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JUNE 2023

Children’s Crusade: Russian Neo-Liberal Opposition Mobilizes Minors For Anti-Government Protests

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Children's Crusade: Russian Neo-Liberal Opposition Mobilizes Minors For Anti-Government Protests

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On the morning of January 23rd, the neo-liberal, pro-Western opposition in Russia launched protests demanding the release of its formal leader, Alexey Navalny, from the detention and seeking to pressure the government for setbacks in its foreign and internal policies. 

In the beginning of the day, they were focused in Russia’s Far East, while later protests are expected to gain more strength in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

A few photos from Moscow where police forces are preparing to contain provocations:

Police detain violent protesters in Moscow:

As it was expected the protests in regions, so far, have a relatively small turnout, as the videos from throughout show.

There is a livestream of what is taking place in Tomsk, for example:

It is expected to have a much bigger turnout in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, because the core supporters of the Russian-based pro-Western and neo-liberal opposition are focused in these two cities.

Despite the low turnout, there are obvious attempts at provocations and staged violence. The numbers of detentions are quite low and they are mostly due to individuals attempting to provoke violence or attempting to organize an unsanctioned protest.

This is all taking place while MSM is presenting the protests as a sort of “revolution” in Russia.

Attempt to cause some violence in Vladivistok:

Even the Polish-controlled propaganda network, Nexta Live, which was quite active in attempting to drive the protests in Belarus is reporting on the matter, trying to call for “breakthrough.”

“Mass protests against the illegal detention of Alexei Navalny will be held today in Russia

His investigative film about the main corrupt official in Russia – Vladimir Putin – has collected over 60 million views in just a few days! Most Russians had no doubts that impunity for the authorities could no longer be tolerated. Today all of Russia will take to the streets to say to the authorities their loud “NO!”,” Nexta Live reported.

There is also a video of a police officer speaking to children, since a tool of the neo-liberal opposition in Russia is to use TikTok, Twitter and other social media to attempt and rally 14–16-year-old children to take part in the protests and stage violent provocations.

Children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova said that in Vladivostok children were used as a human shield by protesters that were attacking Police.

“Now I know everything about human meanness. Vladivostok. Children are a living chain. Because of their backs, adults throw traffic cones at the riot police and hide again. Who are these people? Are they people?” she wrote on Facebook.

A police officer convinces minors to leave the protest event:

Another group of ‘Navalny supporters’. A boy says that he is 12yo.

In some cases, the videos also show that there are actually more journalists, bystanders and police officers than actual protests.

In response to attempting to recruit children, stage violent provocations and provoke violent protests, the Russian Investigative Committee and the Supreme Court generally supported an idea of the recently proposed bill to punish the inflicting of children and adolescents in illegal protests.

The document prepared by Russian MP  Yevgeny Marchenko proposes to introduce instead of administrative criminal liability in the form of imprisonment for up to five years for involving minors in illegal rallies and up to ten years for inciting them to organization of mass riots.

“The draft law is conceptually supported,” the Investigative Committee response says. The Supreme Court added that there is a “remark of a legal and technical nature” to the document. According to Marchenko, the bill is currently being considered by the government.

Essentially, fines for involving teenagers in illegal rallies were proposed to be replaced by prison terms. 

According to the current legislation, the involvement of minors in participation in unauthorized actions and processions is punishable by fines: for citizens – 50 thousand rubles, for officials – 100 thousand rubles.

Marchenko offers up to five years in prison as punishment for involving minors in illegal rallies and up to ten years in prison for persuading them to organize mass riots.

As the MP noted, not only adolescents themselves suffer because of these crimes, but also their families, parents and teachers: they are often the ones who bear administrative responsibility “for failure to fulfill their obligations to support and educate minors.”

The Russian neo-liberal opposition has once again demonstrated that it is ready to use any dirty tricks and even use children for its own political purposes. The leaders of these pro-Western groups are in fact not associate themselves with the Russian state and the Russian nation and use populist and anti-government rhetoric just as a tool of serving interests of their foreign sponsors as well as increasing their own wealth.

All of these provocations, go hand in hand with a large-scale manipulation campaign in social media, with YouTube and other mainstream platforms artificially promoting pro-opposition content and trying to involve more and more people.

The Russian government’s response is such that it has signaled that no illegal activity involving minors and such provocation will be accepted and there would be active movements to punish the responsible persons. Nonetheless, the protests are unlikely to stop, and the attempts at stirring controversy will continue. Therefore, more active measures in the sphere of media politics and containing increasing destabilization attempts will be needed. It is, however, unclear if the Russian government is prepared to undertake any such steps.


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Lone Ranger

A single FOAB on the CIA HQ would end these types of BS World wide. It would also eliminate 90% of all terrorism


Welcome back, I thought you was trapped in Runet.


Frankly, Russia needs to get tougher like the Iranians. A supply convoy of the American A$$holes has just been hit in Iraq and rockets landing at their “embassy”. That is the only language they understand. They have been openly killing Russians and there has been no retaliation. That only encourages these criminals.

Johnny B. Allan

Iran should have fired one bullet against Israel just one bullet instead of 50000 airstrikes going unnoticed

Just Me

but, but BUTT hurt!




It is time for Russian government to sanction USA economy.


Russia has many tools of retaliation , just needs to grow a pair.


Like what, moving behing the great Chinese firewall?

Just Me

That is certainly one option :)

Harry Smith

Most of Russian authorities does not fully understand what internet is and how it is used. The firewall will be just another money washing project as most of Internet projects started by Russian government at last 10 years, at my point of view.


“Most of Russian authorities does not fully understand what internet is and how it is used.”

FFS… I ‘spose you think Russians live in mud hats too?

Harry Smith

I am Russian and live in Russia. Our govt literally f@cked up with tik-tok, YouTube and WhatsApp in the recent unrest.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Navalny trying to recruit kids for Bidet to choose from.

So that’s what his purpose is for.

AM Hants

They start with the children, time and time again, together with the education system. Before you know it, regime change script is fully operational. Look how easy it was to bring down the US. Funny how nobody even notices, let alone cares, till it is way too late. How is Navalny treated, compared to Julian Assange, who is incarcerated over in the UK and for what reason?


I want to know how Navalny is treated also cause if a single hair is moved, I see those children becoming heroes. Tik Tok tik tok tik…

Harry Smith

ROFL. Most of those children even doesn’t know why they are gathered.


It’s the spirit of youth. Probably they hate the cops.

Harry Smith

It’s spirit of stupidity. Protesters make less than 0.01% of total population. The hardiest work for police now is not to hurt them much.


All the protests started with a very few. I’m not saying this is the one but you can’t know the future.

Rhodium 10

Yeah surely!…but what about Belarus sunday protests?…from 100.000 to 0…


Most of the protests in the world do not change things. That doesn’t mean shouldn’t be tried. Well, scared politicians think they should :)

Harry Smith

Don’t dream it’s over. https://youtu.be/J9gKyRmic20


The life is a dream anyway :)

AM Hants

I see those children ending up used, abused and left on the scrap heap. Poor kids and most of them have mental health problems on top.


They look abused already, dressed as begars in the resource-richest country in the world, they will never see a golden toilet seat, ad their palatial president use in his modest mansion and his 100 billionaire friends.

AM Hants

Are you projecting Occupy? Or mistaking the kids of Ukraine with the above?


Soviets didn’r want to see the truth until it was too late. Russians didn’t learn anything from that, Ukrainians starred to see it. Different nations.


I hope you recover from your drug-induced fantasies.

Well… OK, I hope you don’t recover. Karma is a bitch.


And what else you wish to happen with me? :)

AM Hants

Ukrainians started to see it?????

Riddle me this, how many nations that came out of the Soviet Union (remember the 15 member nations), went on to become nuclear triad, super power nations, with over $600 billion in currency and gold reserves and in control of their own natural resources?

How many nations, including Ukraine, that came out of the Soviet Union, relied on professional victim status and a begging bowl?

How many nations that came out of the Soviet Union, ran straight to the Soviet EU, with professional victim status, and begging bowl? Nations, whinging about how bad Russia were. Remember Russia was overthrown by the Bolsheviks, back in 1917 and yet, you never hear the Russians complaining, or wearing the professional victim cloak of self pity, whilst expecting others to bail them out.

So why did so many nations from the Soviet Union, leg it over to Soviet EU, which is run on exactly the same ideology as the old Bolshevik Soviet Union? Funny that.


Russia has the most natural resources in the world, but when I look at those protestors they are as poorly dressed as Ukrainians. Most likely Russia keeps ita gold reserves in Putin’s toilet seats. Please shirten your Siviet style discourse, they don’t feed the children and in Capitalism the time is limited.

AM Hants



Ms. Hants, they started doing it here in Iran too. I hope Iranian security apparatus are busy studying development in Russia right now because we’ll have the same situation in a few months, for the presidential elections.

Recently I noticed strange ads in smartphone games, the 3 ones I saw showed “Dome of the Rock”, the occupying regime flag and Knesset as background with the title “We recruit intelligence officers and agents with huge salary and good benefits” in Persian. These are Google ads.

Luckily they spent and burnt their massive network of provocateurs to hijack gasoline price protests. That network (mostly tattooed thugs) is totally defused and they are desperately trying to create a new one. If anything, hiring children is a sure sign of desperation.

AM Hants

Good luck and all the best with your elections. Funny how they never change the script and we fall for it time and time again. Well, the masses do not even notice and the rest of us are hoarse from screaming the obvious.

Well done for noticing the ads in the Smartphone games.


Thank you.

In the past they used women to hide behind because our anti-riot police wouldn’t hurt women, 2 years ago all their units had a woman as ring leader and 3-5 huge guys to do other tasks. But the police did two things. First they gathered intel on all the “goon” types in all cities and arrested so many of them (there are always enough reason to arrest this type) and second, they formed all-female and mixed anti-riot brigades, so hiding behind women won’t work anymore. That should be one of the reasons they are working on teenagers and children.

AM Hants

They still use the same scripts time and time again, but, it is interesting when you see it all broken down in writing. I remember watching the Putin Crimea Documentary, which is a must view, in if only watched in sections. When they explained about the tactics used with regards public protest. Including staging events at public/state buildings and it all being scripted, with the weakest members of society so blatantly used. Whilst those that instigate it all are well protected. In fact, I think I will watch the video again, whilst doing the ironing, later on.

No matter what nation, the regime change script, always runs exactly the same, as can be witnessed over in the US.

Once again, I wish Iran all the best and hope your nations stays safe. Good luck and take care.


I’d appreciate if you post the link to the Crimea documentary. There are a few, I don’t know which one you are talking about. Thank you in advance.

AM Hants

EXCLUSIVE: The famous Russian documentary on Crimea with Putin FINALLY with SUBS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mw4Y9jRwCQ

Hope this helps.

Ralph London

Thought you might like this AM: I think you meant to say Pharma Bill. Old McPharma had a farm, e i e i o, and the sheep lined up to take his jab, e i e i o, with a jab jab here and a jab jab there, here a jab, there a jab, everywhere a jab jab, old McPharma had a farm, e i e i o.

AM Hants

Chuckling to myself and nice one.


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Review by Paul Craig Roberts https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2014/11/22/27588/

Veritas Radio – Mike King – Hour 1 of 2 – The War Against Putin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQhLZO0fEb0

Crimea is discussed at around 19:00+

Mike King refers to it as the ‘The Immaculate Invasion’ which he summarises in his book (in bullet form)

• Killed in Action: 0 • Injured: 0 • Taken Prisoner: 0 • Shots fired: 0 • Snowballs thrown: 0 • Russian Troops invading Crimea: 0

‘The War Against Putin’ – Mike King – PDF See chapter 18 https://archive.org/details/war-against-putin/page/1/mode/2up


Thank you.

Davide Herzog

You are too weak . In Italy and in Europe , as you can see on youtube, police beat to blood and shot death women and children . And they are right . This is a war . In a war there are no rules and everybody go fighting perfectly knows he can be killed , child , girl , old women or old men or pregnant . In a war in which you fight without any official war declaration and without any uniform you are a simply terrorist and no international convention can be applied .

Lost Empire

Russian governement should not hesitate in hitting hard those that use minors to foment rivoltes against the state. But they shoudn’t have any scrupols in hitting hard especially the real istigators

Just Me

Putin’s western partners are not really helpful lol.

johnny rotten

WTF!!! there were more protesters in Moscow than voters for Biden in the last presidential election.


Just put Navalny on the next flight to Nazi Germany or Reich HQ in Washington and throw out of the Country any Western NGOs if there are any still there,job done.

Fog of War

” and throw out of the Country any Western NGOs ”

Would make total sense, yet Putin sits on his hands.


More mass arrests,blacklisted no onw will give these fools loans nor credit cards,they will remain the uterr most pheasants,without a clue to develop in the real world,but atleast biden may eat them!


They can move to their dream countries of Poland, Lithuania or Germany and live on social benefits.

He who laughs last laughs best

Incredible how if these people were Trump supporter, the media would call them “terrorists”.

Harry Smith

The revolution ended because mom said to be at home before 8 pm.

John Brown

The solution,

big fines for any internet provider or NGO or individual caught being used or acting to recruit children or youths below the voting age for protests, much bigger fines for violent protests especially.

Also fine the funding organizers and if the same organizations or individuals are caught doing this more than 3 times, charge them with child abuse and terrorism, with huge fines especially for the likes of Google, Face Book, Apple, Microsoft and Twitter etc., in the billions of dollars and ban them from the Russian internet, if they don’t pay the massive fines.

If it’s a foreign NGO or any organization or individual funded by a foreign NGO or any foreign funding at all, criminal charges with up to life time prison sentences and up to 1 billion dollars plus fines.

Also any foreign NGO or organization funded by a foreign NGO or any foreign funding at all recruiting for any protests what so ever, huge fines, criminal charges of terrorism, attempting a coup etc., with up to life time prison sentences and up to 1 billion dollars plus fines.

Russian democracy and democratic rights are for Russian citizens like any democratic country, not for foreigners like the CIA, NSA, Mossad or George Soros etc.or any global gigacorp

Every country in the world should have such laws.


Why hide when you can show off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3RBXJEFFPs

Albert Pike

It’s always the Know-Nothings, which get mobilized for the agenda of the superrich, usually under the pretext to fight corruption, or to make the world a better place, like Greta-Style ‘safe the climate’. Then Rothschild steps in and gives her a ride in one of his luxery sailing boots – and Know-Nothings chear her up. Nothing else is happening right now with the Navalny Rothschild stunt. Only thing which one has to ask oneself is, why did the Russian government allow that Navavalny, as a person being under probation, was flown out of the country to Germany – were he then prepared his anti Putin propaganda movie? They should have known what’s coming…


Apropos Greta, did you read – it was released in a French paper – she allegedly is the granddaughter of Soros, incestuously conceived from a brother-sister-relationship? It might be mere gossip, but as you know, in these circles incest is not at all unlikely. Or to create a protected, prestigeousrole for a family member. – Maybe I can retrace the link.



Greta Thunberg est la petite fille du milliardaire Georges Soros …

von Yahoo


je fait mon enquête…—–Vous pouvez soutenir la chaîne GRATUITEMENT en regardant une publicité ici (…





Do Photos Show Greta Thunberg with George Soros, ISIS, and the ‘Antifa …

von Yahoo


Photographs shared widely in September 2019 showed Greta Thunberg posing with George Soros and a member of Isis and “aligning herself” with Antifa.


ps II, there are many sites on the subject; as I know you are quick to find contents by yourself, I don’t copy them all.

cechas vodobenikov

many teens have an idealistic rebelliousness; rebelling against is different than rebelling for a program change Navalny displays a narcissistic craving for attention; if some teenagers wish to give him some then jens, bacon. titz can join them—maybe find a friend

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