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China Is Able to Deploy Up to 10000 Troops in the Middle East

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China calls its allies to intensify counterterrorism efforts. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Heads of State Summit took place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in June 2016. Counterterrorism operations were one of the main topics of the Summit. Chinese experts believe that the situation in Syria needs special attention from the SCO members states, as the ISIS terrorist group poses a serious threat to the security of Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Russia, as well as the surrounding regions, including the Middle East and the Caucasus. This explains why China believes that SCO member states should coordinate their efforts over the implementation of countermeasures against Jihadi groups.

Currently, an estimated number of 2500 Chinese troops are deployed as part of UN peacekeeping missions in Lebanon, South Sudan and Mali. Rumors are circulating that the Chinese leadership is going to deploy up to 10000 troops in the Middle East, as soon as the Chinese military base in Djibouti is ready. This base alone will allow Beijing to deploy 5000 troops that can participate in operations in the Middle East and North Africa. In this context, it has become clear why China has pushed the counterterrorism agenda at the recent SCO Summit. Furthermore, if Iran joins the SCO, China could earn access to additional logistics centers in the region. Modern counterterrorism operations are de facto common military operations, with full-scale usage of artillery, military equipment, missiles and warplanes. This is why China needs as many logistic centers as it can get access to, if it wants to participate in operations in the region. In other words, it is becoming clear that Beijing is preparing to project its military power on the Middle East.

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This is very interesting. However, I am unclear as to how China might become involved. The examples of existing involvement seemed, as far as I could understand, to be part of UN deployment associated with ‘peace keeping’ duties. Is the prospect now for something different? Perhaps involvement in Syria; and if so whose coalition would China be a part – American, Russian, or Syrian ?


Projecting power in the region, China pursues own interests. The main of them is control of the maritime routes. https://southfront.org/foreign-policy-diary-the-us-china-standoff-in-the-indo-asia-pacific-region/


And to get their military some badly needed experience. China hasn’t seen actual combat in decades…

Andrew Illingworth

I have a feeling that China’s political context for sending a ground forces contingent to Syria will be the presence of Uighur terrorists within the ranks of al-Nusra Front in the Idlib region. Thus a Chinese ground expeditionary force, if deployed to Syria, would likely be concentrated on the Idlib front (even just 5,000 troops would be of inestimable assistance in the region).

Something tells me the following source is crypto-pro-Wahhabi, but it nonetheless mentions the Uighur issue in Syria: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/perspective/analysis/2016/03/02/China-s-proxy-war-in-Syria-Revealing-the-role-of-Uighur-fighters-.html.

What is South Front’s take on this?


It looks like China will not participate in the Syrian war. Counterterrorism efforts are a good PR to boost the presence on the curcial maritime lines. About China’s Uyghur problem: https://southfront.org/foreign-policy-diary-chinas-uyghur-problem/

George Washington

“It looks like China will not participate in the Syrian war” – The article should be updated to reflect this info…


Just curious where have you found “deployment in Syria” in this analysis?


Andrew, I agree. The Uighur’s are a thorn in China’s west. You can bet that CIA is there to indoctrinate the crazy to create unrest. China is not stupid.

George Washington

This is simply an extension of China’s “String of Pearls” strategy in the region. – IMO South Front is intentionally inviting wild speculation by failing to point out that China has no desire whatsoever to put “boots on the ground” in Syria, Iraq, or Yemen.


I have a bad feeling about this. I mean Russia’s involvement is clear – they are in the Middle East by request of the Syrian government, but who requested China to be involved ? And with the warming relationship between China and Israel, will they stand with President Assad, Iran and Hezbollah?


I am not convinced that China will get actively involved in the Syria circus. But I can see how pro-Assad propaganda might want to instill some hope of a superpower who is hostile to the USA entering the picture, now that the regime is suffering setbacks. Just a diversion from the very apparent inability of the SAA conscripts to hold their ground.


Not buying the narrative as it’s presented. ISIS / ISIL / DAESH / AQ / Al Nusra et al is on the decline, retreating & falling apart currently. Russia putting a Battleship in the Mediterranean by September / October. This story isn’t viable unless China is going to be making it’s presence in to the NWO created & staged fray to a limited point. Especially since we know ISIS is on the retreat & decline hence China’s contribution is really not needed. The Rothschild Central Banks / BIS / IMF / UN et al all playing in concert to this narrative they have pre-scripted. We already know that the US / Israel – Mossad / Saudi’s / Qartar / Jordan / Turkey / UK / Germany / France et al fund, sponsor, train, supply or are involved whether part of the 5 eyes intelligence network, drone bases etc. they are all concatenated in some fashion or manner. if we are suspect a massive economic crash being posied or false flag scripted attack will create the pre-text for this fomented war & possible 2016 US POTUS election cancellation. It’s all looking easily all too obvious.

The same crew of Bankers brought the planet WWl & WW2.

Speak truth to power.


china has several possible roles it could play in syria, if it chose to place forces there. first it would probably ask permission from assad like russia did. it could position its forces along the turkish border to help seal it, fan out in the southern areas to stop jordanian and saudi meddling, make a defensive ring around damascus, station its troops in government buildings to deter american bombings, or other tasks.


My best bet is to advise China to refrain and never send any troops to the Middle East. Those who sow and created it shall be responsible for it.

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