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China Expands Economic Efforts In Lebanon, Syria Challenging US Foreign Policy In Region

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China Expands Economic Efforts In Lebanon, Syria Challenging US Foreign Policy In Region


On October 9th, a new shipping line opened between China and Lebanon’s Tripoli, doubling the volume of products coming from China to the country.

The first delivery was made by a container ship called the CMA CGM Congo.

“The vessel is the first to hold 10,000 containers. It will unload 1000 containers in Tripoli port for the local market, and the rest will go to other ports in the region,” said Ahmad Tamer, manager of Tripoli port.

The new line is called Beks and according to Tamer it is characterized by its capacity to hold big-size cargo vessels that can be up to 50 meters wide and 300 meters long. He also said that improvement of the port and trade between the countries resulted from Lebanon’s efforts and China’s support of the improvement plan.

Lebanon’s Tripoli is located on the Mediterranean coast, about 30 km west from the Syrian-Lebanese border. China Harbor Engineering Company has worked on rehabilitating the port in the city since 2012, to allow it to receive big vessels. In addition to that, the port has also had a terminal created to receive Chinese cranes capable of lifting and transporting more than 700 containers daily.

In July 2018, during the 8th Ministerial Meeting of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met in Beijing with Minister of Economy and Trade Raed Khoury of Lebanon. Both officials had nothing for praise for the cooperation between the countries and reiterated their intent to cooperate in the Chinese Belt and Road initiative.

According to Chinese Belt and Road Portal, attention is now turned to how this improvement can assist in the reconstruction of Syria.

China is a big economic player in the region, with reports in 2017 showing that it accounted for 80% of Syria’s foreign trade. China and Russia have coordinated their stance on Syria. With Russia’s assistance China has boosted its cooperation with Syria, with even coming close to sending military assistance, according to a report by Stratfor from August 3rd. Both the Chinese ambassador to Syria as well as its military attaché to the country have previously raised the possibility of assisting in the recapturing of Idlib. However, open military participation from China has never happened in the Syrian conflict.

Now, it seems that Chinese actions may be aimed at establishing an economic foothold in Syria, which is not limited to trade only.

Chinese and Iranian cooperation is also well known. It was further reinforced when in August 2018 CNPC, a Chinese state-owned company, took Total’s stake in a $4.8 billion oil deal with Iran. The French company pulled out of the deal due to fears of US sanctions and influence, the Chinese however were not deterred by the threat.

As it stands, the US and Israel are opposing the establishment of the “Shia Crescent,” with both countries constantly showing aggression towards mostly Lebanon and Iran, but also towards Syria. Simultaneously, however, China is seeking to boost its economic influence in the countries from the so-called “crescent”. Thus, the Middle East may soon become another hot point in the US-China conflict. Tensions between the states have been growing quickly since the beginning of the Trump-initiated Trade war.

If that is truly the case, following its stable relationship with Iran and Lebanon and its attempts to enter Syria and assist in reconstruction, it would not be surprising if China offers to provide large investments in Iraq. Chinese diplomacy through economic approach appears to be on the rise.

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Cleverson Santos

Jesus Christ mate China is growing hugely owing to the American incomptence and lack of compromise, now china has the and and the begining of one belt one road, starting in China and ending in the mediteranean sea through Syria, all these achiviements without firing one bullet, or changign regime… I realise that geopolitics is all about approach and the americans who were great on this matter became amadors compared to Russia and China.

Promitheas Apollonious

what part of the western NWO enslaving and stealing resources from the rest of the nations you did not understand?


China grows because of intelligence and hard work. China’s deals are win-win. America’s deals are submit or dies. You can see this policy in Venezuela, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Nicaragua, Cuba.and the list goes on. China’s policy is the Silk Road initiative. The United States policy is My Way or the Highway to Hell.

Ivan Freely

When you’ve become Top Dog for so long, hubris will sneak up right behind you without you realizing it, until it’s too late.


China has a strong foothold in Estern Mediterranean with Piraeus and Tripoli as secured ports, interestingly China has acquired rights to build a new port in Haifa, overall, China is facilitating its Silk Road capacity through the Shia crescent, something US and Israel are not able to prevent.
China can play a major role in the reconstruction of Syria, Lybia and other countries devastated by FUKUS barbarians.

AM Hants

Nice how China, Iran, Russia and Syria are working together.

Ivan Freely

I just wish China would be a little bit more aggressive against the Zios.

AM Hants


Lena Jones

Nations are now having to choose between silky Chinese soft-power and the gnarly Anglo-zionist fist.

Naturally, civilized nations choose the silky stuff.

Henk Poell

In my view, the USA is doing some kind of balancing act: having enough enemies to keep the military industrial complex happy, and keeping good relations with more than half of the world. This is not always easy. Once China gets its modern day silk road / railway track to the Med, it’s going to influence the middle east for a long time.

Promitheas Apollonious

good relations with whom exactly they keep?

Henk Poell

Exactly why do people ask things everybody knows? To me, it comes across as just trying to appear very knowledgeable or thought-provoking without actually contributing anything.

Promitheas Apollonious

I understand you had no answer . Very pathetic by the way what you answer. Of course every one knows you have none and you are on your way out sooner than you think.

Henk Poell

Sigh… Sometimes I really wonder what kind of low-life I’m talking with. But hey… an alias that doesn’t reveal its real name. A picture revealing nothing. Just an endless list of trolling replies. Very hard to estimate exactly what KIND of low-life you are! In fact you may be from Manilla, getting 1 dollar/hour to screw up this group – what do I know?

Ok for the few following the discussion: everybody knows Israel is a very good friend of the USA – or even more precise: the other way around. Then NATO (and no P.A., I’m not going to list the members as an exercise). Then a bunch of gulf countries, Austrlia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea. India more or less qualifies. At this point we’re already over half the world’s GDP, over half the world’s conventional military power. Now read my original post… Does it make more sense now? No? Still trolling? Bye-bye.

Then there is Sinbad2 disqualifying himself from any further discussion by getting personal…

Oh well back to work.

Promitheas Apollonious

low life you must talking to yourself as usual. why dont you crawl back to the hole that sh*t you kid and try and activate a second cell between you ears?

I guess been a stupid jew you are unable to answer simple questions and is a retards way to attack someone instead of answering simple questions.

Henk Poell

You forgot to add the f-word here and there.

Promitheas Apollonious

you dont add the word, for worms and clones as yourself.


“Everybody knows”, good relations are always temporary with the USA, until the “new administration” pushes their next corporate agenda.
The English Crown and the Vatican appear to be half the world, although special forces in 149 countries makes one wounder at your math.


Everybody knows, but you couldn’t name more than 6.
And if you try, you will list countries like Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and soon Iraq and Libya will be on your list of American friends.
You do know your pic makes you look like a humpback?


China is building trade and investment relationship with many countries, e.g Costa Rica (building them a national stadium), srilanka, pakistan, many asian nations, south american countries, lots of african nation, now middle east nations

China strategy is to push US out as the largest global market and reduce the dominance of US dollar until it become significant. China is increasing demand in their own country and attracting many players to participate in their market. At the same time offering trading system that bypass the need for US dollar

Slowly but sure China is dismantling the dollar dominance. Its a classic sun tzu strategy: attack where the enemy is weak

Promitheas Apollonious

the question you answered was not referring to whose china’s friends or partners are in trade, but the claim the poster I answered to that US has good relations with half the world.

You can call me Al

mmm what ?; which Countries allegedly have good ties with the US ?.

Miguel Redondo

Perfect example that using brain is much more effective than the simple menace to use brute force. When will USA start again to switch on the brain?

Promitheas Apollonious

Fat chance.

You can call me Al

“The pen is mightier than the sword”


It hasn’t got one to switch on.

Hisham Saber

Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon play a vital role in China’s OBR Silk Roads.

Therefore, look to China to come into conflict with Israel, who does nothing but cause instability to the region as a whole. Plus Israel is expanding its covert involvement with the restless Chinese Uighurs, and , plotting instability right on China’s doorstep, the ‘ Stan ‘ countries next to China and on Russia’s underbelly. The Israeli’s are heavily involved in the Ukraine conflict too. Just like they were involved in Georgia in 2008.

Netanyahu even was a guest of honor at a big conference in India, New Delhi called ‘ China the Disruptor’ , where a boat load of U.S., and Israeli officials were present.

Plus, the wise Chinese , just like the Russians, know that Jews run the U.S., and its them that are out to isolate China and Russia. They know full well that Israel is really what causes U.S. belligerence across the world. U.S. dual citizen’s (U.S. -Israeli) Zionists are the prime force behind the U.S. sanctions against Russia and China, also Iran. The same nefarious people are also the ones that have initiated the Trade War between the U.S. and China. Because they know that the Chinese and Iran, and the Arabs will stand to gain so much from trade, cultural exchanges and possibly armaments.

Abramo Putra

America destroys and creates nothing, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Yemen. It gives the billions of the Jewish Federal Reserve to Israel and in the meantime sanctions and puts tariffs on the whole world. I don’t know if it will take 100 years of Hollywood and dozens of devastating wars to convince humanity that it is good to be a slave to the US and Jews.

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