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JUNE 2021

China, Pakistan And Afghanistan To Hold New Talks Over Afghan Crisis In China

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On Friday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif announced from the Chinese capital Beijing that China, Pakistan and Afghanistan will hold new talks later this year in China to push forward the negotiations for a political solution in the war-torn country.

Asif emphasized that there is no military solution for the war in Afghanistan and that the solution should be a political one. Asif statement is believed to be a response to the US President Donald Trump plan to deploy more troops to Afghanistan.

“It’s our firm view that there is no military solution in Afghanistan, the focus should be on a politically negotiated settlement … China is playing a very constructive role in this regard,” Asif said.

From his side, Wang indirectly criticized the US accusation about the relationship between Pakistan and the Taliban. Wang stressed that Pakistan contributed many efforts to solve the conflict in Afghanistan.

“The government and people of Pakistan have made huge sacrifices in the fight against terror for everyone to see and the international community should recognize that,” Wang said.

In a separate development, Taliban fighters recaptured Chamtal district of northern Balkh province, according to local sources. Previously the Afghan Army and Police carried out a security operation and captured the area from the Taliban.

China, Pakistan And Afghanistan To Hold New Talks Over Afghan Crisis In China

Local sources said that Taliban fighters withdrew from the area before the security operation started, and simply returned to it after the operation was over. If true the Taliban knew in advance about the operation.

Security breaches is another reason why the US-led coalition in Afghanistan- and the Afghan Army didn’t achieve any stable progress in Afghanistan in the last few years.

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It is about time China , began to exercise some influence in its own backyard .

Brother Ma

Another enemy turned ally by the USA.These people are very much to blame for afghanistan war and were pulled kicking and screaming into becoming allies.

I still dont know why they werent bombed by nato us.they hid osama just as much as afghan.or is it u’ merika only chooses what it believes are soft targets.


Wise move, and on time.

I am, since I am not partial, sincerely hopes it brings fruit, but objectively, believes that the problem, in this talks, will not be among the nations the talk is centered around, Pakistan and Afghanistan, I am sure that some understanding will come thru, also that this war, when the uISISas merc army, the ISIS/Al-Queda ( if anyone still believe this shit ) is the problem, and they will as always fight anything that gives the natives the benefit of their own land and resources.
Yeah, thats what it boild down to, the bonkers Yankikes, with an even more bonkers Dick in Charge, yeah, what could possibly go wrong.

And Afgan saying:
An old mans response to an western man, you may have all the clocks, but we have all the time.
Welcome to The grave Yard of Empires.
The Yankikes will never, ever, conquer Afghanistan, no matter what, with how many they want and can dream of, they will never make it, hold some square km, yeah, but the war will be an never ending campaign to you simply run out of cash, that what eventually is the base of the saying, the graveyard of empires.
Forget it, make deals, and you may even get an better one that whats the one you are knee deep in to day, and the bottomless pit of wasting cash, ends
But hey, that would be like, oh…… horror, something so hideous like, some common sense, huh, in this common core days.
Yeah, what could possibly go wrong.



China, Pakistan And Afghanistan To Hold New Talks Over Afghan Crisis In China

What a surprise!
How sad.
All that lovely strategic mineral wealth sitting in Afghanstan and the bullies of the planet are being told to butt out.
About time.
And they will have to stop the poppy production and find alternative finance for their black ops.
Boo hoo!
No wonder they are throwing their toys out.
One positive thing for the USA though.
Once they cannot flood the world with opiates it will help stop the chronic opiate addiction problems in their own country.
The US even makes addicts of its own people to fund the MIC and its national addiction to greed, mass murder and the destruction of entire nations.

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