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Chaos And Armed Conflicts: U.S. Strategy To Dismantle Russia Is Already Working

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Chaos And Armed Conflicts: U.S. Strategy To Dismantle Russia Is Already Working


In 2020, there have been several notable developments, that all seem to have been happening along Russia’s borders and in key regions developments in which influencing the Russian position on the international scene.

These include:

  • Ukraine’s refusal to seek peace in its East with the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics, and various questionable policies.
  • Western-backed protests against Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, with a ‘school teacher-turned-politician’ challenging him with an insignificant share of the vote in the presidential election. She received wide support from the West, especially from heavily US-aligned states such as Poland and the Baltics.
  • The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and other groups in Syria are being supported openly, and not so openly, by the United States and sabotage the further diplomatic settlement of the conflict in Syria.
  • The situation in Central Asia is rather exacerbated, with an evident increase in ISIS activity in Afghanistan, alongside various terrorist elements appearing near its borders with Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) countries. The Russian Security Service – FSB – is hard at work in countering various ISIS and other terror cells on the territory of the Russian Federation, and reports such as these are frequent, meaning that there appears to be a network that is successful in either moving terrorist elements into the country, or recruiting them there.
  • There also was the Armenian-Azerbaijan War in Nagorno-Karabakh, which Russia didn’t directly involve itself in, since the fight was for the self-proclaimed independent republic of Artsakh, and Armenia never officially asked for assistance. Regardless, with the Peace Deal it brokered on November 10th, there have been numerous voices in Armenia blaming Russia for the defeat. And that is even though it essentially saved it from an even bigger fiasco and loss of territory. At the same time, despite being the victor, Azerbaijan simply received what it was promised with the Minsk agreements, with the addition of Shusha. There are protests against Russia in Azerbaijan, a country in which any non-government sanctioned protest is snuffed, violently. There are calls that Russia stole the “glorious victory”, while in Armenia there are calls to renew hostilities, while the Russian peacekeepers are there and somehow force their hand in the fight.
  • Turkey deployed thousands of Syrian militants to South Caucasus, and there are claims that it is even reportedly attempting to relocate families from Syria’s Afrin and other areas to the parts of Karabakh that were given to Azerbaijan. This is likely to also provide a fresh extremist presence in the region.
  • Turkey, once again, appeared to be shifting its gaze towards Crimea, but also cooperate with Ukraine in terms of selling UAVs to it and other military equipment.

All of these developments, somehow, almost entirely coincide with a report which the RAND Corporation released back in 2019.

The report is called “Extending Russia” with the subtitle “Competing from Advantageous Ground.” A short description of the report reads the following:

“The steps we posit would not have either defense or deterrence as their prime purpose, although they might contribute to both. Rather, these steps are conceived of as measures that would lead Russia to compete in domains or regions where the United States has a competitive advantage, causing Russia to overextend itself militarily or economically or causing the regime to lose domestic and/or international prestige and influence. This report deliberately covers a wide range of military, economic, and political policy options. Its recommendations are directly relevant to everything from military modernization and force posture to economic sanctions and diplomacy; consequently, it speaks to all the military services, other parts of U.S. government that have a hand in foreign policy, and the broader foreign and defense policy audience.”

Notably, the report suggests that the following “Geopolitical measures” need to be employed in order to counter Russia’s spreading influence and capabilities to provide an adequate answer to an extraordinary situation.

Chaos And Armed Conflicts: U.S. Strategy To Dismantle Russia Is Already Working

Click to see full-size image

This chapter describes six possible U.S. moves in the current geopolitical competition:

  • providing lethal arms to Ukraine,
  • resuming support to the Syrian rebels,
  • promoting regime change in Belarus,
  • exploiting Armenian and Azeri tensions,
  • intensifying attention to Central Asia,
  • isolating Transnistria (a Russian-occupied enclave within Moldova).

There are several other possible geopolitical moves discussed in other RAND research but not directly evaluated here—including intensifying NATO’s relationship with Sweden and Finland, pressuring Russia’s position in the Arctic, and checking Russia’s attempts to secure its influence in Asia.


Between 2014 and 2016, the US provided $600 million in security assistance to Ukraine. These funds have been used to train Ukrainian military forces and provided nonlethal military equipment, including counterartillery and countermortar radars, secure communications, logistics systems, tactical unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, and medical equipment.

According to RAND, the US could increase its military assistance to Ukraine, or increase its calls to allow Kiev into NATO.

“Expanding U.S. assistance to Ukraine, including lethal military assistance, would likely increase the costs to Russia, in both blood and treasure, of holding the Donbass region. More Russian aid to the

separatists and an additional Russian troop presence would likely be required, leading to larger expenditures, equipment losses, and Russian casualties. The latter could become quite controversial at home, as it did when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.”

Eastern Ukraine is already a significant drain on Russian resources, exacerbated by the accompanying Western sanctions. Increasing U.S. military aid would certainly drive up the Russian costs, but doing so could also increase the loss of Ukrainian lives and territory or result in a disadvantageous peace settlement. This would generally be seen as a serious setback for U.S. policy.

What’s going on in reality? There appears to be no conclusive peace settlement in Ukraine, and anti-Russian policy continues moving forward full speed. The Kiev regime, at large controlled from Washington, is intentionally sabotaging attempts to de-escalate the situation and publicly preparing for a new military operation in eastern Ukraine. Recently, pro-Kiev sources started laying great hopes on the Turkish military aid. For sure, the US is also involved. In August 2020, incoming US President Joe Biden promised to provide Ukraine with even more lethal weapons. In late 2019, the Trump administration also approved several sales of “defensive lethal weapons” to Ukraine.

As such this part of RAND’s suggestion appears to be moving, more or less, according to plan.

Chaos And Armed Conflicts: U.S. Strategy To Dismantle Russia Is Already Working

Click to see the full-size image


“In 2015, Russia’s intervention in Syria cost an estimated $2.4 million to $4 million a day, according to the Moscow Times and IHS Janes’ estimates. 34 Given the size of Russia’s defense budget ($50 billion that year), the sum might not be significant in and of itself.”

Increased U.S. support to the so-called ‘moderate’ Syrian opposition could perpetuate and intensify a civil war that had begun to wind down, thereby imposing attritional costs on both Russia and Iran.

RAND believes that such support should also reduce the “moderate opposition’s” reliance on the better-armed, more extremist groups and ultimately might improve the willingness and ability of moderate opposition forces to combat the “more extremist elements.” Now, first of all RAND doesn’t even deny that the most of “moderate opposition” is made up of extremists, who are fighting against even more extreme elements.

At the same time, the reality of the situation is this: the US, with all its claims of complete withdrawal from Syria, simply employed the SDF separatist leadership as a tool of sabotaging the peace settlement in Syria, while Washington is looting Syria’s oil fields. US companies exploit Syrian oil resources. Some of the money is used to bankroll the SDF.

The Russian side has repeatedly also claimed that ISIS and ISIS-affiliated fighters were being trained and received improved weaponry in the US-controlled areas of Syria.

Unlike Ukraine, the United States does not have a single actor to aid in the fight in Syria but rather faces a plethora of groups—often with murky affiliations—increasing the chances of weapons falling into the wrong hands.

“Supporting the rebels could run counter to the most prominent objective of the Trump administration’s Middle East foreign policy—fighting radical Islamist terrorism.”

In the highly unlikely event of total success—if Russia were to abandon the Assad government and the opposition were to somehow ‘defeat’ Damascus—the result would be a major geopolitical setback for Moscow but also a major contraction in its foreign commitments and associated expenditures, not to mention a huge responsibility for the United States and its allies to assume.

At the same time, it appears that supporting the “moderate rebels” isn’t proving effective enough and Israel is picking up the slack with targeting various Syrian and alleged Iranian positions in the areas under Damascus’ control.

Chaos And Armed Conflicts: U.S. Strategy To Dismantle Russia Is Already Working

Click to see the full-size image

Essentially, there were some attempts, but none of them are any significant, since the fight in Syria appears to be too far gone.

Likewise, according to RAND, this course of action might have been viable a few years ago, when the armed opposition was stronger and less radicalized. Under current circumstances, the most that expanded U.S. aid could likely do would be to perpetuate a conflict that has already destabilized an entire region. Russia might be forced to pay a bit more for its Syrian commitment but only at the cost of continued regional turbulence, societal radicalization, and increased civilian casualties and displaced personnel.


Belarus is Russia’s neighbour and important ally. It provides a buffer between Russia and major NATO countries and is the initial link in Russia’s ground lines of communication between the mainland and Kaliningrad— the Russian enclave entirely encircled by Lithuania and Poland. Already host to Russian forces, Belarus features prominently in many notional conflicts among the United States, NATO, and Russia.

In a zero-sum world, denying Russia its one and only true ally would be a clear geopolitical and ideological gain for the West. It would bring an end to “Europe’s last dictatorship,” a long-standing U.S. policy goal.

“Starting revolutions is not easy, and the United States lending public support to opposition movements does not guarantee that they will be successful. In 2007, Gallup found that 60 percent of Belarusian respondents believed democracy was important and 47 percent believed it was “somewhat” or “very” important for Belarus to have an active opposition party.”

RAND considered regime change in Belarus as one of the most significant escalations, but the attempts have all but failed, and with Russia actually not having to lift a finger.

Even despite Lukashenko attempt to get some concessions from Russia prior to the protests in the country.

“Promoting regime change in Belarus is one of the most escalatory options considered in this report. Such an effort probably would not succeed and could provoke a strong Russian response, including the possibility of military action. Such a reaction might extend Russia by requiring the nation to commit resources to preserve its grasp over Belarus, thereby provoking the United States and its European allies to respond with harsher sanctions, but the result would be a general deterioration of the security environment in Europe and a setback for U.S. policy.”

Currently, protests in Belarus are still on-going, but they’ve barely achieved any real progress in the regime change agenda. However, the Western/NATO interference in the internal situation in Belarus is an undeniable fact.

Lukashenko may be making some interesting claims regarding Russia, or attempting to play tough in order to get a discount from Moscow on natural gas, or some other commodity, but at the same time is wise enough to continue actively communicating with Russian President Vladimir Putin and remain a formal ally.

Nagorno-Karabah: Armenia and Azerbaijan

The RAND analysis begins with reminding that in 2008, the Georgian-Russian relations with damaged severely, after a few days of war and the resulting South Ossetia and Abkhazia as separate countries.

Russia also plays a key role with Azerbaijan and Armenia, particularly over the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. Ethnically Armenian but geographically located within Azerbaijan, Nagorno- Karabakh’s bid to join the Armenia Soviet Socialist Republic during the latter years of the Soviet Union was denied by the Soviet Politburo because of the risk of encouraging secessionist movements elsewhere.

According to RAND, the United States could extend Russia in the Caucasus in two ways. First, the United States could push for a closer NATO relationship with Georgia and Azerbaijan, likely leading Russia to strengthen its military presence in South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Armenia, and southern Russia.

Alternatively, the United States could try to induce Armenia to break with Russia.

Chaos And Armed Conflicts: U.S. Strategy To Dismantle Russia Is Already Working

Click to see the full-size image

Although a long-standing Russian partner, Armenia has also developed ties with the West: It provides troops to NATO-led operations in Afghanistan and is a member of NATO’s Partnership for Peace, and it also recently agreed to strengthen its political ties with the EU. The United States might try to encourage Armenia to move fully into the NATO orbit. If the United States were to succeed in this policy, then Russia might be forced to withdraw from its army base at Gyumri and an army and air base near Yerevan (currently leased until 2044), and divert even more resources to its Southern Military District.

“Increased U.S. involvement in the region could produce additional economic benefits as well. The Caspian Sea remains a key producer of both oil and natural gas. Indeed, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates that there are “48 billion barrels of oil and 292 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in proved and probable reserves in the Caspian basins. Almost 75 percent of oil reserves and 67 percent of natural gas reserves are located within 100 miles of the coast.”

According to the analysis, resolving Nagorno-Karabakh is likely a prerequisite to Armenia breaking with Russia, but it is unclear precisely how the United States or NATO could resolve the decades-old conflict without privileging one side and antagonizing the other. NATO has encouraged both parties to resolve the conflict through the Minsk Group—led by the Russians.

Currently, the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh and the six-week war that started on September 27th, 2020 was due to several factors.

Notably, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, as an avid supporter of the West worked to the benefit of what RAND describes and distanced Armenia from Russia with questionable policy.

In turn, Turkey, in support of Azerbaijan saw a chance, prepared and began to largely pull the strings on Baku’s offensive on the region.

Still, Russia managed to somehow salvage the situation for Yerevan, by brokering a peace deal which saw Azerbaijan get what it was supposed to be given under the Minsk Agreements, with the addition of Shusha.

Pashinyan, however, continued blaming Russia, the Armenian population, foreign countries and such for the failure and the gross mismanagement of Armenia’s forces in the war.

Azerbaijan’s president Ilham Aliyev presents the war as “gloriously won” but there are some elements which are protesting and claiming that Moscow actually robbed Baku of its “glorious victory.”

There are anti-Russian protests, in a country in which all non-government approved protests are violently stopped.

The US made some claims for peace and so on, as did many Western countries, with France even attempting to somehow mediate the conflict, but only barely.

Paris attempted to prove itself as a valuable ally to Armenia, but in the end, it simply said “we are with you, our Armenian brothers” and all they provided were empty words.

In Armenia, in order for Pashinyan and the pro-Western leadership to remain, political arrests of the opposition began. As such, support for Russia still remains rather low, and it is playing to the measure that RAND outlined in April 2019. In the current conditions, pro-Western forces in the region would continue their efforts to destabilize the region creating chaos near the Russian border and setting conditions for the NATO expansion there.

Central Asia

Russia is part of two economic ventures related to Central Asia: the Eurasian Economic Union and the Belt and Road Initiative. Russia has benefited from both, although in the case of the former, partners might have been harmed economically. There might be steps the United States and allies could take to reduce Russia’s benefits from both of these.

Engaging more with Central Asia could have modest benefits. Expanding Central Asian connectivity to the rest of the world could reduce that area’s trade with Russia. It must be noted, however, that economic growth within these countries would likely have the opposite effect and increase their trade with Russia because economic size and trade are correlated.

Now, little of this has succeeded in the year. Notably, and not in the vein which RAND describes is that militant activity in Afghanistan, as well as along its borders with the CSTO countries has increased, which Russia sees as a threat.

There are frequent reports of the FSB arresting various terrorist elements that either came from Central Asian republics or were recruited from groups from there. There is little evidence that the US has anything to do with that, but there are some reports that unknown black hawks have been extracting militants from all around, and they’ve resurfaced in northern Afghanistan, after a while.

The US efforts to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and is attempting to counter various projects in the Eurasian Economic Union, which Russia is part of such as the Nord Stream 2, but they are unrelated to Central Asia. In conclusion, regarding this, RAND appears to be a bit far from what’s been carried out, or if such measures are being implemented – they’re not being effective.

Chaos And Armed Conflicts: U.S. Strategy To Dismantle Russia Is Already Working

Click to see the full-size image


Transnistria is a Russian-speaking enclave within Moldova that currently hosts a Russian peacekeeping force and army base.

Officially, Russian policy toward Transnistria is ambiguous. Russia’s Foreign Policy Concept includes only a single, rather inarticulate statement:

Russia strongly advocates a political and diplomatic settlement of conflicts in the post-Soviet space, specifically, Russia works within the existing multilateral negotiating mechanism to find an inclusive solution to the Transnistrian issue, respecting the sovereignty, territorial integrity and neutral status of the Republic of Moldova in determining the special status of Transnistria.

The United States could encourage Transnistria’s youth (who, according to some journalistic accounts, might be more pro-West than their elders) to push their pseudo-state to leave the Russian orbit.

Moldovan cooperation in an effort to expel the Russians would not be easy to secure. In an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Moldova’s pro-Russian President Igor Dodon stated, “A NATO office in Chisinau [Moldova’s capital], in a neutral country, is a provocation. I do not want this. I want neither NATO nor this Russia-led [military] alliance as far as armed forces are concerned.”

There’s been very limited movement throughout 2020, but it is likely that activities have been more focused on Belarus, Ukraine and Nagorno-Karabakh, and Moldova has been left for sometime in the near (or far future). The pro-Western presidential candidate, Maia Sandu, won the 2020 election in Moldova, and she’s already promoting the ideal of the need of the withdrawal of the Russian peacekeeping force from Transnistria. This move sets conditions for the increase of instability.

RAND’s General Recommendations

Extending Russia through geopolitical competition is a fundamentally difficult and dangerous proposition. One might bait Russia into extending its foreign commitments, but only at the risk of serious setbacks to local U.S. partners. Even if such efforts succeeded in generating Russian withdrawals, the result would be the opposite of an extension.

Chaos And Armed Conflicts: U.S. Strategy To Dismantle Russia Is Already Working

Click to see full-size image

Any geopolitical moves to extend Russia would also need to consider other options that (for reasons of length and resources) were not considered here in depth—namely, intensifying NATO’s cooperation with Sweden and Finland, pressuring Russia’s claims in the Arctic, and checking its influence in the Arctic.

Many of these are not exactly spot on, and whether they’re entirely connected to what’s going on comes down to conspiracy theories. However, it is fact that within a year and a half of the publishing, many of these recommendations have been implemented.

There has been a regime change attempt in Belarus, which is still on-going. Armenia and Azerbaijan went to warn for Nagorno-Karabakh, and Russia had to mediate, deploy peacekeepers and further resources, as well as is being accused of both sides for either losing the war for Armenia, or stealing away a bigger victory for Azerbaijan.

Militants are being delivered to South Caucasus, and even families are being relocated there from Syria.

The US and the “moderate rebels” in Syria are still operating, albeit not as actively as before, but Israel is there to provide assistance by bombing Syrian and alleged Iranian targets.

Attempts to spread chaos in Central Asia are apparent, and the FSB continues arresting various extremist elements, but there are likely more who are roaming around and entering the country through various channels.

It is unknown what will happen in Moldova, as of yet, but the trend is alredy seen.

Another thing that could be added is cooperating with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, assisting in the forming of the autonomous Orthodox Church of Ukraine, making pushes to repeat that questionable “success” in other countries such as Montenegro, and more.

Regardless, pressure on Moscow is being exerted from quite a few directions, at the same time, and it is unlikely that under US President Joe Biden this will end. After all, his chosen aides all plan to improve relations with allies, while countering Russia’s spreading influence. Namely in Ukraine, since Biden appears to have a soft spot for the country from which he and his son allegedly funneled billions. Ukraine, and Eastern Ukraine, could also be the best direction from which to target Russia.

Things are still developing on many fronts, and the pieces are yet to fall squarely on the board.


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  1. Laurent Parodi says:

    The US strategy doesn t work so well. Between what they wanted to achieve (read the 2014-2016 rand corporation plan) and what they have achieved in reality 6 years later the difference is huge.
    One must me blind to not see the difference.

  2. AlexanderAmproz says:

    None doubts about a Wishful roadmap for uncountable “Genocides”
    a US/Israel Planet Cultural cancer…

    But the US is also ready for a Civil War massacre,
    what happened once happened twice

    “The Only Thing We Learn From History Is That We Learn Nothing From History.”

    XX Century UK/US Malthusians XX were able to engineered 203 Millions victims only,
    do they will be able to succeed to make it X 3 for or reach the Billion for the XXI Century ? ? ?

    Estimated Totals for the Entire 20th Century

    Nagorno-Karabakh: victory of London and Ankara, defeat of Soros and the Armenians
    by Thierry Meyssan

    The Pentagon, which had planned the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, was overtaken by its British allies. But none of the great powers worried about the deaths it would cause. Moreover, while London and Ankara renewed their historic alliance, Washington and Moscow gained nothing, while George Soros and the Armenians lost much.

    Etc., etc….

  3. AlexanderAmproz says:

    To Be and Has been
    isn’t the same….

    GeoStrategy isn’t the CIA/Mossad Hollywood to cheat Gullible mass’s with special effects
    alike David Copperfield did with magic tricks to go threw the Chinese wall…. !

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    Chinese’s and Russians are smarter

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  5. JIMI JAMES says:

    What about the #1 danger to usa being them fake ballot boxes which stops all rights to live and die,well?

  6. Cromwell says:

    So far Russia hasn’t even started to take the gloves off yet,God help those bastards when they do,they need to start by crushing the terrorists in Syria and their puppet masters,and when the Ukrainians get out of their cage again and do something more stupid in Donbas,that would give Russia a reason to take half of Ukraine.

  7. Lone Ranger says:

    None of these threats are a real danger for Russia.
    Title should be “in the works but not working…”
    Pimpeo will cry and rage ?

    1. Jens Holm says:

      They are no danger for Russia at all. Russians are a danger for themself. Few has too much and many hardly has any apart from corona.

      Russai is where Russia should be and where the Russians live. Europe should be open as it was 1919 to the Bolsjevics divided it with Hirtler.

      If Russia had not helped the Nazis they never could have taken Poland, France, Belgium, Holland, Lixembourg, Youfosdlavia, Denmark, Norway and partly Finland – no way https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/60808da8871853a0653e43cd25c0ad9de8ed3d29faa61822757325e17ac7db75.jpg

      1. paolinks says:

        OMG history rewriting at work. Russia helped the nazis!! Yes, in fact it was Stalin ( and not Prescott Bush from the good ol’ USA ) that sent boatloads of dollars to Hitler.

        As for coronavirus. Do you know how Russia is ranked ( in the respect to a vast swat of EU countries ) right? Have fun https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/these-are-best-and-worst-places-live-during-coronavirus-era

        And “few have too much”. Are you talking about the west, were a bunch of people possess trillions of dollars, while the sheeple cannot reach the end of the month?

        Russian work, earn and CAN save. We cannot! We get into debt and debt just to buy the latest smartphone! And this is reflected into our monstrous public debts ( compared to the 11% of Russia ).

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Dont bother Jens lives in an LSD fueled parallel Universe.

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            Or he simply increased his drug intake…
            According to him he lives in Denmark…
            Who knows, he is autistic thats for sure…

          3. Cromwell says:

            Don’t think he has been the same since that LSD trip at woodstock,he never came back.

          4. Lone Ranger says:


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          Tilfælde i alt
          2,24 mio.
          1,74 mio.
          Hele verdenHele verden
          Tilfælde i alt
          61,9 mio.
          +441 t
          39,6 mio.
          1,45 mio.

        3. Jens Holm says:

          The last parts is highly inorrect. You as ussual not explaining about how we base Our economy in debt.

          And You only mention state debt and not the private savings.

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          2. Jens Holm says:


            Export: wind turbines, pharmaceuticals, machinery and instruments, meat and meat products, dairy products, fish, furniture and design

            You has to add transport for the world and internel Europe having one of the bíggest companies too.

          3. Jens Holm says:

            You still dont get the point. USA produce many times more wellfare for its inhabitants.

      2. Lone Ranger says:

        They are no danger for Russia at all. Americants/Germans are a danger for themself. Few has too much and many hardly has any apart from corona.

        Russai is where Russia should be and where the Russians live aka East Europe. U.S. should be open as it was 1919 to the Bolsjevics divided it with Hitller.

        If USA had not helped the Nazis they never could have taken Poland, France, Belgium, Holland, Lixembourg, Youfosdlavia, Denmark, Norway and partly Finland – no way

      3. cechas vodobenikov says:

        you idiot fascist nazi racist—u r a failed colony. the nazis colonized you —u submissively did zero…now you are a humiliated Franz Fanon cartoon character

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        Brave Danes fought Germans for 5 years (or 5 minutes?) by sucking their butts.

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        Answer: Yep!

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        Soviet Russia was the only power willing to help Czechoslovakia when it western defense partners gave it to Hitler in Munich 1938. UK, Poland, Romania, Baltics and others had pacts with Hitler before the Molotov non-agression deal. Stalin tried to create a large anti-Hitler coalition in 1939, the west refused.

        1. Cromwell says:

          Spot on,they don’t like to mention Poland taking a slice of Czechoslovakia before the war

    2. “Working”
      Last time I checked, Donbass is still free, Russian troops have a presence in southern Caucasus for the first time, Syria is rising again, Belarus color revolution failed, and Kyrgyzstan will fail too
      Who wrote this bs article?

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Sounds like it was Jens Holm ?

        1. I can see his Jew nose through my screen it’s so obvious

      2. Veth says:

        Donbas is under Russian fascist occupation.

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          Fixed Trollstoy ??

          1. Veth says:

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          2. Lone Ranger says:

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            In reality 40,000 Kievnazis were turned into fertilizer ?
            And counting…

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          4. Lone Ranger says:

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          5. Bruno Gama says:

            Ukraine is a failed state… If Russia wants, they take Kiev in a Week… Ukraine is doomed to be splited even further, because it was never a real country… “Little Russians”… The whores of Europe… Your support for the Fascists is shame for the Slavics…

          6. Veth says:

            The Fascist Junta from Mordor invaded Ukraine. Destroyed Donbass, killing 20.00 Ukrainians.
            When Putin ordered the downing of MH17, we saw whole Russia smiling.

          7. Veth says:

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          8. Bruno Gama says:

            Since 2014 Ukraine is Euromaidan hell… and will only get worse with the bankruptcy of Europe…Your population is declining in record way. From 51 million in Soviet Era to 41, counting Donbass which you never will regain, and downing 250/300 thousand a Year. You will have to sell your soil to China and your daughters to Europeans… Sad, but deserved destiny for the “Little Russians” of Banderastan!

          9. Veth says:

            When Russia declared war in 2014 on Ukraine, whole Russia applauded.

          10. Veth says:

            At least not anymore under Russian Fascist occupation.

          11. Robert Ferrin says:

            Don’t feed the troll for it will only encourage him, never argue with a fool for he will only drag you down to his level and beat you for he has more experience.!!!

          12. Lone Ranger says:


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            Russian Fascist soldiers arrive every day in Donbass, to kill.

      3. Veth says:

        Svetlana Tickhonovkaya is the legally elected president of BelaRUS.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          In disney movies only…

          1. Veth says:

            78% for Svetlana, 5% for Luka.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Must be an ukropnazi reference…

          3. Veth says:

            Official results, nazzi.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            I agree.
            Hope kiev will be liberated from soronazis soon…

          5. Veth says:

            Kyiv is free, unlike occupied Moscow.

          6. Lone Ranger says:

            In a parallel Universe maybe, not in this one.

        2. And BelaRUS is legally territory of RUSsia, an oblast I’d say

          1. Veth says:

            Russia loves to steal, to invade, to rape, to murder, and to down passenger planes.

      4. Veth says:

        Free? Speaking Ukrainian in occupied Donbas has been banned.

      5. Nexusfast123 says:

        The Rand morons. Most of them appear to have a persctive borne of someone living in their mum’s basement.

    3. AlexanderAmproz says:

      THE SONG OF THE SWAN. ! ! !

      The approaching Checking times is the Danger for the UK/US already going broke … ! ! !

      Accusing other with what they did or affecting them has reached it’s limits,
      the clock is tickling …. !

      Lies, “Yellow Journalism” and the Death of the Mainstream Media


      By Timothy Alexander Guzman

      Global Research, November 27, 2020

      Region: USA

      Theme: Media Disinformation

      During the era of Yellow Journalism in the U.S. which defined the type of journalism that existed before the start of Spanish-American War in 1898. The term, ‘Yellow Journalism’ was associated with various major newspapers that held no journalistic principals or truth, “sensationalism” or “eye-catching headlines” was the only truth that mattered for newspaper owners that exaggerated stories to sell newspapers and fill their pockets with profits. Today they sell you lies to support the agendas of major corporations and the Military-Industrial Complex because corporate interests pays the MSM handsomely to sell their wars, drugs and propaganda.

      Etc., etc….

      The War Crimes of Bush and Blair – Afghanistan and Iraq


      By Rod Driver

      Global Research, November 27, 2020

      Region: Asia, Middle East & North Africa

      Theme: Intelligence, US NATO War Agenda

      In-depth Report: AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ REPORT

      “The invasion of Iraq was a bandit act, an act of blatant state terrorism, demonstrating absolute contempt for the concept of international law…We have brought torture, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, innumerable acts of random murder, misery, degradation and death to the Iraqi people and call it ‘bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East’.” (Harold Pinter, Nobel Prize for Literature Speech, 2005)

      Following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre Twin Towers in New York, on September 11, 2001, (known as 9/11) the US declared a global war on terror. Since then it has destroyed Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. It has supported the destruction of Yemen, and the attempted destruction of Syria. (Libya, Syria and Yemen will be discussed in a subsequent post)
      Etc, etc….

  8. Lone Ranger says:

    Meanwhile the U.S. is falling apart.
    Third world banana republic status confirmed…

    1. Me&Myself None says:

      I have been hearing the same nonsense since I was a child growing up in the 90’s. My father told me the same nonsense has been repeated since the 70’s, yet US still leads by a large margin in every societal aspect of the world — economically, militarily and geopolitically.

      1. Exactly! US still leads by a large margin in prison population for example. 25% of ALL prisoners in the world is in american prisons! Freedom fuck yeah! Never in human history elections were stolen so blatantly and massively as in America 2020! Democracy fuck yeah! And yes, 27 trillion debt ( US leads by a large, large, margin. Economy fuck yeah!

        World leader in LGBTQISJWBLM rights, in obesity, stupidity and degeneracy (as we can see on your example). And of course in serving Israel, you are indeed n.1 there.

        1. Me&Myself None says:

          Using insult to make a point is a sign of delusion, lack of arguments. First of all, yes we imprison our criminals instead of novichoking/murdering them as it is done in authoritarian, dictatorship country like Russia and the other cesspools third world countries in eastern Europe. A country has to have some form of democracy, real electoral system, for one to speak of stolen election. Authoritarian, dictatorship country like Russia, where only dictator Putinseva can decide who he wants to participate in his sham selection can not point finger at US (a free, open society, the envy of the world).

          The fat, ugly buffoon lost the election, then he is now crying about election fraud, yet he can’t show us not a single proof of it.

          1. cechas vodobenikov says:

            death penalty in USA, not Russia—your S-hole nation routinely assassinates dissidents—cassolero, V Foster, Seth Rich, etc….as the Neo-con Sam Huntington admitted amerikans are despised and nobody respects self uglified amerikans—it is only your capacity to” organize violence” that has permitted your 3rd world banana republic to survive—now declining in all respects—“what is the difference between kefir and America?” kefir has a live culture
            “the banality of amerika: the radical absence of culture”. J Baudrilliard

      2. Lone Ranger says:

        Only on disney movies…
        U.S. is in ruins, they are worse off today than Russia was in 1990.

        1. Me&Myself None says:

          Yet, giving a Russian the opportunity to choose to move to the US or staying home, there is no question to which one he/she will choose. Yet, I won’t move to Russia even if my life depends on it.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            According to soros news…
            Meanwhile more Americants live abroad as expats than Russians…
            Oy oy…

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Russia is a free country by the way everyone can leave if they choose, unlike in the U.S. where IRS has a tendency to block and fuck with wannabe expats…

          3. Veth says:

            Only when you are against the Fascist Junta you get murdered.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            Indeed, ukropnazis are evil.
            Kievjunta must fall soon.

          5. Veth says:

            Moscow Nazzi Junta must fall soon. Putin is murdering to much, every day.

          6. Lone Ranger says:

            Kiev Nazzi Junta must fall soon. SBU/CIA is murdering too much, every day.
            Fixed ?

          7. Veth says:

            Russian think they are a superpower, while 22% of the hospitals have no toilets and 16% no hot water.

          8. Lone Ranger says:

            Thats Ukraine…
            Russian hospitals are better than that of the U.S.
            Keep licking CIA/doros/oligarch boots SBU Trollstoy ?

          9. Lone Ranger says:

            Moscow times is fake news run by soros and the cia, same as radio free europe.
            I told you, you dont have to tell me you are a nazi, I already know that…
            Here is some reality check, Ukropisstan is a colony, pensions were cut in half energy prices triplled, factories like Antonov is dying, havent sold a plane in 3 years…
            Meanwhile the colony is run by a mafia candymaker, a stand up comedian and zionazi oligarchs using wannabe neo nazi toyboys on CIA and soros money, lolz ?, you cant make this shit up.
            Ukropisstan is the butthole of Europe.

          10. Veth says:

            At least it killed 6800 Russian Fascist soldiers in occupied Donbas. GRUZ200 passing the border every week, dead meat for Mama.

          11. Lone Ranger says:

            According to Disney news.
            In reality Ukraine lost tens of thousands of neo Nazis against miners and peasants.
            Most the Ukrainian army won’t even engage the east, it’s mostly neonazi paramilitary units run by the CIA and local ziorat oligarchs.
            Even Polish and Baltic nazis hate you, you are only good as cannon fodder for them lol.
            Have a nice day fasarenko…

          12. Veth says:

            nd those miners found 700 Russian tanks, 160 GRAD, AND 60 BUK SYSTEMS IN their mine pit HAHAHA

          13. Lone Ranger says:

            In Ukrainian military bases.*
            Donbas was in Ukraine.

          14. Veth says:

            With Russian number plates on it, how nice.

          15. Lone Ranger says:

            More soros news…

          16. Veth says:

            Russians never heard about satellites……………..the trucks arrive in Donbas every day since 2014.

          17. Lone Ranger says:

            Bringing food and meds so people wont starve to death.

          18. Lone Ranger says:

            If it was up to kiev everybody would be dead now.

          19. Veth says:

            Russia invaded and started the Great Slavic War.

          20. Lone Ranger says:

            In a CIA funded Disney movie…

          21. Veth says:

            Russian call full war a movie….hahah

          22. Lone Ranger says:

            Ukropnazis call a civil war Russian invasion…

          23. Veth says:


          24. Lone Ranger says:

            According to doros news…
            Where are the corps?
            Only dead ukropnazis everywhere…

          25. Veth says:


            Sending children to war, Typical in fascist Russia.

          26. Lone Ranger says:

            You keep spelling Ukropisstan wrong fasarenko…

          27. Lone Ranger says:

            More soros news…

          28. Lone Ranger says:

            Are they paying you by the post…?
            +25 hryvnas…
            Dont spend it all at once…

          29. Lone Ranger says:

            Cool CGI.
            Almost as good as Turkish ones…

          30. Lone Ranger says:

            And the reality.

          31. Veth says:

            More ammo for the Russian troops.

          32. Lone Ranger says:

            Food and meds to former Ukrainian citizebs.
            Confirmed by OSCE.
            Better luck next time Trollstoy ?

          33. Lone Ranger says:

            Better luck next time Trollstoy ?

          34. Veth says:

            Donbas, like Crimea are still in Ukraine.

          35. Lone Ranger says:


          36. Veth says:


            Russian troops arrive in Antrasyt-Donbas.

          37. Lone Ranger says:

            Freedomfighters against CIAnazi opression.

          38. Veth says:

            No those Russian fighters are all dead haha

          39. Lone Ranger says:

            You spelled ukropnazi fighters wrong tho…
            I heard zellersky wants to send 16 year olds now too…
            Like the fibel days of nazi germany.
            Sad story…
            It was nice to chat eith you fasarenko.
            Have a nice weekend.

          40. Veth says:


            Russian children learn to kill Ukrainians in occupied Crimea.

          41. Lone Ranger says:

            BS alert.
            They do that in every Russian school for thd past 20 years.
            Ukropnazis are the ine killing Ukrainians not Russians.
            Bye Trollstoy ??

          42. Veth says:

            You admit the Putler-Jugend exist!

          43. Lone Ranger says:

            You spelled ukropnazi jugend wrong…
            I heard mini ukrops only get candy if they nazi salute to bandera and adolf Pimpeo…

          44. Veth says:

            Its called the JunArmia in fake Russian language.

          45. Lone Ranger says:

            I guess thats why every ukropnazi soeaks Russian as his first language…
            Only fske language is the ukropnazi one ?

          46. Lone Ranger says:

            Look at these pics deep, these people will end your nazi regimd soon.
            Same as it happened with bandera and adolf…

          47. Lone Ranger says:

            Erong country adolf…
            Try that better in Kievistan.

          48. Lone Ranger says:

            Patriots instead of gay neo-nazis on CIA/soros payroll…

          49. Veth says:

            20.000 Russian soldiers are in occupied Donbass, on holiday as the Moscow Junta told.
            The trucks with fresh soldiers and ammo are delivered on a weekly basis.

          50. Lone Ranger says:

            Disney called they want you back…

          51. Lone Ranger says:

            More soros/cia fake news…
            Poor SBU psychokitty trying real hard ?

          52. Veth says:

            Russain NAZZIES ARE EVIL.

          53. Lone Ranger says:


          54. Veth says:

            Why the torture camps in The Russia are full with anti-putin people?

          55. Lone Ranger says:

            You mean CIA torture black sites in Ukropisstan…
            Irradiated vodka can play tricks with your memory…

          56. cechas vodobenikov says:

            your stupidity is obvious—ukrops in USA, only Russians in USA emigrated during Yeltsin/CIA epoch

      3. Alberto Garza says:

        true but the u.s. is going into a slow decay i think china will defeat them in time using proxies like biden and harris .

      4. cechas vodobenikov says:

        US #1 plywood villages, obesity, violent/non violent crime per capita, rape per capita, mental illness per capita, extreme poverty and poverty all industrial nations, most incarcerated per capita, least medium income PPP per capita all industrialized nations, most homeless per capita industrialized nations, most mental illness 30+% (no civilized nation more than 6%, most illiteracy of all industrialized and many 3rd world nations (69% US university grads not English proficient per US Dept of Ed)…..US = fake nation expected to collapse in less than 10 years…now medium annual income $34,000….Johan Galtung employs 15 indices to predict rotting empire disintegrates into LGBT/BLM/Antifa villages in less than 10 years
        Fixed for you—that is you need a fix: Americans consume more illicit substances than all others per capita…you require this to deceive yourself. “amerikans live in a thicket of illusions; amerikans demand illusions about themselves”. Daniel Boorstin

  9. Jens Holm says:

    Its very impressing to see the article dont say USSR collapsed itself and Europe again is normal after Many years of Neocolonialisme west of Berlin.

    Its also ignorted, that the big player in Eastern Europe actually is EU with its 28 members helping the collpased by Russia parts as well as it goes and with investments – of course – for own purpose too. We cant sell things to them, so their livingstandards goes up from the primitive Russian one, if they dont work more and better and makes something we need.

    And USA – USA. Yes, thats right, but I will remind several here, they ignore or sensure normal realtions away.

    So yes, there are succes and fiaskos as written in the article. But I will remind You, that all are in the Sovejet leftovers and WE DIDNT DO IT.

    We didnt make that moving borders making those kind of troubles all over the USSR.

    Its the Russians which systematicly has MIXTED IN big Russian minorities, so they can cry HELP HELP and big mother and father Russi will come and and save them.

    There would be no problems, if thast never happend. Simple maps show it for the russian asian Neocolonialisme. Thats what people suffer and pay for and not made by us.

    Thats goes for Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Liituania very much. Russians are not even mixted in but kept as isolated own enclaverd in farming and combinates listening only to Russian TV and Radio as well as having their own newspapers.

    Sure USA has several big mistakes and right against what I think it should be, but its hard to see where Russia is succesfull even the article kind of try.

    BIDEN has no soft spot for Ukraine. Its just as impossible for the rest of us as for Russia to handle something like Ukraine. We dont prefare Nazis for communists as so many here write. We prefare none of them but people in the middle, but who did all that corruption and Oligarcs – Well the Russians seemes to be role models and we are just slightly better, but we and USA try.

    As long the dispute about those provinces is not solved, there will be those contrasts. O have written here many times, that those parts should be VOTED BACK to Russia. They are like some infection for Ukraine and the area. Russia also has to compensate for Krimera – at least some. Krimera was a part of a not clean trade, so some cleaing there should be done yesterday.

    And dont mention Ukrainians and USA as the only agressive there.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says:

      Denmark colony in debt—backward Danes produce cheese; all EU in debt; primitive Jenny deprived of anti-depressants; Russia vast reserves, no debt

      1. Denmark produces gays and minks. And they killed all minks recently.

        “In early November, Denmark — which is the world’s largest exporter of mink fur — announced it would cull all of the country’s more than 15 million mink after a mutated version of the novel coronavirus was discovered”

        Which is a pity, minks worth more than Janus Holm.

        1. Veth says:

          Putin is gay too, so what?

    2. Janus, sorry to disappoint you but no one’s gonna read that incomprehensive monkey gibberish.

  10. HiaNd says:

    Western Ukraine can become NATO member but in that case all South East of Ukraine + Transnistria goes to Russia.
    The rest of the false “threats” I can’t even be bothered to comment.
    But still….It is high time that Russia kick some @ss (to be taken seriously) because it has been quite while since Georgia and indirectly Ukrain-nazi were subjects for Russian correction.
    So Ukraine-nazi, Azerbaijan or even Turkey can jump on that occasion if they prefer to have it….

    1. Dawn says:

      Even a bad peace is better than “good – right” war.. Especially if you are playing long game.. As Putin said – our main concern today, is to not get cold on your funeral.. He is playing for time – for more than 10 years by now.. All this time is Russia getting stronger and stronger (not only in military terms)..

      1. HiaNd says:

        Don’t get wise on me by inadequately quoting Putin. Some wars are inevitable even necessary to prevent even bigger wars.
        Or to draw the line to the bully that goes to far and also show what are you capable of before it is too late….
        With retard Biden ( if he gets in office ) – “go to far” they will…
        We will have “Putin did it” propaganda on steroids. And NATO breading down Russia’s neck even closer and even in more aggressive way.
        As for the Russian wars (not to mention Syria)
        Georgia has imposed war, Crimea annexation was danger of war and Chechnya and Donbass were proxy wars.
        So go lecture somebody else.

      2. Veth says:

        Poor country Russ, failed state.

      3. Veth says:

        And still remains a completely failed state.

    2. Veth says:

      6800 Russian fascist soldiers killed so far in Donbas, nice.

      1. HiaNd says:

        So you Uki neo-NAZI rats won….good for you….is your Moscow invasion for next weak….or maybe not…

        1. Veth says:

          Killing Russians is no crime, being a Russian is a crime.

          1. HiaNd says:

            go away NAZI retard

          2. Veth says:

            rUSSIAN LOVE nAZISM.

          3. HiaNd says:

            Russia love to kill neo-NAZI rats from Western Ukraine

          4. Veth says:

            We Saw when Putin orderd the downing of MH17. Whole Russia smiled

          5. HiaNd says:

            The only thing Putin will “down” is Western Ukraine to make you pay for harnessing ethnic Russians.
            Stalin have made huge mistake for not killing you all.

          6. Veth says:

            In occupied Crimea and Donbas speaking Ukrainian has been banned by Fascist Russia. Schools closed. Ukrainians are forced to take Russian passport or get killed, Russki mir.

          7. HiaNd says:

            Ukrainians can always LEAVE and go back to MISERABLE Ukraine the poorest European country which has African standard of living but they prefer to become Russians because of higher standard of living.

  11. Tommy Jensen says:

    Exactly as I predicted it. We as a winner nation of winners won again!

    1. cechas vodobenikov says:

      Tammy takes too much LSD; the CIA has no more dollars?

    2. James says:

      Unless your in the top Tier, you will be replaced by automation and AI. They are the real winners.

  12. Mr T says:

    It is natural disaster happening slowly for Russia:
    – population decrease
    – small (Zionist) elite ransacking the wealth (oil, gas, diamonds, …)
    – increasing Muslim population
    – stronger Turkey, China, Russia, West
    – weakening army and governmental instructions
    – no real production or development

    yes, it will be bad for Russia, and the first to take a bite from Russia are the Christian brothers (EU, USA) and China

    1. Dawn says:

      Sry, but most of ur info is outdated – by 15 to 20 years..

    2. cechas vodobenikov says:

      sure Miss T—USA/turkey riven with poverty/crime/debt—Russia vast reserves…your CIA propaganda amuses

    3. HiaNd says:

      @ Mr Troll
      You are typical Americunt or Western idiot

  13. cechas vodobenikov says:

    Syria has strengthened Russia, as has the Donbass—militarily and economically. Russian economy has been less damaged than any western economy by covid–anticipated to grow 3-4% in 2021. Georgia/Ukraine/USA irrelevant—failed states on the verge of social economic collapse

    1. Me&Myself None says:

      First of all, Russia must have a viable economy for it to be damaged. An economy that relies solely on oil/gaz/weapon revenues is not a sustainable economy in that new world order. Russia’s economy is far less than that of the state of California, also less than the state of Texas, less than the state of New York, less than the state of Florida. Even less than some of the poorest countries in western Europe.

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Russia economy is far superior to that of the U.S.
        They have a debt to GDP ratio of 12% vs 130% in the U.S.
        Debt per capita Russia $6000 vs U.S. $72,000.
        Forex reserves Russia $600billion vs $123billion in the U.S.
        U.S. has no Universal healthcare either, 50million have no health insurrance, a 160million fobt have full cocerage…
        Russia runs a trade surplus of $230billion a year vs the U.S. running a deficit of $800billion a year…
        Hydrocarbons give only 13% of the Russian GDP by the way.
        Better luck next time…

        1. Veth says:

          Russian budget is 3% of the USA, NAZZI.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            I know what you are, you dont have to tell it to me every time.
            Only on paper, most the U.S. economy is smoke and mirrors xou really belived facefook is worth a $100billion or that Tesla is mors eorzh than the VW concern eventho VW is making 13million cars a year vs the 350,000 of Tesla.
            U.S. is a debt based economy only kept alive by the greenback and free loans from the FED, hyperinflation will kick in soon that will make the meltdown of 2008 look like a walk in the park…

        2. Veth says:

          In the Russia is no health care anyway.

          1. Lone Ranger says:

            You spelled the U.S
            and Ukropisstan wrong tho…

      2. Alberto Garza says:

        russian economy is doing better than western economies wich are going down the drain .

      3. cechas vodobenikov says:

        more CIA stupidity. Russia 5th largest economy, larger than Germany….Calif 9th largest—but all fake based on Facebook, Hollywood trash, overvalued property. CIA not as stupid as You—USA negative balance of trade, 29$ trillion debt; Russia no debt vast reserves, positive balance of trade all nations…LOL
        now return to your trailer park, your meth and LSD

  14. Kefir says:

    In the future turkey will probably try to ocupy entire cyprus and crimea.

    1. HiaNd says:

      As tourists only….
      Important note:
      Turkish lira is not accepted because worthless, so euro’s only please!

    2. Alberto Garza says:

      i agree on cyprus but in crimea as things stand today not very likely .

    3. cechas vodobenikov says:

      plohoi mitchti—stop consuming LSD

  15. Rhodium 10 says:

    Europe is in the verge of collapse, the economy of many EU countries is just purely especulative based on raising money to inflate values…like USA just print money to pay debts…they need “open doors” for inmigrants with the purpose that they send money remittances to their countries in Africa, East Europe, Asia and latin America…so those countries can pay debts and continue to borrow Dollars/Euros which reinforces the Dollar/Euro and avoid devaluations despite the huge debt of USA and most of EU countries…..but without a real productive economy..sooner or later unemployment will grow which leads to low wages and finally to a social conflict.

    1. Fog of War says:

      “like USA just print money to pay debts…they need “open doors” for inmigrants with the purpose that they send money remittances to their countries ”

      Actually this hurts the US more as it continually siphons the money from the domestic economy. I doubt its an intentional tactic. The US is being INTENTIONALLY flooded by migrants for several reasons including cheap labor, the lowering of wages, social cohesion, and an assault on the former White majority. Similar to what is happening in the rest of the West.

  16. Fog of War says:

    None of these threats to Russia wouldn’t even be a possibility if Putin wasn’t Chabad servant. Why does Russia still allow Zio NGO’s to operate within its borders ? What about Western media, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other mind control CIA social engineering operations. Why does Russia still have a Rothschild affiliated central bank that functions on the evil fractional reserve model ? Why not print money debt free like China supposedly does ? I know why.

    I’ve never seen a President — I don’t care who he is — stand up to the Jews. They always get what they want. If the American people understood what a grip these people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms.
    —Admiral Thomas Moorer, Chairman, U.S.. Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1970-74

    Above all, propaganda here [in the U.S.A.] is entirely in Jewish hands. When bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe. President Roosevelt has been given the power to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.
    —Count Jerzy Potocki, Polish Ambassador to the U.S.A., 1934

    I believe now that Hitler and the German people did not want war. But we declared war on Germany, intent on destroying it, in accordance with our principle of balance of power, and we were encouraged by the Jews around Roosevelt. We ignored Hitler’s pleadings not to enter into war. Now we are forced to realize that Hitler was right.
    —Sir Harley Shawcross, British Attorney General, Senior Nuremberg Prosecutor, March 16, 1984

    While the Zionists try to make the rest of the World believe that the national consciousness of the Jew finds its satisfaction in the creation of a Palestinian state, the Jews again slyly dupe the dumb Goyim. It doesn’t even enter their heads to build up a Jewish state in Palestine for the purpose of living there; all they want is a central organization for their international world swindler, endowed with its own sovereign rights and removed from the intervention of other states: a haven for convicted scoundrels and a university for budding crooks.
    —Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

    “How does it feel, in the light of all that’s going on , to be the father of terrorism in the Middle East?”
    “In the Middle East?” Begin bellowed, in his thick cartoon accent, “In all the world!”
    –Menachem Begin to Russell Warren Howe, interview Jan. 1974

    The Jews have no sense of proportion nor do they have any judgment on world affairs….The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as D[isplaced] P[erson]s as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog.
    —Harry Truman, 1947 diary entry, concerning Henry Morgenthau, Jr. about Jewish refugee ship ‘Exodus’

  17. Lero says:

    Russia was the full time partner to the “partners” in dismantling my people and country Yugoslavia just as it has just arranged for the dismantling of yet another orthodox nation Armenia. So I say: dismantle or destroy freaking Russia! I will volunteer to push the button!

    1. Alberto Garza says:

      russia was unable to defend serbia annd still lacks military presence in the mediterranean .

  18. jm74 says:

    Is the author of this tripe Southfront or Rand? Posting this sort of crap is no wonder Southfront has trouble collecting donations to meet their target.

    1. HiaNd says:

      They probably have obligation to publish certain number of “Western media” propaganda articles if they don’t want to be closed down.

  19. Bruno Gama says:

    Not Working… And only making the already ultra-debt of the West bigger and bigger… I wonder how the 11% minus GDP of UK will make them able to fight Russia? The “Keenan Doctrine” is adamant in the West, they use it since the late 1940, and they will only abolish it when they see the bankruptcy of their own… This reports of “attacking Russia”, “dividing Russia” started in the 90s. In the Drunkards Era of Yeltsin, Russia even loose Chechnya. Now the Russian Elite is more aware. The Euro-Atlantic think-tanks will continue to produce their poor work and Russia will continue to make them sore… The delirant Western Neocons have stablished as geopolitical goals “regime change in China”… Atlanticism is a delirious belief… doomed to fail

    1. HiaNd says:

      You better correct your Wikipedia, because Russia didn’t “lose” Chechnya.

  20. Tom Tom says:

    Nothing to see here, folks!


  21. Alberto Garza says:

    the u.s. failed in each and everyone of them except nagorno karabah conflict and it was turkey not the u.s. who got the victory .

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