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Chaos Continue In Kabul Airport As Afghans Define The Taliban To Celebrate Independence Day (Videos, Photos)

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Chaos Continue In Kabul Airport As Afghans Define The Taliban To Celebrate Independence Day (Videos, Photos)

This photo taken on May 8, 2018, shows people arriving at the domestic terminal of the Hamid Karzai International Airport of Kabul. (Photo by Dominique FAGET / AFP) (Photo credit should read DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP via Getty Images)

Chaos continue in Hamid Karzai International Airport in the Afghan capital, Kabul, as thousands of US troops attempt to evacuate local collaborators.

On August 18, Afghan sources said that evacuation planes are leaving nearly empty because many locals who are illegible for evacuation were not able to reach the airport due to the Taliban heavy presence in Kabul. The group’s fighters established many checkpoints in the city over the last few days.

The situation didn’t improve on August 19. Shoots continue to be heard in the airport. Both US troops and Taliban fighters, who are present just outside the airport, have been shooting in the air to disturb the thousands of people attempting to storm into the airport to secure a seat on an evacuation plan.

Furthermore, F-15 warplanes of the US Air Force were spotted patrolling the sky over Hamid Karzai International Airport for the first time.

Many in the US are currently criticizing the chaotic evacuation plan and calling to hold Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., commander of the Central Command, and Austin S. Miller, final commander of NATO’s Resolute Support Mission and United States Forces in Afghanistan, accountable for this failure.

The three generals opted to evacuate Bagram Air Base early on in the withdrawal, leaving Hamid Karzai International Airport as the only evacuation point.

Meanwhile, the situation in Kabul remains unstable. On August 19, the Taliban clashed with dozens of civilians who marched in the street of the capital to celebrate the country’s independence day.

The locals raised the flag of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan which provoked Taliban fighters. As for now, no fatalities have been reported.

Since the beginning of Operation Allies Refuge, the codename for the US evacuation process, at least six Afghan civilians have been killed. The evacuation, which is being facilitated by 5,000 US troops, will likely take longer than what was expected.


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British break out of Kabul

British Spec Ops and Paras break out of Kabul airport.

Official news from the Twitter account of the UK Embassador in Kabul airport is that a unit of British Special Forces backed by Paratroopers (Paras) has broken out of the airport and is now rescuing “key” British Citizens.
Apparently the Taliban did not fire upon the armoured vehicles nor even try to stop them as they drove trough at least 2 checkpoints in the city centre.

The “key” citizens the Ambassador refers to are no doubt MI6 spooks or Spec Ops of some description.

Apparently, at least x2 British passport holders who were seen inciting crowds to create diversionary “protests”. At least one was shot on the spot by the Taliban with the footage posted on Twitter.

It also appears the American are looking at trying a break out from the airport and currently have ground attack aircraft circling the airport. Could be a massacre if this is tried on scale – the British breakout was less than 100 men who caught the Taliban with thier pants down.

All the above can be checked on line for accuracy.

Crazy Times

The British are indeed on the other side of the fence driving around.

I saw the Tweets too but they have now gone?

I also saw the report in the Daily mail Uk about a fight / argument between a British Para Officer and US officer who tried to stop the Brits leaving.

Can you post a link to any that have been saved as it looks like the full details are being hidden.

I can only find this now:


Crazy Times

Found this too:

Alex Tiffin
18 Aug
EXCLUSIVE #kabulairport #Afghanistan

Friction at airport between US & UK forces Commanders.

US forces won’t leave airport due to Taliban deal.

2 Para still running patrols into Kabul to collect people from safe houses.

US unhappy with Paras saying it puts their deal at risk.

Arch Bungle

They want to repeat Saigon and Mogadishu in one event.

Not long before we see the bodies of marines being dragged through the streets of Kabul for thinking they can “break out” in Taliban territory.

Arch Bungle

LOL! “Break Out” ??? You mean ask the Taliban very very politely, with some impressive bribes to let them through?

Pallets of Gold being flown right now from the City of London to the Taliban Palace in Kabul to let British soldiers “break out” …



Arch Bungle

Try that flag dropping shit in the US and see how fast The Law blows your head off, or knees your neck to shit.

Afghanistan still has a way to go to catch up to France, they need to shoot a thousand more eyes out to become a true European democracy.

Crazy Times

The French riot Police aiming for Protestors eyes was / is a crime of 3rd world drug lord levels.

I too have seen the footage of the French Police shooting people in the face and was angered by it. The photographs of the man with his eye ball splattered with a whole in his face were not nice.

At least the men running away from thier responsibilities and families in Afghanistan and the the middle East will feel at home in France – all those armed men (caled Police) beating citizens, shooting them if neccessary, dragging them out of churchs and temples, shutting down businesses, and forcing women (and men) to cover thier faces will seem normal.

The Police in many western countries are now nothing more than government paid thugs – government cartel. They look like thugs, think like thugs, and behave like thugs. Eventually they will be dealt with like thugs.

Arch Bungle

Even Europe has it’s Taliban.

Marco Polo

Very good comments here. Yours too.

Marco Polo

They have lived that way for many centuries, it may take a while to become truly democratic. Parliamentary democracy in my view is very similar to the criticism made by Greek philosophers like Plato.


Tbs are hunting Shias now – they already killed a few ^^


Dear South Front, please note in the header of this article is notable English language typo, the typo is highlighted in following in capital letters: It currently reads ‘Chaos Continue In Kabul Airport As Afghans DEFINE The Taliban To Celebrate Independence Day.’ To correct typo the word DEFINE should be replaced with correct word DEFY. Best regards.

Alberto Bohon.

Whats situation in Bazarak, Golbohar and Charikar province of Panshjir??

Alberto Bohon.

Mr Tahir says senior Taliban leadership in talks with Panjshiri religious and military leaders for peaceful handover of Panjshir province to the Taliban.

L du Plessis

…Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven….

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