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China Issues Travel Ban For Residents Of Wuhan Following Coronavirus Outbreak


China Issues Travel Ban For Residents Of Wuhan Following Coronavirus Outbreak


China announced announced a complete travel ban on Wuhan residents amid a coronavirus outbreak that has killed 17 people and infected more than 550 others throughout the country, CCTV reported on January 22.

The ban was issued by the outbreak command authority. Over the past datys, Wuhan has been the epicentre of the virus. Urban buses, subways, ferries and long-distance passenger transport have been suspended in the city.

Flights and trains departing from Wuhan are also temporarily suspended. There is no info when the services would resume.

The notice added that private cars but said “citizens should not leave the city unless there are special conditions”.

The Wuhan population is 11 million.

The released notise says that the ban is to “best prevent and control the epidemic of the new type of coronavirus infection, effectively cut off the transmission of the virus, and curb the spread of the epidemic” to “ensure the safety and health of the people.”



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  • LR captain

    that’s the thing about communist countries they never hesitate to enact enforce a quarantine. Unless like western states that would let an millionaire that has an infectious illness walk were ever he wants.

    • Luigi

      im sure that quarantine is for the masses, not for PCC delegates

      • LR captain

        oh yes they will, locked in their own homes. taken there by a body suit.

      • Bobby Twoshoes

        Why are you sure? Do you have any examples or evidence you can cite to back up your surety? I know that party membership won’t save you from the bullet in cases of corruption so it would be illogical to presume they would be more lax when it comes to pandemics.

    • Luigi

      i’m not saying “democratic” goverments will do better, but that goverments will always lie again and again until they cant deny and, in the end, they will save themselfs and let people die

      • LR captain

        ha ha ha you are so wrong, in the USSR the when there was on outbreak of tuberculosis the USSR quarantined the areas and stopped the spread. they used military might to keep the infected away from their loved ones not something the Democratic countries would instead it is the democratic that will always lie again and again until they cant deny and, in the end, they will save themselves and let people die. think US the poor can’t afford healthcare.

        they infected people with phages so they would be immune to bacterial infections.

        you need to stop trying to down play the good things about communism.

    • PZIVJ

      Trump may have a mental illness.
      But it is not infectious! :DD

      • Thom Kinoshta

        DJ has a 156 IQ. I think you have the mental illness.


    An outbreak starting from the seafood markets?
    “The Wuhan mayor, a member of the ethnic Tujia minority, was slammed specifically for allowing a large-scale Lunar New Year gathering – where local media said more than 40,000 families dined on nearly 14,000 dishes – to go ahead on Sunday in one of the city’s urban districts, when 62 cases of the viral pneumonia had already been reported.”

  • Pave Way IV

    As anyone can plainly see, the food handling and sanitary conditions around the Wuhan Meat and Seafood Market are probably as good as any western….



  • ButtonPlay

    Last train to Busan…ehr..Wuhan