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Check Your Spam Folder

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Dear friends, supporters and readers of SouthFront,

We would like to inform you that letters from SF are often moved to spam folders or are simply blocked.

Please consider to check your spam folder when waiting for letters from SF.

In case when you have no response from SF Team during 24 hours, please, write to us again, and we will find the way to contact you.

Our friends and our audience are the top priority for our Team. Only thanks to you we will be able to continue our activities.

Yours sincerely,

SF Team

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US & EU are Zion slaves

SF, give me one example of your work that I can’t find by myself at RT, PressTV, or fuking Twitter.
Also, how many people do you even think know-how Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies work and where they should get it.
On top of all that, your bank account got blocked by Russian banks.


So your logic is – “fuking Twitter” is enough?

US & EU are Zion slaves

You are new or trolling, the amount of copy-pasted reports I have seen in SF makes me sick.

“So your logic is – “fuking Twitter” is enough?”
If you ignore RT and PressTV, that would still be a Yes.

What is wrong with you?
SF did more than copy-pasted reports from other news websites before. I understand them tho, the Russian banks block their account and they are banned from YT.
Yet, I can’t ignore the leak of well in these reports, I was comparing Tweets from people to SF “reports”.

Also, SF destroyed its community and you can see it. I have been in SF for a long time, I could say and a lot of people left, slowly. But when they added this new comment section, they killed it.

The matter of fact is SF is dying slowly.


why would adding a comment section “Kill it”


Dear “US & EU are Zion slaves”,

likely, we are dealing with those from RT interested in putting a spoke in the SF wheels.

Please, tell us what SF account in a Russian bank you are talking about? Have we really forgotten about our millions of rubles from GRU?!

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