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Chaos In Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado As ISIS Threat Grows

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Chaos In Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado As ISIS Threat Grows

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The threat of ISIS in Mozambique’s northern Cabo Delagdo province continues to grow, as government forces are facing troubles with taking the situation under their control.

The terrorist group resumed its attacks in the province in March, capturing the village of Quissanga. The group even managed to temporarily seize the town of Mocimboa de Praia, which is located near a $60bn gas project led by France’s Total.

This month, ISIS pushed further, capturing the villages of Menquelewa and Muidumbe from government forces, which withdrew without showing any real resistance.

After their recent successes, the group’s fighters appeared in a new video, unmasked, vowing to establish their caliphate in the gas-rich province.

“We want everyone here to apply Islamic law,” a field commander said in the video that was taken in Mocimboa da Praia, according to AFP, adding “We don’t want a government from unbelievers, we want a government from Allah.”

The ISIS branch in Mozambique, known as the Islamic State in Central Africa Province (ISCAP), has been operating in Cabo Delagdo, since October 2017.

Government forces have failed to contain the terrorist group’s attacks in the province. Many locals are also suffering from of the strict measures being enforced by security forces.

On April 15, a bus taking workers to the nearby Afungi Peninsula, where Total’s gas project is taking place, came under fire on a road near the village of Palma. The bus was targeted by security forces by mistake after overtaking another vehicle on the road. No casualties were reported.

The situation in Cabo Delagdo could take a bad turn, if government forces fail to counter the ISIS expansion. The terrorist group’s fighters appear to be gaining more confident after their recent attacks which saw no real resistance from government forces.


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James Adams

Islam is cancer !!! Kick them and their Communist government out !!!

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