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MARCH 2021

Child Killed In Intense Turkish Shelling On Northern Raqqa (Videos)


On October 16, the Turkish military and its proxies shelled several areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the northern Raqqa countryside.

The intense Turkish shelling targeted the town of Ain Issa, a nearby refugee camp as well as the towns of Abu Surah, Hushan and al-Khalediyah. A base of the Russian Military Police and a series of positions of the Syrian Arab Army are located in the region.

According to the Hawar News Agency, the artillery strikes claimed the life of 13-year old Hatem Hazem. Several other people were reportedly injured.

Turkish combat drones were spotted flying over Ain Issa and its outskirt after the artillery strikes. Turkish forces may renew their strikes on the region within a few hours.

The artillery strikes on northern Raqqa are a blatant violation of Turkey’s own agreements with the U.S. and Russia on northeastern Syria.

Turkish forces may be planning to launch a new attack in northeastern Syria. Such a move will further destabilize the region, which is already witnessing a humanitarian crisis and increasing attacks by ISIS terrorists.




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