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Central Syria Insurgency: ISIS Cells Attack Homs-Deir Ezzor Highway

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Central Syria Insurgency: ISIS Cells Attack Homs-Deir Ezzor Highway

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Early on March 24, ISIS cells attacked the strategic M20 highway which links Homs in central Syria with Deir Ezzor in the eastern region. 

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the terrorists attacked several positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies near the town of al-Sholah, one of the largest settlements on the M20.

Four pro-government fighters were reportedly killed in the ISIS attack. Warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces quickly intervened forcing the terrorists to withdraw.

“ISIS continues to attack its operations against regime forces and loyal militias through frequent attacks in small groups, fearing airstrikes and ambushes,” the SOHR revealed in a report. “The new strategy, which ISIS has adopted recently, is based on sporadic attacks by a small group of two or three members, while some of the attacks are carried out by a single ISIS fighter.”

Some opposition sources claimed that the M20 was blocked as a result of the attack. However, these claims appear to be false.

Last month, the SAA and its allies carried out a large-scale operation to secure the M20 highway following a number of attacks by ISIS. The terrorist group’s attacks claimed the lives of dozens of service members and civilians.

ISIS cells resumed their operations along the M20 earlier this week. Two days ago, the terrorists attacked an army unit near the town of al-Sukhnah.

The SAA and its allies are more than capable of securing traffic on the M20. Nevertheless, ISIS “hit-and-run” attacks on the highway will not likely stop anytime soon.


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I wondered where all the bank reclaimed vehicles are disappearing. ISIS cars are getting newer and newer

Supreme Blyat

Toyota is the best war vehicle.


Even the US state department bought Toyota trucks to Syrian rebels earlier in the conflict.


I would love to see the paper trail for that leasing deal.

John Wallace

ISIS truck convoy delivery escorted by Apache helicopters

Pave Way IV

Syria may have to go the Houthi route. If the GCC insists on using remotely piloted head-choppers in Syria, then Syria should send a few missiles into Riyadh, Ras Tanura or Abu Dhabi every day. And continue sending them every day until whatever Wahhabi shithole that manufactured these Wahhabi head-choppers calls them off.


Not sure why SF keeps reporting what the SOHR says,its a bloke in a house in Coventry backed by MI5/6


Funny how ISIS doesn’t trouble Israel or American military.
Almost like they work together.

Pave Way IV

Oh, come on… that can’t be true. Now why would the U.S…. uh… oh… nevermind:

American planes transport a new batch of “ISIS” terrorists to Iraq. [link]
by khalediskef
March 23, 2021
from The Duran

Sources reported a new transfer of ISIS terrorists from Gweran prison in Al-Hasakah, by the US helicopters operating under the name of the “International Coalition”.

The sources pointed out that the “SDF” in charge of “Ghoyran” prison in Al-Hasakah had removed about 10 prisoners from “ISIS” and transported them by American aircraft to the “Semalka” crossing in preparation for their transfer to Iraq…

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