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Cell Of Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Group Was Neutralized In Russia’s Voronezh

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Cell Of Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Group Was Neutralized In Russia’s Voronezh

A screenshot from the video

Security forces have neutralized a cell of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi radical group “MKU” in the Russian city of Voronezh, the Federal Security Service (FSB) reported on February 18.

According to the FSB, three MKU followers were detained in Voronezh on suspicion of promoting the ideology of neo-Nazism and mass murder.

The FSB noted that the group was involved “in the propaganda of the ideology of neo-Nazism and mass murder, provoking interethnic conflicts, and committing violent crimes.”

Ukrainian special services and their Western puppeteers have been actively working with neo-Nazi groups, radical Islamists and other destructive groups in an attempt to destabilize Russia or at least fuel the disorder in the country. As of now, this work was successfully contained by Russian security services. However, the further increase of such destabilization efforts is expected in the near future due to the developing conflict between the Russian state and foreign forces that seek to destroy Russia.


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Jens Holm

Nazisme is the logis answer to Bolsjevisme and Tzarisme as loing as people dont know anything else.

And the Russian not forbidden that.

Its few few trusting only themself and not trusting anybody else because they are afraid loosing their power and make any patent defining whats true or not.

Real parlamentarisme is where people trust each other by elctions and can replace all elected ones. It also has high ranked employed, which control all laws decided are kept into the last comma, which – very important – includes polticians too.

cechas vodobenikov

more LSD delusions

Jens Holm

Its the same for main parts of the muslims.

If You systematicly raise people as sheep, they act like sheep and not even dare to protest.


why Russia keeps Ukrainians inside of Russia?!?
Those ethnic Russians from Ukraine who wanted Russian citizenship, have become Russians long time ago.
Other Ukrainians should be sent back home. They are not friendly towards Russia end represent only security risque.

Jens Holm

Thats partly right. I have asked for those 2 provinces should vote themself back to Russia. They never was Ukrainians.

I dont think it makes sense defining as hard as You do.

We saw it in 1920 when a part of germnany taken in 1864 was given back to us. We could have taken the other half with germans. But You have to undetstand, what germans are or were there. The danish kings actually are – was – from there – having teir own land as feudals with castles AND Denmark.

As long as the Danish KING treated them well they were positive to the rest of us and very loyal and even a progessive very productive part. BY that they also was relative independent.

BUt the danish KIngs insisted in they all their land them and Denmark should be exact same thing.

By that they changed in minds and easy became a part of the fast growing Preussen. Preussia alse beated Austria-HUngary in 1865 and France 1870.

But it was the support, which changes. Its much more difficuilt to take an area, which dont like or even hate.

We could have taken anything we wanted to amputate WW1 Germany. Others loved to do it.

By that we a very good friendship and active relations. The Germans today support their very small minority here and Our bigger minority has at least 2 seats in their local Governes as well as we have schools, a few churces, a newspaper and schools for pupils from 16 to 18 years. The danish minority can educa themself free in Denmark even they dont pay tax.

The border is open. Danes work and live in Germany by that. German live i DEnmark as well. Houses are cheeper, so they pr routine just follow the marked. We often share hospitals and the firebrigades help each other.

Our policecars for good reasons can cross the borders if needed until the local police takes over. 160 km pr hour is far into a country.

So I think its about choosing loayalty as well and for all and making that choise possible.

We didnt get exact the result for WW2 as we had hoped for. Here we were not in WW1 even danes in germany hasd a hjard time and many emmigrated, if they could. We did have – as today – good relations to germans and their way. By that even Hitler treated us relative well. But we had less then 4% nazis here.

It makes no sense to send home. They and the Russians getting new jobs in the 2 Russians obæast(and Krimera) ARE HOME AND FOR GENERATIONS.

The change came in 1956 BUT many of those incommers to Ukraine came direct from war having no home at all and settled with new or regained jobs in mining and by the big combinates.

Its the same for those Ukrainians. They left because Hitler came or was displaced by Stalin. So there homes are decided by that.

Both has every right to live, where they are. But a kind of freedom also is to vote and by voting decide, so everybody can live, where they are. Feedom in my world very much You take Your own little part of responsability.

If not it anarchy. Thats what I see now. The wrong ones are forced elected at both sides and highly manipulated as if there are no choises. There are.

I told one, whiat under very hard conditions has been a great succes.

cechas vodobenikov

deluded–jens braincells live in anarchy: discoordinated confused thinking


Most Ukrainians in Russia moved there because Ukraine has no future, especially since 2014. Others just went to Poland if they didn’t like Russia.

Some may just be in Russia for economic benefits alone, but I suspect most aren’t anti-Russian.


I know all that …..and don’t find that particularly intelligent…
with rising terrorism problems in Caucasus, excessive Central Asian Muslim emigration and plenty of Ukrainians (non ethnic Russians)that have no loyalty for Russia or some of them even having hatred for Russia….it seams that Russia is looking for trouble (which could have been avoided )
Because CIA, MI-6, BND, NED etc… are always looking for useful idiots and recruits…


Latvia goes further than a simple ban on Russian TV news – Riga will FINE citizens for watching ‘illegal’ cross border channels


Good Job,live against constitutional freedoms,they shall reap what they sowed,no ifs,no buts:

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