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JUNE 2023

Chaos In Hong Kong: Nearly 4,000 Petrol Bombs Discovered By Police And 1,100 Arrested As PolyU Siege Nears End

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Chaos In Hong Kong: Nearly 4,000 Petrol Bombs Discovered By Police And 1,100 Arrested As PolyU Siege Nears End

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On November 19th, Hong Kong police discovered 3,900 petrol bombs at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and arrested upwards 1,100 people.

The protests weren’t taking place only around the two university campuses, as rioters in other parts of the cities set fires and destroyed business, in what has become the norm of “peaceful protests.”

Speaking to reporters on November 19th, a police spokesperson said staff from CUHK and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) had reported theft of dangerous chemicals from their laboratories.

The stolen chemicals include “concentrated acid”, he said, adding that they were “ingredients for making petrol bombs.”

The police spokesperson also warned the chemicals were “highly corrosive and toxic” and close contact with them can lead to “long-lasting and even permanent nerve damage”.

“It’s alarming that universities in Hong Kong (have) turned into weapon factories,” he said.

“We appeal to students to mind their own safety and not come into contact with those dangerous items if found on campus or public place.”

“Regarding the standstill at (PolyU), the police have been searching for a peaceful resolution. Using force has always been the last resort in response to the violence of the rioters.”

Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority said 325 people, aged 15 to 66, were injured and sent to hospital. One is in critical condition.

PolyU, since November 17th had become a battleground between “peaceful protesters” and Hong Kong authorities, after thousands barricaded themselves in it and completely wrecked it.

Police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets in and around the campus, while protesters have thrown petrol bombs and bricks from makeshift sling-shots, and fired arrows from bows.


Many of the people in the campuses were underage, and police said they handed over their personal information to police and were then released.

On November 20th, there’s only a dozen protesters left at PolyU, with most just having left on their own volition.

A large “SOS” sign was laid out across an open courtyard, apparently intended to be viewed from above.

MSM even cited a protester calling himself “Ken,” who was overly dramatic of the situation.

“We will die because they don’t let me out,” he said. “Some people want to get out but they cannot. So we left this SOS.”

Despite police peacefully letting more than 1,000 leave without issue.

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam called for the protesters’ surrender on November 19th, adding that those over 18 would face rioting charges, but minors would not be arrested.

Separately, the US Senate unanimously passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act now goes to the House of Representatives, which earlier approved its own version of the measure. Thus, it’s likely that it will approve this one, as well.

The Senate passed a second bill, also unanimously, that would ban the export of tear gas, pepper spray, rubber-coated bullets and other munitions to Hong Kong’s police force.

China’s Foreign Ministry and the Hong Kong government condemned the legislation.

“(The bill) neglects facts and truth, applies double standards and blatantly interferes in Hong Kong’s internal affairs and China’s other internal affairs,” the Foreign Ministry said.

“We urge the U.S. to take immediate actions to prevent the bill from becoming law and to stop interfering with Chinese domestic matters,” China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters in Beijing.

The city’s government released a statement in which it expressed “deep regret” over the step, saying it will “harm the relations and common interests between Hong Kong and the U.S.”

Joshua Wong, a Hong Kong activist and front man of the rioters, was involved in lobbing the US Congress to pass the bill, urged Trump to sign on the bill as soon as possible.

“Supporting Hong Kong should not be a matter of left or right… It should be a matter of right or wrong,” Wong told the Nikkei Asian Review. “Human rights should never be overridden by a trade deal.”

Chaos In Hong Kong: Nearly 4,000 Petrol Bombs Discovered By Police And 1,100 Arrested As PolyU Siege Nears End

Petrol bomb materials. Click to see full-size image

Chaos In Hong Kong: Nearly 4,000 Petrol Bombs Discovered By Police And 1,100 Arrested As PolyU Siege Nears End

Click to see full-size image.


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Pro democracy Protestor? Lol.. Burning and damaging public facilities, injuring and torturing anyone who disagrees with them. These people must really love democracy. Of course you will not see this news on MSM. Meanwhile in the west, as regards democracy one thing’s for sure, they ceased to be a democracy years ago and, along with the rest of the EU, they are being sleepwalked into totalitarianism!

Guibus Guib

just useful brainwashed idiots for CIA’s “democratic” revolutions

Hasbara Hunter

Totalitarianism? Sheeples ready for the Slaughter… gotta ease’m…dumb’m down..drug’m & anesthetize them a bit so that they won’t panic until the Elites execute their plans to eliminate Sheeples…to safe THEIR PLANET…the remnants can stay as humble servants…

Hasbara Hunter

Hey AngloZioNazis…petrol bombs are kinda Silly…Kurds with Petrol Bombs…Hong Kongnese with Petrol Bombs…Your Headchopping Mercenaries in Syria at least got some nice Chemicals….


Looks like the use of the tactical nuke in

Tianjin didn’t bring the expected results. China is still building their islands and counter US pressure.

Will see what’s next.

And always remember: explode them in the night, that the mushroom cloud is not easily visible.


Concrete Mike

If cameras with ccd chips are deployed, nuclear explosion are visible, the plasma cloud overwhelms the chip an causes a scintillation.

Once you see it and recognise it, you will know.


Yes, the chemical pattern continues.


Pro-democracy, The american way. Burn and loot. These a**holes have sealed their fate and the fate of Hong Kong. Nice job, adolescents.


Looks like a lot of Antifa to me. Yeah, let’s support that.

Jim Bim

The US Congress is hypocritical…….in the US the violent protesters would have been shoot to pieces.


These protesters dont care for democracy look at the video where they set some guy on fire.


How gullible you are. Sure, all the protestors don’t care about democracy because of one alleged incident. You’re perfect cattle for the dictators.

Bobby Twoshoes

How puerile you are, all you have is insults and straw men. I’d explain the difference between attempted murder and voting if I thought you had the mental capacity to understand it.


One alleged incident? You must be blind.


better finish the demonstrations now the hard way – another tiananmen square might be unavoidable but so be it.


Another Tiananmen square incident would further solidify their sentiment. I don’t think the Chinese Communist party will remain in power forever, humans like anything else desire freedom and will never stop trying until they get what they want. The Chinese government could have avoided this or at least prolonged it from happening by providing economic productions for Hong Kong residents who lived there prior to reunification with mainland China.


dynasties in china seems to have lasted reasonably long, say 200 to 400 years or so, so something like that might be awaiting the communist party which gives them say 130 to 330 years to do their thing, new silk road for example and to topple the unhinged states of A from its pedestal of evil and brutality and so on.


The problem is that Jewish supremacists control Russia and China too. Mao Zedong was trained by Jews from the west and the USSR, around the same time their fellow Jews married into the political and military leadership of the Kuomintang in the 1930s, many of their fellow Jews that were expelled from Germany ended up traveling to China. Jews also acted as political advisors to Mao Zedong for years after defeating the KMT and rising to power in 1949.


Hello Zara. They do not control either, in my view. I hear stuff like this all o the time but, have never seen are evidence of this, played out in the moves either of those countries make. It is like the stories of the Rothschild family, that go way beyond what is real. My take.


Hello John. I appreciate your input. Are you familiar with the Chabad-Lubavitch?

Putin and the Chabad: bitchute[]com/video/SLCBD53s7Vkx/

Berel Lazar is the head of the Chabad’s Russian branch: en[]wikipedia[]org/wiki/Berel_Lazar#Awards

Meeting with representatives of international public and religious organisations: en[]kremlin[]ru/events/president/news/46180

[Vladimir Putin received a delegation of rabbis from several nations, including Israel, Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and France. The meeting touched on joint efforts to prevent the rewriting of history, the fight against neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.]

Chabad rabbi Manis Friedman: Jews should kill Arab men, women and children during war: haaretz[]com/misc/article-print-page/1[]5062382

Hard to believe how bad Chabad hates non-Jews: youtu[]be/sjJRzgR_bil


Zionist Report: bitchute[]com/channel/Z8w9bQGzcxGO/

P.S. Zionist Report is anti-Jewish and Anti-Zionist.



Yeah, the 3 rabbis quoted in the photos are Zionists. They don’t represent Jewish people. It’s a shame what Zionism is doing. It is bringing great harm upon people who are causing no-one problems. I wish well to you Zara.


Did you not read the other information? The rabbi at the top is apart of the Chabad movement (pronounced: Habad). Zionism is consistent with jewish religious scripture.


“Vladimir Putin received a delegation of rabbis from several nations, including Israel, Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and France. The meeting touched on joint efforts to prevent the rewriting of history, the fight against neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.”

Putin not remotely antisemitic, says Russia’s Chief Rabbi:


WW2 revisionism, holocaust denial, and “antisemitism” are banned in Russia.

Library of Political Secrets: archive[]org/details/LOPS05BakonyItsvanTheJewishFifthColumnInIslam_201903

Learn how the Jews infiltrated and trained the warlords in China and installed Mao: bitchute[]com/video/JXtuM9Jju9dI/

Rav Menachem Mendel Schneerson was the head of Chabad-Lubavitch worldwide until his death in 1993, Berel Lazar is only the head of Chabad-Lubavitch in Russia.



Berel Lazar is the head of the Chabad-Lubavitch in Russia, received an award from Vladimir Putin in 2004, and are still on good terms.


It’s understandable why they wouldn’t have a favourable opinion of the Chinese Communist party (censorship, not being able to criticize the Communist party, etc), they were under foreign occupation for 155 years after all. They have more in common with people in Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore than they do with people in mainland China.

This change in attitude occurred after the Second World War, the pop culture and other social trends in the west having affected many other parts of the world with many different pros and cons; Hong Kong is no exception.

Even Iran was more westernized before Ruhollah Khomeini rose to power, I think it goes to show just how adaptable humans beings can be. On the other hand, Russia and mainland China have also been heavily affected by western pop culture, largely due to Judaic influence in the west and elsewhere to a lesser extent than in the west.


Again, the old Communist playbook. Find some useful idiots to wave an American flag and fake molotov cocktails… and here you go. Next, they’ll find “dirty nuclear bombs”… any excuse to repress the people is welcome. And of course, the sheep in this forum will believe it all.


This was a major beatdown for the dollar bought and paid thugs. I am sensing desperation with them. The MSM and US congress had been pretty quiet too lately, until the crew at the universities got crushed. The US only acts like this when the ‘plan’ has gone into the toilet. Further, burning all this infrastructure and economic mechanisms, as well as doing things like lighting citizens on fire who don’t agree with them ( not a peep from the Congress over that one ), is not generating popular support for these ghouls.

I will step out on the limb here and say we could be in the final stage of this nonsense in Hong Kong. It will take a while longer but, this coordinated tyranny by the ‘students’ and paid thugs, has entered the last phase of the game. So, I expect more overt interference from foreign political players at this point. It is the same old song and dance, the same old nonsense played over and over again, by forces that have lost the grip on sensibility and won’t except that history has moved on from the era of their liking. My take, good day to all.


CIA-MOssad-M16 at work.

Rhianne Jane

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