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JULY 2022

Chad Accuses CAR Forces And Their Russian Allies Of Raiding Border Checkpoint

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Chad Accuses CAR Forces And Their Russian Allies Of Raiding Border Checkpoint

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A scandal broke between the Central African Republic (CAR) and Chad over the alleged activities of Russian military specialists and contractors.

In the early morning of May 30, CAR armed forces and their Russian allies entered the territory of the neighboring country and attacked the checkpoint of the Chadian border guards not far from the settlement of Suru.

One Chadian soldier was reportedly killed and 5 others were captured by the CAR forces and Russian military contractors. According to the Armed Forces of Chad, the five captured soldiers were later killed.

According to the reports, a CAR official declared death of one Russian military contractor in the clashes.

After the Chadian Armed Forces intervened, the Russians and CAR soldiers had to retreat. The mercenaries reportedly tried to escape to the territory of nearby Cameroon, but were repulsed by the border guards. As a result, they had to return to the CAR.

The next day, the armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Chad defiantly crossed the border and marched through the territory of the CAR.

The Chadian Foreign Ministry condemned the actions of their neighbors and accused the CAR military of crime. The CAR authorities had to apologize for the incident and extended condolences to the relatives of the victims.

The CAR authorities claimed it was an accident, explaining that the opposition forces attacked the CAR soldiers and mercenaries near the border with Chad at night. The militants pushed soldiers to the checkpoint of the Armed Forces of Chad, where the border guards were mistakenly taken for militants.

However, according to the governor of the Chadian province of East Logon, where the clash took place, the CAR armed forces and Russian mercenaries conducted reconnaissance of the checkpoint before the attack.

Earlier, on May 27, three Russians and two CAR police officers were killed as a result of an IED attack on a military convoy, according to the reports by Agence France-Presse. There are still no official confirmation from the Russian Foreign Ministry, which has begun checking this information. Some media cited CAR officials, confirming the casualties.


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