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China Announces Development of New Strategic Bomber

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China has started to develop the H-20 long-range bomber.

China Announces Development of New Strategic Bomber

Photo: mil.shijiemil.com

China really develops the H-20 long-range bomber, the Defense Aerospace information website reported, citing commander of the country’s Air Force, Ma Xiaotian.

Recently, the China Central Television showed a blueprint of the alleged bomber, which caused great interest among military.

According to the article, earlier, China has never constructed large-capacity and strategic long-range bombers. Only the H-6 (a licensed copy of the Soviet Tu-16), capable to carry nuclear missiles, have been in service in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). However, it was not a strategic bomber.

Reportedly, creating the H-20, designers plan to use the stealth technologies. The new bombers have already been compared with the American B-2.

According to the military authorities, the process of developing of the perspective next-generation aircraft will need about 10 years.

As an author of the article noted, China has favorable conditions for development of strategic bombers, as the country has accumulated experience in production of aircraft, including stealth fighter jets.

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putting the engines, inlet, and exhaust, on top is a smart way to go

Ole Johansen

Give better focus for the task and also less probability to get “shit in the fan” if you land or take off in a shitty runway


B2 and f117 have top inlet, for stealth it is ok, for flight preformace not so gut


I read that low observability is not that much of an advantage anylonger. If that is actually true, why are so many countries trying to develop low observability aircraft? Wouldn’t it be better to focus on speed and altitude as the primary defense?

Ole Johansen

A good question indeed. The latest Chinese Quantum Radar sees it all and in ten year Obamastan might have it as well.


That’s a bit like saying tyres never go flat anymore, why bother with a spare. It’s fairly easy to protect your country with stealth radar, but large scale detection in other countries would be expensive and take time.

So China and Russia can ring their countries to detect US bombers, but the US couldn’t protect the hundreds of bases it has in dozens of countries.

Wars are about money, if China can spend a billion dollars, that makes the US spend a trillion, eventually China will win.

Actually it’s going down right now, the US is engaged on multiple fronts and spending a fortune. Whilst Russia Iran and China spend just enough, to make the Americans spend more. This is a rerun of the collapse of the Soviet Union(including oil prices), with the USA doing the collapsing.

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