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JUNE 2023

Chaos In Idlib: Four Commanders Of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Assassinated Within One Week

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Chaos In Idlib: Four Commanders Of Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham Assassinated Within One Week

On October 27, Abu Abdul Rahman al-Muhajer, a commander of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), was killed after unknown gunmen opened fire on his car near Khan Shaykhun town in the southern Idlib countryside, according to Syrian opposition sources.

On the same day, another HTS commander, Abu Talha al-Urduni [Jordanian citizen] was also assassinated. An IED attached to Abu Talha car exploded near Maar Dibsah village in the eastern Idlib countryside killing him.

Syrian opposition activists said that both al-Muhajer and Abu Talha were against the Turkish intervention in Idlib governorate. The activists added that al-Muhajer was even against fighting ISIS in the northeastern Hama countryside.

Two more field commanders of HTS were assassinated back on October 23. The first one wass Mostafa Zuhri who was killed when an IED targeted his car near al-Dana town in the northern Idlib countryside.

Another commander was Abu Abd al-Rahman al-Hamawi. He was kidnaped and killed by unknown gunmen who ditched his body in his home town, Khan Shaykhun. Opposition activists said that al-Hamawi was a responsible for mortar divisions in HTS.

Opposition sources believe that Turkey is behind the assassinations because most of the commanders who were killed opposed the Turkish intervention in Syria, and openly called to fight the Turkish Army.

Back on October 25, Eurwat zinnia the son of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) former commander in Lebanon Jamal Zinnia “Abu Malek al-Talli” was also assassinated in Hizano village in the northern Idlib countryside. Eurwat’s father was also known for openly opposing the Turkish Army military operation in Idlib.

However, some opposition activists believe that other sides like the Syrian Intelligence, ISIS, Hezbollah, the CIA, the Russian Intelligence and even some Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups are also involved in these assassinations in order to counter HTS influence in Idlib governorate.

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When the safety and survival at risk money wouldn’t be enough to buy loyalty. How easy it was to simply died should tell that the assassination is done by insider.


Oooh, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of guys…… :-(

Roast in hell, you pigs!


Well said.


Gangsters falling out. Let them destroy each other and save precious bullets.


Hahahahaa! hilarious! ?

You can call me Al

Don’t be so heartless and keep the faith.

It should be “God this is Hahahahaa! hilarious! ?”.


Just love good news!

jim crowland

Please Trump stop the turks!! They want the ottoman empire back!

Ishyrion Av

Russia will stop the turks. Forever.


I doubt it was turkey. Spetsnaz has experience in this. No one has even heard of the Turkish counterpart to spetsnaz. They were probably part of the plot to overthrow erdogan, and purged.


I spoke in error.

Turkish special forces did not take part in the plot and it’s commander was not purged.

From wiki:

“Gen. Aksakallı has been serving as commander of the Special Forces Command since 2013. Aksakallı played a major role with his staff sergeant Sgt. Maj. Ömer Halisdemir in the prevention of the 2016 Turkish coup d’état attempt.”


The more plausible method is by converting HTS member. Such group while dubbed as jihadi extremist actually just a simple mercenary that will aligned themselves with the more agreeable sides by ideology if there’s multiple sides in a conflicts as well the more powerful ones if it isn’t possible.

Brother Ma

Turkey and russia getting rid of pricks.turkey for them going against them and possibly spilling the beans later at a trial and russia for payback: killing of russian generals and attack on military police.

The way this is going they will have a shortage of virgins in paradise!

You can call me Al

I would go for the other side, cleaning up the evidence.

Mauro Craizer

Idlibstan, rotting from inside. Bana’s “english teacher” al Hamdo will have FB live meltdown again!

Deo Cass

The most interesting information I found is that all of those assassinated are connected to the Khan Seikun gas attack and that they are being eliminated by secret servce agents of certain countries allied to the US to eliminate these potential important witnesses from revealing the countries which contracted them to carry out that heinous gas attack. Turkey, France, the UK and of course the padrino of them all, the US are being mentioned as the potential mandates of these targetted assassinations. Very possible I have to say!

You can call me Al

Yep, you beat me to it by a long way. I would bet a fiver on France, a tenner on my Country’s SAS.

Strange how the commanders are being knocked off suddenly – 9/10 in one week of different factions !!.


Intresting, what evidence do you have?


Jeez…looks like a lot of people would kill these men for many reasons.


What I think the ildib- hama countryside was sliced between Turks and Russians allready back in early October when meetings happened. This is end of HTS and some FSA groups who will join government troops sooner the later when big offensive happens. Turkey is there because of Kurds not to protect FSA or HTS.


This will cause a rift within HTS! Who will they blame? The Turks? The SAA? who? This will split them into sides who are FOR Turkey and sides that are AGAINST Turkey! HTS will implode on its own!

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