagelikans are the worst of the bunch.

          2. Neurasth says:

            No need to attack my intelligence, we detest the same things, we mind the same fight.

            We could argue the meaning of ‘civilization’, but what I meant by that are social ethics, sanitation, mathematics, language both writen and spoken, science of agriculture, etc. All of which were brought about to the pacific by missionairies. Their mission was often much more about practical teachings than spiritual ones.

            When they were executed or forcibly removed, most often than not you would have some local warlord coming to rule as the new despot, sending the country back to neolithic levels of prosperity, reviving dumbass pagan cults that idolized the sun and practiced ritual killing and cannibalism etc…

          3. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            I was very far from attacking your intelligence. I just disputed what you claimed for the colonists. And ignorance of fact, is not an indication that the ignorant person it is not intelligent, just not correctly informed.

          4. Jens Holm says:

            Well, Then You should blame Your own being late inventing Islam somewhere 650 later.

            Very strange. Jews already had most of it written down for You incl. cooking.

          5. Omega says:

            Your interpretation of history is rather unique.

            The fate of Rome was directly related to the the weight of its very own economic and feudal policies.

            The Church under colonialism didn’t bring “education” to un/less civilized people out of love but to convert them to Christianity. Granted that, like other religions, it did take a large portion of the world out of illiteracy.

            I can understand how Christian values and the essence of reason/progress found in the Renaissance might have contributed to ending slavery but not Imperialism (which fueled it).

          6. Neurasth says:

            Its difficult to argue about what caused the downfall of Rome. I agree with the point you stated, its certainly one of the many things that brought it down. There’s a reason why ‘byzantine’ became a word synonymous with crushingly bloated governance. But I strongly suspect, not from proven facts but rather from logical deduction, that Christian morality played a big part in how Rome dealt with foreign cultures squatting on its borders and ultimately sacking it. Is the reliance on ‘fedeorati’ in the army the result of economic downfall or a change in philosophy? I think both… To be “roman” lost its prestige.

          7. Omega says:

            It is true that it’s not easily argued either. It’s only when the many variables are dissected individually and in relation to one anothe than we can form a coherent conclusion.

            The Byzantine Empire and its policies were pretty much a degenerate extention of the Roman Empire. Thus “crushingly bloated governance” most certainly makes sense.

            Could you explain your view on how Christian morality played a role in the Roman Empire’s behavior towards others? I ask because Romans were first and foremost pagan. They adopted Christianity (in making a parody ouf it it with pagan rituals/symbols) after the death of Jesus backfired (which resulted in followers).

            The foederati was inherent part of the Roman Empire from the beginning but I agree that the empire’s growing reliance on them (which definitely was related to a change in philosophy) contributed to their downfall.

          8. Neurasth says:

            Again this is a very personal interpretation, fed by my observations as a canadian living in a modern country, in a modern age.

            That said, I think the ‘small’ details of spirituality can really change the attitude of an entire nation if the ideas become customs through generations. I believe Christianity softened the fighting spirit of the romans. It probably made them much more lax in regards to national integrity and in tolerance for alien, anti-roman cultures as well.

            I say this because I’ve observed that attitude in the strongly Christian communities in my country. Although I respect the message of Christ, in practice I find it unsuitable with ideas of nationalism and preservation of a strong state and national identity.

            But that’s allot of ‘ifs’. I am ready to be proven wrong.

          9. Jens Holm says:

            I agree in “soft” but will add it also became widespread integrating the forner enemies in- and outtside their world.

          10. Omega says:

            Canada is the property of the Crown (City of London, British Empire). It came to be the same way the Roman Empire (and others) swallowed others: military conquest, mass-killing of inhabitants and/or mass-displacement and/or forcible convertion to the monotheistic religion of the conqueror. If you think otherwise, I invite you to ask the indigenous people of Canada.

            Suggesting that Christianity softened the heart of conquering Romans is, I think, very Hollywodian. Christianity served as a tool to unify the people of the empire but also subjugated them under a Divine Being and thus under the say of the Roman Emperors.

            That is not to say Christianity is bad and/or that Christian communities/nations are a poor example of society. I can speak for myself: I was born and raised (Maronite) Christian and while I don’t believe in the Biblical fairytales anymore, I still consider myself culturally Christian. I can attest that all Christian communities in Lebanon and elsewhere in the Middle East have always been the most advanced. Up until our civil war, Lebanon was mostly Christian, our currency was 2:1 with the US dollar and we were the Paris/Switzerland of the Midlde East. Lebanon stands today because of its Christians.

            Taking a moment to understand the real origin of the Christian faith versus what the Romans and later others made it to be sheds tremendous light on why Christian nations, in general, been more advanced. It’s based on Reason and the very motive behind Jesus’ killing. I invite you to read The Humanism of Philo to see what I mean: (p.11-15 on the document, p.12-16 on a pdf viewer): http://wlym.com/archive/campaigner/7812.pdf

          11. Neurasth says:

            This “kingdom of heaven” effect you are describing when talking about Rome is, in my opinion, something attractive. You used the word subjugation, albeit in practice that is correct, but it has a negative connotation I’m not sure I agree with.

            That leads me to Canada again while we mention this, a little anecdote worth telling. Decades ago a golfing company purchased a plot of land from the federal government to expand its sporting area. The tricky part is the land they were claiming was an ancestral graveyard of an ancient Iroquois tribe. Needless to say the natives protested, and when the government demanded they clear the area (so that the company could raze down the graveyard) the natives rightfully took up arms. The canadian army was mobilized and for months there was a blockade and standoff between the two parties.

            Words cannot describe the shame I felt, not just when the events were unfolding, but when I heard the opinion of my relatives and the general populace about it. Most people were openly demanding the army to just “kill em all” so that they might arrive 5 minutes sooner at their workplace. Absolutely abhorrent.

            I could talk about this for a while but I will conclude here. I’ll take a look at the text you mentioned. Likewise if you want to treat yourself to some excellent reading about the pacific, try Pacific Worlds by Matt K. Matsuda. Very accessible even if you are a neophyte to this part of the world.

            By the way, great to hear the intelligently spelled opinion of someone from Lebanon. Not something that happens often on this site.

          12. Omega says:

            I am a bit confused as I don’t recall making a reference to Rome and the “Kingdom of Heaven”. Otherwise, I think the way we interpret the meaning of subjugation is relative: 1) empires that imposed the adopted monotheistic religion wanted their people to subjugate/submit to the rule of God (God controlled everything; man and nature) versus 2) humanists sought to master the laws of nature (and thus their destiny in it) as they considered themselves the creative extension of God. The article on the The Humamisn of Philo covers a great deal about it.

            For a second I thought your annecdote was the Oka crisis but I recall they were Mohawk and not Iroquois. Either way, I read many stories like the one you experienced involving Native lands and private companies wanting them for all sorts of lucrative projects. It is truly abberant. As if enough wasn’t already stolen.
            I understand you may not agree with it but religion was very much imposed on people. It once again boils down to what a religion really is and what the people make out of it.

            I’ve noted the reading material by Matsuda. Thank you for it and your good words.

          13. Neurasth says:

            Actually you are right, they are precisely Mohawks, we just have a habit here of referring to them as the Iroquois since they were a confederacy, and my mind is busy with Iroquois history as I’ve been reading a great deal about their agriculture lately.

            I’m surprised you’ve even heard of the Oka crisis at all. Quebec history is a very niche topic even to Canadians. I have to conclude you must have had an interest in native american lore.

          14. Omega says:

            I had relatives who lived in Montreal a while back. They told me about the Oka Crisis and its famous stand off.

          15. Neurasth says:

            What’s your take on Hezbollah? If I might ask.

          16. Omega says:

            Their demonization in the Western media and reality diverge. I like many in Lebanon (including a large potion of Christians) support their military stance against the Zionist State. Without them, the south of Lebanon (up to the Litani river (something the Zionists have wanted since the early 1900s)) would be what the Golan Heights is to Syria today: occupied. And that, when our ancient land spread on the shore and in-land down to Acre, present-day Israel.

          17. AlexanderAmproz says:

            Un article bien fait qui pourrait vous intéresser…

            Un million d’esclaves blancs passés sous silence, et l’Algérie réclame réparation après la colonisation


          18. Omega says:

            Je viens de le lire; merci pour partager. L’Algérie peut aller se recoucher.

          19. AlexanderAmproz says:

            Thierry Meyssan excellent comme d’habitude !

            Les États-Unis créent les conditions de l’invasion du Venezuela

          20. Omega says:

            Drôle de coïncidence. Je viens tout juste d’écrire un commentaire au sujet de Meyssan. Effectivement excellent.

          21. Jens Holm says:

            Thats easy even a short version. When the Christians finally came into power they forbid all other religions and especially the ones, which not followed Nicea of 329.

            Many, many many many were killed and many tryed to escape. For the Middle East jews and the wrong christians tryed to hide in the inner Minor Asia, the Persian parts of Syria as well as the Arabian Peninsula and Abbesinia.

            The other options was to convert or being killed.

            It was all religions – greek, roman, egytian, Ball.

            No more free structures for anything and singles out of control. They did that cleaning several times.

            Thats what I remember.

          22. Omega says:

            Agreed, with the rise of Christianity among conquering empires, anyone out of line was killed or subjugated.

            Being pagan, I don’t think Greeks imposed such totalitarian grip on others. The same goes for the Phoenicians who were actually very open to other’s beliefs/faiths.

          23. Neurasth says:

            As for christianity and colonialism, again I agree and disagree. This discussion depends greatly on what each of us defines as “civilized”.

            at an advanced stage of social and cultural development.
            “a civilized society”
            synonyms: enlightened, educated, advanced, developed, cultured

            In my opinion, compared to the accounts I’ve read of the pacific cultures before the arrival of christianity, I think there was a definite developement of literracy, life quality and social structure.

            Now was that the fault of european connections, technology and ways of life being more advanced than the tribal, or truly was it about philosophy? Great things to ponder about, but this can go far.

          24. Omega says:

            Christianity wasn’t any different than Pharisaism (known today as Judaism) or Islam. As empires spread, so did the monotheistic cult/religion they followed.
            I wasn’t talking specifically about the Pacific region but in general. Contrary to the Western-centric narrative, there is no doubt that all of whom were called “uncivilized” were all developped relatively to their evolution.

            Your ending questions applies equally to the Greeks and Romans learning from the Phoenicians, Egyptians, Persians, etc which eventually led to the emergence of Europe (which is named after Europa, daughter of Phoenician King Agenor).

          25. Jens Holm says:

            Yes, remeber the backside of the moon. Times were diferent and still are. We have some great buildings here and was proud of them.

            But today we know those was build or donated by slave money. They are stil very nice but kind of different.

          26. Omega says:

            I don’t know what you’re trying to say with “the backside of the moon” and what buildings you’re referring to.

          27. matt says:

            A load of Crap

          28. Jens Holm says:

            You are right about that. But we are some Years after Spains and Portugese divided North- and South America between them.

            More relevent for me, how things are and should be connecting to 2019.

        2. Neurasth says:

          Be careful not to assign the blame of slavery to the white men and christianity. Thats a very popular statement in the US today, an outright lie, and as tainted with propaganda as anything esle that grows on kike soils.

          1. Tudor Miron says:

            What I was telling has nothing to do with wight and black. It’s about what is promoted by Biblical project.

          2. Jens Holm says:

            You read the bibles as You wish. And You forget, that most of the Christian world by its flexibility has been able to replace a lot of old things with sekularisme.

            We are not like You. You copy You into the sekular-christian world. Our sekular laws are above the religios statements and proposals from old days.

            Thats the biggest problem for many muslims in the West. They are not able to integrate because of Sharia telling we should kill and execute by throwing stones.

            Thats promoted by Islam isnt it. Divorse and right divided by gender is same thing. It might have been a good idea many years ago, but today its certainly not.

            We even heard loud voices around the first women in space named Valentina Tereskova, where some said, she 4 days a month probatly would bleed to death.

            And what that: Thats mens world. It has nothing to do with religion unless You find verses for it and change them into, as You wish.

          3. Omega says:

            What do you mean to be “careful” and how is it an “outright lie tainted with propaganda”? While slavery existed long before the white men crawl out of its savage existence, they surely did pick up where precious civilizations left off.

          4. Neurasth says:

            You answered your own question. I did not say that white men did not practice slavery, I said they weren’t exclusive and arent to blame for its “invention”.

            Feminists and “SJW” love to picture white men as the ultimate perpretator of the enslavement of anything non-european when in reality, it was in large parts made possible thanks to black warlords and jewish middlemen.

            “Careful” because perpetuating the myth would be dishonest at best. Unless that is your goal.

          5. Omega says:

            My question was rethicial but thanks for clarifying.

            Can’t agree more on the distortions and propaganda brought forth by the Tavistockian likes of feminists, SJW et al. groups.

          6. Neurasth says:

            Glad we agree.

          7. Omega says:

            And it’s quite alright if we don’t. What matters is to conduct an intelligent discussion where we can learn from each other.

          8. Jens Holm says:

            A lot is ignored. Fx the slaves from Africa mainly was catched by black tribes to the whites. By that those blacks could by things and among them guns.

          9. Tudor Miron says:

            Slavery as a consept has little to do with skin color.

          10. Omega says:

            Agreed. Never implied otherwise.

          11. Jens Holm says:

            Thats not correct. It has for the atlantic Europeran trade and very much. But true many others in the world are and becomes slaves by power and tradition.

            Pakisyan almost has slavery implemented in Islam made as needed integrated with Hindu traditions and we find many versions around the world.

            Skin do count. We see that in Saudi arabia too. Genes say, they prefared men and especially women with light skin. Its prestige to have light skin there as well as You find i many places in the world.

            Muslims also do that by nationality. Thats why we again and again see people start to ask others for nationality. Somalis, Palestinians and some parts of Pakistanis are third class.

            Whatver they show of knowledge, they are knocked down if they have a low life last name.

            So be carefull in those traditions. You can build as well as take down those traditions.

          12. Jens Holm says:

            I partly agree. So many years without slavery should not be an excuse for all behavings and people being as they are.

            But he and hypocritic muslims are like that. Whatever they never try to change is explained by Jews, Christians, sekalrisme, western, western economics.

            Some might think they are like our children mainly not being allowed to decide anything apart from kind of candy now and then.

            I have asked several muslims if they would not learn more from us and at least copy us. Its a NO. I also have asked if they would like to be countries of ours – again – it would be an improvement for many, when they dont like the chaos, which them mainly make themselves.

            I wonder when I see our many muslim emmigrants. Many are very good cleaners. So has the cleaners emmigrants with that talent left fx Syria ?

        3. jako says:

          Usually all your comments are good
          Now this is by far one of your MOST IGNORANT comments
          Typical atheist TOTAL ignorance!

          Christianity is OPPOSED to Judaism and negation of practicing Judaism

          1. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            now whose the ignorant jack off?

          2. jako says:

            fuck off transgender Greek in skirt you as usual don’t have clue about anything

          3. Promitheas Apollonious says:

            yes jack off what ever you say.

          4. Tudor Miron says:

            First of all I’m not atheist :) I just don’t need mediators (official church) that use people’s inherent urge towards divine sourse in order to control those people. Regarding Historically established Christianity opposing Judaizm – how about Old Testiment? Catholic church and their inverted cross over pope’s throne? There are many things I could tell you about this matters but I’m not in the mood for religeous disputes.
            I will only add one quote “Many trust in God, but very few trust God”(c)

          5. jako says:

            Being Orthodox you can’t sell the pope , inverted cross accusation to me?!?
            “how about Old Testiment” WHAT ? !
            Are you saying that Christ teachings were not based on total NEGATION of practicing Judaism ?!?!

            He was CRUCIFIED for that what bigger proof do you need?!
            And Christ was not crucified only for being against form but also being against substance of Judaic faith.
            Jesus was WALKING ALL OVER EVERYTHING Jews considered sacred or important . The list is very long but to mention the few only.
            He was declaring that FAITH, forgiveness, and repenting one sins are only important .
            The prayer with humility and not not Jewish rituals and scarifying animals without serving to God.
            He was calling himself Son of God which was the worst blasphemy for the Jews. He was declaring NON Jews worthy of all Jew privileges and Paradise and thus NEGATING exclusiveness of Gods blessing upon Jews!
            That also was considered a pure blasphemy
            Etc. tec………

          6. Tudor Miron says:

            You kind of mixing Christ teachings with historically established Christianity as we have it now. What we have in the Bible is a twisted in many ways version which as I said promotes usury and slavery. I do respect your religeous feelings and I agree that Orthodox churche is much closer to Gods will than Catholic church. But it doesn’t change my understanding what Biblical project is about and that has nothing to do with God and Christ teachings.
            Regarding 10 commandments – are you aware that subconscius mind doesn’t understand the worlds “No”, “Don’t” i.e. negatives? Biblical project handlers knew/know very well how complex social supersystems are governed.

          7. jako says:

            Your “understanding what Biblical project is” was not subject of this conversation at all. I’m not at all interested in that subject.
            Only thing that interest me are these (yours) words:

            “Christianity is nothing other than export version “for goyim” of Jeudaizm”

            Those words affect my religious feelings
            I find them disrespectful, a slander for which I haven’t herd any explanation yet..

            I do not question your personal believes I am not even interested in them.
            All I want to know what is the logical explanation behind those words?!
            And what is the Biblical, Historic or whatever argument behind them?
            How is “Christianity export version “for goyim”of Judaism”?!
            PLEASE answer that if you will?

          8. Tudor Miron says:

            Jaco, patience is not my strongest aspect but I will try my best. First, you are trying to exclude parts of my posts. I was saying that historically established Christianity is an export “for goyim use” version of Judaizm. What it means is that what we have now has little to do with actual Christ teachings. That’s my opinion based on knowledge. The fact that Old Testament is still included says it all. Reread it and pay attention to Deuteronomy 23 20 among other parts. Also I tried to explain to you the thing about 10 commandments and in which form they are presented but you ignore it. I will try to explain – if intentions were positive than it would say respect and preserve the life of others insteed of don’t kill etc. Subconscious mind doesn’t understand negatives – that’s a well known fact. In those ancient times very few knew about such social technologies What I’m criticizing is not about faith but about how it is abused in order to promote things opposite to actual Gods will. I’m not denying positive things about some (past and present) members of church and I’m not blind about terrible deeds of others. Things are not black and white but one should be able to see wide picture without being mental slave to rituals and dogma’s. It all comes down to personal conscience and level of awareness.
            If it offends your religious feelings than I’m sorry – that wasn’t my intention. But that would not change what I know and understand.

          9. jako says:

            No need to apologize.
            I should apologize !
            OK so all in all it was problem in my miss readings?
            Or miss understandings and miss interpretations?
            It is true that I (wrongly) took that as an attack on my Orthodox faith.
            In that case if we basically agree that it wasn’t your intention no point continue talking about it.
            I am sorry Mirron that I was hasty in reading your texts!

            It is true that I do that often simply because I don’t have much time to do it properly
            BTW Christianity was created as opposed to the “dogma’s”
            I don’t want to be above Orthodox church to judge present situation…

            Are we OK now?
            I hope yes.
            Take care!

            Can you tell me please why am I only idiot here on this forum to defend Russia and I am not even Russian?!
            I am starting seriously to be fed up with that situation….really

          10. Tudor Miron says:

            We’re fine and OK :)
            I would say that there are many more defending Russia here (me included). But there is a problem – often I see that due to personal temperament, desire “to be right” and other actually insignificant differences people that are on the same side start arguing and even insulting each other. That’s something that actual enemies (real “zio trolls” and their handlers) are very happy to see. It means that their “divide and conquer” agenda is working for them. That’s why I always suggest to look at larger picture and refrain from impulsive urge to answer seemingly offensive posts right away. It might be better to take a small pause, get thoughts together and bring a message in a way that brings understanding of our point and finds a way to reconcile the differences (I agree that some are irreconcilable but that’s happens rarely). There are some simply degenerate and some real enemies of humanity but most are normal ordinary people and we should find points that unite us rather than divide.

        4. Jens Holm says:

          If so Islam is a discount copy as well.

          The best proof for that is amputating the most important part of men for no reason at all.

          One impårovement from Jewisme is, that muslims use less potts and pans, when they like and cook exact the same kind of food.

      2. jako says:

        evangelical Christianity = ZIONISM
        they are supporters of ZIONISM that has NOTHING to do with Christianity!

        1. Neurasth says:

          Why? Point me to some reading

          1. jako says:

            Evangelical Christians have traditionally been strong supporters of Israel and the Jewish people. Their support can no longer be taken for granted. There is now a strong movement to undermine evangelical support for Israel – and it is gaining momentum.

            Christian Zionism -Wikipedia (go for reference books)

            Evangelicals and Israel: The Story of American Christian Zionism

            Evangelicals and Global Christian Zionism

            Scofield Bible?

            ZIONISM was endemic to US “Christians” but it has nothing to do with Christianity or Bible..

          2. Neurasth says:

            Thanks, no doubt about it now. I dont think this has anything to do with christianity in the end, its just some autistic cult for jewish bootlicks.

          3. jako says:

            You probably didn’t read it so I’ll copy paste again to you:

            “ZIONISM was endemic to US “Christians” but it has nothing to do with Christianity or Bible..”
            Lets say that as idea ZIONISM was “born” as cuckoo egg in Christian nest where Christian egg was thrown out and has replaced Christianity into travesty Christianity with only purpose to service to Judaism

            So it is bit little bit too simplistic to call it “autistic cult for jewish bootlicks”

          4. Neurasth says:

            I read that, but what i meant was that it has little to do with the fundamental principles of christianity per say. Evengelicals can preach about “biblical zionism” all they want, but that will never turn me into an atheist. The fact that there are christian zionists doesnt spoil the philosophy of christ for me, is what i mean.

          5. Jens Holm says:

            It should not. Those religios manipulatios seen here has made me into a very hardheaded non religios.

          6. Tommy Jensen says:

            Zionism related with with freemason whose basic is Judaism from Solomon Temple I build around 1000 BC.

          7. jako says:

            More exactly Freemasonry has its origin from “Talmud” (Rabbinic orally transmitted tradition, today’s Judaism) which many ignorantly confound with Hebrew written “Torah” a true Semite Judaism.
            Just like Freemasonry the “Talmud” is much closer to Satan than to God.

          8. Tommy Jensen says:

            Yeah. We could say Torah is the first bible, consisting of the 5 books of Moses.

            It was forbidden to speak the text and forbidden to write the oral explanation.
            But because Jews were banned from Jerusalem they became afraid of losing the oral part why it was written down and constantly revised.

            I have however some problem in understanding the jump from Moses in 1500 BC speaking paleo-hebrew to the first found scriptures in 1000 BC of Moses books written in Masoretic by all other people than Moses??

            Then there is endless versions and additions until the first Torah was written and collected in Greek in 300-200 BC.

          9. jako says:

            Sorry, I can’t answer that question Tommy.
            That goes far abowe my knowledge on that subject.

          10. Jens Holm says:

            We all have. Hard to decriebe a country having only 5 newspapers from it pr year.

            Christinaity has same problems not even having any real facts about Jesus and his father and mother as well as Magdalena.

            Even so 2,2 bio. believes most of it in head lines. So focus for You might be headlines in stead of gaps.

          11. Omega says:

            No, we can’t. The “Hebrew” Bible is based (as in plagiarized) on the Ugaritic Bible. The discovery of the 2000+ Ugaritic tablets written in cuneiform discovered at Ras Shamra (present-day Syria, ancient Ugarit) attest of that.

            Aside from being entirelymythical, the “Hebrew” Bible is pseudopigrapha. Moses is a mythical character invented by the Ptolemaic leaders of Egypt who wanted to replace the Persian minister in Canaan, Ezra. It was also the Ptolemies who invented the so-called Exodus from Egypt to Canaan. The “Law of Moses” is in reality the Hammurabi Code.

            The fallacious “Paleo-Hebrew” terminology was invented in the 1950s by a cunning Yiddish linguist (Solomon Birbaum) to ecplise the real origin and terminology: Canaanite and/or Phoenician.Birbaum even said:

            “To apply the term Phoenician to the script of the Hebrews is hardly suitable”. Still, the script is nearly identical to the Phoenician script.”

            Why “hardly suitable” if they are “nearly identical”? Because the Zionist slime needed to support their newly created Jewish identity. “Hebrew” – both in language and script/alphabet – is Canaanite/Phoenician.

          12. Jens Holm says:

            Ther we go again.

            The biggest problem is, that Zionisme isnt wide spread as You declaire, declaime and like that.

            If anything is widespread its muslims in the ME and other places hardly knowing anything of Islam and the rest of the world.

          13. Omega says:

            Zionism has its equivalent in the Middle East: it’s called the Muslim Brotherhood. Coincidentally, both were created by the British Empire.

          14. Omega says:

            Incorrect, Freemasonry has its origins in the Phoenicians of Tyre and the Eygptian Mysteries (which the Greeks picked up as the Dionysian Mysteries and the Romans as the Bacchus Mysteries).

            Freemasonry and Christianity both have the same origin in worship: the Sun. The association between Freemasonry and Satan (worship of Baphomet) is a Church construct that started after the Knights Templar returned from Jerusalem in order to get rid of the as they represented a threat.

            Nothing was every orally transmitted through generations. That is a nonsensical, unfounded myth. The “Hebrew” Bible is plagiarized the Canaanite religion after vilifying it – the discovery of the 2000+ Ugaritic tablets at Ras Shamra (present day Syria, ancient Ugarit) attest of that. Yawheh who was a demi-god in the Canaanite religon magically became The God in the “Hebrew” religion – and not through an evolutionary type of way. Both the Divine Law (Tankah/Torah) and the Civil Law (Talmud) were concocted by the Persian conquerors of Canaan to destroy the polytheistic beliefs and replace them with a monotheistic cult (Pharisaism, known today as Judaism). There is a reason why there is no Jewish/Israelite/Hebrew religions books or anything prior to the Persian being in Canaan. It’s also worth noting that Hebrew, both in language and script/alphabet was Canaanite.

          15. Jens Holm says:

            Many supposes are possible. If any try to plant eggs, its You.

            Like putting garbage in the sea is a good idea, bacause it make the coast eroding waves smaller.

          16. Jens Holm says:

            I will send some glue, so they can fold their hands and keep them there. I dont see the relations – more like Stalin and Churchill to me or like 4 countries agains kurds, so they should have no more selfrule.

          17. Jens Holm says:

            Its not for the reasons, You write about. It seemes You have forgotten that Jesus and the others actually lived there too.

            Even Muhammed went to heaven from there. Thats why muslims want Jerusalem back too.

          18. jako says:

            Pence and Pompeo are ZIONIST Evangelical Christians

          19. Jens Holm says:

            Another excuse for wars in the Middle East. Very good, You if You send it in, You probatly will get the Nobel price.

          20. Jens Holm says:

            Saudis cut his hands and feet. Its like that: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/becc568c1547fd89528bf86eb49f6e6c0e852bac61ea8eae61b4af88cd6ac193.jpg

            The brown part is for not contaminating others.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          Your ceratainly are a claner of ISIS toilets deep down under ground. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/95a8476ba8bb8e95320957114041c101527ba5a44bdc8f4ee6aa000761e29831.jpg

      3. BL says:

        Evangelical Christianity is a sect of Christianity created by Jews for the purpose of putting control of Christians in the hands of Jews. Remember originally there was only one major sect of Christianity, which is today called Catholicism. After the Christian reformation, the powers of Catholicism and the Pope were significantly reduced and all sorts of new Christian sects were created. Many of these new sects were creations of Jews and their agents. Evangelical Christianity is one of the biggest Jewish creations after the Christian reformation but it is not the only one.

        The purpose of Evangelical Christianity was to basically significantly water down the New Testament and go back to emphasizing the Old Testament (aka Judaism) and out of that creating a bunch of useful idiot Christians who became the most die hard supporters of Jews and their causes world wide. Today Evangelical Christians act as fifth column elements in their own countries. They openly betray their own nations’ interests for the interests of the terrorist state of Israel. They regularly display Israeli flags in their churches, parades, and houses. They get most of their information and calls for action from Jews and Mossad agents acting as fake pastors. If you want a more detailed explanation I suggest the following documentary:

        Marching to Zion by Pastor Anderson

        1. Neurasth says:

          Thanks for taking the time to wrtie this up, I will watch that documentary.

          Whats your take on the protestants during the reformation? Wouldyou say they were proto-kikes themselves?

          1. BL says:

            I have some contentious views regarding both Christianity and Islam that might offend people who believe in these religions. I’ve already been blocked by one such believer here on South Front for sharing my thoughts in this regard so I’m hesitant about being too open about my views when it’s not necessary. Let’s just say in my opinion the mainstream historical beliefs regarding these two religions are inaccurate and incomplete. Both of these religions are based on Judaism and with the case of Christianity it is not even disputed that it was a Jewish creation from the very beginning (Jesus himself was a Rabbi). Yes I believe Jews had a hand in the creation, development, and disintegration of Christianity. This doesn’t mean their influence was complete and total but you will find their trace and potential motives at every step along the way.

          2. Jens Holm says:

            I think the winner is kind of Arameans partly inspred like someone like Hammurabi had a lot odf semilar inspired scriptts in the Aramean zone. They were like stories told from generation to genration with local modefications. Some scripts were popular and all over. Orthers were of a more local kind.

            So the 3 religions was taken from that “Library” based on aramean scrpting. At the time of Jesus, he probatly most have spoken that languge, it said.

            So Muhammed much later didnt get his versions mainly from Jews and Christians but from that Library.

            Of course he did his own version. Fx they changed the ¨holyday to fridays as well as they in the first years prayed towards Jerusalem, where the chimney for him was too.

            I dont see You are incoorect in Your version of jews. Its true Jews had hard times and instead of making more jews by birth, they a longer period were missionairies. Kind of.

            Being a missionary having succes, You have to sell the best part of the product as well as telling the bad sides of Christinanity (and Baal).

            By that version of mine, they would counterattack by possible modifications.

            It was hard times in main Jewish part. The Jewish vasal king was a terible person killing even his wife, brothers and children in an unstabile enviroment.

            Jew or not relles me, there were many kinds trying to find the truth in Governess as well as religion. We also had Johannes Baptizer now burried in hos own litle Church in Damaskus.

            And it went bad – very bad – by Romans for bad and good reasons. Some might remember many jews were outside the area we see they are today. Many even was deported several times and didnt prefare to come back.

            It can be kind of as today. There hardly was jews in Israel of today in the times of ottomans, they were in the cities and many was at the Balkans and by that in Konstantinople.

            The socalled promised land for them was land, where they by hard work and knowæedge and education could live well – aprt from the poor conditions in Eastern Europe with the hardliner Catholics.

          3. Omega says:

            I don’t hink you should hold back your views and opinion simply because one person (likely a zealot) disagreed with you.
            The creation and development of both Christianity and Islam were definitely influenced by what preceeded them; and it was not just Pharisaism (known today as Judaism). The Egyptian Mysteries (later picked up by the Phoenicians of Tyre under King Hiram and later the Greeks as the Dionysian Mysteries and by the Romans as the Bacchus Mysteries (all of which vagely put encompassed the worship of the Sun)) also played a crucial role.

            Additionally, the “Hebrew” Bible has its roots (as in plagiariged) the pagan Canaanite religion. Yawheh, a demi-god in the Canaanite religion didn’t become The God in the “Hebrew” religion in an evolutionary type of sense but through vilification process of the Canaanite religion.

          4. Jens Holm says:

            The most important things for sanes was, that the Pope wasnt the upper one anymore. We could behave as Country. That was supported well by tranlation of all religios scripts, so alt least the ones. which could read, could read that.

            Thanks to Gutheberg as well.

        2. Tommy Jensen says:

          Some scripts says the Gospels and Jesus were invented by Flavius as a political tool for Rome to forever fight Judaism.

          Remember the Jews fought a full scale war against Rome 68-70 AD, but got their Temple and Jerusalem destroyed and Jews banned from enter Jerusalem forever by Rome.
          From this point we got all contra-religions; Judaism versus Roman-Catholic, Orthodox-Christianity versus Roman-Catholic, Protestant versus Orthodox-Christianity, Protestant versus Islam, Islam versus Evangelic who unite back with Judaism, and many other sects and groups develops.

          All seem made only to counterweight the other social force for political reasons.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Thats not complete and only partly correct. The big change came in Nicea in 329, where it by majority-voting was decided, that Jesus was 2 – a Man and a God.

            So many could not eat that and it made it much easier for Islam to spread out having only one Muhammed and no mixted person.

          2. Omega says:

            The way the Gospels and Jesus are protrayed in the Bible may have very well been invented for ideological reasons but there was a mouvement in Jerusalem (the one instigated by Philo of Alexandria) that had mades allies within the Pharisaic establishment (the Pharisee Tarsus for instance became St-Paul) and that threatened the oligarchical grip the Pharisees and Romans enjoyed. The rampage of the land by the Jewish extremists known as Zealots in mostly attacking/killing Romans – which eventually led to the civil war – was to thwart that mouvement.

        3. Jens Holm says:

          Same crap again from You. Kind of stones in bread and a good dentist.

        4. Omega says:

          Evangelical Christianity was created by and for the British Empire, not Jews. It’s a rather modern creation that derive from the British Israelite cult where the Anglo-Saxon ruling class see themselves as the descendants of “King David” and the “Lost Tribes”. Israel belongs to them and not to the Jews or Arabs.

          All Christian and Jewish Zionists serve, unknowingly and based on the distortions of religious scriptures, the interests of the British Empire (now know as the Anglo-American Empir). Mossad isn’t any different, it serves the Anglo-Americans in the Middle East extended.

          The dilution of the New Testament (which was written to get rid of the Old Testament) in order to blend it with the Old one is very much accurate but that too is the work of the British/Irish/Scottish clergy (Darby, Scofield, et al.).

          1. BL says:

            The British Empire stopped being British soon after Oliver Cromwell committed regicide. Shortly after that event the Jews became an integral part of the “British” elite, a position they continue to occupy to this very day. If you do a bit more digging into the actions of the “British” Empire you will find out that many such actions were not done on behest of any Christian Anglo Saxon. I’ll give you one quick example: The Chinese-“British” opium wars were fought on behest of the Iraqi Jewish Sassoon family who were shipping opium into China and profiting from the misery of the Chinese people.

          2. Omega says:

            The British Empire being “Jewish” and/or “Jews” being behind it all is a controlled opposition narrative aimed at keeping the real culprits in the shadow. That is not to say that Jewish oligarchies have not involved in many of the cunning maleovance the world has endured for the past centuries.

            The British Empire was/is the continuation of the Venetian Empire following the War of Cambrai that heavily weakened Venice after their fondi moved north to form the strength of the Bank of Amsterdam in the 17th century and layer the Bank of England in the 18th century. The return of Jews (King Edward I expelled in 1290) under Oliver Crowell wasn’t coincidental but a result of him being a Venetian agent.

            During the first phase of the civil war, (1642-1646), there emerged two factions among the Parliamentarian Roundheads. A more conservative group favored a limited, defensive war against
            Charles I, followed by a negotiated peace. They hoped to defeat Charles by using a foreign army, preferably the Scottish one, in order to avoid arming the English lower orders. The Scots demanded for England a Presbyterian state church on the model of their own kirk – run by synods
            of Calvinist elders – but that was what the majority of the Long Parliament wanted anyway. So this faction came to be called the Presbyterians. Among them were the Calvinist town oligarchy of London.

            The other group wanted total war and eventually the execution of the King and the end of the monarchy and the House of Lords. This group was willing to accept a standing army of sectarian religious fanatics in order to prevail. This group was called the Independents or Congregationalists. They were favored by Venice. Oliver Cromwell emerged as the leader of this second group.

            Oliver Cromwell was a Venetian agent. Prominent in Oliver Cromwell’s family tree was the widely hated Venetian agent Thomas Cromwell (1485-1540), Earl of Essex and the author of Henry VIII’ s decision to break with Rome and found the Church of England. Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) was descended from Thomas Cromwell’s sister. Oliver Cromwell’s uncle had married the widow of the Genoese- Venetian financier Sir Horatio Pallavicini.

            This widow brought two children by her marriage to Pallavicini and married them to her own later Cromwell children. So the Cromwell family was intimately connected to the world of Venetian finance. One of the leading figures of Parliament, John Hampden, was Oliver Cromwell’s cousin. Cromwell’s home was in the Fens, the large swamp in eastern England. The swamp- dwelling Venetians, true to form, came to choose another swamp- dweller as their prime asset of the moment.

            Webster G. Tarpley, Against Oligarchy

      4. Redsky B says:

        BL is right. Most US Protestant denominations are under the control of the clan and have been for a very long time thru infiltration, payoffs, corrupted and rewritten Bibles, etc …. There are so many ways they accomplished it. Our Bibles have us believing Cain was the son of Adam … he was the son of the devil himself (who appeared in the Garden in human form and seduced Eve and got her pregnant). That is just one of thousands of deliberate errors, lies and alterations in our “Holy” Book. Today’s Israel is a Satanic nation and not a prophecy fulfilled.

      5. Omega says:

        Christian Zionism, aka Evangelicalism, has its roots in the British Israelite Cult where the Anglo-Saxon ruling class believed, based on alleged secrets uncovered in the Bible, to be the descendants of “King David” and the “Lost Ten Tribes” — Israel is thus theirs and does not belong to either Jews or Arabs. The said Tribes, following their captivity in Babylon had migrated to Europe to become the Christians of England and Germany – instead of returning to Judah to build the Second Temple.

        First talks of a relation between Britain and Jerusalem were recorded in the Elizabethan era but a first declaration of British Israelism was made by a Richard Brothers, a Royal Navy officer, in the late 17th century. John Wilson, known as the ideological architect of British Israelim, later picked up Brothers’ theories to write Lectures on Our Israelitish Origin in 1840.

        John Nelson Darby, also based on alleged secrets uncovered in the Bible, advanced that the Kingdom of Christ will come when all mankind is destroyed, that the “Gog” of the Bible is Russia (this set forth Russophobia) and that Jews must return to “Israel” to rebuild the Temple. The likes of Scofield were also instrumental in developing the fallacious idea of Rapture.

        British Israelism eventually led to British Modern Zionism and official governmental policies for the creation of the state a century before WW2.

        In essence, Evangelicalism is an Anglo-Saxon invention to garner the support of Christians for the Anglo-Saxon-American colonial Zionist state known as Israel.

        1. Neurasth says:

          Interesting write up, thanks for sharing. Got any books to recommend?

          1. Omega says:

            Most welcome. I’ll send you a list of reading shortly. Have to dig through some notes.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          I dont believe in that at all. More like zebras and horses should be same thing as well as emus and austraties. Difficult for me to respect possibilities like that. It looks very much as evil intensions.


          1. Omega says:

            I didn’t share this for you or anyone to believe it. It’s up to you to read, research and cross-examine to form your own opinion. British Israelism and the subsequent philosophical, governmental, and geopolitical results/consequences that derived from it are very much historical and thus, verifiable.

      6. KGBDonald says:

        It’s a long story, many protestant sects were directly funded by Jews (although Martin Luther never liked them). More fantastical they were, more supported by jewish money. ‘Christian’ fanatic Oliver Cromwell allowed them to return to England, they were expelled for centuries. They were very influential in Netherlands (United Provinces), first modern capitalist state, created after the rebellion against Habsburg Spain (jews were persecuted in Spain and run away to Holland). Dutch rebels defeated ‘mighty’ Spain and very quickly that tiny new state UP became the most powerful in Europe, 2/3 of all european merchant vessels were dutch (or jewish actually). Their ruler William III, main rival of Louis XIV in Europe, finally invaded England in 1688. easily conquered it without much resistance, so-called “glorious revolution” (*regime change actually, because english army commanded by John Churchill betrayed their king), all financed by Jewish bankers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francisco_Lopes_Suasso

        soon jewish capital from Amsterdam moved to London, United Kingdom of Great Britain was created, quickly to become the first modern superpower. United Provinces -> United Kingdom ->United States. “Conspiracy Theory!!!” nope, all historical facts. Shortest possible version.

        1. Neurasth says:

          Thanks for the share, great read. I had no idea who was backing the Dutch and its VoC but color me unsurprised. I’ll be reading further about this.

          1. Omega says:

            KGBDonald’s chronological depiction is accurate but not the uncovering of the real culprits.

            I invite your to peruse/read Webster Tarpley’s Against Oligarchy to understand how the ruling class of Venice was behind the Protestant and Lutherian Reformations (to divide Europe through wars), the rise of the banks of Amsterdam/England and the creation of the British Empire which later morphed into the Anglo-American Empire.

            Against Oligarchy by Webster Tarpley

            The Anglo-American Empire by Caroll Quigley

        2. Omega says:

          The historical chronology you depicted is accurate but it’s also completely wrong when you put the blame solely on Jews.
          Both Protestanism and Lutheranism were the machinations/creations of the ruling class of Venice. The end goal was to divide Europe through centuries-long wars to weaken the Catholic Church and prevent another alliance like the one of the League of Cambrai that almost destroyed Venice.
          The return of Jews (King Edward I had expulsed in 1290) by Oliver Cromwell was not coincidental as he was a Venetian agent.
          t was also the Venetian fondi that built the strenght of the Bank of Amsterdam and later the Bank of England. As a matter of fact, Venice and Genoa had taken control of England’s finances (House of Stuart) as early as 1605.
          In essence, the Venetian “Empire” morphed into the British Empire [1] which later morphed into the Anglo-American Empire [2]. Jews, who were secluded to guettos in Venice and forced to wear a badge idenfifying them, were not behind the rise of Amsterdam and London; it was the Venetian oligarchies. That is not to say that Jewish oligarchies were not among them; the Del Banco family, known today as Warburg, is one of them.
          [1]: Against Oligarchy by Webster Tarpley
          [2]: The Anglo-American Empire by Caroll Quigley

      7. Jens Holm says:

        He has no ideda about what christianity and jewisme is at all. NONE.

        Furthermore those problems and that chaos has nothing to do with religion at all.

    4. Rob says:

      US and UK have very big terrorists forces for example of Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Bokoharam, freedom fighters, revolutioneris and separatists etc. They also have other small groups for example white helmets, moderate rebels, takfiris and other head choppers. Turkey, Russia, China, Iran cannot win from US and UK.

    5. matt says:

      Not nationalist movements, that doesn’t solve anything. Progressive democratic, socialist, internationalist, atheist movements!!

      1. BL says:

        All those ideologies you mentioned do not exclude the Jews. Only Nationalism does. Without Jewish exclusions you’re basically just waiting to be re-infiltrated from the inside and taken over once again.

        1. matt says:

          You are pathetic and wrong as well

          1. BL says:

            1. Problem is with both. There is no Zionism without Judaism. Zionism is not the only problem with Judaism.
            2. No it’s not kike. Nations belonging to one ethnic group was literally the original definition of a nation until you kikes started changing it after World War 2. You’re the delusional one because you’re going against thousands of years of human development, identity, and self preservation instincts.

          2. matt says:

            U r an idiot

          3. BL says:

            110 and Never Again

    6. Jens Holm says:

      Far out.

      Nationalisme always make more contrasts as well. I dont think Venezuela as well as others need, what unifies them. Sekularisme and fairness is needed not crap from haters.

    7. Omega says:

      I agree with your comment entirely but not the part where you state that Evangelical Christianity is spread by Jews. Both Christian and Jewish Zionists serve Anglo-American interests.

      1. BL says:

        There’s nothing “Anglo” or “American” about the “Anglo-American” empire other than the frontmen occupying public positions of power. Today the “Anglo-American” empire is run by Zionist Jews for the benefit of Zionist Jews at the expense of Anglos and non-Jewish Americans.

        1. Omega says:

          We can agree to disagree but as I previously stated; that is the controlled opposition narrative to keep the real culprits in the shadow.

          The Venetian Empire became the British Empire [1] and the British Empire became the Anglo-American Empire [2]. Know Venice and you’ll understand how we got here.


          [1]: Against Oligarchy by Webster Tarpley: http://tarpley.net/online-books/against-oligarchy/

          [2]: The Anglo-American Establishment by Carol Quigley: http://www.carrollquigley.net/books.htm

    8. wizardg says:

      We are subjected to the same kind of abuses, but some are so well off and privileged that they can’t (or don’t want to) see straight.

  6. Eli says:

    Most of the OAS supports Guaido

    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      All Europe too, because US said we should support him.

  7. Renato Santos says:

    tomara que a russia e a china acabem com esse governo fantochi do bostonaro

  8. verner says:

    the destitute states of america is getting impatient and wants result. a number of fecked up regime change operations has failed lately which is smarting and the inept states of America is, for every one to see, that’s right, just friggin inept.

  9. Bob says:

    Last on list of US coup backers – Republic of Kosovo – designated as ‘(partially recognised)’ – LOL.
    Not a lot of political value in having this NATO train-wreck/ project on the US regime change team.

    1. Garry Compton says:

      o The US Embassies are all CIA, Mossad, M16 bases and probably have mini nukes and Biowarfare virus ready to spread also. It’s a no brainer if you have visited embassies outside the states – they are huge – why? Most of the workers YOU will see are all nationals working – including the security. You will rarely see an American , yet there are 100 of them – Somewhere – out of sight !

      1. Jens Holm says:

        You wish they were Yours. Thats You whole point.

        1. Garry Compton says:

          You have to get OUT of the States in order to visit them – Sonny !

    2. Jens Holm says:

      That wasnt a ¨coup. Its was Serb Urbs which couldnt do as they always think they have rights for asking none – nor even people living there. That of course goes for Slovenia, Croatia, Mntenegro, Bosnia and Macadonia.

      But of course no light for the blind unless he is burned hard. Thats what happend in Kosovo.

      You did it. Buzz home.

      1. Bob says:

        Last on the list of coup backer AGAINST Venezuela as cited in the article above – did you read it at all? Or perhaps more pertinent question is did you forget your meds this morning before e logging in?

        1. Jens Holm says:

          I dont see Madura as President. He has made an alternative parlament himself.

        2. Jens Holm says:

          Let people alone, which dont want You at all.

          I dont have to read any rapports, because I already has known the alternative parlament of Madura for a long time as well as I have followed everything around Youskavia well for many years.


          Madura has made no progress. He slagtered the cow being smaller and smaller giving less and less milk to Venezuela. Eating the cow was a great succes.

          But he didnt make any production – not even updating their asphalt oil. It also seemes to me those Maduras was just as corrupt as the right wing feudals before them.

          So I feel a kind of nothing for people behaving their country like that even too many parts are orchestrad my USA.

          I also let in some Youtubes, where some dummy even compare Venezuala with Denmark in FOX news as being the same.

          So dont tell me, I and we in Denmark know nothing and like the Fox new version of us as well as Venezuala.



          1. Jens Holm says:

            Our Primary minister say this


          2. Bob says:

            You are the same commenter that in recent posts has claimed to be both a Bosnian Muslim refugee and yet also a Turkish Kurdish refugee. So either you are a fantasist – or multiple people are posting under that account with highly inconsistent claims as a result.

          3. Jens Holm says:

            I never has done any of that. I see none “copies” of me as well.

            You might try to better safety on Your internet or improve Your reading or translating a lot.

            You might check the numbers of comments. A copy will not have 45.296 but probatly much, much lower.

          4. Bob says:

            The English language usage on your posts varies wildly from day to day – from competent to unreadable. Your avatar team needs a consistency workshop…

  10. Rafik Chauhan says:

    US always poke their nose in other people affairs. to show the world they are superpower. but infect they are superdumb. creating a geto for themselves with more resstance is growing against US and Zionist run government. US/zionst always want war for their weopeon industry. so dumb country of suth America who is supporting US think again bcuz it will be your turn next.

  11. jako says:

    It is GOOD if Turkey continues to oppose US and move ever more in Asia on Chinese-Russian side !

    That might be sign of Turkey leaving NATO one day and joining SCO…..

  12. Patriotic_White_American says:

    Russia and China are going to sit there like good bitches and WATCH us do whatever we want

    The last time Russia tried to challenge us in our hemisphere they walked away with pissed pants

    1. Neurasth says:

      Nah, last time they did that, they utterly annihilated your army of head-choppers-for-hire and pretty much sent your trillion dollar investment down the gutter.

      But keep paying your taxes, asshole. We love selling armaments and see them put to good use on the skulls of your friends.

      1. Patriotic_White_American says:

        Tell that to the 200 dead Russians in Deir Eizzor


        Russia can’t even handle Israel, let alone the US LOL

        1. Neurasth says:

          IF that so called attack even happened (sounds like BS) they werent even russian soldiers, but a third party private company.

          And Israel couldnt even handle itself without the legions or american slaves like you paying its taxes and bending over for them. You live in ltieral squalor, your country is quickly turning into a fucking shithole yet you spend trillions on a select few that sees you as inferior pigs.

          At another age I would feel pity for you, but nowadays I have no patience for idiocy. Again, keep paying your taxes you obesogenic, worthless sack of shit.

          1. Patriotic_White_American says:

            Third party militaries are strictly forbidden in Russia. They were the same Russian military thugs Russia sent into Crimea to take over, I guess it worked out different when the other side fights back. ;)

            Poor Russia

          2. AJ says:

            They were privare military contractors belonging to the Wagner Group similar to Blackwater. These men are mercs for hire

          3. Patriotic_White_American says:

            Nah, you know nothing about Russia lol

            They were SF operating under Russian military directives

            And got WRECKED

            Stay in Crimea next time

        2. AJ says:

          BS no evidence 200 were killed MSM propaganda

          1. Patriotic_White_American says:

            The IL20 S200 story Russia used was invented by CNN LOL

            Everyone knows Israel directly shot down a Russian plane

          2. AJ says:

            Yet in earlier posts you agreed it was the Syrians firing the S200s

        3. Bob says:

          ‘Russia can’t even handle Israel, let alone the US LOL’

          You reveal a great deal about yourself in that statement – your primary preoccupation with bolstering Israel – a small marginal country – indicates your Discus handle name is not congruent with your true identity and interests.

    2. AJ says:

      You need to rephrase that because US is not doing what it wants its doing what Israel wants now whos the bitch LOL

    3. Brother Thomas says:

      Patriotic White American ? Like the kind that has dual Israeli citizenship?

    4. Bob says:

      How is the weather in Tel Aviv today?

  13. Sephy says:

    Sadly, the Russian economy is too weak to confront the US. On the other hand, Chinese are just a bunch of cowards.

    1. seawolf says:

      Nobody will save you if you don’t fight hard for it

    2. jako says:

      Russian economy is maybe too weak (US is not too strong either)
      But Russian MISSILES are too strong !

      1. Patriotic_White_American says:

        Russians missiles are plastic toys like the Pantsirs that have been blowing up in Syria


        1. AJ says:

          You mean the 30 odd missiles they shot down LOL

        2. Promitheas Apollonious says:

          you must be thinking the reused condom that broke and created you, dont you broken condom.

        3. Sinbad2 says:

          So desperate, you obviously get paid by the post.
          How long till you can afford to buy toilet paper?
          How many posts to the roll?

    3. You can call me Al says:

      What a childish and ignorant comment.

  14. seawolf says:

    Ecuador? hahahahaha how easy things change

  15. Jaffar al-Majmuni says:

    Respect to those noble countries which recognise the legitimate president of Venezuela. Fuck shitholes who support the putschists. Ans especially fuck “kosovo”.

    1. BMWA1 says:

      up vote x2

    2. Jens Holm says:

      I am sure the ones in Kosovo like You in the same way too.

  16. seawolf says:

    I am against any kind of intervention, but I feel lonely !!!

  17. Prince Teutonic says:

    Lol Republic of Kosovo… Unrecognized country supporting western organized color revolution in the making…

  18. leon mc pilibin says:

    The Scum always rises to the top when the jewSA interferes in other countries affairs.

  19. AJ says:

    If the US diplomats refuse to leave then a simple solution would be to turn off all the power, water, gas, stop food being delivered to the embassy. Lets see how long they last

    1. Neurasth says:

      That would actually be hilarious. The place would stink of shit pretty fast from all the overflowing toilets. Their natural environment.

    2. Patriotic_White_American says:

      Pussy talk

      Go in and get them out ;)

      1. AJ says:

        They have diplomatic immunity so forcing entry would send DC crazier than they already are.

        1. Patriotic_White_American says:

          That’s what I thought

    3. Sinbad2 says:

      Exactly if the embassy no longer has diplomatic status, Venezuela has no obligation to protect the building.

      The mob will take care of the yankee dogs.

  20. Jaffar al-Majmuni says:

    There wont be another Chile ´73. Not with this strong allies:

    Russia=worlds military power no.1
    China=worlds economical power no.1
    Turkey=natos no.2 military power
    Iran=regional power

    And who supports the putschists?

    kosovo=WTF LOL

    1. Jens Holm says:

      List like that always make me laugh.
      Russia is not military power number one. China is not economical power numner one. Turkey isnt Nato number 2 according to strenght but only in many feets and jets, Iran is very regional and not more then that.



  21. Brother Thomas says:

    This looks like another Bay of Pigs in the making.

  22. slorter says:

    One of the consequences of the successive ends of the bipolar and unipolar world is the re-establishment of colonial projects not only by the United States .

    All those south american countries that sided with the the US are puppet nations.

    1. wizardg says:

      I don’t think it’s a re-establishment because once these US oligarchs and their cohorts get a knee on your neck they never let up! We are learning more, but most of what our “thugs in power” do is kept as secretive as possible. And as usual. We are being lied to.

  23. jm74 says:

    Justice served when Guaido faces the gallows, nothing worse than a traitor. Unfortunately don’t see Maduro keeping his office, China can’t control Taiwan, Russia can’t keep the yanks out of Syria, Iran can’t keep the yanks, poms out of the Persian Gulf, Turkey can’t even manage to control the Kurds; no hope for Venezuela.

    1. Neurasth says:

      Yeah. I had hopes too but it is looking dire for Venezuela. If (they) or some cheap traitor manages to sow dissent in the army, its pretty much over for Maduro. If Russia responds like they did in Syria they will be spread so thin, their economy would most likely collapse too and become a Lybia themselves in a couple decades.

      1. jm74 says:

        Trouble with a lot of these leaders is that they are too concerned over global opinion whereby the US doesn’t. Maduro should have acted long ago and apprehended the traitors, as you say it may be just too late. Russia won’t interfere nor will China.

  24. Jens Holm says:

    It would be nice if those experts of CHINA, RUSSIA, TURKEY for many years had helped the fools of Venezuela to have structures for a good country and a good living.

    Now they are like flies on dirt eating it trying to score cheep points.

    I am sure USA is bad in those matters. They never has allowed themselves to see the needed changes for people in most of Sout America, where Monroe still isnt dead.

    If I had any solutions for it, I would send them right away.

    1. Brother Thomas says:

      This is a good article on the considerable achievements of Venezuela under Chavez, and why the US hated him and wants to reverse them by regime change.

      Trump’s coronation of Guaido as Venezuelan president – Al Capone redux

      “Additionally, according to the UN, the quality of life of Venezuelans improved at the third highest rate in the world between 2006-11. Poverty was cut from 48.6 percent in 2002 to 29.5 percent by 2011, while at the time of Chavez’s death Venezuela had the lowest rate of income inequality of any country in Latin America.

      In order to achieve such outstanding outcomes, the Chavez government moved against the country’s US-backed oligarchy, seizing the assets of over 1,000 companies. It also nationalized oil fields owned by US oil giants Exxon Mobil and Conoco Phillips.”

      Trump’s coronation of Guaido as Venezuelan president – Al Capone redux

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        Gaddafi also lifted Libya out of poverty and was destroyed by the US because of it.
        America wants to be the smartest and richest nation on earth, but instead of educating American children and working hard, they simply kill anybody smarter.
        Israel does exactly the same thing.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        Haha. Thanks You for our comment.

        Kind of slaugtering the cow and afterwards it dont give milk and calves.

  25. Brother Thomas says:

    Why the US hates Venezuela, some context and background:

    “… according to the UN, the quality of life of Venezuelans improved at the third highest rate in the world between 2006-11. Poverty was cut from 48.6 percent in 2002 to 29.5 percent by 2011, while at the time of Chavez’s death Venezuela had the lowest rate of income inequality of any country in Latin America.

    In order to achieve such outstanding outcomes, the Chavez government moved against the country’s US-backed oligarchy, seizing the assets of over 1,000 companies. It also nationalized oil fields owned by US oil giants Exxon Mobil and Conoco Phillips.”

    Trump’s coronation of Guaido as Venezuelan president – Al Capone redux

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      Also the US wants to raise oil prices, and have a history of controlling supply by isolating and bombing oil producing countries.

  26. Xoli Xoli says:

    NATO is a seven head snake represented by Trump with seven octapus tan tackles connected in his big head.

  27. Xoli Xoli says:

    If China,Russia and Turkey goes to UNSC China will abstain Turkey will vote against Russia

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      China has billions invested in Venezuela, and they are not going to be silent whilst the US steals their assets.

  28. Sun18 says:

    I gonna tell you this … Im peruvian and most peruvians like me are against venezuelan immigration. We are not xenophobes or something like it, the 3 main problems with them are: Criminality (level of violence and frequency), their way of living with peruvians and employment. If you check rate of homicides in Venezuela and Peru you are going to notice that there are a big difference btw we both and also they have produced many crimes here. In addition, venezuelan are generating a lot of unemployment among peruvians.
    Maybe is not fair for Maduro to be attacked in this way or i dont know , but there are many problems with venezuelans here and its better for us that they return as soon as possible to their country and if its needed that Maduro leaves the power of Venezuela and if USA will help to it, americans are welcome.

    1. Ayauhteotl says:

      Your exceptations on the processing of a regime change seem to be rather odd and unrealistic.
      Attempts to forcefully remove the legitimate government will result in a so called ‘civial war’ (we know all to well, that this term isn’t appropriate because the main agents on the ground won’t be Venezuelans but mercenaries from other latin countries and other private constructors). In this process, your precious country will be flooded with refuge-seeking people.

      1. Sun18 says:

        It depens if Venezuela becomes a prosperous country or not. People dont care if its leftist or fascist govt , they only want to feel well.

    2. Sinbad2 says:

      The USA has decided to destroy Venezuela, just like they destroyed Libya Sudan Iraq and Syria.
      It doesn’t matter who leads the victim country, the US takes everything a country has, and promotes violence. The people who escape the American attacks are often damaged by the hardship and violence they have endured.
      It’s a major problem for your country and the countries of Europe, but the only way to stop the flow of refugees, is to stop the Americans.
      If you can afford it help fight the chaos the US has unleashed against the world and buy some silver or gold.
      Silver and gold are the only peaceful way for an individual to protest the American empire.

      1. Brother Thomas says:

        Very well put

      2. Sun18 says:

        In other words (and as Germans used to say) “you gonna fight until last peruvian”. Well if i can ill buy gold.

  29. Sukhoi-35 says:

    France protests happening for over a month, hundreds of thousands involved, not stopping *NO MEDIA COVERAGE*
    A minority of the Venezuelan people demand Maduro step down and the illegitimate leader Guidado take his place *MAJOR MEDIA COVERAGE*
    US and its allies (globalist bankers) want Venezuela’s oil reserves, plain and simple. They’ve got Iraq’s oil, they’ve got Golan Height’s and Syria’s oil, all is left is Venezuela and Iran! Iran is next and Venezuela! See the pattern here.

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      You forgot Russia, they want Russian oil.

      1. Sukhoi-35 says:

        That to. Russia has the most oil after Iran, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and Venezuela

        1. Sinbad2 says:

          Oils ain’t oils

          Canada has a lot of oil but it’s expensive oil.
          Trump might talk about wanting low oil prices, but 65 bucks a barrel is breakeven point on US offshore rigs. Offshore is about 20% of US production.
          Venezuela pumps out really thick oil, so thick they have to add solvent to pump it.
          Saudi Arabia will sell you a nice sweet crude and it only costs them 20 bucks to produce.
          Russia needs to get about 40 bucks to breakeven.

          Although they are keeping it well hidden, the US oil industry is in trouble. The big oil companies simply profit shift from production to refining, but the rest are losing money.

  30. Romeo Pesiao says:

    Turkey always opposed the US interest,,,. Is Turkey a trusted NATO ally??? I think It’s Jean Stoltenberg problem…

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