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China Crosses Washington’s ‘Red Line’ in South China Sea

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Washington’s officials said that China has crossed a ‘red line’ on the issue of the militarization of Scarborough Shoal. At the same time, Japan has announced its plans to boost defense cooperation with the militaries of the Philippines and Vietnam in connection with China’s military activities.

China Crosses Washington's ‘Red Line’ in South China Sea

Photo: AFP / Getty Images

While China continues its land reclamation projects in the South China Sea, the US has sharply opposed the militarization of one of the islands, in particular, Scarborough Shoal, located northeast of the Spratly archipelago and claimed by the Philippines, Taiwan, and China. According to the US, any attempts of militarization of the shoal would cross a ‘red line’.

Pentagon officials said that China may have just crossed it.

According to the Washington Free Beacon information website, citing US officials familiar with intelligence reports, Beijing has escalated a number of its maritime security vessels around Scarborough Shoal. While before China has maintained a small presence of two or three such vessels in the area, now there are over a dozen Chinese ships there.

In addition, hundreds of Chinese fishing vessels appeared in the waters around Scarborough Shoal. Recently, Beijing used the same tactic in the East China Sea, where the country claims the Senkakus islands, also known as the Diaoyus islands, along with Tokyo.

In March, during the meeting between Barack Obama and Xi Jinping, the US president issued a stern warning against the militarization of Scarborough Shoal, given its strategic proximity to the Philippines.

Nevertheless, Beijing has decided to flout this warning. Moreover, Chinese officials said that the country should “give a bloody nose” if the US will continue its military patrols through the region.

At the same time, Japan announced its plans to boost defense cooperation with the militaries of the Philippines and Vietnam. According to Sputnik, citing unnamed sources, Tokyo intends to increase the number of defense attaches to improve information sharing and data gathering regarding China’s military activities.

Another purpose of the announcement is to warn Beijing about an assured counteraction from Japan in the case of increasing provocations in waters around the Japanese-administered Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

As reported, the Japanese government will make necessary budget requests for the year, from April 2017.

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The reality is China is just a big dog with a big bark. That’s all. They couldn’t fight their way out of
a Macy’s bargain basement sale with ten tanks because that don’t even know how to use them.
You are talking about a military that has no experience in anything except looking pretty on the
parade ground with their cute marching. (ever want to see the real thing watch some old footage of
Nazis marching, it’ll give you the shivers).
Thay have nothing but old outdated Russian equipement for the most part. They have no jets, no ships of any quality, no submarines, officers who mainly bought their positions and just strut around like Abe, the Japanese prime minister, no actual strategic ability nor tactical efficiancy, and are running out of money. These dudes are just a bunch of losers.
On the other hand, America has been fight wars ever since those puritans jumped off Plymouth Rock
They’ve fought the Indians, the French, the French and the Indians, the Spanish, The English (twice), The Mexicans, Pirates in the Mediterranean Sea (Tripoli, etc.), The Germans, The Italians, The Koreans (now the north), The Chinese (Korea, Vietnam), The Japanese, The Vietnamese, and others (i’m getting tired). Opps, I forgot, the Americans also fought each other.
America has superior fire power, superior weapons, superior leadership, superior fighters, and an unquestionable history of experience. American soldiers even know which end of the gun (or rifle) the bullet comes out of.
Also, Americans are a people of freedom. The Chinese are and oppressed group of slaves working of an oligarchy who’s only purpose is maintain their lifestyle. (I suppose you could use that argument for Hillary and Obama)
All you have to do is go up to Chinese and give them one big “BOO!”, and they will run back to China with their tails between their legs. So then, what is it that America is actually trying to do?


Are you from the Onion as this is so funny. Funny piss take of US capabilities.


No, just pindo exceptionalistanus.


I was being sarcastic as you guessed. This guy is a clown.


It’s also called an ASA – average stupid american, to put it extremely mildly – well, he might exceed substantially the expectations.
He is anti-whatever doesn’t fit pindostan’s MSM bullhorned .1%er interests.


That also includes giant piranha that have been infiltrating the Mississippi river.


I would think the theme to Bonanza would be more appropiate.


Unless there are three of them.


Generally, it’s the typical jealousy that starts to seep in as an empire declines. The usual…


To find out why civilizations (not empires) decline and die I suggest you read your Toynbee.


Ideas of civilisation have traditionally contributed to support and the promotion of imperial policies (Neocon crap) and projects (US freedom and democracy crap). Empires have made use of civilisational discourses in wars and colonial annexations (Iraq, etc) and the forced education colonised peoples. The link between the two, although not always clear-cut has always been evident. Given this empires like the US will decline as in reality the US has very little civilisation to offer.


You need to get educated.


Wow, then one must wonder what would be required for you? Ouch


I have MTV, what more do I need?


The US empire has nothing to offer the world huh!! What about the Big Mac? Kanye West? reality TV? Disney princess? subprime mortgages? Windows vista?


Suggestion noted – and thoroughly considered, assessed, chewed, churned out, and hockaloogied between thy eyes? Y_Y


How many eyes do you have?


Actually, I’m from the banana.


“America has superior fire power, superior weapons, superior leadership, superior fighters, and an unquestionable history of experience. American soldiers even know which end of the gun (or rifle) the bullet comes out of.”

It’s plain from your description the USA is greatest warrior race in history however there are a few questions about the US military prowess that trouble me.

According to the pentagon’s original plan the Iraq war was supposed to be over in less than one year and cost $50 Billion which would be paid for by oil sales. Why are Americans still fighting in Iraq 13 years after the invasion and why did the war cost $1.7 Trillion to date (and counting), which is 34 X the initial cost estimate. Your soldiers may know the business end of a gun but your generals and politicians don’t have a clue about warfare.

How do you explain that the Taliban still control vast swaths of afghanistan even after 15 years of warfare?

Why is Vietnam a communist country after a decade of war and 60,000 US dead?

Why is Korea still split between North and South?

Why were the Japanese willing to continue WW2 against the USA but only surrender after the Soviets invaded manchuria?

Why did the USA have to wait for the Russians to break the back of the german army before the mighty US army could invade Europe in WW2?

Why is it that the only invasion the USA carried out alone that was successful and went according to plan was the invasion of the tiny island Grenada which doesn’t even have a standing army?

Why is it that the USA outspends the rest of the world’s military’s by a factor of ten yet they can’t decisively win a single war (Grenada excepted)?

Actually you don’t have to answer any of these questions. The truth is Americans believe that if you throw more money at the military you will have the best military in the world. If this were true France would have won WW2.

What Americans don’t understand is that sound strategy, realistic planning and realistic intelligence are the cornerstones of a sound military. Right now your military and political leadership are yes men owned by Wall street and the MIC. The USA has let their ideology guide their military strategy since WW2 and you will never win another war until you get realistic and begin to understand and respect the people you wage war against.


I guess you didn’t read my last question.


I did but the only examples of a country getting a bloody nose and running away in the last couple of decades was the USA in Somolia.


I’m starting to assume you really don’t know very much. But then, neither does
anyone else.


I find it amazing how arrogance and ignorance are so closely related, especially in the USA.

You come onto this site spewing bullsh!t about how Americans are the greatest warriors on earth simply because they throw away more of their tax dollars on wiz bang weapons than the rest of the planet combined and have start more wars than anyone else on the planet.

The USA has never entered a war where they didn’t have an overwhelming advantage in firepower yet still never manage to win a war without help from allies or a coalition. Americans are good at warfare from 10,000 feet in the air but put them on the ground where Americans are at risk themselves and all it take is to send a few Americans home in body bags and the Yanks cut and run like in Somalia or Vietnam.

There are countless videos on youtube of columns of American soldiers being held up by a couple of barefoot kids armed with Ak’s and Rpg’s. The Americans sit tight and call in an air strike to deal with the Iraqi children. The airstrike includes ground attack aircraft and fighter cover to protect them all coming from an aircraft carrier in the persian gulf, vectored in by AWAC’s and monitored by sattelite.

All in all it takes a carrier group and at least 5 aircraft and $10 million bucks to kill a couple of Iraqi kids and move a handful of marines down a road in Iraq and it cost your enemies almost nothing to force you to spend that money. Fighting this way keeps the American people from seeing their sons and daughters come home in body bags but is unsustainable and the US government debt is testimony to that fact.

Americans don’t seem to understand that they have maybe 10 years before the cost of fighting this way will catch up to them and Americans will have to choose between the military and financial colappse. Just like the British and the Soviets before them the USA will go broke under the weight of defending the empire


The more you talk the more you show your ignorance.


And you got nothing but insults. Typical American, lots to say until someone fights back then you cut and run…..or call for a air strike.


Yup just another ‘fellow American’, so us sane ones have to say…. sigh :<


You sure you aren’t holding up a mirror at yourself there?


I just give facts. But I will give an example of how you don’t really understand what you read. At no time did I ever say Americans were great warriors. You said I said that. That is an example of how you read into history what you want to read and don’t look deeper into what has actually been happening in the last 5000 years.

Of course, not counting Alexander’s army and a few Roman legions, the greatest military yet produced has been the German.

I just said America has a lot of experience.


You said “America has superior fire power, superior weapons, superior leadership, superior fighters, and an unquestionable history of experience.”

So you didn’t say Americans were “great warriors” you said Americans were “superior” but you’ll notice I didn’t use quotation marks when I wrote “great warriors so I was not directly quoting you but paraphrasing. I’ll let the readership here decide whether “great warriors” and “America has superior fire power, superior weapons, superior leadership, superior fighters, and an unquestionable history of experience.” are synonymous.

China has been defending their country successfully for over 5000 years. The USA has only existed for 240 years old and is only in the position it is in today due to the fact that a major war has not been fought on it’s territory since the civil war whereas every other great nation has been at least partially destroyed by war in the 20th century.

If the USA is still around in 4750 years you can start bragging about how much better the USA is compared to China.

You like the German army. Is that circa 1940 or some other version? I couldn’t possibly compare the quality of modern armies to ancient armies but in modern times Napoleans Grand Armee circa 1805 is the greatest modern army. Napolean revolutionized warfare. The problem with the German army of WW2 was they were great tactically but terrible strategically and logistically. The Germans were well trained, fought brilliantly but rarely met their objectives after 1941.


Again I wonder how much history you have actually read. Maybe you get your information from tv. For the most part excepting Ghengis Khan, China has almost entirely been fighting among themselves.

China didn’t even become “a civilization” unitl 210B.C. Until that time they were doing no more than the Japanese until the battle of Sekigahara on
October 21, 1600.
The Prussian/German armies were the best “modern” armies. If you care to
read “A Genius For War” by Col.T.N.Dupuy, you’ll find a complete detailed eruditional account of why they were the best (not that Napolean didn’t do a good job).
As far as civilizations go and-who did what when-you possibly might want to peruse “Mankind and Mother Earth” by Arnold Toynbee. But, if you are an avid reader, then if you can find the 10 volume set “A Study of History”, by Arnold Toynbee, then that might be better if you really want to know and understand why the world is as it is today (or just the condensed two book set might be better if you’re pressed for time).
What I said about America stands. Right now, they are the greatest military power in the world.


China has been continuously occupied by he same peoples since the days of the Yangshao culture in 5000 BC. They were united as a nation under Huang_hi (I think that’s how it’s spelled) the ‘Yellow emperor” in 2500 BC. Construction of The Great wall of China, which began as a series of fortifications was started around 500BC. these fortifications were to defend against “barbarians” from the west (mongols to us westerners).

it’s nice that you found an author you like on military history. I’ve never read his work but I may in the future.

There is a lot of myth around the power and performance of the wehrmacht. There is a truism in history that you can’t begingto know the real history of events until all the participants are dead and all the memoires have been written. The reason being that living people have reputations to defend.

The wests (USA and Britain) history of WW2, and particular the war between the USSR and Germany, was primarily written by the Wehrmacts chief of staff Franz Halder.

Two problems with this: First he purposefully put the German performance in a very good light and the Germans had terrible military intelligence during the war.

For example Manstein”s account of his performance at Kursk claims the Germans could have defeated the Russian if only they were given more time. What’s missing is the fact that from the Russian POV Kursk was a trap and the opening operation of their summer offensive. Manstein didn’t even account for the main Russian exploitation force consisting of 2 tank armies held in reserve in his account of the battle.

This is because until we had access to Russian archives in the 1990’s no one in the west knew these armies were there or the Russian battle plans for the summer 1943 offensive. The only story we got was from the Germans themselves who characterized Russians as subhuman hoards. After all how could the master race be defeated by sub humans unless there were hoards of them and you had to put up with a crazed Austrian corporal in command?

My preferred author on the german performance on the eastern front is Col. David M. Glantz who was the only westerner afforded complete access to Russian archives in the 1990 including the field diaries captured from all the divisions defeated in Russia (that’s about 80% of the german forces despite the germans running as fast as they could to surrender to the yanks at the end of the war.

Col Glantz’s bio is here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Glantz

Napolean is to warfare as Albert Einstein is to physics. The structure of todays modern armies, including the US army and the Wehrmacht, comes directly from napoleans Grand Armee. Without napolean there is no combined arms warfare and no blitzkreig . The whole concept of batallion, division, corp, army organized so each can fight independently or combined as one force is Napoleans. napoleans victory at Austerlitz in 1805 against the combined forces of Russia, Austria and prussia was stunning. The whermact victory over the French and British forces in 1940 was also stunning but more so by the poor performance of the French and British who could likely have defeated the Germans if they only fought and weren’t terrified of panzers. The French actually got the best of the Germans in armour engagements when they were allowed to fight but they were pulled out of battles prematurely.


I believe you have a sincere desire to learn about the past. I will reiterate what I said about Arnold Toynbee. You should do whatever you can to start reading his books “now!” as Jack would say. You can find reviews of “Mankind and Mother Earth” at Amazon.com.

Other books that would be necessary to get a sound understandy of history are:

“The Sory of Civilization” by Will and Ariel Durant (11 vols – the last devoted to Napoleon)

“The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” by Gibbons – 3 vols

War Through the Ages” by Lynn Montross

“War in the Shadows” by Robert B Asprey

“On War” by Carl Von Clausewitz – edited and translated by Michael Howard and Peter Paret

“The Encyclopedia of Military History” by R. Ernest Dupy and Trevor N. Dupuy

“The Army of the Ceasars” by Michael Grant

“Napoleon Bonaparte – An Intimate Biography” by Vincent Cronin

“The Generalship of Alexander the Great” by Major General J. F. C. Fuller (The only good account of Alexander ever written and I have them all)

“The Peloponnesian War” by Donald Kagen (and of course Thucydides too)

You should find them enlightening. Possibly you have already read some. The part about China is almost correct but not quite. You have to find that out yourself.

Of course, there are many many more books I could list, but these are a good start. I will say you will have to devote some time to it, but the reward of knowledge doesn’t come cheap. I’m not trying to be pretentious. You show a some tenacity and if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t have replied like this. Have fun!


“grumpy_..” Agree with all your comments. I have a theory why Americans have so high regards of themselves (as warriors) and that is because they have been brainwashed by Hollywood in making them believe that they have won about any war they have been to. They wake up to reality when they do not see enemy running in fear from them and then I mean not major military powers just “small ones” like Vietnam, Iraq. So how do they expect to succeed against a real powers like China or Russia? Answer: No way!

William Toffan

Well said! Bravo!!

Wisdom Lover

Grumpy but SHARP and Enlightening ! Thanks !

Zuzana Rehakova

All you have put on the list compels the whole planet to kill every American on the spot.
According to your text Americans seem to be fascist and deranged psychopaths, who parasite on other nations.




the post above is so hilarous and comedic, sadly most ignorant american civilians today will accept that kind of BS as truth..

Because US public been bombarded with endless propaganda for decades , and been lied to by its own government.. Look what happened during vietnam war when the american public realized the futility of meddling in vietnam.. they pushed the country to the brink of anarchy..

US citizens are the most ignorant in the world, and also “proud” of their bloody invasive / militaristic history , as long as the massive number of death is on the other side..

in the end, american will be destroyed just like roman empire.. it is predicted by the book of revelation chapter 17-18


I thought it was funny too.


I get disgusted whenever I read an American account criticizing the Iraq war that quotes 4500 American dead.

Yes it’s tragic that Americans had to lose 4500 young men and women to a war based on falsehoods and lies but rarely are iraqi deaths even mentioned.

If any other country in the world invaded a country based on propaganda and lies then dismantled the government and caused the death of anywhere from 150,000 to 600,000 Iraqis the USA would be screaming for regime change and every political and military leader would be charged with war crimes.

But to Americans….even progressive liberal Americans…..the only lives that matter are American lives. It’s like they’re a nation of navel gazers with self confidence issues… the only thing that matters to them is what they see in the mirror. “The indispensible nation” “the city on the hill” “American exceptionalism” “manifest destiny”…..BARF.


lets be honest , when the roman legions leveled carthage in the aftermath of Punic Wars 2 , did the roman citizens cared about the dead women and children of carthage ?

now we are living in the period of american empire , who inherited that title from the British Empire.. if you are not empire’s citizen then you have less human rights than the citizens of the empire..

we all have access to history and vast amount of information , yet why most american citizens dont care / dont know about their government’s antics outside their walled garden ? Just like Athens , they behaved lawfully and democratically with their own citizens , but they behaved like tyranical empire outside their nation..

Ask any american when they watch Cowboy and Indian movie , who they are rooting for ? 9 out of 10 they will root for the cowboys instead of the Indians..


the sad part is that most american public believe their govt is the good guys , liberating the oppressed and saving the world from evil..

just like how they root for the cowboys and hated the indians in their cowboy vs indian movies..

i dont know how a supposedly advanced nation have such stupid people in it.. but i can guess, the endless MSM propaganda is making the american citizen stupid..

and they are happy living in this illusion..

until Revelation 17-18

William Toffan

Yeah, and the US hasn’t won a war since when? Taking credit for Russia’s defeat of Nazi Germany?


Wow! Another one who doesn’t know anything about history. Hmmm! I guess you should read “The Last Lion” by William Manchester and Paul Reid.

William Toffan

I’ve been teaching it for 30 years, my friend. I can assure you, there is nothing you can teach me, but I’m sure you could crack open a book or two.


See book list above.

Robert Ferrin

Lol your an ass for the American people lost both the country and its Constitution in Dallas,Tex. in 1963,its called a Coup D” Etet they lost their collective ass in Vietnam now Iraq and Afghanistan for we now have an army of fags queers ,we have had to downgrade training so the above groups could pass it and our generals are little more than walking Christmas trees for we haven’t had one since Ridgeway in Korea and even a fool like you shouldn’t be talking out of their backside when their mouth knows better.!!!


I’m guessing your about 14 years old and upset about the pimples. Don’t worry, they’ll go away.

Robert Ferrin

No in reality pushing 80 and have had to deal with idiots like you for far to many years, idiots who never bother to let facts get in the way of truth who use propaganda as the truth and trust me I heard it all thru the cold war and now we are getting a new line of it perpetuated by people like you.!!


I see you are upset about the way things have been going. But look at the bright side, we still have MTV.


funny how america has the gall to announce its own “red line” on the other side of the world from its territory in another sovereign state’s claimed area. they need to get over themselves and mind their own business.


Empire in decline just making a fool of itself.


You’re right. I think China should do to the ocean just what they did to Tibet. Who cares!!!


It is funny, but it’s true.

Zuzana Rehakova

let me have a look, how Japan Phillippines and Vietnam cooperate.


They all love Lady GaGa.


Lmao, makes me wonder how much honor the Vietnamese really have. Odd times :)
One thing they all have in common is kissing the ass of their Anglo-euro American masters, so it seems. Prove me wrong someone?

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