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China Chased U.S. In Space. Tianwen-1 Successfully Landed On Mars

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China Chased U.S. In Space. Tianwen-1 Successfully Landed On Mars

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The Chinese Tianwen-1 vessel had successfully landed on the surface of Mars on May 15th, state news agency Xinhua reported. China became the second space-faring nation after the United States to land on the Red Planet.

The uncrewed spacecraft landed in an an icy vast plain known as Utopia Planitia, located about 1,200 miles away from landing site of U.S. Perseverance rover. A Chinese footprint was left on Mars for the first time.

The craft had left its parked orbit, three hours later the landing module had separated from the orbiter and entered the Martian atmosphere, the official China Space News said. It claimed the landing process to be “nine minutes of terror”.

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where is russian spacecraft?

Trap Is Not Gay

That’s what we need. Leave this planet to the Jews. The “chosen” are never going to stop the madness. Jews work for generation, while we focus on us in current time (the normal, by the way). So we have to leave Earth to live in peace.

Potato Man

Even when that happens Zion be like Jesus took a shit there and where were there as well so that planet is ours…Zion steals land and money from anyone they can.


wow, China leapfrogs the European Space Agency ( two failed attempts to land a robot on Mars?) with this event. Not quite Russia who landed modules on the much more challenging Venus.


Nobody’s going to Venus, way too hot :-)

Fog of War

” Zhurong will also look for signs of ancient life on Mars, using ground-penetrating radar. ”

Or, more likely, searching for underground structures. This is similar to whats going on in Antarctica. Does anyone believe all these nations are there to study ice, snow, and the mating habits of Emperor penguins ? Silly rabbits .

” Many of the stations are staffed around the year. A total of 42 countries (as of October 2006), all signatories to the Antarctic Treaty, operate seasonal (summer) and year-round research stations on the continent. “

Da Fischa Unsinn Fru

China isn’t the second space-faring nation to land there. Soviet Union landed there 1971 with Mars 3 robotic probe.


Exactly. Western media deliberately ignore this, and the rest of the world, including Russian media, just blindly repeat western MSM bs as usual.

bored muslim

Hamas is known to have a Space Program too, after recent events.

Arch Bungle

Hamas is the next SpaceX and Ismail Haniyah is a Palestinian Elon Musk!

Arch Bungle

The Future Has Landed.


Looking for ancient life is the interesting part for me, let’s see if they will confirm there was life on mars, that is a threat to the established world order


Excellent news

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