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China Offers Supersonic Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles To International Market

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China Offers Supersonic Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles To International Market

The CM-401 anti-ship ballistic missile system at the Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai, South China’s Guangdong Province on Tuesday.Photo: Liu Xuanzun / GT

China is trying to find buyers for the CM-401 state-of-the-art supersonic anti-ship ballistic missile, China.org reported.

The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) unveiled at the 6th – 11th November Airshow China 2018 defense exhibition in Zhuhai a road-mobile, anti-ship, close-range ballistic missile (CRBM) system featuring the CM-401 supersonic missile.

“The system is intended for rapid and precision strikes against medium-size ships, naval task forces, and offshore facilities,” a CASIС representative told Jane’s, further pointing out that it is fired from a transporter-erector-launcher (TEL) and can strike targets at a distance between 15 km to 290 km.

According to the manufacturer, the weapon uses a “near-space trajectory,” meaning it ascends to between 20 and 100 km above the ground and it maneuvers at hypersonic speeds during its flight.

“According to the CASIC, the missile flies at an average speed of 1,360 meters per second – 4,900 kilometers per hour [Mach 4] – or four times the speed of sound, during most parts of the flight, and reaches a maximum velocity of more than 2,000 m/s [Mach 6], six times the speed of sound as it approaches the target. It can carry a 290-kilogram warhead and has a maximum strike range of 290 km and a hit rate of 90 percent, meaning there will be nine effective hits on target out of 10 shots.”

According to the state-owned defense company the CM-401 has strong destructive power, good penetration capability and a mix of trajectories. It is also versatile in terms of the platforms it can be mounted on, be it a ship or a land-based launch vehicle.

China Offers Supersonic Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles To International Market

he CM-401 anti-ship ballistic missile system at the Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai, South China’s Guangdong Province on Tuesday.Photo: Liu Xuanzun / GT

China.org further reported that the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology recently offered its M20B anti-ship ballistic missile to the international market.

The road-mobile M20B similarly features hypersonic speeds and a maneuverable trajectory. It carries a larger warhead of 480 kg and can strike a ship 120 km to 280 km away. According to the academy it is ideal for rapid, precision attacks on frigates and destroyers.

China is currently the only country that fields anti-ship ballistic missiles.

China Offers Supersonic Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles To International Market

he CM-401 anti-ship ballistic missile system at the Airshow China 2018 in Zhuhai, South China’s Guangdong Province on Tuesday.Photo: Liu Xuanzun / GT

“Its DF-21D and DF-26 are called “trump cards” in naval warfare by the Chinese military, but are not allowed for export because of a strike range said to be more than 1,000 km – far exceeding the restrictions on the export of missiles set by the Chinese government.”

The outlet also cited Wu Peixin, a defense industry observer in Beijing. According to him, the CM-401 can potentially become a “game changer in modern naval operations because it is very difficult for existing air-defense radars and weapons on ships to intercept such missiles due to their unique trajectories and hypersonic speeds.” These capabilities would be a strong deterrent for “enemy vessels, especially aircraft carriers, from approaching the coast.”

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Daniel Miller

lets hope they dont fall apart.

viktor ziv

China is sailing through oceans of time for over 4 millenniums. There were more difficult periods in history for them then it is now. If You mean about products, yes You can get bad quality products for small money, and You can get high quality products for big money.

Brother Ma

You can also get crap for big-money ie American- made defence exports. Patriot and F35 etc.

viktor ziv

U got me here. :)


Ya those Patriots and F35s are far inferior to equivalent Chinese parts.

Proven ..

Daniel Miller

nah all of their military equipment is dog shit the fact they are not even in the top 5 arms exporters can confirm this their products ether fall apart in trials or contests (the Chinese team last year in tank biathalon lost its wheel from just a little jump witch a T72B dose all the time)


why should they – china makes excellent stuff now a days so your worries are superfluous. they should have a few in the taiwan straights to try out next time the moronic state does a sail through.

Daniel Miller

They shuld since most of their products are crap they cannot innovate in the military sphere they always copy.


Now Americans are crying for no more cheap Chinese goods to buy .. close down Walmart pls and see if YOU can afford or even have a job


one more thing – an american product of today are far more likely to fall to pieces and fail than anything made in China, which even trump has confirmed indirectly.

Daniel Miller

ummm no while US weapons are far form the best built they dont fall apart like chinise crap.


Hello , the best anti ship missile US has is the MODIFIED version of the old Tomakawk and they are even non supersonic not to say China selling Hypersonic missiles to others …!!

Wake up .. China copied initially to catch up as did US after WWII … and had to depend of foreign workers to innovate.

Today China has surpassed US in about every area of technology .. how to copy from the second best when China has the best? Stupid don’t you think?

Daniel Miller

Chinese anti ship missiles are copys of older Russian ones


Well they ARE SUPPOSED TO FALL APART on impact.

Yours Western missiles don’t ? Sorry you are now far far behind.

Time to earn your living and not depend of colonial benefits to beat others. learn to earn a living ….

Daniel Miller

nah Chinise military tech is a joke they cant innovate they just copy evrything from Russia and the west.


Tell us which part of US tech is ahead other than those obsolete huge carriers ….. tell us if you are so smart.

Daniel Miller

they are ahead in evry way China is far behined the US and Russia in quality and performance they simply cant cut it they lach actual innovtion.


So you cannot even name one area you are ahead … stupid really.

Figments of your imaginations that US is still superior in technology when the main exports are soya beans and GMOs ….. pathetic.

Other than printing dollars that made US fake GDP goes sky high what do you produce?

Cannot even make a decent train. about every area from rail guns, quantum telecommunications, catapults systems are all ahead while you guys go round killing people in the world , China builds , builds and builds.

Want to take on China … dream on .. it is too late.

Daniel Miller

China will struggle to take on the US they are behinde in evry category they still use BMP-1 copys…


Like I said, you cannot even make a decent train much less want to beat China in Technology.

5G … Huawei is years ahead … hahahaha. Keep dreaming.

Daniel Miller

5G is dangerous for humans…why do you think its been in the experimental stages for years now Chinese dont give a shit if they get cancer Russia Gemrany and France all have experimented with 5G but they still need to figure out a safe frequancy in order not to slowly give us cancer.


Don’t talk bull .. The industry in the west are giving full steam into in .

Yes, 5G is bad but it’s your figment of imagination that they really cared and wait to find a safe way .. There is no such thing and shows you know nuts about 5 Gs. Wavelengths CANNOT be changed.

Don’t try to justify will silly excuses. The industries do not care two shit about the effects .

It so happens China moves far ahead as expected as Chinese brains are far better in this fields than Americans … as proven in many universal PISA scores where Chinese based countries are among the tops while US in 45th.

The facts are there and you cannot even show one area US is ahead.

Daniel Miller

If China and asia in general have a “higher IQ” then why do they only test the best schools? Also again proof me wrong China can only make dog shit copys of everything you want proof? Look at their tanks they are littearly T72M’s with welded turrets all of their aircraft are copys of Russian or US aircraft the J20 is a carbon copy of the MiG1.44 and the C801 and 802 anti ship missiles are carbon copys of the 1960’s Harpoon while all of the super sonic missiles are copys of Russian ones. Its a fact China cant innovate they can only copy.


You silly small kid … knows next to nothing about China’s advanced technology. You pathetically bring up silly figments of your imaginations taking single case to represent the whole.

the topic is China is ahead of US in about every area of tech from quantum communications to trains to 5 Gs

Read this http://www.atimes.com/article/campaign-against-huawei-faces-embarrassing-reality/

You have yet to answer my simple question which part of tech is US ahead of China. I am still waiting kid.

From BVR A-A missiles like PL15 to hypersonics which US ONLY HOPE to have by 2025 !!! soooooooooooooo back ward.

The best US anti ship is the modified Tomahawks …. soo silly .

Now China is EXPORTING HYPERSONICS …. how the heck can US even attack small countries now when there is no defence against Hypersonics?

Keep sleeping.

Daniel Miller

PL-15 you mean the shittyer copy of the R-37? The R-37 has longer range and its faster mach 6 vs the PL-15’s mach 4 also mach 4 is not considered hiper sonic.


Fact is PL15 with new missile engine that triples the range , is way way way way longer range than the old US ones…. hahahah.

Silly …. name me one US anti air missile is longer range and China has perfected long range detection while US gave up on that .. because they can’t .

Daniel Miller

So why dose the R-37 have a range of almost 400km while the PL-15 only a range of 150km? Also their is a US missile with a longer range the AIM-54 with a range of 190km its in the same class of missiles as the PL-15 and R37.


You debate like a kid not knowing how to respond. We are talking about US missiles those short range AIM120 not Russia’s latest missile just developed.

In fact with tripling the range of PL 150 Km range to 450km with new ramjet engine it even better the R37 RUSSIAN not US missiles.


Silly kid. No contest… talk US not russian

Daniel Miller

are you so brain dead that you compare a AIM-120 to a PL-15? The PL-15 is a anti AWAX missile…also the R-37 is form the 1970’s and so is the AIM54 Also you do realise that the R37 has a ram jet version as well and if its able to reach 400km with a conventional engine then i think you can only imagine what range that can have. But whats the point if they are anti AWAX and not anti fighter the Russians lead in that as well with the R77 family and the US is 2nd China is not even close they tryed to copy the R-77 and AIM-120 but failed.


Stupid fool,

“R-37 is an original version. Its development began in 1983 and was stopped in 1998 due to funding problems. In 1994 a prototype of this missile secured a kill and a record at the same time by hitting its target from 300 kilometers. This missile was never produced in quantity.

R-37M is a significantly improved version. It is also known as the RVV-BD. Development of the R-37 was restarted in 2006 and significant changes were made to the missile. Also it uses a slightly different guidance method. The R-37 has a range of up to 200 km, depending on flight profile. Maximum range is achieved in “cruise glide” mode. According to some sources this missile is in production for the Russian armed forces.”


Range 300km NOT 400Km

The ONLY missile that can reach 400Km or more are the Chinese PL-15 with new ramjet engine that uses external oxygen (ONLY CHINESE HAS THIS )

So do not bullshit .

“The range of the AIM-120D is classified, but is thought to extend to about 100 miles (160 km). AIM-120 AMRAAM – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AIM-120_AMRAAM”

and you dare to say AIM-120 is any comparision to China’s PL15

“Song said the ramjet engine could more than triple the range of Chinese BVRAAMs. The PL-12’s range, for example, could increase from 62 miles to over nearly 200 miles. If so, this would be a key factor in any future conflicts, as CASC ramjet engine would be both faster and longer-ranged than most BVRAAM rocket engines like the AIM-120 AMRAAN and PL-12, which have a top speed of about Mach 4.”

Your stupid AIM120 cannot even compare to China’s PL-12 with ramjet engine that has external oxygen feed.


Read the articles you silly kid.

You know nuts about ramjet developments … Dont try to debate with an expert kid.

Everything you posted are sooooo stupid even saying China does not have its own GPS types of systems …

Worst thing is you cannot even mention to me ONE AREA US is ahead.

Everything is behind .

Daniel Miller

Hhahahhahahahah wtf is with your sources the R-37 in the 1990’s can reach 300km let alone the new one XD Chinese missiles are crap they use ramjets on missiles? WOOOOOW you mean to tell me they only now managed to make a missile with a system Russia and the US had in the 1980’s as well? amazing…


Russia was very advanced then China was backward it was true.

China picked up and has today overtaken even the Russians in the range and speed.


Read the article, the best US managed was the short range AIM120 and they tried long range and GAVE UP because they are like you people with no brains to do it just like now the Hypersonics could not complete that. Even railgun also cannot complete and have to give up .. while China advanced in all these… because Chinese HAVE BRAINS.

Note … China was late in developing ..only in the last decades and see how she is far better than even the Russians who used to have the lead.

Like I said… you laughed when Russia was able to do in the 90s … because you did not even know that China then was not advanced in military tech. Today …. US is especially no contest and till now you cannot ever disprove me while I demolished you. Only your stubborn pride make you continue to post rubbish .

Give up kid

Daniel Miller

China can only dream of taking over the Russians m8 XD like i said the R37M alone is superior to the PL-15


China is already better and outrange even the Russian R37M and the only one with the longest distance …more than 450Km using their new ramjet engine.

How you know R37M is better . Has it been tested against the PL-15 that would be assisted by China long distance detection systems that not only uses satelites but high flying drones…

Hey we are debating about China-US … keep it that way. Which US system is better than China’s ? That include anti ships like df21s etc…

Come on give me one …

Daniel Miller

What source do you have that states the PL-15 even has 450km? the most i have seen is 400km max . Also the R-37M is superior since it uses better guidance tech it uses internal GLONASS as well as passive and active radar guidance. Also the DF21 is a ground based “anti ship ballistic missile” China dosent have the tech to make any modern supersonic air or naval based system so they need a ballistic missile to do it.


450km or 400km what is the difference ? It’s among the longest range bvr a a missile … and fitted on normal ramjet.

When China’s invention of new ramjet engine that takes oxygen from the air, the range can be tripled which means even the smaller pl-12 with range of 100km can now reach 300km. Then the range of PL-15 will be even farther.

Whether R37 or PL-15 is better … you do not know as they had not been pitted against each other. Both are far better than any US version .

As for DF21 .. that missile is meant to sink carriers and keep them far away from China. For that kind of distance it has to be Ballistic. km

Daniel Miller

W-what is the difference? 50km is a MASSIVE difference…Also you do realise all ramjets worck by takeing oxygen form the air…if they did not they wont be able to burn the fuel…Also you do realise ram jet powered missiles are not new the R-77 has had a ramjet variant for almost 20 years (the R-77-PD) but i will give you one thing the US dosent have a ramjet missile since they seem to be haveing problems with engines of that type and generaly supersonic missiles.


What is the difference ? … Chinese ramjet uses oxygen from the air .. not the Russian or other ramjets and the R77Pd have ranges of only about 110km

Can triple even the 400Km range.

Chinese’s missiles far outrange all the rest. US Aim120 does not use ramjet.

Dont talk Russian talk US

Daniel Miller

….All ramjets use oxygen form the air…thats how they worck…also the R-77PD’s range is unknown the R-77-1’s range is ESTIMATED to be around 110km the exact range of that missile is also unknown. Even the R-37M’s range is unknown that figure of 398km is just a estemate. Also no they dont…most chinese missiles have a piss poor range compared to others the equivelant of the AIM-120 and R-77 is the PL-12 not PL-15 the PL-15 is not made to destroy fighters its made to take down AWAX and transport aircraft and bombers the PL-15 and R-37 are useless vs fighters the PL-12’s range is only 100km at best.


You are really immature in your post. Why pick the best schools? Surely that is the only way to measure which country is the best stupid.

Hello, China makes practically everything from dogshits to the fastest computers and largest this and that . It all depends on dogshits and cheapskate people like you who can ONLY afford China’s dogshits. hahahha

About Tanks … Chinese tanks are about one of the best in the world , where even US Abrahams is no match. But then let the battle begins .. until then speculation . Dont be stupid the Abrams are being wiped out easily in Yemen ….

J20 … it does not matter if it copies basic designs but then improved to be even better now the slow F35 and old old F22. J20 is designed for long range attack on tankers and stealth . With China’s technology on stealth detection plus stealth J20 , J20 can detect F35s and F22 but F35s/F22 will fly blind in China air space .. J20 can fly rings around both US planes.

Hey why use an old anti ship as China’s best? Read this article , China is EXPORTING HYPERSONICS anti ship missiles which US does not even have and reported HOPEFULLY WILL HAVE IN 2025. That means not even sure in 2025 !!! Understand that kid? US is only now converting the Tomahawks to anti ships , that outdated subsonic anti ships ….

Still thing you are ahead .. name me one

Daniel Miller

Chinese tanks are horse shit no one buys them or uses them they never have seen combat and in tank competitions they lose wheels… Also its not “copies basic designs” its not just the “basics” the J20 is a full on copy of the MiG1.44 it has shit engines its SLOWER then the F35 (and that thing is already slow as hell) its heavyer and has weaker engines and equely as unaerodaynamic. Also this missile is far form Hipersonic its just super sonic something with they copyed form 1970’s era Russian missiles.

Daniel Miller

ummm is that why ppl are banning them left and right? They are a safety hazard even Russia is considering to ban them due to that but thats besides the point what relevance dose that have with the fact they lagg behind in militry technology.


Do the Chinese have a GPS system, or do they use Glonass? If they do not have their own system it means the missiles could be rendered useless at a flick of a (foreign controlled) switch.

Brother Ma

Like what happened to poor Serbia when its erstwhile allies of France,Britain and USA turned on it in the Yugoslav Christian vs jihadi Wars of the 1990s.


Chinese system will be far better ..

Peter Moy

Yes, the BeiDou (compass) system which is on par to the Russian GLONASS, the EU Galileo and US GPS systems. For the latest on the Chinese PLA, go to the website: english.chinamil.cn. They usually have excellent photo coverage of their different branches.


Thank you.

Potato Potato

Sell it to the Houthis so they can blow up the child killer coward gulf state navy ships and end the brutal siege.


Surprised the Chinese would give up this technology to the US.


Sleepless face people donate to Iran,Yemen, North Korea,Venezuela, Iran and Argentina.From the go in sleep mode or go to Africa and give loans with pre conditions no jobs or tenders given to Chinese companies no money will be release.Just as Huawei does in Namibia.Chinese loans sabotage destroys Namibia economy.

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