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Child Killed In Intense Turkish Shelling On Northern Raqqa (Videos)

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On October 16, the Turkish military and its proxies shelled several areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the northern Raqqa countryside.

The intense Turkish shelling targeted the town of Ain Issa, a nearby refugee camp as well as the towns of Abu Surah, Hushan and al-Khalediyah. A base of the Russian Military Police and a series of positions of the Syrian Arab Army are located in the region.

According to the Hawar News Agency, the artillery strikes claimed the life of 13-year old Hatem Hazem. Several other people were reportedly injured.

Turkish combat drones were spotted flying over Ain Issa and its outskirt after the artillery strikes. Turkish forces may renew their strikes on the region within a few hours.

The artillery strikes on northern Raqqa are a blatant violation of Turkey’s own agreements with the U.S. and Russia on northeastern Syria.

Turkish forces may be planning to launch a new attack in northeastern Syria. Such a move will further destabilize the region, which is already witnessing a humanitarian crisis and increasing attacks by ISIS terrorists.


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Jens Holm

Something is wrong with the Turkish shelling if only one child is killed. A bullet only would support the Turkish lira better:(

Jens Holm

You probatly is his lover there too:)

Khazarian II (merchant)

Thats very racist and anti-semitic comment. People must see how we opressed and being victim of racism :(



Muslims are completely simple minded …

First-the enemy of my enemy is my ally

Second-anyone who is deemed an enemy MUST BE a ‘Hidden’ Jew or Zionist

Can you do 15 minutes? LMAO



Israel and Turkey have never been in a war, so what’s your point? ofcourse we can and should work together. You Iranians think you own the ME, it’s all good till you have an enemy who is not scared of you. Where is Nasrallah promises?

Furkan Sahin

you know Lebanon has an election until 2022 I think a party that supports Hezbollah wins lol


It’s their choice.

Furkan Sahin

yeah know


Stupid … YOU can’t turn this around bro … lol

YOU didn’t even know that’s possible?

I rest my case


Children being killed ? It’s a ‘shundah’

Muslims are having kids …. what else is a woman good for?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Here’s a question for everyone, why do the Turks only ever attack areas where the Russian personnel and bases are located, and never ever attack any of the areas that US personnel or bases are present, it’s becoming increasingly more obvious this is the actual case, so why is it so.
And is Turkey following Russia everywhere Russia goes,
It seems everywhere Russia has an interest Turkey seems to have an opposing interest, so why is that the case.
Erdogan has just sat down with the Ukrainian president to discuss strengthening ties between the 2 countries and Azerbaijan was discussed,

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky met President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the Turkish capital on Oct. 16 to discuss matters ranging from defense and trade cooperation to bilateral, regional, and international issues, including the Karabakh crisis.
The joint production of the AN-178 aircraft by Ukrainian manufacturer Antonov and Turkish aviation firms was also on the agenda.
Erdoğan previously met Zelensky in Ukraine’s capital Kiev in February.
Under an agreement signed during the visit, Turkey pledged to provide 205 million liras ($25.8 million) to help Ukraine meet its military needs.”


Erdogan is obviously splashed with cash right now and that’s despite the fact his economy isn’t doing that well, it’s not doing badly but it’s also not doing well enough to be splashing all this cash all around the middle east, eastern Europe, and Africa the way he is.
So where’s he getting all this money to pay for all the mercenaries vehicles and equipment he supplies to anyone who wants them. He’s currently beefing up his own military while at the same time he’s beefing up the militaries of at least 4 other countries/regions/opposition groups in, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Azerbaijan, and he’s beefing up his own military in Iraqi Kurdistan and helping the Ukrainians too, so where does all that money come from.
Some might think of the usual suspects, the US, Israel, and some of the EU countries that usually like to meddle in international affairs and who are always more than happy to be on the opposite side of Russian interests, but I’m not, the people I actually suspect of providing the funds for the anti Russian subversion that Erdogan currently seems to be engaged in, is the Muslim Brotherhood.
They’re the common denominator that can include the interests of all 6 countries involved, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Azerbaijan [I’m excluding Ukraine here], and Turkey, none of the other parties like the US, Israel, EU countries, have interests in all 5 countries that conflict is taking place, but Russia and the Muslim Brotherhood do have interests in all those countries, hence I say the Muslim Brotherhood is the common denominator.
There’s and old saying I like [I love them all], “actions speak louder than words”, and when you apply that to the Russian Turkish relationship concerning Syria, Libya, and Azerbaijan, I can’t help thinking it appears they’re more likely engaged in a power struggle, and not engaged in a bout of friendly mutually beneficial international cooperation, but what do I know, maybe geopolitics is way beyond my comprehension, I’m possibly just looking at it the wrong way, snigger.

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