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China Advances In Europe As Unipolar World Collapsing Together With United States Political System

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China Advances In Europe As Unipolar World Collapsing Together With United States Political System

Screen displaying Chinese President Xi Jinping, and European Leaders as they announce the successful deal. Click to see full-size image. Johanna Geron/Pool via AP

You can read this article in German. LINK

On December 30th, the EU and China approved a comprehensive investment agreement, despite a request for talks on the issue by the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron joined EU leaders Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel in a video conference to conclude negotiations over the deal, which removes a number of barriers to European companies’ investment in China.

This deal was years in the making, and the US was apparently entirely left out.

Negotiations had repeatedly stalled since they began in 2013.

According to reports, Chinese negotiators had a sense of urgency after Biden was elected and attempted to close it, successfully as it seems.

The deal is a diplomatic victory for Beijing and a domestic one for President Xi Jinping.

In Washington, it will be seen as a snub to the incoming Biden administration, which urged the EU to wait.

“Before President Biden has even taken the oath of office, the well has been a bit poisoned in transatlantic relations,” said Theresa Fallon, director of the Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies, a think tank in Brussels.

The deal has also been criticized by politicians in Europe because of concerns over forced labor and other human rights abuses in China, and for preempting any discussions with the Biden administration on a joint approach to Beijing.

“After four years of the Trump administration, which characterized the EU as ‘worse than China,’ there is a growing anti-American sentiment” among EU leadership, Fallon said, “meaning ‘we don’t want to do what the U.S. says.’ “

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying tweeted that the agreement “demonstrates China’s determination and confidence to advance toward a higher level of opening up.”

The main focuses of the deal are the following:

  • Provide for new opportunities and improved conditions for access to the EU and Chinese markets for Chinese and EU investors (more specifically, broadening the EU investors’ access to the Chinese market by eliminating quantitative restrictions, equity caps, or joint venture requirements);
  • Address key challenges of the regulatory environment, including those related to transparency, predictability, and legal certainty of the investment environment (with reference to the Chinese market, by allowing EU investors to have access to information affecting their business, but also giving them opportunity to comment on relevant laws and regulations, as well as ensuring clear, fair, and transparent procedures);
  • Establish guarantees regarding the treatment of EU investors in China and of Chinese investors in the EU, including protection against unfair and inequitable treatment, unlawful discrimination, and unhindered transfer of capital and payments linked to an investment;
  • Ensure a level playing field by pursuing, inter alia, non-discrimination as a general principle subject to a limited number of clearly defined situations;
  • Support to sustainable development initiatives by encouraging responsible investment and promoting core environmental and labour standards;
  • Allow for the effective enforcement of commitments through investment dispute settlement mechanisms available to the contracting Parties and to investors.

Outspoken Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt has warned the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment will not be ratified by the European Parliament.

He wrote on Twitter:

“Arrests again show that China is not becoming more open & democratic as a result of international agreements. EP [European Parliament] will never ratify the China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment without commitments & proof that the human rights of Hong Kongers, Uyghurs & Tibetans improve.”

It is unlikely that the deal will not pass, and it being negotiated between China and EU’s leadership is showing that the internal strife in the US and the uncertain policy – both internal and international, are a chance for the development of a more multipolar global system.

China Advances In Europe As Unipolar World Collapsing Together With United States Political System


The United States’ censorship, and questionable developments in the last few weeks are creating conditions for the further fracturing of the “Western world”, and the increasing influence of “alternative centers of power” such as China.

Turkey’s unilateral activity that began in 2019 and is continuing is evidenced of that, a NATO founding member, purchasing military equipment from Russia, and generally following its own agenda in a clear fracture.

Furthermore, recently the US officially abandoned the One China Policy, under the Trump administration.

On January 9th, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that he’s now lifting “self-imposed restrictions” on the relationship between the United States and Taiwan. He announced in an official statement:

“Today I am announcing that I am lifting all of these self-imposed restrictions. Executive branch agencies should consider all “contact guidelines” regarding relations with Taiwan previously issued by the Department of State under authorities delegated to the Secretary of State to be null and void.”

This is likely to cause further strain, since no country in the EU openly opposes or even comments on China in regard to Taiwan.

The United States influence is currently waning, partially due to the global economic crisis and the shift of the global balance of power. At the same time, what little faith of globalists there was left in Joe Biden salvaging the situation appears to be also vanishing, and as such a chance appears for China, and even Russia to move forward and fill the gap on the global scene.


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Decoupling of EU from US will continue in Biden’s mandate and affect directly NATO as well.
Time is running out for haters of Russia, Iran and China to start their war.
China is winner in this period of pandemic stunt – “great reset”
US will be kicked from the scene as relevant global power soon enough and some big changes will follow.
…we are entering era of deep crisis and very troubled times.


What happens,when for decades blackmailing each and every country,now they blackmail their supposed to be allie existing government,its like nobody cares,nor even bothers to do anything.


“What happens,when for decades blackmailing each and every country,now they blackmail their supposed to be allie existing government”

(system is falling apart ! )DUCK and COVER!comment image

Zionism = EVIL

You know as I and many other grown ups have been posting for years, the stupid dumbarse Americunt arseholes and their evil Jew masters and their hubris brought the rise of China and now it is in full turbo drive.The world is now in a 500 year transformation and the Americunts arseholes squandered their future by Jew fanned wars needlessly and blind arrogance. I never liked the dumbass morons, but feel pity towards the ignorant scum. China’s rise is largely due to Jew Bilderber greed and the haste to outsource to cheap labor and on a geo-strategic realm, the idiotic quest for “full spectrum dominance’. The arseholes forgot that the Americunt shithole is a poverty stricken cesspool of racism and violence.

comment image

Peter Moy

Am I the only one to notice that many US military veterans like to sleep outside? I guess old habits are hard to break.

Zionism = EVIL

They recruit the most racist illiterate trash and use them like condoms in Jew fanned wars which the stupidcunts lose and commit war crimes and then die on the streets. Now over a million live under bridges and beggars everywhere.

comment image

Rhodium 10

Jews Bankers ( FED) dont mind the fate of US citizens…they only boost the print machine of dollars to use it in the Global Payments (through US plataforms using Dollar like Pay Pal, Visa, Master card..etc..) to trade goods between the world and China once the use of petrodollar is being compromissed!..thats why they expelled Trump and put Biden to avoid a trade conflict and improve relations USA& China..otherwise China as the largest world producer could require in the future the Yuan, Digital Yuan Cryptocurrency and Petro Yuan…which means the end of US dominance.


Its the same in the UK as well, as well as seeking shelter in prisons :)


Frankly, the US is fucked.

Peter Moy

I concur. It is no surprise that the public education system has such low standards and that the media is mainly in the business of brainwashing the minds of its audiences. Ignorant, uniformed, misinformed, naive and gullible people are easier to control. It also has to do with history of the US which in part forms the mindset of many of the politicians and the population. The US has never been almost or totally destroyed by a foreign enemy along the killing of 100,000s or millions of its people. So most people in the country have no first-hand experience of mass death, destruction, misery and terror and its effects. This makes it easier to not have any understanding of war in other countries. It gives a false sense of superiority and arrogance . Current conditions in the world are slowly changing this way of thinking, even for the most ignorant. I am still amazed that many foreign politicians and people are still enamored by the US and see it as “the beacon on the hill” or “the land of limitless opportunity.” As the saying goes: ignorance is bliss.


If I may be bold to be completely Frank, Mr. Moy, you are an intelligent person. The average American is just dumbed down clod.

Peter Moy

Viel Danke fuer das Kommentar. I try not to epitomize the stereotypical American chest thumping, loudmouth lout embarrassment you may encounter outside of the US. Having traveled to a few countries (Germany, Austria, Canada, Jamaica and China) has taught me to behave correctly, not attract any unwanted attention and actually learn something about the destination and the language/culture/customs. One quick case I witnessed while in a foreign country: the location is a small cafe in Vienna in 2016. There was an idiot arguing with one of the waitstaff concerning the fee of 1 euro for use of the “Klo” (Viennese word for a toilet or WC=water closet). He really got into the face of the employee. I could tell by his English that he wasn’t a Briton, Australian, New Zealander but hopefully a Canadian. My hopes were crushed as soon as this mutt said “y’all” which is a sure sign of a low life ignoramus from back in the States. The manager finally came out and relented by letting this certified moron use the toilet without paying. A few seconds later I heard a guy at the table next to me say in a loud tone “TYPISCHE AMI ARSCHLOCH!” He looked like a well-fed, well lubricated (with alcohol) boisterous German – what the Austrians refer to as a ” Piefke” – who is tolerated but not really welcome, but that’s another story. C’est la vie comrades.


Funnily enough, I was at a supermarket checkout today and the 60+ lady on the tills said that she was shortly to get the vaccine. I askes which one and she dod not know. I said that The phizer and moderna vaccines were a new concept that had not even been tested on animals and a number of those who had had the vaccine, suffered from allergic reactions that in a few cases resulted in death.

I said that the more traditional Oxford vaccine is of a well tested format

John Brown

People in the USSA will very soon have first-hand experience of mass death, destruction, misery and terror and its effects.

As the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic Slave empire dictatorship will be going for Zio Yagoda, Stalin part 2 where they murdered 66 million Soviets. I expect the bloodbath body count to double the 66 million number in the USSA at the minimum.

With their Reichstag DC capital false flag I see the Soros Rothchild Biden regime already wants to pass some purge type Zio Bolshevik Juedo Nazi laws first thing making descent illegal, compiling lists, taking away rights, preparing special detention Gulag prisons etc.

Arch Bungle

and israel shortly after.

Albert Pike

Why – Israel has also England, Germany and Russia – and biting big time into China…


Not to mention the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy…

Arch Bungle

None of Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy are going to rush forces into the middle east in the way the USA has for more than 70 years.

None of them have the capability to project sustained military power in defense of israel.

What they might do is force israel to reach an equitable agreement with Hezbollah and the PLO, realising that they cannot take the place of the USA in protecting israel.

However, any FAIR peace agreement with the PLO is a death sentence to israel as it can only exist as a jewish state while it oppresses the aspirations of Palestinian nationhood.


If I may add to your analysis, there we have the Russian dilemma,2,5 millions (less or more) Russian citizens living in Israel- dubbel passports- which Russia don’t want them to return to Russia,

Fog of War

” Russia don’t want them to return to Russia, ”
This is very simple to accomplish. Just eliminate the concept of duel citizenship. Whats stopping Russia from doing this logical move ?

Arch Bungle

It’s not that simple. Eliminating dual citizenship will affect cross national married women and children who come from one Russian parent.

Also I am not aware of dual citizenship treaties with israel, only Tajikistan and Turmenistan:

“Dual nationality and citizenship treaties Restricted dual nationality is permitted in Russia with treaty countries. However, Russian authorities will only recognise Russian nationality under the law, exceptions provided to those who hold nationality of one of those countries in which a treaty is in force which deals with the issue.

The following international treaties contain rules related to dual citizenship:

Treaty between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan (1995)
Treaty between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkmenistan (1993), the current status of which is in dispute
The Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Security between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia,[13] signed December 29, 1991, grants the right to acquire citizenship of both Russia and Armenia to the citizens of Russia and Armenia.

As the Russian Federation is the successor state to the Soviet Union, some Soviet treaties on dual citizenship are still in force. For this reason, the Convention on the Nationality of Married Women is in force.”

Arch Bungle

These must be old immigrants from the USSR. Russian law was ammended in 2002 to make dual citizenship much harder if not impossible.

Arch Bungle

I forgot to add: China would not have a ‘dual citizen’ problem at all …

Arch Bungle

None of those first three are going to rush forces into the middle east in the way the USA has for more than 70 years.

None of them have the capability to project sustained military power in defense of israel, not even Russia.

The Chinese, as I have explained in detail on this site for years, do not care at all about the Jews or israel other than getting as much as possible in IP and markets as they can. Unlike the USA and Europe, the Han Chinese:

a) Have no cultural affinity for the israeli jew or shared history with the European jew.

b) Have no “white guilt” over the holocaust and will laugh in the face of the jew if he requests special privileges as he does in Europe and USA.

c) Have pure profit motive and will not do charity work for israel as the USA does sending billions in military aid each year

d) Will never send troops into the middle east to protect jew interests.

e) Will not sacrifice bigger more lucrative markets of other Arab countries for israel – so they will work to ensure they keep good relations with Arabs, unlike the US.

f) Unlike the US congress, filled with jews and israeli dual citizens, there are none in the Chinese CPC. Zionists have no control over the CPC.

SO, when the USA falls, israel sinks.

John Brown

a) Have no cultural affinity for the israeli jew or shared history with the European jew.

Wrong do you not know about the Sasoons and their Opium war and trade in China????

These Jews the Rothchilds of the east destroyed China which at the time was a first world country at the time and turned it into a third world shit hole.

The Chinese have not forgotten and want revenge.

f) Unlike the US congress, filled with jews and israeli dual citizens, there are none in the Chinese CPC. Zionists have no control over the CPC.

The CPC was created and funded by the Rothchilds as was the Russian CP and thw Nazis.

Arch Bungle

a) You don’t seem to understand the meaning of the word ‘affinity’. Get a bloody dictionary before you spout nonsense!

I know ALL about the Sassoon. The Opium ears are EXACTLY why the joos are jot trusted in China! And never will be!


b) The CPC is in no way controlled or organised, funded or managed or serves any interests of a Jewish entity.




..and unlike in the US (and Europe) the Jews are not able to blend into the Chinese population and pretend to be part of the herd while they practise their tribal sedition and undermine their host nation from within. Their usual modus operani simply won’t work.

Arch Bungle

Correct. A few pale slavic faces are going to stand out like sore thumb.

Further, sheer numbers:

The Communist party consists of almost 2 million members around a core State Council of about 50 members.

It is a meritocracy so people rise to the State Council by a series of qualifications, career progression and election over time.

You can’t buy or ‘influence’ your way into the central State Council.

Dual Citizens are not Allowed Either.

Trap Is Not Gay

You’re a paid shill.

China and Russia have nothing to do with YOUR masters.

Albert Pike

‘The true story of Chabad’s secret networks during the cold war in Mother Russia, and how these networks helped Judaism flourish after the wall came down.’

‘Morton Miller is a retired State Department intelligence analyst who formerly tracked sales to Beijing of other Israeli weapons, some of which also have involved illegal Israeli export of other sophisticated U.S. defense technology to China. He has told journalists that the close defense relationship between Israel and China dates back to the mid-1980s, and involves the transfer of “five billion dollars’ worth” of U.S.-made computers, high-tech electronics and advanced manufacturing equipment used to create long-range missiles, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
Ignoring these charges, the Israeli Ministry of Defense officially acknowledges that it is working with China to manufacture jointly an advanced fighter plane, but denies that any of the technology from the Lavi is used in the Chinese F-10. Nevertheless, IAI documents dating from 1985 credit the enormous role the Pentagon played in helping to build the Lavi, and acknowledge that “about 50 percent of the Lavi is built in the United States…The program is supported by the capabilities of no less than 120 American firms.” ‘

Arch Bungle

As mentioned earlier China will happily absorb all the IP israel is able to funnel in to it.

But nobody should imagine this is the same as allowing israel to manipulate the reigns of the State Council.

Trap Is Not Gay

China and Russia are NOT the USA.

Albert Pike is another PAID SHILL.

The job of paid shills is to falsely project USA problems onto China/Russia as it was also of China/Russia (lie).

Last year these paid shills were going after Russia (specially Putin), now the Jewish Pentagon has given the order and the paid shills are going after China.

As pathetic as people that buy that bullshit from paid shills like Albert Pike.


I used to think that eu were to be in limbo before usa,my wrong,not sure if it’s good or bad.

Fog of War

So now that China is the dominant economic power in the world it agrees to this term. How altruistic and nice of them.
” No more forced technology transfers & other distortive practices “

Arch Bungle

Never did China claim it was “altruistic” or “nice” of them.

The Chinese do not believe in charity or altruism.

They believe in mutually profitable business – and they make it clear.

There is no such thing as “forced technology transfer” – the CPC never held a gun to Uncle Sam’s head and forced him to hand over his IP. It was a trade.

The only forced technology transfer in modern history happened when the Americans conducted operation Paper Clip.

Arch Bungle

Xi Jin Ping makes world-changing deals and spends his life in service to the Chinese.

Trump, the so called “Deal Maker” makes no deals at all, and spends his life glorifying himself.

Trump writes “The Art of the Deal” but Xi writes “The Science of the Deal”.

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