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CDU (Merkel’s Christian Democrats) Lost in 2 Federal States, the Rightist Have a Historic Success

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SouthFront has got numerous emails from our German readers. They write that elections in Germany could be fraudulent in order to assist the ruling party to hold the power. According to our readers, some 80-90% of German citizens are against Merkel’s policy as a matter of fact. One our reader writes that “the contemporary political situation in the country comes closer to 1930s dramatically with a censorship in main stream media and political pressure on independent activists.” Another one complains that “the country was turned into a scrapyard”.

Current situation in Germany raises fears not among the Germans only, but around all Europe as Germany is a core pillar of the European’s architecture.

CDU (Merkel's Christian Democrats) Lost in 2 Federal States, the Rightist Have a Historic Success

Anti-Merkel rally in Berlin

Originally appeared at Tanjug, translated by A. Đurić exclusively for SouthFront

The Christian Democrats (CDU) of German Chancellor Angela Merkel suffered significant losses in the elections, which are now held in three federal states, because they are defeated in two, while anti-migration right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) recorded a historic success, reports the German media citing exit survey.

Elections were held in three very different federal states, with the different electorate, according to Deutsche Welle.

CDU has lost in two of the three states a scoring the lowest score in its stronghold of Baden-Wuerttemberg where, according to estimates, Green won.

In another western federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, Prime Minister of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) Malu Dreyer apparently managed to remain in office after her party won 37.5 percent in the finish of the campaign “beating” CDU who finished with 33 percent.

In the eastern federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, the situation is quite different: CDU remained the strongest party with 30 percent support, and AFD particularly profited and will enter the local parliament with 22 percent.

The biggest winner of the elections is AfD, the party which got “tailwind” from refugee crisis and whose President Frauke Petri even stated that in case of emergency refugees on the borders should be shoot.

AfD was created before the last parliamentary elections in 2013, as the party of the opponents of the monetary union, but strengthened only after the party was left by the first president and many liberals and taken by rightists and the populists.

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Alec Bee

“According to our readers, some 80-90% of German citizens are against Merkel’s policy as a matter of fact.”
Dear all: I am wondering of what kind of readers you do write? The far right wing (AfD, NPD) won 12 – 24 % of the votes. They are against Merkel’s policy and try to stop her. Some of them are close-to-fascist, most of them ultra-conservatistic. Many of them didn’t vote for 20 years, they are just protesting against the CDU/SPD governement in Berlin by voting for the AfD. But none of them represents the average german voter.
SPD, Greens, even Linke support Merkel’s open border policy for the refugees. And the people of her party, the CDU, are following her direction, sometimes grumbling. In fact, between 76 – 88 % of the people think she has done right or they have no opinion so far. I do not think – and my personel environment proves it day by day – that there is any majority against Angela Merkel at the moment. 80-90 % wish a solution of the european refugee theme as soon as possible. It means nevertheless not a revolution against the chancellor.

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