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JUNE 2020

Changhe Z-18 Medium Transport Helicopter (Infographics)


Changhe Z-18 Medium Transport Helicopter (Infographics)

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The Changhe Z-18 is a medium transport helicopter developed by Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation for the People’s Liberation Army. This is a single-rotor helicopter with tail rotor and a non-retractable landing gear.




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  • RichardD

    This is the purportedly off planet organization that I was interacting and disagreeing with when I almost lost an eye in a beam weapon shooting that left that side of my face permanently scarred. These are 100 foot diameter spherical scout ships in flight that stand 10 stories high when landed on the ground.


  • Zionism = EVIL

    Good job China improving and upgrading the froggy Super Puma at a fraction of a cost and far more reliable.

    • Peter Moy

      …..or an EH 101 Merlin or an NH-90.

  • Ivan Freely

    Now China needs a heavy lift like the MIL MI-26.