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China Releases Footage of DF-26 “Guam Killer” Ballistic Missile Tests

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China released footage of the “Guam Killer” Dong Feng-26 ballistic missile in a report by state-owned broadcaster CCTV. The footage of the next-gen ballistic missile is a “clear message to the US,” according to a South China Morning Post report.

The DF-26 reportedly has improved stability and accuracy. Four fin-like flight control surfaces are seen around the missile nose in the report on an exercise in northwest China. The People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force launched at least one DF-26 missile during the drill.

The intermediate-range ballistic missile is also known as the “Guam killer” for its range – 3,000km to 5,741km (1,864 to 3,567 miles) – that puts the US island in the western Pacific within striking distance.

SCMP cited Adam Ni, a China researcher at Macquarie University in Sydney, according to whom the latest exercise was “a clear message to the US about China’s growing missile capability, and that it can hold at risk US strategic assets, such as carriers and bases”.

“It’s an attempt to reinforce the notion that the PLA has the capability to sink US carriers and inflict unacceptable damage on American forces,” Ni said.

“Within the context of increasing strategic competition and tension between the two countries, the latest drills are just another signal to the US about the prevails of escalation, including by intervening militarily in support of Taiwan against China … We are likely to see more [of these drills] if bilateral relations worsen.”

SCMP also cited Zhang Baohui, a director of the Centre for Asian Pacific Studies at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, said the drill was about deterrence amid rising tensions in the region.

“China has repeatedly stated that the missile can hit moving targets like ships,” Zhang said. “While the overall probability of war between the US and China remains very low, Beijing is nonetheless concerned by recent changes in the dynamics of Sino-US relations. The public debut of the DF-26 could mean enhancing its general deterrence.”

Some background on the ballistic missile was provided by the Asia Times:

“The DF-26 is deployed on a transporter-erector-launcher and the US Air Force National Air and Space Intelligence Center estimates that as of June 2017, more than 16 launchers were operationally deployed along a number of coastal provinces from Zhejiang and Fujian all the way to Guangdong.

There have also been rumors that the DF-26 may also have been installed on the Beijing-controlled Scarborough Shoal, also known as Huangyan Island, in the eastern portion of the South China Sea.

Information on the DF-26 since its media debut at a 2015 military parade show that the versatile missiles can look for and lock onto moving targets onshore and offshore, such as an aircraft carrier, while cruising at a top speed of up to 18 times the speed of sound after re-entry into the atmosphere.”

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You can call me Al

The great thing is, that they only need to produce 20 of these “carrier killers”.


True, but nothing says FUCK YOU! more then Macross levels of missile spam. Think of the face of that carrier battle group commander when he, she or everything in between, gets told there’s a 100 of them inbound? 2000 of these missiles for the win!


China makes about 200 million iPhone’s a year, they could easily build a million of these things a year.

Wolfgang Wolf

easy… let the chinese launch some EMP missiles first… and then all that floating US ships are just swimming scrap…


And so would be your computer that you typed that post on. ;-)

Robert Ferrin

And would’nt that be a blessing to get back to just a little sanity in a world gone mad…


Yeah but….., yeah but……., where am I going to get my cute kitten movies then from? Or my porn? OMGZ! Not the porn!!!


Oh no, I couldn’t live without a computer, kill my children but not my computer.

Pave Way IV

If China nuked us, they would not only lose out on the $30 billion/yr in interest from U.S. Treasuries, but probably the $1.1 trillion in principal, too. They’re slowly dumping USTs, so the day will come when it might be worth it.

Ironically, interest payments to China on U.S. government debt would have covered the ENTIRE Chinese defense budget every year up until about 2005. It’s kind of like putting your executioner on your payroll and buying him steroids, crack, protein supplements and axes. If the unthinkable DID happen, few fucks would be given on planet earth. We’re probably more hated than Israel at this point.
comment image


If China nuked the US, China would lose a lot of money, if China allows the US to Iraq China, they will lose a lot more than money.

Pave Way IV

Then it’s probably a good thing that it’s not a binary, black-and-white choice for them. Besides, they seem to somewhat content for now just watching the U.S. fall on it’s face over and over again while it slowly bleeds out. They’ll gladly pull the USD rug from under us when it’s convenient for them. The Chinese have been wheeling and dealing REAL currency for six thousand years – they laugh at the amateurish Rothschild banks.


Oh but it is binary, either China lives, or America lives.
The Americans could give up their empire like the British did, but the Americans won’t do that, they would rather be dead than not rule the world.

Pave Way IV

The Americans could give up their empire? Hey, I’m American – where’s my f’king piece of the empire? You probably mean the 1% of Americans that are important oligarchs. But to your point, they would rather be dead than not rule the world. Which kind of means us little people are dead, too. But I am highly confident that voting and the law will fix America. Duh… trust the plan, I guess….


Look mate fact is, it’s always the common bloke that gets killed.
The Clintons Trumps Soros’s etc will be fine, but you and most average Americans will die.
Hillary et al couldn’t give a fk, your just cockroaches to them.

There is only one solution, you kill the Trump’s, before they get you killed, but that won’t happen, so your cactus fuctus.

Pave Way IV

Well, Sinad2, Trump was voted by the established legal process here to be U.S. President. I sure as hell don’t get to override the will of the people even if 1) I don’t care much for the Orange Jesus and his posse, or 2) I don’t think the established legal process reflects the will of the people. Our electoral college system was meant to prevent the larger states from making the votes in less populated states worthless. It was NOT created to mimic the popular vote.

Killing MY president is no different than the U.S. killing Ghadaffi and Saddam Hussein, trying to kill Castro and Maduro, and whack God knows how many other foreign leaders. It’s chickenshit and immoral. Trump is only one small piece of the oligarch ruling class here in the U.S.

Assassination is about as effective as either a long drink of water or bitching – completely f’king USELESS for changing anything when ‘the people’ are just going to elect some other psychopath. Americans are either too numb, complacent, lazy or lacking the intellectual capacity to recognize that voting and the law here have both been usurped by psychopaths in order to protect the psychopaths’ power and acquire more. Little people here will keep using those two broken tools over and over again as if they have magic powers, hoping for a different result ‘next time’.


Well then it’s your choice and proves my earlier point, that you would rather be dead than not rule the world.
Hasta la vista, baby.


I didn’t mean Trump the President, I meant Trump the plutocrat, and not just him all of them, you know a revolution, where the people rise up against their oppressors.


When u say “Americans” do u mean Zionist? NeoCons? Deep State? Globalists? or the American people?


Maybe they should have given up in ww2?
Then Japan would have invaded Australia!
They wanted us to be slaves! did u know that?

Nice to see which side youre on Sinbad!
Better the Devil u DONT KNOW then the one u do? Is that your moto?


So u want China to nuke the US based on money?
Is that what u are saying Sinbad?
If not, then please explain!


If I bought a Mercedes for a thousand bucks and you bought a Kia for a million bucks, who would have the better car?


They were helped by globalists!
Western industries were transferred to China for the move from nationalism to globalism! US debt built up through lack of manufacturing and endless wars where the USA did not benefit from any of them!
China didnt just magically become an economic power! They were peasant farmers!
But they were cheap labour, exempt from “carbon taxes” and dont have laws that limit companies building codes and standards!

i dont sit here and think china is amazing!
i see they copy everything!
A lot of their commercial knowledge is stolen from the US as well as military secrets (re: hillary clinton pay for play) Obvious when u look at their aircraft! J-10 is a copy of SU-27 to the finest detail!

USA was deliberately sucked dry by stupid trade deals that did not have the US interest in mind!

So we see America as the “bad guy” as they are pushed into wars by neo con deep state bought and paid for lobbyist and a left trying to disarm the public!

China is a piece of shit nation!
Communist, Dictator (president for life), copy everything, trash the environment, spy on its citizens, spy on each other!

All graphs and charts that show china’s progress are NOT China’s doing! They are Globalists doing! So if u are bragging for China u are bragging for globalists! if u are bragging for globalists u are bragging for Zionists!

Yet everyone on this site is so dumb and blind!

China = Globlaism
Globalism = Zionist ploys!


Tommy Jensen

US has its outer space combat defense nano laser system which can wipe out any target in China with a precision shot in a second.
This is OUR signal to China. Now its their turn to say what they think about THIS signal from America.


you have nothing


It’s 3000 kliks from Caracas to Washington, Venezuela needs some of those missiles.

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