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China Presents Its New Radar Capable to Detect ‘Invisible’ Targets at Distance up to 100 Km

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A top Chinese military technology company has announced the creation of a new form of radar capable to detect stealth planes at a distance up to 100 km away.

China Presents Its New Radar Capable to Detect ‘Invisible’ Targets at Distance up to 100 Km

A US Air Force B2 stealth bomber at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri in May 2012 (Photo: AFP / US Air Force / Robert Trubia)

This week, physicists all over the world were shocked by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), a top Chinese military technology company that announced the creation of a new form of radar capable to detect stealth planes at a distance up to 100 km away.

A ghostly phenomenon, known as quantum entanglement, which Albert Einstein dubbed ‘spooky action at a distance’ has become the basis for the new equipment.

According to CETC, targets 100 km away had been detected by the new radar system’s entangled photons in a recent field test. That’s five times more than the ‘potential range’ of a laboratory prototype, developed by researchers from the US, Canada, the UK and Germany last year.

Nanjing University physicist, Professor Ma Xiaosong, who has studied the quantum radar, said that he had “not seen anything like this in an open report”. According to the expert, the actual range of the new radar could be even greater than it was announced by CETC.

“The figure in declassified documents is usually a tuned-down version of the real [performance],” he said. “The announcement has gone viral [in the radar research community].”

According to CETC, the quantum radar’s advantage was not limited to the detection of stealth planes. As the statement on the official website of the company read, a “completely new area of research” had been opened by the field test, as well as potential for the development of highly mobile and sensitive radar systems capable to survive the most challenging combat engagements had been discovered.

The developer also noted that quantum radar systems could be very small and would be capable to evade enemy countermeasures such as anti-radar missiles because the ghostly quantum entanglement could not be traced.

Reportedly, the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has funded similar researches, and quantum radar systems for combat purposes are also being developed by US military suppliers, such as Lockheed Martin. But the progress of these military projects is still unknown.

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chris chuba

I don’t know if this is real or if this is misinformation but it should be a reminder of the danger of putting all of your eggs in one basket which is what the U.S. did with the F-35.

We in the U.S. decided on a radical new direction that relied on stealth, did we plan to build a few hundred and see how it performs? Nahh… we ordered 3,000 of them and basically declared that this was our next generation fighter / all purpose strike fighter. Talk about taking a risk. I guess we do think that we have a bottomless pit of money to start all over again if we had to.

Yeah I know, the F-35 has new super, duper electronics to remotely guide missiles fired from other locations and a really nifty helmet but we did intentionally compromise the flight performance. I just can’t believe that we went all in.


Lockheed Martin wanted some extra 100’s of billions of dollars for there planes because no one could make equel or better planes then they can (atleast not in the USA). Thats called having a monopoly, which is the opposite of what capitalism should be about and it will hit them (the USA) hard in the future.

This is also the reason why Russia tries hard to keep MiG alive bihind Shukio, to make sure Shukio wont get a monopoly like Lockheed Martin.


From a defense procurement perspective it is a terrible decision as it has reduced the potential of other suppliers to maintain design and development capability.


The F-35 has many other advantages over other strike aircraft besides the stealth aspect.

Also, its flight configuration with a normal weapons load is comparable or better than the F-16 and will only get better in time. Don’t forget that the F-16 carries all its weapons externally and that disrupts its great aerodynamics. Also, the F-35 does not need to carry targetting or electronic countermeasure pods and in many cases does not need external fuel pods (it has bigger range)

So in actual combat situations it has better range and is more survivable even without taking stealth into account. It also has better situational awareness of the battlefield so the pilot can make the right decisions.

Tom Johnson

The F35 is easier to fly and navigate. The internal systems integration allow the pilot to concentrate on weapons deployment. The F35 is far superior to the F16- ask a pilot.

Tom Johnson

BS. Hahahahahaha Have you seen China’s air polution? Infrared radar is LOS, and air particles render it useless. This is just more Chineese posturing. Everything that they do have are bad rip_-offs of technologies that they have stolen. China is a “theft-ocracy” and Russia a thug-ocracy.


What kind of an ocracy does that make the US who has China’s theft-ocracy manufacture electronic components for the USA’s so-called high tech weapons? My vote goes to idiocracy.

Jens Holm

Well, Im no expert.A lot of tecnology are stolen from each others and work very well. And F35 stealt is rather old now and anti stealth has been growing since.


Chinese insiders probably bought stock in US ‘defence’ companies and then floated this whopper – pump and dump, have a good laugh.

Ole Johansen

F-35 comes with BUAP technology. And that might become the nightmare of foreign buyers.

You get you plane, but not the encrypted satellite remote control.

Thats feature is kept by the seller as a secret. Perfect false flag machine.

Will be used to trigger a north front for Russia against Norway is my guess.

Ronny moen

Copied the Russians again,have we.China?

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