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JUNE 2021

Central Syria Insurgency: ISIS Cells Attacked Syrian Army Post In Aleppo, Oil Tankers In Raqqa

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Central Syria Insurgency: ISIS Cells Attacked Syrian Army Post In Aleppo, Oil Tankers In Raqqa

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Despite sustaining heavy losses in the last few months, ISIS cells in central Syria continue to launch attacks against Syrian government forces and civilians.

On May 20, the group’s terrorists raided a position of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in Durihim desert in the southern countryside of Aleppo.

According to ISIS news agency Amaq, heavy clashes broke out during the raid. The terrorists destroyed two artillery pieces before withdrawing. No Syrian service members were killed or injured.

Two days earlier, eight SAA soldiers and pro-government fighters were reportedly killed in an ambush by ISIS cells in Maskanah desert in southern Aleppo.

The operations of ISIS cells were not limited to Aleppo; the terrorists were also active in Raqqa, where at least two attacks were reported this week.

On May 22, ISIS terrorists attacked a convoy of tankers moving oil from northeastern Syria to government-held areas near al-Manakhir in southern Raqqa. Two tankers were damaged, per Amaq.

The same day, three pro-government fighters were reportedly killed in Ma’adan desert in southern Raqqa when they were struck by an improvised explosive device that had been planted by ISIS cells.

The recent attacks indicate that ISIS cells are still attempting to establish a foothold in the Hama-Aleppo-Raqqa triangle. The SAA and its allies, first and foremost the Russian Aerospace Forces, will likely move to secure the region very soon.


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‘According to ISIS news agency, Amaq…..’

Oh dear SouthFront. You never learn do you?

Icarus Tanović

I asked same question.

Team Jens Holm United

I Jens, am disgusted that NATO and Gulf States armed the Syrian based Muslim Brotherhood and then a massive influx of foreign Islamist mercenaries, recruited from as far and wide as Tunisia to Pakistan – to fight and destabilize the Syrian state and its people. Viva Russia and Syria!

The (Wrong) Objective

Couldn’t agree more. Totally on same page. God bless Russia for protecting Syria from the foreign funded war against its secular governing institutions, and its existing UN recognized borders.

john wooh

The “Homegrown Rebels” are even Uighurs from China, then we got “native Syrians” from Indonesia/Malaysia and dont forget the Asian Stan Countries…

Last edited 28 days ago by john wooh
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