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Center-Right Alliance Get 40.3% In Sweden General Elections Amid Developing Migrant Crisis


Center-Right Alliance Get 40.3% In Sweden General Elections Amid Developing Migrant Crisis

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General elections took place in Sweden on September 9th, with results coming in there appeared to be no clear winner. Anti-immigration party, mockingly named Sweden Democrats (SD), came in third and could play a key role in shaping the next government.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven’s ruling centre-left bloc had a slight lead with 40.6 percent of the vote, with the center-right alliance winning a total 40.3 percent. The Moderates have 19.8 percent of the vote. Sweden Democrats gained 17.6 percent of the vote, up from 12.9 percent in the previous 2014 elections. The Centre Party is at 8.6 percent, the Christian Democrats are at 6.4 percent, Liberals 5.5 percent and Green Party at 4.3 percent. These were results as of early morning September 10th, with 99% of the ballots counted.

Jon Henley, a journalist for The Guardian who was on-site in Stockholm, commented: “The new government, which could now take weeks to form, will need either cross-bloc alliances between centre-right and centre-left parties, or an accommodation with the Sweden Democrats – long shunned by all other parties because of their extremist roots – to pass legislation, potentially giving the populists a say in policy.”

Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit coordinator and former Belgium Prime Minister, has welcomed the Swedish election result. He tweeted: “Polls show that our Centre Party and Liberal allies win votes compared to 2014 elections. Also, Swedish Democrats win less than expected.”

The unaligned far-right Sweden Democrats have capitalized on growing anti-migrant sentiment after an influx of refugees in 2015 rattled the political landscape in one of the world’s most liberal nations. The Sweden Democrats officially reject fascism and Nazism.

Nonetheless, critics of the Sweden Democrats point out that the party has its roots in Swedish fascism, and was primarily a white nationalist movement through the early-1990s. Then it first began distancing itself from its past. The SD’s logo from the 1990s until 2006 was a version of the torch used by the UK National Front (widely known fascist party in the UK).

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, head of the country’s center-left bloc, called for cooperation across the political divide amid concerns the center-right opposition may attempt to form a government with the help of the Sweden Democrats. “We have two weeks left until parliament opens. I will work on calmly, as prime minister, respecting voters and the Swedish electoral system,” Lofven said at a party rally.

Jimmie Akesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats, said in a speech at his campaign headquarters that his party will now have “influence over Swedish politics.” The Sweden Democrats want to freeze migration and have pushed for the country to leave the European Union.

CNN cited political scientist Nicholas Aylott who said factions of the center-right alliance might want to reach an accommodation with the Sweden Democrats, despite both main blocs vowing not to work with the far-right party.

This is reinforced by the fact that Akesson, in his post-election speech, called on other parties to acknowledge his party’s success by entering into talks with it. He singled out the centre-right’s candidate for premier, Moderates leader Ulf Kristersson, for possible negotiations.

“I invite Ulf Kristersson to talk about how this country is supposed to be governed in the future,” he said. “This is a very clear signal to the voters that the government we have had, it does not support the support of the majority of voters,” he added.

Sweden has had several recent coalition and minority governments. CNN further cited Aylott who said that while a German-style “grand coalition” between the main Social Democrats and Moderates is possible, another alternative might be an alliance under a new prime minister chosen as “the candidate parliamentarians dislike the least” in accordance with Sweden’s parliamentary system.

Following the 2015 migrant crisis, immigration became highly politicized in Sweden, with the country taking in more than 160,00 refugees.

CNN reported that support for the far right in Sweden mirrors similar trends in other European nations following the mass migration of refugees to the region in 2015, at the height of the Syrian war. Anti-migrant parties in Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy and the UK have all made gains in recent years.

CNN also cited Anders Ygeman, a senior Social Democrats official who said that the migrant crisis is the reason why SD has such a large share of the vote. “We paid the price for being in government. We suffered from the refugee crisis in 2015. That’s why the Sweden Democrats are as big as they seem to be,” he said, cited by CNN.

The migration crisis has also been reinforced by a surge in migrant-related crime. There have been numerous reports claiming that crime is intimately linked to the country’s failure to integrate its immigrants. Most recently, on August 13th, around 80 cars were set on fire and a further 40 were vandalized in the city of Gothenburg in western Sweden, media dubbed it a crime of migrant groups, despite there being no concrete evidence. The attackers were all male, with black masks, their ethnicity could not be determined. Furthermore, Sweden does not keep stats on ethnicity and crime, despite all claims that there is a clear connection between migration and criminal activity.

The results of the September 9th election, however, lead Sweden to hard upcoming weeks, if not months, until a government can be negotiated between all “winners.”



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  • Prince Teutonic

    Swedistan is awakening!

    • Jens Holm

      SD went up 3% and hardly 18%. Thats awakening very slow. 82% is not SD.

      • matt
      • Ace

        Exactly. European voters have no sense of urgency. In fact, they have no sense of danger. They think that “nationalism” is the danger to Europe but that is just E.U. nonsense that it uses to justify globalism and extinguishment of European nations. The elitist swine say the magic words “refugee,” “migrant,” and “multiculturalism” and the voters subconsciously switch to “Manchurian Candidate” mode, secretly programmed by the watching cat videos. “Welcome, Abdul and your four wives!”

        The article mentions the “extremist roots” of the SD. It is to laugh. Destroying the country by means of importing savages, subversives, criminals, jihadis, and parasites is apparently not “extremist.” If you object to invasion of the homeland by primitives you are an “extremist.” Perhaps this should be called “Eurologic.”

  • Enlightened Truth Seeker

    Ridiculous to call Sweden Democrats ‘far right’.

    They don’t even call for sending the racial strangers back to their home countries.

    • al quaida

      Because that would be like calling for 14% of Sweden Democrats to go back to their home countries.

      • You can call me Al

        NO, that would be the Social Democrats.

        • al quaida

          YES, According to Aftonbladet, 14% of SD members are of immigrant origin, which corresponds to the proportion of foreign-born in Sweden.

          • Ole Johansen

            The Deep State has started a aggressive import of voters in both Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The strategy is to “invent” new citizens and grant them the right to vote.

            But according to Barbara Lerner Spectre in Sweden, the Swedes can not survive without a Jewish hand to assist that the nations is swarmed by refugees.



          • Enlightened Truth Seeker

            If you’re so retarded as to equate a Norwegian or a Dane- not a racial stranger to Sweden- with a Somali, then that’s a reasonable comparison.

          • You can call me Al

            OH right. Cheers, I didn’t know that.

    • matt

      if you are an enlightend truth seeker, you might want to read this


      • Enlightened Truth Seeker

        I read the Intercept, and they have nothing useful to say about the lame conservative Sweden Democrat centrists, who don’t even call out the owners of the Swedish media who hate Swedish people.

        • matt

          that is not what the article is about….

    • Davki

      “Racial strangers”. Oh, come on. There is no such thing. Swedes are as mixed as anybody, the concept of ‘race’ has long been abandoned by enlightened people. Stranger is an even more blurry concept. Whether somebody is a stranger has absolutely nothing to do with where they come from or how they look like.

      • Enlightened Truth Seeker

        Lol. We have a proponent of mixing faeces and ice cream here.

      • Enlightened Truth Seeker


      • al quaida

        And here we have a racist. Comparing darker skinned people to faeces. So “enlightened”.

  • Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

    Good! Revolt Sweden! Revolt against your corrupt US/EU masters! Kick them out.

    • Jens Holm

      82% dont say so.

      • Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

        We’ll see. As is evidenced by the elections, resistance is growing.

        • Jens Holm

          The immigration as well as part of the refugee entrence is stopped now for Sweden. Soon they can handle things well again.

          I think that will gain no resistence but lower some. There will be better – for sweden – rules for being there mptivating incommers harder.

          • Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

            Fuck immigration.

          • matt

            fuck humans then, because they were always and will always be migrants :)))

          • Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

            A few but not the preventable mismatched cluster fuck we see in Europe. What a joke.

          • matt

            It is not preventable, the west is still robbing the former colonies, supporters of the corrupted elites in those countries, main weapon suppliers and they are the main source of climate change wich will make today’s migration something people will remind as the good old time….

          • Saint Jimmy (Russian American)


          • Jens Holm

            Same songs as ever. The mijav probarly is in Your national hymn for excuses as well. You not even start reforms to make anything like us, so you can feed Yourself.

            Of course the neos do, if not its USA, Westerns, Zions, Jews.

            It could be because You do absolutly nothing Yourself. I hardly see anything productivity for dirt made by Yourself. Btter hay for the cars = Your level.

            We see that in Syria very well. A choose between Despote private owned proporty by the belowed Baathparty certainly keeep everything low and corrups and goes on and and running things by fear and bajonets – Jihadisme as a result of that has spread in Nusras, Qaidas, FSAs ISIS and others.

            And the only ones, which have good answers for a future are the PYD program for the SDF zone. And we see here every day how You Narrowminded attitude to that is.

            Syria has not chenged since 1967. They still have museum oil and gas prodution, where dry well only are dry, bacause there in no know how. Same goes for agriculture where You by Turks will get less water but make salty fields letting irrigation channels evaporate.

            Dont make that to western faults. You are in the same level for military skills having all the equipment, thats needed, but You are raised not to handle military matters well even You have runned all by militaries and police in decades.

            As I have written several times, even You are so proud of Your oil, You only sell fuel and a lot of it with sulphur making acid and big leftovers in asphalt.

            You can even ma´ke plastic bucket of the cheepest kind. Thats were the money is for less import and some export. But OH NO, not lang ago oil was for lamps only.

            You are not even neo anymore. How slow can it be. 75 years inisiting being behind and stay. Our fault. Well some….

          • matt

            I am european, smart ass
            Domme deense rukker

          • Ace

            There is no global warming matt. The very term climate change is a shuck. Name one year in which the climate of the earth was not changing. And explain what you mean by “change.” Rainstorms, droughts, winter, spring?

          • Jens Holm

            Yerrh, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Turks, Arabs, Mongols & Hispanics should go home.

            Same for refugees. Go home and be shot, gassed or starved to death.

            The world is like that until people treat each other better. Even so You fx can have climatechanges, which make same thing.

          • Ace

            Jens, you are as I describe. You hear the word “refugee” and your mind goes blank, all critical thinking skills gone.

        • matt
  • Pertsa

    I’m afraid this is not the whole picture. Living in Finland I know at least that the SD is the only party against unhinged Immigration in a situation that is becoming chaotic. There are also many incidents where election fraud has been reported. A observer of organisation OSSE who has been monitoring elections in Russia and other east-European countries called these elections worse. In neighbouring Finland the votes count is controlles by a private data company with ever changing owner base, sometimes offshore companies

    • Brother Ma

      Disgraceful, I firmly believe vote- checking authorities should always be gov or gov officials so you know who to prosecute and hang. Privatising that ,makes it too easy for the Dark State to obscure things and evade transparency with ,as you say , “ever – changing management structures”

    • Jens Holm

      I see problems but no chaos. Sweden being friendly took in 180.000 from Syria. NBone can regulate Tzunamis like that.

      Things has improved a litle by a little. You seems to forget, that swedes help all incommers more then most others and they do have a develloped system for it.

      I think things shouldbe turned on.

      Blame Assads for 6 million has left Syria and the last days has made 30.000 extra refugees from Idlibe.

      Blame other countries even in Europe to show no helping hand – at least taking some of the swedish refugees.

      • Pertsa

        but other European countries have taken immigrants, they are not refugees anymore, ships pick them up barely off Libyan coast but do not return them to Libya. It is organized. For Syria we can thank US and Israel, both of which take no immigrants

        • Jens Holm

          Sweden systematicl has asked for Emmigrants to raise Sweden by educating them from 0. This has been done for many Years until this.

          Today You have more then 1 million Immigrants and refugees. The job about them mainly has been solved, because they have/had a plan for it.

          The big difference was that 160.000 came at almost them same time. You can compare with Tzunamis.

          And You are right. The intake is during many years, so many are well integrated as well as great parts fx do have citicenship and a job.

          Several countries in Eastern Europe has taken hardly none refugees. Merkel let in so many to a safehaven but also for distribution.

          Those 160.000 onetimers almost all was from Syria and therefore not from the Africa coast at all. And its true those comes to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Netherland.

          • Pertsa

            Yes, there was one timers from Syria, but it is not the whole issue.
            Also, again, US and Israel are behind the Syrian rebels, but take how many refugees (yes, these people really are refugees)?? Germany, France, UK, Sweden have taken a lot of immigrants before. For
            example sweden has 7-8 million people in total, if you say they have
            taken one million people, it is about 15% of the total population. That
            is a huge number. So how long is it Sweden anymore? Also, there are a
            lot of problems in Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, UK with violence
            because the EU does not check the background of immigrants anymore.
            There have been terrorist attacks, bombings and so on. All of this has
            not been accepted by normal citizens, but forced down their throats by
            media and very dubious elections. It looks like the old nations states
            need to be abolished by changing the people there, removing borders to
            make way for a EU-superstate against the peoples wishes. Every country
            like Sweden and Finland has a constitution that specifically makes
            giving up independence illegal and treason, so it has to be done by
            these other means.

      • Ace


  • Jens Holm

    We see the effect well. So many incommers even in a much smaller incommers program wake up some swedish right wings and they get extra votes.

    By that the left wing grows as well.

    So many refugees makes 3 groups. And its true that among others smaller parts of the Syrians are overcriminels in what swedes and we see as overcrime. When You to thats import culturel and religion bad habits which is strictly forbidden too added to, what even most Syrians cant accept, You make gunpowder to the right wing.

    Unfortunatly especially the right wing see all fx Syrians as beibng criminels even the most of them have same crimerates as swedes and us(I am Dane).

  • Brother Ma

    The tone of the article via using the word ,”populist” is negative. Unless, it is a translation error by Southfront.

    Populist does in fact mean “of the people” but now has a derogatory slant which makes you think ill of the people. Ie the people as a dumb mob rather than the people as a majority of clear- thinking individuals.

  • sinocentrist

    Sweden democrats aren’t even populists, the real populist party is Alternative for Sweden which their poll numbers are in single digits.

  • roland

    will someone tell everyone that this right wing vs left wing shit is what the powers that be want they want the right wing in one corner the left wing in the other corner fighting it out so your not looking up at them they don’t give a shit if your on one side of politics or the other they’ve used both sides to their advantage in the past and they are doing it now don’t you think they knew that there would be a shift to the right when they flooded Europe with migrants..

  • Davki

    Make no mistake. There is no ‘migrant crisis’… there is, however, propaganda (in which Russia partakes, unfortunately) to further ultra-nationalists. These ultra-nationalists ultimately are to server anti-Russian, pro Anglo-American interests.