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JUNE 2021

Caution, Scammers Attack SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence

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On October 20, we found that scammers had made a copy of the SouthFront Youtube channel. We definitely know that some projects making business on the “patriotism” are scared by our work. Because, we are showing that common people can contribute to changing the world and successfully provide an alternative look at the contemporary situation. And we don’t need huge budgets or government suport for this. We expect that a black PR campaign will be likely started against SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence in the near future.

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Thank you for this.
As we must all be aware, the Zionist-bigots are pulling out every trick to hold on to world power.
They are trying to stop Russia from helping people. They are trying to stop Donald Trump, and they are trying to hijack this good website.
Stay vigilant people, and lets all work together for a Zionist-free-world.

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