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Chaos Continues In Turkish-Occupied Areas In Northern, Northeastern Syria (Video, Photos)


Chaos continues to grow in Turkish-occupied areas in the northern and northeastern regions of Syria, where attacks are taking place on a regular basis. 

On November 4, Hamdu Hamadi, a commander of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA), was assassinated in the city of al-Bab in northern Aleppo.

An improvised explosive device ripped through the commander’s SUV, killing him on the spot. The commander’s father, who was in the vehicle with him, was injured in the attack.

Hamadi, also known by his nom de guerre “Abu Ghazi,” was a senior commander of the Sham Legion, a key faction of the SNA coalition.

Meanwhile, in the Turkish-occupied part of northern Raqqa, a booby-trapped car exploded near a position of the SNA in the town of al-Zaydi.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a militant from the SNA’s 20th Division was killed and many others were injured as a result of the attack.

There were no immediate claims for the attacks. Kurdish guerrilla groups are known for orchestrating such attacks against the SNA. But so do ISIS, whose cells are known to be active in northern Aleppo.

Turkey is not making any serious effort to secure the areas held by its proxies in northern and northeastern Syria. Many opposition activists believe that some Turkish-backed militants are facilitating attacks for Kurdish forces and ISIS cells in return for money.




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