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China Accused Of Carrying Out Large-Scale Cyber Attack On Israel Over 2019-2020

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China Accused Of Carrying Out Large-Scale Cyber Attack On Israel Over 2019-2020

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International cybersecurity company FireEye claimed that it had detected a coordinated cyberattack that hit dozens of Israeli government and private organizations.

The attack allegedly originated in China.

This report rides the wave of the July 19th announcements by governments in North America, Europe, and Asia and intragovernmental organizations, such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and the European Union, condemning widespread cyber espionage conducted on behalf of the Chinese Government.

“These coordinated statements attributing sustained cyber espionage activities to the Chinese Government corroborate our long-standing reporting on Chinese threat actor targeting of private companies, governments, and various organizations around the world, and this blog post shows yet another region where Chinese cyber espionage is active.”

“The activity detailed in this post demonstrates China’s consistent strategic interest in the Middle East. This cyber espionage activity is happening against the backdrop of China’s multi-billion-dollar investments related to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its interest in Israeli’s robust technology sector,” FireEye reported.

China Accused Of Carrying Out Large-Scale Cyber Attack On Israel Over 2019-2020

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  • Chinese companies have invested billions of dollars into Israeli technology startups, partnering or acquiring companies in strategic industries like semi-conductors and artificial intelligence.
  • As China’s BRI moves westward, its most important construction projects in Israel are the railway between Eilat and Ashdod, a private port at Ashdod, and the port of Haifa.

According to the company’s report, the Israeli targets included state bodies and as well as private organizations from the fields of shipping, high-tech, telecommunications, defense, academia and information technology.

By analyzing the hacking tools used and comparing them to similar attacks in the past, FireEye concluded that Chinese intel services and their Ministry of State Security was behind the attack.

As mentioned above, Sanaz Yashar, who led FireEye’s investigation into Israeli targets, said that one possible factor in the attacks is China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which is meant to create a continuous land and water route around the world for Chinese products.

This initiative “is connected with huge infrastructure projects in which China is involved, including in Israel, like ports or railroads,” she explained.

“Another Chinese interest in Israel is its technology sector,” Yashar said. “There are a lot of Israeli companies that are involved in the very fields at the core of Chinese interests, as reflected in their five-year plans.

“Their goal isn’t necessarily always to steal intellectual property; it’s possible that they’re actually looking for business information,” she added. “In the Chinese view, it’s legitimate to attack a company while negotiating with it, so they will know how to price the deal properly.

“When the Chinese do business, they don’t enter the contract with their eyes shut. They examine the other offers, the board of directors’ emails, correspondence among people, what the intrigues are and who the key people are.”

According to FireEye, the Chinese are most likely interested in know-how in fields such as cybersecurity, renewable energy, agricultural technologies and 5G communications.

“Anyone who does business with China also interests them,” she added.

The hackers mainly took email correspondence and documents, Yashar said.

“This attacker was specifically interested in emails, vacuuming up huge quantities of emails. We see that immediately after entering, they mapped the network and looked for document and email servers.”

This is the first case of an alleged large-scale Chinese cyberattack on Israel, and it took place 2019-2020. In short, it allegedly exploited loopholes in servers and was aimed at stealing tech and business intelligence. It was aimed at various Israel state and private Israeli organization, including defense ones.


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Ivan Freely

How can anyone believe this after what Snowden has revealed? Didn’t Snowden say there are computer programs that will make it look like that someone else launched an attack?


MARBLE… Is the name of the zio terrorist western program used to deflect blame from them

ff ff

someone said USA did it? So the someone that says China did it must be wrong… GOOD POINT!!

Bobby Twoshoes

Nobody said the USA did it. Nobody said China didn’t do it. Do you even have a point?

Rodney Loder.

Yes, ! well humm – these dirty jew maggots will have to choose between the US or Chinese development partners or not even Biden let alone Trump will love them any more, the West can’t do without China and the US cant do without Germany, if the US tries to balance the books it will be a first time ever in recent history.
Now, ! humm – the main difference between then, post WW2 epoc, and now is that the Freemason jew maggots haven’t got me Jesus Christ as their inevitable frontman. The Freemason swine have failed, all praise be to Allah (swt).

World will be a better place without religion

I am a free man not ruled buy religion..
Best thing ever wich a human can have..
Freedom from religious leaders…
No Muslim
No Christianity
No Hindu..
You Don’t need a religion to believe In God….
No religious leaders…
Nothing to rule me….
But I do believe that God is real.

Arch Bungle

Why is Jewdiasm missing from your list?

World will be a better place without religion

In relation to freemason…
Freemason they build the modern civilization…
Just to let you know…
They are the creators everything you call commodity and love.
With out them we will be still riding horses and killing each other like animals…

Diaper Hasbara dan

So true. The world is sick of Jew maggots and their crimes.

Arch Bungle

Once the Chinese are done funneling out all the American IP from ‘israel’ they will discard the empty shell and leave the carcass to rot.

Richard Marion

Keep the crosshairs on russia and china.

World will be a better place without religion

China has stollen information from Western civilization from 30 years. All short of information millitary and non millitary…
But now it gets harder and harder for China to steal information,due to technology ban on Chinese equipment across the Western world..
Soon everything wich comes from China in matter of Electronical and Electrical equipment will be banned from use in Western world or it will be scanned and scrutinised to the last detail.

Diaper Hasbara dan

The Chinese are fed up with Zionist parasites, like most humans LOL


For decades Israel has systematically spied on US officials, military and key industries – US agencies monitor this this, but US officials are publicly very quiet about any of it. So China spying on Israel is effectively an open backdoor into same range of US sectors. If US is too politically weak and corrupted to pull Israeli spying networks under control, then US will pay much bigger price, as their already stolen sensitive data flows can simply be targeted in third party Israeli servers (that may be far less secure).

Last edited 1 month ago by AlphaBravoCharlie
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