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China Reportedly Upgraded Its DF-17 Hypersonic Missile With Stealth

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China Reportedly Upgraded Its DF-17 Hypersonic Missile With Stealth

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China’s DF-17 hypersonic missile has presumably received a stealth upgrade, Chinese state-run Global Times reported.

According to experts, cited by the outlet, the stealth upgrade can improve the weapon’s capability to disguise itself from hostile reconnaissance and protect itself from complicated battlefield environments.

A previously unknown type of transporter erector launcher (TEL) of a missile was spotted by military observers in a video celebrating the fifth founding anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force, was released on 81.cn, the website of the PLA.

The TEL uses an integrated cover and encloses the missile within the camouflaged transporter as it runs on desert terrain, according to the video.

The video did not specify the designation of the missile, Shanghai-based news website eastday.com identified it in a Saturday report as an upgraded version of the DF-17 hypersonic missile.

According to the outlet, this is the “complete form” of the DF-17 hypersonic missile.

When the missile made its public debut at the National Day military parade in 2019, the DF-17 did not have the cover and exposed the whole missile on the back of the TEL.

A separate report by China Central Television (CCTV) on December 31st said that a new type of missile TEL recently received additional equipment so it can fully hide the missile within its cabin.

China Reportedly Upgraded Its DF-17 Hypersonic Missile With Stealth

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The CCTV report also did not identify the designation of the missile, nor did it give a glimpse of the missile, but said the missile made its debut at the 2019 National Day military parade.

This could be additional evidence that the missile is the DF-17, Global Times reported.

The first PLA Rocket Force missile brigade equipped with this type of missile recently conducted a fire assault exercise, the CCTV report said, noting that this brigade is now ready for combat.

Reportedly equipped with a hypersonic glide vehicle as its warhead, the DF-17 is a short to medium-range missile against which the no current missile defense system can intercept.

With Russia’s Zircon, Kinzhal and Avangard, America’s ARRW, and India’s HSTDV and Shaurya, China has been making rapid strides in the field as well.

The US and India are the most behind in terms of the technology.

The DF-17 is a solid-fueled medium-range ballistic missile mounted on the DF-ZF hypersonic glide vehicle. The missile is capable of carrying both conventional or non-conventional warheads with ranges up to 2,000 kilometers and more, achieving speeds of Mach 5.

Interestingly, Mach 5 is the threshold to determine if an object is flying at hypersonic or supersonic speeds. In October, it was reported that the missile was deployed at China’s Fujian and Zhejiang which is right across Taiwan, amid Beijing’s tensions with the island nations.


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  1. Ali says:

    It’s kind of weird that i seem to encounter people of every nationality on the internet but almost never a Chinese person who has obvious Chinese characteristics like the language or the profile picture. you would think they’d overwhelm the Internet space considering how many of them are out there.

    1. occupybacon says:

      You forgot about the great firewall

      1. Ali says:

        What about VPNs?

        1. occupybacon says:

          Western corporations bow to CCP rules so they filter VPN apps from their stores, also China has technical means to block VPNs. Also Chinese citizens abroad are forbidden to talk politics.

          1. Potato Man says:

            “Also Chinese citizens abroad are forbidden to talk politics.”
            Have you meet a Chinese person yet?
            I sure have and they wouldn’t shut up, I remember this guy in my class he was Chinese and were talking about China-ME mainly Iran-China, he was very happy to talk about it… he didn’t mind talking “shit” about China as well btw, I remember he was saying if you born in a poor family you would have much harder time to get a job and government wouldn’t help that much and such…he ate my head.
            But they are very careful about what they say tho…but I don’t think they are “forbidden: to talk politics. Like who would know or are you talking about posting something on internet?

            Also they are sooo good at “helping” you pass tho, my Korean friend and Chinese friends would send me their assessments burhhhhh best class. But I love my Korean friends more they are homies…

          2. occupybacon says:

            Yes, I did but I was told that if I will try to ask anything on politics they will just pretend they don’t understand the question so I didn’t try. They were around for trade only not for talking and making friends. Was he/his family planing to go back?

          3. Potato Man says:

            The guy was young like in his late 20s (28 years or so) his family is living in China. He came oversea to study accounting…he left like last year, ofc after he finished the course.
            There were like 5 Chinese students in my class and one of them was the chatty one, the guy I talk to, the other guy like games and l like him the most, the other 3 were girls and they would just work together to pass the class and I join them. Those girls didn’t give a shit and didn’t even knew what we were talking about.

            To be fair they mostly don’t care but the guy like to visit Iran one day and I been to Iran and we start talking…mainly about news 2018-2019 than he start talking about US and Iran…how China trying take a place in the world…etc

            I don’t think they would open up that easy (no one does)…you don’t go in front of people and talk shit to their country…try talking to young people…

          4. occupybacon says:

            They are not allowed to. Some could break the rules but if one of their coleagues hears them talking politics and repports that to the police when they return, the big mouth will not be alowed to leave China second time.

          5. Potato Man says:

            I think it matter who you are talking to mainly, the Chinese government would care more about their business mans and what they would say outside about Chinese government than some citizen.
            I sure as hell don’t think Chinese people would tell police what they heard one time, China is not N.Korea. I believe it when a Chinese person tell me they can’t tho…

          6. occupybacon says:

            In communism every citizen that traveled abroad had to go to police and write an essay about the travel. Not all were read, just in case. So if people traveled in groups they had to talk eachother what they will write, to fit. My bet is China Communist Party wouldn’t give up such opportunity. And I didn’t met with real businessmen, just small dealers.

          7. Potato Man says:

            BS, “In 2019, approximately 169.2 million outbound journeys were recorded in China.”
            The fuking police have to read those? really….”not all were read” where did you read about this buddy (I want to know more)? That they have to write an essay about their travel.

            People don’t travel in groups, not all – China is not N.Korea….those students in my class each had rent house (only the girls lived together).
            I remember when Chinese write something on internet or some-one quote them they would get cucked…. trying to get info from a report which would take fuking years and a lot money is just stupid.

          8. occupybacon says:


          9. Potato Man says:


          10. occupybacon says:

            Also your country is very heroic and has a great culture

          11. Potato Man says:

            谢谢, UwU Much love from down town United States Capitol.

          12. occupybacon says:

            Tjanks kawai boi

          13. Potato Man says:

            好的 没问题 femboy.

          14. occupybacon says:

            Many black cocks to you also, ladyboy

          15. Potato Man says:

            Femboy take day off, there is nothing left up there and you making black hole now….stop.

          16. occupybacon says:

            If you say so. Let me know when ladyboy hole is pink again.

          17. Potato Man says:

            Best of luck to you femboy, let me know when your femboy hole is dark purple at very-less.

          18. occupybacon says:

            My hole is your mom, she doesn’t want another ladyboy so I plugged some concrete in the larger one.

          19. Potato Man says:

            I guess year of hentai made you like this :/ “my hole is your mom” okay…
            I got bored of you…say your last reply I wouldn’t comment.

          20. occupybacon says:

            Your mom has a bottle of vodka stuk up her ass, she cries because it’s empty already, her ass drank all of it. She says she needs your help, only you knows what to do is this situation.

    2. Voldemort says:

      Their internet space is so diverse that they feel no need to go outside for information or communication.

    3. Potato Man says:

      “Asian countries heavily favour local language websites that cater to their needs, China has 人人 – similar to Facebook, 百度 – similar to Google, 微博 – Chinese version of twitter. They don’t need to use English language websites because their local language websites are sufficient for their needs.”

      I have meet a lot of S.Korean people and they also have site like Facebook/YouTube/Art web/etc where they are only Korean people and speaking Korean…Asian don’t speak English that much…S.Korean and Japaneses are very well know in West but if you have travel to JP or KR….they don’t speak much English at all. In JP some bars wouldn’t let non-Japaneses in even…they don’t like “West” that much and don’t want to deal with their BS or other people really.

      The Great Firewall,
      China heavily censors the Internet and so certain websites are blocked like FB/twitter/etc.
      But China has no need for Facebook because they have 人人 and they don’t have a need for Twitter because they have 微博. yeah see a trend yet?

      BUT there are Chinese people on YouTube/FB/Twitter ofc, you are just looking at wrong places for Chinese people buddy (Chinese people don’t give a shit to a lot of things, they not gonna fight some-one on a website)…go to CCTV News, South China Morning Post News…you see them speaking in English and if you talk to them they reply…in FB they have private groups tho. Also Weibo, Wechat, <- Trump blocked remember…

      I have played games for too long one of those was LOL (League of Legends) where bloody Korean fuk everyone and to this day they have best teams….anyway the main point is that Asian – Chinese old people don’t speak English or read or write – so they go to website that is mainly for them.

  2. Peter Jennings says:

    If the US wants to criticize China for claiming Taiwan as their own, they should leave Hawaii immediately.

    If the US wants to start a missile war with Russia, China and Iran, america will look like swiss cheese.

    The Chinese and Russian’s have the hop on missile tech and they won’t lose it. The US are well behind with a failing economy and a dollar which is no longer used for world trade. They no longer even have a valid election system or a valid president.

  3. Tommy Jensen says:

    We have also stealth. This is nothing new. Roemer photonic is new.

    1. HB_Norica says:

      Except China doesn’t isn’t relying on $13B aircraft carriers armed with another couple of billion of aircraft as their key weapons platform to fight the USA.

      Take some time out and read up on the history of warfare. Technology is important however it’s the balance of forces, strategy and tactics that wins wars.

      Those stealthy hypersonic missiles can keep an entire carrier group from getting close enough to engage the enemy. With no firepower from the carrier group the marines can’t land. If the marines can’t make a bridgehead the Army can’t land.

      So what you end up with is an air war in which the USAF has to fly from distant bases using air tankers to make the distance while the less capable Chinese airforce is fighting from local air bases which gives them more time in the air, more sorties per day and the USAF has to deal with SAM’s as well as Chinese fighters … think Battle of Britain.

      See where this is going? The same hypersonic missiles in the USA’s hands does fuck all for American war plans but in China’s hands it completely destroys the US way of war. The reason the USA continues to rely on carriers and stealth aircraft is because of their importance to the US economy.

      1. John Brown says:

        the USA continues to rely on carriers and stealth aircraft is because of their importance to the US economy.

        No its to benefit the criminal elite owned arms manufacturers and to bomb defenseless third world countries

    2. JIMI JAMES says:

      But theirs works your’s simply doesn’t n china buy usa but not lgbt snowflakes,who beg china!

  4. Jesus says:

    DF 17 is a ballistic missile with a hypersonic glide vehicle as the warhead, that has been encased in a TEL.
    Mach 5 is borderline of being considered hypersonic.
    The older Soviet air launched KH 22 developed velocities close to Mach 5.

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