Chaos In SDF-held Area: FSA Launches Series Of Hit And Run Attaacks Against US-backed Force (Videos)

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Chaos In SDF-held Area: FSA Launches Series Of Hit And Run Attaacks Against US-backed Force (Videos) 4.6666666666667 out of 5 based on 12 ratings. 12 user reviews.


Syrian opposition sources reported on October 15 that a new Free Syrian Army (FSA) group named “Qi’am” launched a series of hit and run attacks against the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) inside the SDF-held area.

Chaos In SDF-held Area: FSA Launches Series Of Hit And Run Attaacks Against US-backed Force (Videos)

So far Qi’am has claimed to kill 5 SDF fighters in a al-Hasakah governorate, the group even published videos of its operations on Facebook.

On October 11, Qi’am published its first video that showed its fighters killing a fighter of the SDF on a highway with a handgun equipped with silencer.

And on October 12, Qi’am released a video of its second operation, the video showed Qi’am fighters killing two other SDF fighters also with a handgun equipped with silencer on the same highway likely.

Qi’am latest video was published on October 14, the video showed a rocket – likely an RPG-7 projectile – hitting an unspecified object during night time. Qi’am claimed that 2 other SDF fighters were killed in this operation, and didn’t provide any future details.

The new FSA group didn’t announce its goals and principles yet. However, the group is clearly an Arabian anti-SDF movement. Many experts predicted previously that the SDF will face such threats in the near future.

The group is clearly a reaction to many SDF polices that targets Arabs in the SDF-held area. One of these polices was forcing children in Arabian areas to study in Kurdish language. As the SDF captures more Arab areas, and hosts more former ISIS fighters, it will likely face bigger threats in the near future.


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  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Well done. The Arabs and Christians and Turkmen and others need to liberate their ancestral home lands from the bigoted-Kurdish-supremacist.
    This is a war between indigenous rights and an army full of bigots who commit genocides such as the Armenian Genocide for the crime of simply not being born Kurdish.
    The Jews do the same thing to the Palestinians and Goyim’s across the board. It tell’s them to do it in the Talmud.

  • Rob

    This is the start of operation. This will go further and will takeout SDF YPG political leaders as well. I have mentioned few weeks ago that what SDF YPG are doing is not good for them. Dividing country is not in favour of Syrians. Stay together and live together. They should not listen to America, NATO and Israel.

    • Langaniso Mhlobo

      Mr.Rob you have steal my words out of my mind.But thank you.Kurds are really blind to think their can devide Arab world and rule.Being allowed to have own oil fields by Arabs have made them greedy for more oil and gas field.This is in favour of Americans to suck them like their suck Saudi Arabia.

  • BL

    The Sellout Kurds think it’s a joke when everyone keeps telling them that ALL of the people of the Middle East are united against their Zionist treachery. The region has already suffered enough at the hands of Israel, a second illegitimate, non-historical, fake state built on lies and through the force of foreign powers will not be allowed, no matter the cost.

  • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

    This has been an ongoing problem with the Kurds treating minority Arabs with disdain for their culture and religion. The SDF has been doing this for decades when they have the power in any region of late. Have warned people about the ongoing problems, was just a matter of time before it came to a boiling point.

  • Barba_Papa

    I’m not surprised. The YPG is way too liberal in its social policies for most Arabs, especially the rural areas that the SDF is conquering. Socially those Arabs were closer to ISIS and Al Qaida then they are to the YDF’s hardcore leftists policies. Expect more of these things to happen. Followed by increase YPG repression. Because as we all know, any organization that has the word Democratic in its name is usually anything but democratic.

    • Real Anti-Racist Action

      You are right. Even the Athenians who invented true ‘direct-democracy’ never called themselves the Democratic-Athens.
      While they were a real Democracy, they never included it in their name. They were simply the Athenians which was the name of their ethnic-tribe and the name of their nation.

      • Solomon Krupacek

        And the real anti-racists never called themselves Action.

  • Денис Черкасов

    It is ordinary US policy, they create structures that will oppose their own allies. It is done for balance and for control. So SDF wouldn’t go off the leash. If SDF will be too cocky or won’t execute US orders, US will make problems for SDF with different means.

  • cortisol

    Is there any information on how many arab civilians have been ethnically cleansed in Raqqa by USA and their ilk?

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    USA/NATO and Israel Baptised FSA have realized that their losing Arab world to the Kurdish for the benefit of supremacists USA zionist Israel NATO.FSA use their own weapons against them.Keep on hit and run boom wakbar the American rubbish tool’s SDF.

  • χρηστος

    sdf is as Arab Kurd coalition…..lets not forget about that. many former terrorists switched uniforms and payroll and became sdf……now problems arise….i cant really be sure that its between arabs and Kurds for ethic reasons….these people are not common arabs that love their country…..they murdered, destroyed and threw Syria into chaoos for their personal goals….so i dont really believe that such actions have anything to do with patriotism ,just moneeeeey…..thats what all thse thieves care about. SDF came to their territory and they cant take money from the people anymore..nomore ‘taxes’ extortions, kidnappings…..sdf has the upper hand….thats the issue here…..