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China is Going to Give ‘Bloody Nose’ to US Military Patrols in South China Sea (Video)

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With tensions escalating in the South China Sea, officials in Beijing’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have pushed for a more aggressive stance to defend the nation’s territorial claims.

China is Going to Give ‘Bloody Nose’ to US Military Patrols in South China Sea (Video)

Photo: AP Photo/ Zha Chunming

With tensions escalating in the South China Sea, officials in Beijing’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) have pushed for a more aggressive stance to defend the nation’s territorial claims, Sputnik reported on Monday. In the wake of the Hague Court of Arbitration’s ruling that China has no legal basis for territorial claims within the South China Sea’s nine-dash line, Chinese admiral Sun Jianguo warned of “disaster” for continued US military patrols through the region.

Sputnik quoted officials speaking on condition of anonymity, who said that many in the Chinese military had pushed for an even more hardened stance.

“We should go in and give them a bloody nose…,” one official said, referring to the presence of the US and its allies in the South China Sea. “The People’s Liberation Army is ready.”

According to the defense expert, Liang Fang of the US National Defense University, “the Chinese military will step up and fight hard and China will never submit to any country on matters of sovereignty.”

While the situation has remained calm, there has been a building sense that conflict could be on the horizon. Earlier this month, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) launched combat patrols over the waterway. This was a response to similar patrols conducted by the Pentagon.

At the same time, the Chinese navy held a large-scale “live ammunition” drill in the East China Sea, which involved hundreds of ships and submarines from all three fleets of the People’s Liberation Army. The exercise involving China’s East Sea, North Sea and South Sea fleets practiced both offensive and defensive capabilities of the Chinese naval power. According to the China’s Defense Ministry, the drills are just a ‘routine’ and are not directed against any third party.

Over the weekend, the state-run Global Times issued a scathing editorial calling for war between Beijing and Canberra if Australia continues to meddle in the South China Sea dispute. The media declared Australia “an ideal target for China to warn and strike” if it ventured into the contested South China Sea in a scathing call for war laced with insults against the country.

“China must take revenge and let [Australia] know it’s wrong,” the article said. “Australia’s power means nothing compared to the security of China. If Australia steps into the South China Sea waters, it will be an ideal target for China to warn and strike.”

It seems that China is serious about protecting the nation’s territorial claims. What will the US ‘partners’ do in this case?

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Australia lol when will all these pathetic american vassals learn: they will be easily sacrificed

Tony B.

Get it right: Rothschild vassals, just like the U.S. Fight the CAUSE not just another SYMPTOM.

Veritas Vincit

More than meddling, Australia is engaged in allied bloc provocations (Operation Gateway in the S China Sea) and is preparing for the situation of an allied war against China, as is evident through its white papers, procurements, nature of joint military exercises and its integration into the developing Air Sea Battle concept plan.

– “The report [‘Australia-Japan-US Maritime Cooperation’ by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies] contains specific recommendations to enhance “inter-operability” on intelligence and surveillance, submarine and anti-submarine warfare, amphibious forces and logistics….. The report’s author, Andrew Shearer, is a senior figure in the Australian foreign policy and military establishment…. Shearer is also very well connected in Washington…… Shearer makes clear [the] main “hard security” objective is to prepare for war with China. The Pentagon’s preoccupation with “freedom of navigation” and China’s A2/AD [Anti-Access, Area Denial] systems flows directly from its military strategy for war with China—Air Sea Battle…. Australia and Japan are central to Air Sea Battle and associated strategies, which include a naval blockade of China to strangle its economy…… [Air Sea Battle] relies on networked, integrated forces to take the offensive across air, maritime, land, space and cyberspace……” (CSIS report argues for strong US-Japan-Australia alliance against China, 9 April 2016)

– “The US Army described activities during the exercise to include “force preparation activities, Special Forces activities, amphibious landings, parachuting, land force manoeuvres, urban operations, air operations, maritime operations and the coordinated firing of live ammunition and explosive ordnance from small arms, artillery, naval vessels and aircraft”. (Talisman Sabre: Top End beach under mock attack by US, Japanese, Australian troops, ABC News, 11/07/2015)

Australian actions reveal its policies are emboldened in the belief that the U.S./NATO bloc and its geographic isolation protect it from negative consequences (blowback) resulting from its actions/participation in allied operations. They also believe they are ‘punching above their weight’ and seek to enhance their offensive military projection capabilities (‘force posture’). In the event of direct military conflict between blocs, it is likely they will come to the realisation the reality is otherwise.


Good summary. I live in Australia and the current set of politicans are idiots. If the chinese have developed the capability to jam the coms the concept of the air sea battlespace will be nullified.


Aussies will be dancing with kangaroos when they get their ass handed to them

Jacek Wolski

Kangaroos do not dance. But they are mad hoppers and awesome boxers.

Jazz TheBoxer

I read that the Australian Military commanders reacted with alarm when the government spoke with them about deploying Australian forces in the Ukraine over the shooting down of the Malaysian passenger aircraft. Then there’s the then Prime Minister personally threatening Putin with physical violence and the governments open snubs made to the Russians. Let’s not forget this isn’t the first time that China has threatened Australia. The last time was a heavily veiled threat. Australia has ZERO business here. STFU I don’t want to be nuked

ken do

aussie here, would rather fuck Chinese women than Chinese government

Mateen Zaman

If China is attacked upon by US or its allies we Pakistanis will take no time to join our Chinese brothers to fight against the odds,let it be very very loud and clear ,enemy of China is our enemy


Those Chinese military leaders remind me of the European leaders at the eve of World War I. They keep blattering about a short victorious war.



As an Australian and anti-Banker/Globalist it pains me to see us being entangled in a planned global WWIII we have no interest or benifit being a part of.

It seems as if the Chinese are falling into the trap set for them by the NWO, China has been set up by the Banking elite to be the boogie man for WWIII, they do not posses anything either the West or Russia hasnt given them.

Australias position is interesting given its current posture and considering its population, Army, Airforce and Navy are tiny, almost insignificant on a global scale and has been since the end of WWII.

So what gives? Why hasnt to US upgraded its Nuclear forces since the 1970s? Why is Australia mouthing off when it doesnt have too especially when its on paper essentially defenceless?

Interesting – there have been persistant rumors that certain parts of the military industrial complex is decades if not hundreds of years ahead of mainstream technology – could it be the US hasnt upgraded its nuclear capability because it doesnt have to?

Australia was the third nation after the US and Britain to launch a satelite into space, Australian Dr Olliphant was a leader in Tellers team to develope the Atomic bomb in the 1940s – what now, no space capability, no bomb?

Maybe we dont need one but who knows – one things for sure we know Australia has been preparing for the inevitable confrontation with China for quite a time and whatever the truth the only way the world will find out is when the first Chinese foot soldier or missile lands on Australian soil.

The Chinese would be wise to listen to the wisdom of their Confusion forbears and not be drawn into a trap, however huberis does indeed tend to preceed a fall and in my opinion the world would be poorer place with the Chinese people absent from the planet.


Australia is not even a paper tiger, but a paper cat…

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