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China Releases 10 Captured Indian Soldiers, As Border Tensions Appear To Be Subsiding

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China Releases 10 Captured Indian Soldiers, As Border Tensions Appear To Be Subsiding

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On June 18th, China released 10 Indian soldiers captured during the border clash on June 15th-16th.

The close-combat melee, in which no weapons were discharged left 20 Indian soldiers dead, and an undisclosed number of Chinese also dead. The Indian military said 18 troops were still being treated for serious injuries.

Indian media claimed that as many as 43 Chinese troops had died in the large-scale fistfight.

Beijing admitted that there were casualties on both sides but did not disclose the number of Chinese troops killed or wounded in the confrontation.

Regarding the release of the captured soldiers, the Indian government made no comment, but the army released a statement saying: “It is clarified that there are no Indian troops missing in action” after the fighting in the Galwan Valley area of Ladakh.

The release of the 10 soldiers followed three rounds of talks between Indian and Chinese delegations, led by major generals, near Patrol Point 14 in Galway Valley. Maj Gen Abhijit Bapat, commander of Karu-based headquarters 3 Infantry Division, and his Chinese counterpart met for the third time on June 18th.

Amidst calls for a boycott of Chinese goods, thousands attended funerals for the 20 Indian soldiers killed in the clash. Chinese flags and posters of China’s President Xi Jinping were burned in at least two cities.

India should “not underestimate China’s firm will to safeguard its territorial sovereignty,” China said after talks between its foreign minister Wang Yi and his Indian counterpart Subrahmanyam Jaishankar.

Jaishankar said in turn that China had launched a “pre-meditated” attack which would have a “serious impact” on relations between the world’s two most populous countries.

Before this release of captured soldiers, the Indian military claimed that none of its troops were missing in action.

“It is clarified that there are no Indian troops missing in action,” the army said in a statement.

Asked about the specific issue of the status of Indian soldiers after the clashes, external affairs ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said:

“This has been clarified by the army earlier today afternoon that there are no Indian troops missing in action.”

The last time the Chinese military had captured Indian soldiers was during the border war between the two countries in 1962. Monday night’s seven-hour brutal clash involving more than 500 rival troops also marked the first time India suffered combat fatalities in an incident involving Chinese troops since 1975.


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Indians told too many lies. They lost badly.

Rafik Chauhan

prove it


True indians complain like old senile grandmas and assume they are worthy top superpower,
but this is no surprise considering they have a complex cia/mental disorder worse than cnn + bbc+ assume Australian national security will ruin 35% china bilateral trades just for their god?

They got another thing coming!!!

Zionism = EVIL

Well, the good news is that Russia will save Indian dumbarse again, as it has agreed to mediate as Russia knows that a one sided conflict will destroy India and only winner Americunts and Zionists. The Indians suffered over 60 casualties as I had initially posted and 10 captured, including two senior officers, a Brigadier. Someone has sent me a pretty gruesome photo of over 40 dead Indians piled up disgracefully by their own military, while the Chinese treated the Indian dead with respect and and even gave medical attention to the captured. India has learnt a very short sharp lesson and will not fall into the Americunt trap again.

Rafik Chauhan

First indian army doesnt lie thier casulties unlike chinese who refuse to disclose thier high casulties. bcuz theyknow thier casulties was very high. you are telling 60 casulties that is wway beyound lies. Chinese are backstaber and liars. indian armed force will not backstab yes may be politician will do but not indain army. Chines doesnt even claim thier soldier body forget about the respect of other armed force. we know what happen in 1962. this chinese cunt lied and baxckstab indian army in thier name of brother in arms. if today war will happen let me tell you chinese will regret in big time. bcuz not even one indian people or army has never forgotten backstabbing of chinese in 1962.


we know what bitter people you all are. will still get your butts kicked like you did in every other war. and stop calling me

Friend of Russia

Russia can’t save even it’s own soldiers. Then how could they save india. We don’t need the help of the Russian shitheads. If they need, we will mediate to save the Russians from Israel and turkey. In Russia and China treating some one with respect means hitting his head with nail studded sticks and iron rods. We won’t fall into the trap laid by Putin.

Jimmy Jim


Icarus Tanović

This time Zios aren’t win win situation.

Jimmy Jim



So one group of men completely dominates another group of men in hand to hand combat, kills 20 of them and even takes some prisoner. India, that Kung Fu that was displayed at the border was something you had never seen and boy did you get beat. Now they are showing us some crude weapons that were ostensibly used. Me? I think they were literally beat to death by hand. Seriously though, I like to see me some Spetsnaz and PLA take on each other in this kind of scenario.

Friend of Russia

Spetznaz will run away before hand


Weak bred liar,got nothing going,dumb as fk they would eat your liver too if need be!

Raptar Driver

I am tired of this nonsense. China and India are not going to war they are both controlled by the world government.


Both are in sco + brics,by the way Intel suggests alot of paid indian trolls,trying to ruin Australia by making out china is evil,but little do they realise they been identified as invalid + liars where as chinese or rare occaisions way more pragmatic,not so senile frantic granny like indian trolls!

Raptar Driver

Yes you are correct however I don’t think being SCO & BRICS matters anymore specially since Brazil has been taken over by a total puppet of the United States. All these nations are controlled from the same source as witnessed by the fake corona virus pandemic.

Ivan Freely

LOL Another Nothing-burger.

Icarus Tanović

You just can’t play games with CHINA.


Theres only communist China here keeping secrets tut tut. If authoritarian China is this so great country maybe they should start by telling the truth.

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