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JULY 2022

China: Proficiency Test Of A SWAT Soldier (VIDEO)

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Ma Laoshi

Is this even coherent: SWAT is an acronym for specialized police units, not “soldiers”. Yes, the two are different in China as well. Not the first time either that modern SouthFront raises questions about its basic literacy.

Ron Jack

I enjoy mouthy critics as much as the next spectator, but open your EYES as well. The video is interesting and worthy of our time. The cadre has the English acronym “SWAT” emblazoned on his back. SWAT is hybrid concept and both military and civilian agencies employing it. The lines were blurred long ago, and certainly modern terminology, jargon dependant, is equally blurred. Just enjoy the FREE service, and put your tongue back in its holster.

Peppe il Sicario

Your average over-sized Americant would have stumbled after the third or fourth obstacle, farted out loud and then fallen flat on his face.

Kim jung the illest

and then proclaimed to have won.

Last edited 4 months ago by Kim jung the illest
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